Gym Buddy Ch. 01

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This is a story about how I turned bi. I had married for a second time, and it was a disaster. The marriage had lasted all of 6 months and sent me into bankruptcy. I had no one to blame but myself. Friends and relatives had warned me that I was making a mistake, but she was such a hot piece of ass, I let my dick lead me to destruction.

Prior to the second marriage, while I was dating, I had started going to a local gym. I was feeling good about myself and the way I looked. After being married, we wound up moving and I was no longer going to the gym. Once again divorced, I decided that I needed to return to a gym, if only to work out some frustrations and hopefully to get that self esteem back. I hadn’t really gained weight in the short period of time, I was still around 185 pounds, standing 5’11”. By the way, my name is Jack, a white and at that time 52 year old guy.

I did a little research and found a gym with several locations, including 2 near my house and 1 across the parking lot from my office. I found that they had a membership that allowed me to use any of their locations, with some of them being open 24 hours. I joined.

Prior to the first membership, I had never belonged to a gym, nor had I worked out regularly at home. I really didn’t know what I was doing there. With the new gym, I took the tour and they gave me some instructions on how to use the machines. I started going several days a week. I had nothing better to do. With the bankruptcy, I was about to lose my house, I didn’t really have any serious spending money, so the expense of dating new women was out of the question. I worked, I ate, I worked out and I slept.

I could not always get onto the machines that I wanted at the gym, and I would play with the free weights, trying to mimic the moves of the desired machine. During one of these times, I wanted to use the chest press machine, and it was tied up with 2 guys switching back and forth. I saw a bench with a bar available, so decided to try that. I loaded 90 pounds on the bar, and laid down, ready to try my first lift. A guy nearby asked me if I needed a spot. Dah. I didn’t know what a spot was, and I just looked blankly at him. He chuckled and walked a few paces over to me and told me to lay back down, under the bar. He asked me if I worked out often, and I explained that while I was there as much as possible, that I didn’t really know what I was doing. He quickly explained what he meant by spotting and again offered to do it for me, and also asked if I would mind spotting him in return. I quickly agreed.

This is how I met Perry. Perry is a black man, about my height, but I was guessing he was more like 175 pounds. He looked in better shape than me, as he had much better developed biceps and a slimmer build. I tried to do my 12 reps (just a number that I heard or read somewhere) and found myself struggling from the start. On the 7th rep, Perry stepped forward and steadied the bar for me, and gave me a “slight assist” of getting the next couple of reps in before I got the bar back onto the rack.

I told Perry that I don’t understand it. I regularly do 90 pounds on the machine with only a little difficulty. Then he told me that I hadn’t figured in the weight of the bar, and that he believed the bar we had weighed 45 pounds, so I was actually trying to press 135 pounds. Another “DAH” moment. He said I did really well though, and suggested that I try another set at the same weight after I rested. In the meantime, he had me get up and he got on the bench and did 15 reps while I spotted him (same weight). While I did stand near his head trying to look like I was spotting him. He didn’t need me, because he wasn’t struggling at all. I was humbled.

We did a couple of more sets, and then Perry showed me a couple of more free weight exercises. He announced that he was done for the day and was going to hit the sauna, and asked me if I wanted to join him. I had seen the sauna in the shower area, but I had never ventured into it. I was enjoying talking with Perry, so I said that I would like that. We headed off to the dressing room, took our clothes off, grabbed our towels and headed for the sauna. I was following Perry like a puppy dog.

When we got into the sauna, Perry climbed up on upper bench, took his towel off, folded it and laid it on the bench to sit down. I had not seen while in the dressing room, but now I could not help but notice Perry’s cock, and there is no better word for it than a cock… thick, at least 6 inches long (soft) and black. As Perry sat down, I believe that he noticed me staring, but as I would find out later, he was used to guys staring at him the first time they see his cock. He just sat down and recommended that I do the same with my towel, as the bench tends to be hot, and the towel will provide a thermal break for me. Being the obedient student, I did just as he suggested. I did not notice if Perry checked out my package. I was later to find out that while he did make note of it, what he was more curious about was my ass, but I get ahead Kağıthane Escort of myself.

Perry and I spent about 15 minutes in the sauna, talking about ourselves, giving each other a little background. He was in a similar situation to me, in that he was separated from his wife, living alone on a tight budget. He said he basically worked, slept, ate and went to the gym. Sounded familiar. He asked if I wanted to get a beer, and since I really had nothing better to do, I readily agreed. He jumped up, placed his towel around his waist (yes, I did check him out again) and said let’s hit the showers. I was right behind him.

