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As necessary as it is, I always put off getting my hair cut. I don’t know why, maybe it’s some deep-rooted, subconscious fear of getting cut or something; a stranger working on my head with sharp instruments just isn’t my idea of having a good time.

Most of the time, however, a funny look from my boss or a humorous remark is enough to adjust my attitude. As was the case last week. Last Wednesday I got both a funny look and a humorous remark about the length of my hair, so I knew it was high time to have it cut. I wouldn’t want to piss off my boss, after all. Not me!

Later that afternoon, as I was strolling around the mall to have a cup of coffee and check out the movie places, I came across a brand new barber shop halfway down one of the long corridors on the second floor. I didn’t have an appointment, but since the place had just gone into business, I figured they wouldn’t have too many customers yet and might be able to work me in.

“We’ll close in fifteen minutes,” the girl behind the tiny counter with the cash register on it informed me after I walked in and stated my request.

Damn, I thought. But I wasn’t quite ready to give up yet. That girl looked so nice! With her wavy, shoulder-length blond hair, tight mint green tank top, and her sexy smile, looking at her in the mirror while she cut my hair might just make the procedure bearable, perhaps even enjoyable. So I decided to try a little white lie. “I know I should have called for an appointment,” I said and gave her my sweetest smile. “But the thing is, my boss threatened to fire me if I didn’t get my hair cut today, so it’s kind of an emergency, you see? Is there really no way you could work me in?”

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t very nice to lie to her, but in any case the trick worked. She got up from her stool and asked me to sit down on one of the barber chairs that were lined up along the side wall, hidden from view behind a small jungle of plants. While I picked a chair and sat down, she went to the front door and locked it, obviously not wanting any more customers walking in and making her work even longer. Or so I thought.

As I watched her every move in the mirror, the view was even better than I had expected. Her tight miniskirt outlined the contours of her ass perfectly and ended about halfway down her thighs, affording me a great view of her long and well-tanned legs. As she moved all around me, cutting here and trimming there, I kept my eyes fixed on the mirror and took great pleasure from inspecting every square inch of her magnificent body.

At first I was so engrossed in watching her in the mirror that I hardly noticed her leaning closer and closer while she cut my hair. Soon, however, her tits grazed my shoulders and I couldn’t help but wonder if it had happened accidentally or if she had more in mind than just cutting my hair. I hoped so, but then I didn’t expect her to do anything too crazy right there in the barber shop. Nonetheless, my dick started to twitch and soon strained against my tight jeans. Under the cover of the wide barber’s apron, I stroked it lightly and started to fantasize about all the things I would like to do with this girl in the privacy of her bedroom.

I got a big jolt when she suddenly moved around to work on the front of my head and half climbed up on the chair, putting one knee right between my legs. That certainly wasn’t accidental and I finally worked up the courage to go a bit farther than just stroking my dick under the cover.

While my left hand remained between my legs, I pulled the other one out from under the apron and — after a moment of hesitation — gently ran my fingertips across her backside just beneath the waistband of her skirt. The girl smiled brightly and continued cutting my hair as if nothing were amiss, so I got bolder and let my hand wander from one ass cheek to the other and back again, squeezing lightly and tracing the outline of her tiny panties through the thin material of her skirt. And still I got nothing but smiles.

Incredible, I thought. I couldn’t quite believe my luck, but kept enough of my senses to make good use of the opportunity that was presenting itself so unexpectedly. My hand explored her ass and thighs and I was just about to slip it under her skirt and get to the really interesting parts when we were interrupted rather rudely by the insistent ringing of the phone. From the look on her face, she was no less annoyed than I, but business was business, so she apologized and went to take the call.

When she returned a couple of minutes later, I was still rubbing my aching dick through my jeans, wanting but not quite daring to take it out and stroke it openly while she finished my haircut. I’m sure she had a pretty accurate idea of what I was doing under the apron, but she just smiled and said nothing. Instead, she climbed back onto my lap, placing both knees on the chair this time, practically straddling my legs, and continued where she had left off when the phone had tuzla eve gelen escort interrupted her.

