Halloween, Alcohol, , Sandy

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I hadn’t lived in the area for long but this would be the second Halloween I was in this small town. Last year I had forsaken any ideas of going out and went and bought candy hoping to see the cute children coming for their treats. When the night was over it was a disappointment. Not only did I end up with a lot of extra candy that I did not need to eat but most of the kids that did come were at least 16.

This year I had moved to an even smaller area of the town and knew that I wouldn’t get many visitors. I had rented a cheesy scary movie and bought some popcorn hoping to just hang out and relax. If only I had known what were to come I wouldn’t have been so bummed.

The afternoon of Halloween I came home from work to a small envelope taped on my door. I hurried up my steps holding files and a cup of coffee to see what it was. Assuming it was just for the person who lived there last. Instead it was directions to a party to be held later that night. I was amused and thought that it was a mistake, as I was going inside and sighing over whether to go or not , not being sure if the invitation was even meant for me. I picked up the invitation again and looked it over and as I was doing so a small piece of paper fell out of the envelope, it said “Leigh, Please come to the party, I promise it to be a night you wont forget, and make sure to wear a costume.” I was now intrigued. Who could have sent me an invitation, who did I know. I really hadn’t made any friends in town and the ones I did know I had already spoken to regarding what they had planned for the evening. I looked again at the directions and realized I didn’t even know where that was, so how could I possibly know anyone out there? After deciding and then changing my mind countless times I called the office and said I would be in late the next day and not to worry if I wasn’t in early as usual. I was going.

I didn’t know what to do with myself as I passed the house waiting for time to go. I looked at the clock and had 2 hrs before I needed to leave for the party. SHIT I realized I didn’t have a costume. I scrambled to my bedroom and looked for something, anything that could be made into a costume. Not know if it was a lesbian or gay oriented party, adult or child party, made it hard to decide what I should try to make a costume out of. I had an idea, I went back into the kitchen and looked and sure enough there was a number on the invitation. I quickly picked up the phone and dialed, what I got was even more amusing, an answering machine….

“Hi and thanks for calling, If you have this number you must be one of the chosen few who are attending the party tonight, rules for the party. 1. you must be a lesbian, no men no bisexuals. 2. You must be over 21 yrs of age 3. You must have an invitation. no guests allowed. 4. You must be willing and able to spend the night in one of my spare rooms due to the abundance of alcohol that will be served at the party, or you may call a cab at the end of the evening. That’s all, hope you will come, and have a good time. Happy Halloween”

I hung up the phone even more intrigued than before. I ran back to my closet.. I knew what I would be wearing. I pulled out my sexiest lingerie bursa escort bayan with garters stocking and high heels. I next got into the shower, soaping myself and imagining just what might come from this evening. I shaved my body smooth, especially my sweet cunny. I got out and painted my toes and fingernails blood red. Putting my hair up in a French twist and adding my make up last with blood red lipstick. I next dressed in my sexy lingerie put on my stocking and heels and went back into the bathroom to admire my reflection. I put on my sexiest perfume. I peeked at the clock and had only 15 min left before I had to go. I slipped on my long overcoat that I usually wear to court. Looking at the mirror in the hallway before I left I realized that I didn’t look as if I had a costume on. I looked as if I was heading to a business meeting. I had an idea and hurried to the closet again and rummaged through boxes and found what I was looking for, a mask I had bought while at Mardi Gras, and a black leather whip that I had gotten as a gag gift last year. Now I looked good and there was no way to tell it was me. This was going to be good.

I started over there as it was just starting to get dark. I almost lost my nerve. I had to stop twice to get directions because it was way out there in the middle of nowhere. I finally arrived to a road that had a sign pointing with only a design on it but I recognized the design from the invitation I had received. When I arrived I was surprised to see allot of cars. There must have been at least 50 cars. I replaced my mask and looked in the mirror. grabbed my whip and my invitation and unbuttoned my over coat and was ready to go in.

I arrived at the door and could hear music already. I didn’t even have to knock before the door opened the lady that greeted me was dressed as a policewoman and the only one that I could see that had a costume where you could see her face. I handed her my invitation as I peered in wanting to see everything all at once. She gave me the once over and grinned saying that she hoped I had a good time. I walked in and noticed allot of people. Everyone had costumes where you couldn’t see who they were. I made a b line for the bar and got a drink as I walked from room to room admiring costumes and the meticulous decorations. I found the room that most people were in and sat in a corner watching.

I hadn’t sat there long when a woman came up to me dressed as a cheerleader with a deformed face on. she asked me if I would like to dance. I said OK why not. I danced with her for a few minutes, nothing big, when out of nowhere the music and lighting changed and the “policewoman” came on stage and started a strip routine. She was very good and for the first time in a long time I realized just how long it was since I had been laid and my body was now becoming very aroused. I swiftly went and got a stronger drink and sat drinking and watching as her strip tease became naughtier and naughtier. She removed her uniform piece by piece until ending up naked with her huge strap on in her hand.