While having our beers, we found that our schedules were similar, and Perry suggested that we meet at the gym a few days a week. He explained that he always found that having a workout partner led to more regular workouts and more effective workouts. While I had never done that, I was enjoying Perry’s company and again, I agreed. We started meeting 3 or 4 days a week, after work or on the weekends. Most of those times, we would head to a nearby pub for a beer before going home.

One day, Perry suggested that we go to his place for the beer. I said that I would like that. We headed to his apartment. It was a modest size, a living room, eat in kitchen, bedroom and bath. Perry had gone the gym right after getting off work, and had put his work clothes back on after the gym. He said he wanted to change into something different and told me to grab a couple of beers out of the fridge, and he’d be right back out. I looked in the fridge and found some imported beers, and discovered that they did not have twist off caps. After a quick look around the kitchen, I yelled to Perry that I needed a bottle opener and asked if he could tell me which drawer to look in. I expected that Perry would yell back to me with which drawer to look in. Instead, Perry came trotting out to the kitchen, naked, apologized and opened a drawer and placed the opener on the counter for me. He turned to me, smiled and returned to his bedroom. Now, I had seen Perry naked at least a half dozen times, and still caught myself checking out his cock. This time was no different. I even suspected that there were times when I noticed that his cock was swelling a little, in that it seemed to be slightly longer and hanging just a little bit less. This was one of those times.

I opened the beers, and walked back into the living room, checking out the pictures on his wall. I assumed family and friends. I knew that he had 3 kids, ranging in age from 20 to 28, and saw what looked like their graduation pictures (cap and gowns) from high school. He walked in wearing some cotton gym shorts and a tee shirt, saw me looking at the pictures and told me which picture was of which kid. He took his beer, took a swallow and suggested we sit down. All he had was a couch. He sat on one end, and I on the other.

Perry grabbed the remote for the TV and found a baseball game. He thanked me for coming over. He said that funds were a little tight, and that it was cheaper to drink at home than at the pub. I said it was no problem and that I thought it was a good idea, explaining that funds were a little tight for both of us, and suggested that from now on, that we just take turns hosting after workouts.

We had a little small talk as we sipped on our beers, about the ball game on TV, about our work and about how things were going with our mutual separations/divorce. Perry said that his biggest frustration was the few dates that he had been on were too fucking expensive. It seemed that the ladies that he had been out with were only interested in getting a free meal, and while he thought that if he persisted, he may eventually get one or more to go to bed with him. He just wasn’t sure he could afford that. He also stated that he was getting tired of spanking the rooster. He wished he could just find a fuck buddy, someone to share mutual oral or just hop into bed when the urge arose. We had known each other for a few weeks, and frankly this was the first discussion the we had about sex. Once again, I caught myself checking out his package. Those cotton shorts were loose fitting and I swear that the bulge was more prominent.

I started out this missive stating that this is a story about how I turned bi. I need to give a little background here. When I was much younger, a buddy of mine and I had traded hand jobs. We were seniors in high school, and went off to different colleges and never resumed that activity. I only add that here to let you know that unlike many guys, its not like I never considered touching another cock. Its just that since that time, I never had. I still remember the feeling of a guy cumming on my hand. I never licked it up, never put his dick in my mouth, but also remember the feeling of cumming from his hand job of me. At the time, it was one of the better feelings of my life.

I noticed that Perry said mutual oral, not that SHE would give him a blow job and that he would eat HER out; however, I Kağıthane Escort Bayan was not sure that he was indicating that he would enjoy a MALE fuck buddy. Seeing his bulge got me thinking of those mutual hand jobs when I was younger, and I hadn’t had any sexual relations in well over a year. I found myself getting hard.

I asked him if he had EVER found a women that was willing to be just a “fuck buddy”?

He said, “No. Never found a woman to do that”, and smiled. I looked at him, wondering if the smile meant what I thought it meant.

I said, “Does that mean that you’ve found a guy to be a fuck buddy?”

Perry stated that he had found a local Adult Book Store with video booths, and that he would occasionally go there to get a blow job. He just didn’t trust the guys on the other side of the wall. He preferred to know who had his dick in his or her mouth.

I said, “His or her?”