I took my cue and put my hand on her leg, then ran it up along the side until I reached the voluptuous curve of her ass — and noticed immediately that I couldn’t feel the outline of her panties anymore. Hot damn, I thought, she really wants to do it right here! This was going to be the best haircut I had ever had!

My inhibitions took a serious dive at that time. I pushed her skirt up with both hands until it was bunched around her waist and reached straight for her clean-shaven pussy. While she put the last finishing touches on my hair, I leisurely played with her moist pussy lips and erect clit. She cooed and moaned occasionally, making it clear that I had found the right spots, but never missed a beat with the scissors.

When I slid my fingers through the crack of her ass, she conveniently raised her hips a little, allowing me easier access. Now her firm and shapely tits, clearly unrestrained by a bra, were right in front of my eyes, her erect nipples poking at the tight material of her tank top as if they wanted to rip through the thin material and escape from their confines. I felt a strong desire to wrap my lips around them and suck on them and nibble on them, but the sound of the scissors opening and closing rhythmically quickly convinced me not to move my head. All I could do was stare at the soft twin mounds, only inches from my hungry mouth and yet entirely out of reach for the time being, and silently urge my sexy hairdresser to hurry up.

We both breathed a sigh of relief and practically glowed with anticipation when the haircut was finally finished. Needless to say, we didn’t waste any time. She removed my apron and tossed it on the floor heedlessly along with her scissors and comb, then went straight for the fly of my jeans and freed my rock-hard dick from its confines. At the same time, I pulled her tank top over her head and immediately began to suck on the first hard nipple I could reach.

She wasn’t interested in foreplay, however. As soon as my dick was out in the open, she wiggled forward until her bald pussy lips touched my shaft, then raised her hips and allowed the tip to disappear between the moist folds of her pussy. Only seconds later she plunged down and impaled herself on my dick, swallowing as much of my shaft as her position allowed.

“Ah, I’ve been waiting for this moment,” I sighed when our pelvic bones collided and her pussy engulfed my shaft like a hot velvet glove.

“Me too,” she laughed. “If they don’t pay me overtime, I want to get at least some fun out of it.” Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and started to bob up and down on my dick, each time raising her hips until only the head was still buried in her pussy, then diving down again and taking my dick into her pussy as far as it would go.

Since my position in the chair didn’t allow me to move very much, I just leaned back and enjoyed the wonderful sensations that spread out from my groin. At first I tried to suck on her nipples again, but her bobbing soon became so frenzied that I just couldn’t keep my mouth on them. Instead, I watched her bare ass in the mirror and ran my hands over her thighs and back, savoring the feeling of her smooth, hot skin while her moans of pleasure became louder and her movements became faster and more erratic.

The wild ride ended only a few minutes later when we both climaxed simultaneously. Okay, almost simultaneously. Her orgasm set in earlier than mine and although I would have preferred to last a while longer, her pussy muscles clamped down on my dick so hard and erratically that I just couldn’t contain myself. Only moments later my own orgasm set in and I pumped a big load of cum deep into her quivering pussy while she fell forward and collapsed against my chest, panting, moaning, and quivering as waves of intense pleasure raced through her body.

We held each other tightly until our breathing returned to normal, then she slowly sat up and climbed out of the chair. With that, I thought the show was over, but to my surprise — and delight — it wasn’t. Instead of straightening her skirt, she pushed it down her long legs and kicked it aside.

“Like my shaved pussy?” she asked with a mischievous grin on her face while she planted her feet wider apart and ran the fingers of her right hand up and down over her labia and through the mixture of pussy juice and cum that was trickling out of her pussy and down her thighs.

“Yeah, looks real sexy,” I replied truthfully since I still didn’t have the faintest idea what she had in mind.

“Want to have a hairless crotch like this?” she asked, her smile brightening even more.

Her question took me completely by surprise and a confused stare was all I managed.

She snickered at my confusion and obviously took my silence to mean Yes. “Take your jeans and underwear off!” she ordered as she grabbed tuzla otele gelen escort a razor and a can of shaving cream from a shelf under the mirror. “I’m gonna shave your crotch so you’ll look just as sexy.”

