Hailey Said I Can Use You

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Warning: This story contains intense degradation activities, events and plots that are capable of offending your sensibilities if you are not into humiliation and degradation of male submissives.

Read, only if you are comfortable with this theme. Thanks.


I now like it when I’m home alone. It wasn’t like that before, but since I became my wife; Hailey’s slave, my life took a new turn. Though the chastity cage and the collar around my neck remind me of my slave status even when she is away, I can at least do as I please.

I took my time cleaning the house, not having to rush with anything under her watching eyes and lashing whips.

After having done all the chores on the list, I served myself a cup of beer and sat on the sofa in front of the Tv. An Arsenal match was about to start, and I wouldn’t miss that for anything.

Then there was a knock on the door. That can’t be Nicole — except if she left her key behind, which she didn’t.

That can’t be any of my friends either, since I am not expecting anyone. I don’t even allow random visits these days, since Hailey turned our home into a femdom household, which has me in humiliating positions that would scare the shit out of my friends.

I looked through the peephole. It was Nicole.

Nicole? What is she doing here? Hailey is not at home! — I screamed in my mind. Nicole is someone I have now developed a lot of fear for. She brought this lifestyle into our home. It was a beautiful evening interrupted by the cry of her husband. What could be going on that got Patrick crying so loud we heard him crying from inside our apartment? We decided to check it out, found him in a compromising ad humiliating position, naked and kneeling on an ottoman, Nicole tearing his ass apart with the cane. I should balçova escort have dragged Hailey out of there immediately, but even I was taken by the display and wanted to see more. Hailey got interested in seeing a man so subservient to his wife, Nicole was more than glad to provide lessons in female domination, and using her sheer boldness and feminity, she dominated me that night and introduced us into the female-led marriage. Since then, Hailey has grown from just being my wife to being my Mistress, and I have grown from just being her husband to being her slave. One day at a time, both women drove me deeper into submission. It’s a lifestyle I have had to accept, since Hailey didn’t give me a choice. All this happened to us because of Nicole, our dominatrix neighbour.

I opened the door quietly, went on my knees, bent forward and kissed her feet.

“Mistress Hailey is not at home,” I said to her calmly.

She dropped a foot on my head and walked in. My eyebrows were raised as I wondered why she would come in after I just told her my wife is not in, but as I turned around, I quickly did away with that questioning look on my face, except I want to get punished, which I know she wouldn’t hesitate to do.

“I know,” she replied me as she got into the living room and looked around, like she was inspecting, “I just spoke with her on the phone.”

“Okay, Mistress Nicole.”

From the sitting room, she went to the kitchen, inspecting the dishes, the walls, the floor, looking for a stain somewhere, but she didn’t find. From there she checked the store and other rooms and then got back to the living room.

“You did a good job.”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” I replied, bowing slightly.

Hailey must have told her to check on me, I guessed. bayındır escort Maybe she wants to be sure I wasn’t being lazy, I thought.

“Max. I want to poop, but Patrick is not at home to eat my shit. So I called Hailey.

Hailey said I can use you!”

Oh My! I was having a good time already and this lady is just about to ruin it for me. I haven’t eaten her shit before, but I have eaten and sniffed her farts. They are terrible — so terrible I fainted the last time she sat on my face and farted in my nose while Hailey did the same to her husband, Patrick. Now she’s switching this up on me.

I wish I could say ‘No,’ but that was no option. It will only end in tears for me if I act funny in any way.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said to her, my voice heavy, wrapped in fear and sadness. I hope your shit won’t make me sick! I said quietly in my mind. How can Hailey do this to me? Being her slave is enough to grapple with, but now, she’s making me equally disposable to Nicole.

I took a quick peek at her round and solid ass again, which was almost fully displayed. She wouldn’t need to take her clothes off, since it’s a short dress that only managed to cover her ass cheeks.

While I stared, Nicole raised the dress and the tight helm gripped her waist firmly.

The glorious sight of her bare ass mesmerized me, though the thoughts of eating her shit did quite the opposite.

I quietly lay my back on the floor and opened my mouth, praying in my heart, that her shit would miraculously be better than her farts, else it could kill me. I briefly wondered how Patrick eats her shit and yet looks healthy — perhaps I shouldn’t be so afraid.

She stood over my chest and brought her ass down on my face, skillfully locating the tip of my nose bayraklı escort with her anus.

“Sniff my black ass, bitch!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

The smell was horrible. It was the odour of shit and I could hear her stomach rumbling.

“Open your mouth, it’s coming!”

I did already, it’s her who wanted to irritate me first before using me.

Blopp Shroooppppp!!

Dark brown shit plopped out of her anus and swung down into my mouth. The dark brown soft smelly shit continued falling and making a heap in my mouth. It tasted like rotten veggies.

“Eat my shit, slave!”

Here is my neighbour’s wife shitting in my mouth, abusing me in such a humiliating manner. As she commanded, I ate the shit she defecated in my mouth and opened my mouth for more, and there was indeed more.

Her anus widened again and the same colour of shit — dark brown fresh shit piled up on my tongue again, and I held it in my mouth, waiting for her command.

She stood aside and stared at my face, admiring what she excreted in my mouth and laughed.

“Damn, that looks nasty. That’s what my husband enjoys every day. I hope you are happy to get a share of it too.”

Happy to eat this horrible shit? Really?

“Max, go ahead, eat my shit.”

To her viewing pleasure, I ate the second pile of shit and gulped it down my throat, after which she permitted me to get off the floor.

“What were you doing before I came in?”

“Watching Tv, Ma’am.”

“Alright. Get me tissue paper.”

She wiped her ass clean with the paper and tucked it in my mouth.

“You can continue watching the Tv, Max. But stay like this. Hailey said she’d be coming home late and asked me to watch over you. I will be back in two hours to check on you. This paper and the patches of my shit in your mouth must remain there until I come back!”


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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