She next brought a witch on stage and swiftly bent her over and entered her from behind. I couldn’t believe görükle escort I was watching while the other woman was getting fucked. They were both really getting into it and as much as I didn’t want to watch I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander to them over and over again. Just as I was getting my drink refilled the cheerleader again came over and asked if I would like to be she owed around. I said OK. She was nice, and it was fun talking to her. I couldn’t help but wonder if I knew her, her voice and the way she spoke reminded me somehow of someone I knew but I couldn’t place it. She started becoming very affectionate with me and over and over again I could feel her caressing me with her eyes. I started to blush as she showed me into one of the guest rooms. The room was full of tables covered with dildos and strap ons and all kinds of things used for sex. She giggled and asked if I liked that type of thing. I didn’t answer and walked out of the room saying I wanted to dance more.

We returned to the dance room and danced very close to each other. The heat and grinding and alcohol where doing something to my brain and I was hoping she would kiss me. She leaned up to me as if on cue and kissed my neck… nibbling, sucking.. swirling her tongue. I thought I my legs would buckle feeling how hot she was making me. She then kissed my lips softly… sucking my bottom lip between her teeth then parting my lips with her tongue. She ran her hands back down my back and pulled my close to her. I could feel her body next to mine and I wanted her so much.. But I didn’t know who she was. I didn’t even know her name. I didn’t know what she looked like, I didn’t even know if we would get along in real life. I backed away asking her if she could take me home and me call a cab for her from my house. I thought the ride home would give me a chance to talk to her and get to know her and decide if I wanted to go farther with her. She said OK. went and talked to the policewoman for a moment and we left. I had hoped she would remove her mask so I could see her but no such luck. We talked about the party and how fun it had been and before I knew it we were at my house and I had not accomplished anything I wanted to on the ride home.

We went in and as I closed the door she came up behind me and placed her hands on my hips pulling me into her. Kissing my neck harder and more passionately. She then turned me around and slowly kissed her way down my body. Pausing to remove my clothing. When I was naked she then used my stockings to blindfold me and led me to my bedroom. By now I was so wet and hot I could feel my juices running down my legs. There was not going to be any protests from me. She laid me down softly on my bed and I could hear her undressing. She came and laid down on the bed next to me. She kissed me so hard and so deep that I thought I just might cumm from her kiss that’s when she ran her fingers over my already hard nipples m making me jump and moan with heat. I reached for her and found small but nice nipples. I rolled them between my fingers and felt her arch her back..

She was very hot I could feel her wetness on my leg we were so close. She bent down and sucked bursa escort bayan my nipple into her mouth. I couldn’t help but cry out. I reached down and placed my hand on her head, surprised to find she had short hair. I was aching for her to touch my pussy .. my body couldn’t handle much more teasing and finally I felt her touch she run her finger over my opening, around and around it.. Making me scream with pleasure. she found my clit and pulled on it between her thumb and forefinger. God I was going to cum so hard and every time she got me right to the edge she would back off making me whimper, begging for her to let me cumm.

The next thing I knew she had her tongue on my pussy… and just as I was about to cumm from her licking my clit up and down, she put 2 fingers deep inside me… she was pounding my pussy hard, in and out and licking my clit so hard it almost hurt I was so hot I was pulling at my own nipples and screaming into the night. I exploded like I had never exploded before. My whole body was shaking as I pulled my blindfold off and swiftly turned her over and started licking her pussy so fast and hard. entering her with my tongue. I ran my tongue over her rosebud and I loved to feel her squirm beneath me. I knew she was close so I reached under the mattress and pulled out a dildo and slowly put it all the way insider her sweet pussy. She was moaning and so wet.. I started pushing it in and out of her and then I got into a rhythm of fucking her and sucking her sweet clit. I could feel her body tighten and release and shake. I knew she was close. I held her still and started pulling the dildo in and out of her faster and faster. Licking her harder and harder…. She came so hard her back arched and I was thrown off the bed. As I was getting up I looked at her….

OMG Sandy… I had known sandy for awhile her and I had been fast friends and had spent allot of time together. And neither of us had crossed the line. I quick like pretended I hadn’t seen her. and said that I would be right back and get us a glass of wine after I used the bathroom. When I came out of the restroom I went and got two glasses of wine and returned to my bedroom to find her gone.

I sat quietly trying to digest the evening and noticed it was only 10 o clock. I couldn’t believe that much had happened in only 4 hours. I decided to watch my movie and put it in and just as the previews started to run the phone rang.

me: “Hello”

“hey Leigh its Sandy”

me: “Hey how was your night”

“pretty good the kids got allot of candy and I put them to bed since they have school tomorrow, do you want to come over and play cards and have some candy, I figured you might be bored seeing that you didn’t have anything to do tonight”

me “nah I’M gonna just hang out at home tonight, IM not going into the office till late tomorrow want me to come over and have coffee with you though”


me “ok ill see you tomorrow”

hmmm interesting I thought as I drifted off to sleep…. she wants to play huh… I’ll play.

I showed up and Sandy’s house a little after 9 and she greeted me as usual, nothing abnormal. I was intrigued that she was not going to say anything about last night, then I remembered that she didn’t know that I had seen her. As we stood in the kitchen and got coffee next to each other I leaned over and kissed her neck, she looked up at me in complete shock and then kissed me back passionately…. It was a very nice day but that’s another story.

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