Still at a loss for words, my shock must have been obvious nonetheless. A razor on my manhood? That was going a bit too far. “Now look, that’s . . . I mean . . . you . . .” I stammered helplessly and made the mistake of looking at her bald and glistening pussy again. It did look incredibly sexy, and if my own crotch would look like that . . . I began to waver. If only it wasn’t for that damned razor!

“I promise I won’t cut you,” she said just then, as if she had read my mind.

Maybe she really had read my mind, or maybe the expression on my face was giving me away, or maybe she just knew from experience that every man in the same situation would be afraid of having his dick cut up accidentally; in any case it made my decision a bit easier. “You’re absolutely, one hundred percent sure you can do it without cutting me?” I asked.

“Absolutely, one hundred percent positive,” she replied earnestly. “I’m very careful and I’ve never cut anybody. Besides,” she giggled, “I want your dick in my pussy again, so it’s in my own best interest not to damage it.”

I guess that did it. My dick in her pussy again! Yes, that was worth losing my pubic hair, I rationalized and banned all thoughts of sharp razors and possible accidents from my mind. I got up, kicked my shoes off, then stripped out of my jeans and boxers. Since I felt a bit silly standing there with just my shirt on, I took it off too before I dropped my butt back into the chair.

“Now pull your legs up and spread them wide,” she instructed me. “Put them over the armrests.”

I did as I was told, although it felt really awkward. I had always liked to screw girls in that position, kneeling in front of them while they sat with their legs over the armrests and completely exposed themselves for me, but sitting like this myself was an entirely new experience. But still, I was incredibly turned on, displaying my most private parts for a girl I had met less than half an hour earlier, and my dick was hard as a rock again and standing up as proudly as a soldier about to receive a decoration. Which, in a way, it was, although not one the military would have approved of.

“Ready?” the girl’s sweet voice ended my reverie.

“Do be careful,” I said and raised my knees a fraction of an inch higher.

She just smiled, shook the can of shaving cream she was holding in her hand, and went right to work. The cool cream felt very nice and I began to relax as she spread it around and covered my entire crotch and finally the crack of my ass with it. Her fingers touched my anus several times and each time a bolt of excitement radiated out from it, but still I wasn’t entirely comfortable with her touching me there. But then, considering the way I was spread out in front of her, protesting would have appeared ridiculously prudish, so I just let her proceed.

As she rubbed the cream around some more, I got more and more comfortable and relaxed and almost looked forward to losing my pubic hair. But then the dreaded razor appeared and touched my skin just below my bellybutton. Instantly, the tension I had felt earlier was back and I sat as rigidly as a statue, not daring to move even a fraction of an inch for fear of provoking a terrible accident.

“Relax, honey, I won’t cut you. There’s nothing to worry about,” she said reassuringly, obviously aware of my apprehension. Fortunately, she didn’t laugh or make fun of me, or I might have called off the whole thing after all.

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Okay, okay.”

Then the shaving began in earnest. As the cool blade flew over my skin, touching it as lightly as a feather, my pubic hair fell strip by strip and soon she reached the base of my dick. While she wielded the razor with one hand and stretched the skin with the other one, she took the head of my dick in her mouth and held it out of the way. The light suction and the touch of her talented tongue on the most sensitive spots felt great, but under the circumstances I would have preferred her to concentrate fully on the damned razor and ignore my dick for the time being. But before I could say anything, she finished with the base of my dick and released it from her hot mouth again.

As the most dangerous part was now behind me without accident, I began to relax again and watched intently as the blade took the hair off my scrotum, them moved farther down to the perineum and finally began its work on the crack of my ass.

Just a few minutes later, the job was finished and I exhaled audibly, immensely relieved that it had gone so smoothly. I ran my hand along my baby-smooth crotch and knew instantly that I’d be a life-long convert. This felt so much better than the coarse hair that had covered the area since tuzla sınırsız escort my early teens. And it looked a lot better, too! “Wow! This is fantastic!” I exclaimed spontaneously, still unable to tear my eyes off my mirror image. “Absolutely marvelous!”

“And your dick looks a bit bigger, too,” she said as she ran her hand up and down my shaft and squeezed it lightly. “Want to try it out right away?”

Of course I wanted to try it out right away, and so did she. Without waiting for my answer, she turned to face the mirror and leaned over, supporting herself with both hands on the washbasin. Her feet planted wide apart, she looked at me in the mirror and wiggled her ass invitingly.

I could have looked at her cute ass forever, but the throbbing in my dick was getting so intense that immediate action was called for. So I moved up behind her and rubbed my dick along her moist and swollen pussy lips to lubricate it for the task at hand. When it was nice and slick with her juices, I guided the tip to her opening and pushed forward, burying about half of my shaft in her.

She screamed with delight and pushed her ass back hard, forcing the other half into her pussy. “Yeah! Fuck me!” she screamed again. “Shaving guys always gets me so fucking hot! Fuck me hard!”

That was exactly what I wanted to hear. My dick was as hard as it ever got and her tight, hot pussy fit so snugly around it that I was aroused in the extreme and needed no further encouragement. I settled into a fast rhythm right away, ramming my dick into her to the hilt, then pulling it out in preparation for the next hard plunge.

While she jerked her ass back and forth in perfect sync with my thrusts, I ran my hands all over her body, from her ass cheeks to her tits and back again, exploring, caressing, and squeezing lightly. When my forefinger traveled down the crack of her ass and settled on her asshole for a moment, her screams picked up a notch, telling me that I had found a spot that was worth concentrating on. So I rubbed around it some more and finally stabbed lightly at her sphincter, which quickly opened up and allowed my finger to slip in to the second knuckle.

The result was nothing short of spectacular. She arched her back, pushed her ass back so hard that I almost lost my balance, and screamed like a banshee while an intense orgasm washed over her, making her shudder and sway like a leaf in the wind. Her pussy muscles clamped down on my dick at least as hard as the first time I had fucked her, but my earlier orgasm had improved my stamina significantly and this time I was able to hold off and save my load for later. In the meantime, I just held her hips as firmly as I could and tried not to move at all while her body jerked and shuddered in orgasmic bliss.

When she finally came down from her high, I pulled my finger out of her asshole, then pulled my dick out of her pussy and guided it to her asshole, pushing lightly against her tight sphincter.

“Yeah! Fuck me in the ass!” she screamed immediately and pushed her ass back against my dick again, although not as violently as she had done earlier. Nonetheless, her sphincter relaxed after just a moment of resistance, admitting the first couple of inches of my dick into her rectum. This was obviously not the first time she took a dick up her ass. All I needed to do was increase the pressure a little bit and my dick slipped all the way into her asshole until my freshly shaved crotch touched her ass cheeks. I gave her a moment to relax, then pulled my dick out and rammed it back into her.

“Yeah! Fuck my ass!” she screamed again. “Come on! Fuck me!”

Her hot, tight asshole felt so good around my dick that I complied immediately. I fucked her with long and slow strokes at first, but soon increased my tempo as her screams became louder and she pushed her ass back harder against me, matching my thrusts exactly. Encouraged by her moans and screams, I reached full speed in no time, thrusting into her as fast and hard as I could.

The tension in my loins built up rapidly and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Just when I was about to shoot my load, another one of her wild orgasms set in, making her scream and jerk so wildly that I went over the edge within seconds. When the first spurts of my cum flooded into her rectum, her body was already jerking so hard that I had to wrap my arms around her waist and hold her tightly to keep my dick from slipping out of her.

Not trusting my legs to carry our combined weight, I let myself sink back into the barber chair and pulled her down on top of me. Shaking and panting, we remained like that for several minutes until our orgasms finally subsided and some strength returned to our bodies. While I was half sitting, half lying in the chair with her sprawled out on top of me, I couldn’t help but stare at our mirror image in fascination. Her legs were spread wide and I could clearly see her bald pussy, my cum leaking out of it, and farther down her distended asshole with my half-hard dick still sticking in it. She looked so incredibly hot and desirable that I reached down instinctively to caress her red and swollen pussy lips.

“Please stop, I can’t take any more,” she panted immediately and pushed my hand away. “If I have another orgasm, I’ll explode.”

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