“Yeah. A mouth is a mouth.”

I sat back and watched the ball game for a bit. I had to process this information. Was he suggesting what I thought he was suggesting? Should I ask him? Perry wasn’t helping me with my thoughts. He just sipped on his beer.

I looked over at him. He seemed to be watching the game. I glanced at his lap, and that bulge was still there. I went to say something, then stopped myself… turned to the TV and processed this again.

After a couple of more minutes, Perry had not said anything more. I decided to go for it. I stumbled through my explanation of giving a mutual hand job with my high school friend. He looked at me and smiled. He asked me if I had enjoyed giving the hand jobs? I had to admit that I had, but that I had done nothing like that in over 30 years.

Perry stood up and lowered his shorts. He was not wearing anything under them. He stated that he had noticed me checking him out over the past several weeks, and wondered if I’d be interested in helping him out. I just stared. His cock was now fully inflated. It was no longer about 6 inches, it was now at least 8 inches and sticking straight out. And now I noticed that his balls were huge as well.

I asked if he was interested in a hand job? His response was to step out of his shorts and take a couple of steps over to me. I proceeded to unbutton my shirt, take it off, then remove my shoes and socks, and finally stand up and remove my pants and underwear. Perry removed his tee shirt and we stood next to each other, nude, both fully hard… I at my proud 6 inches and Perry at his massive whatever (I was to later find out that it tops out at just over 9 inches).

I reached out, and for the first time in over 30 years, I took another man’s cock into my hand. My friend from high school had a cock much the same proportion as me. So feeling the friend’s cock was much like feeling my own. There was no mistaking the feel of Perry’s cock for mine. Perry reached over and gently stroked my cock.

Perry suggested that he put something more appropriate on the TV than the ball game. I just nodded dumbly, while staring at his cock and stroking it. He said to please give him a minute, and stepped over to the DVD player and put a disc in.

After everything loaded in, the DVD started and I was treated to a scene of a white woman being “used” by 2 black men. After the preliminaries, which I frankly don’t remember at this point, I watched the lady unbutton her blouse to reveal two well proportioned breasts and watched one of the men dive in to start sucking on her nipples. The other man, helped her remove her skirt, to leave her in just a tiny white thong.

Perry had run to the bathroom to grab a couple of towels, put them on the couch and suggested that we sit down and enjoy the show while we stroke each other. I had no arguments with that suggestion. I resumed my previous place on the couch, with Perry sitting right next to me. He placed his hand on my cock and stroked gently. I proceeded to grab his cock and do the same.

My attention was divided between the scene on the TV and Perry’s cock. After years of stroking nothing bigger than 6 inches, I was enthralled with the cock in my hand. I have to be truthful. If either wife was more attentive of my 6 inches, I would never have found myself in this situation. I have a college friend that complained to me once, that, at the age of 50, he was only getting it once or twice a WEEK. I told him to try going once or twice a year, and then he could complain to me. I enjoy sex, and Perry’s hand on my cock was feeling good.

I had a drop of precum show up on my dick and Perry leaned over and licked it up. I was shocked. He looked at me and asked me if I’ve ever tried it, and I stated no. He smiled (again) and put his hand over mine that was on his cock and had me squeeze a little firmer and bring it up to the top of his cock. I saw a drop of precum come to the top of his dick. He TOLD me to try it. I hesitated for only a second, then leaned over and licked it up. It was not disgusting. As a matter of fact, it had a nice Escort Kağıthane taste to it. I quickly squeezed again and brought another drop to the top, and licked that up.

Perry said, “Oh, that’s hot”, and pointed at the TV. I had not been paying attention, and when I looked that way, I found that the lady was on all fours, with one of the cocks in her mouth as the other guy was licking at her pussy. I watched as she managed to fit most of that black cock into her mouth, all the time moaning as she was being eaten out. She worked that cock, moving her mouth up and down, then holding it in her lips while she jacked him off with her hand. I wondered if she was milking the precum from the cock.

Perry said, “Look at her milking that cock. I just love that feeling.”

I looked at him, and he just pointed as his cock. There was another drop on the end, and I leaned over to lick it up. As I did, Perry told me to wet his dick to make it easier to slide my hand over it, and he placed his hand on the back of my head and had me take a few inches into my mouth.

“Oh, Jack. That feels so good. Please keep that up.”

I had never had another guy’s cock in my mouth. Fuck. I had never had any cock in my mouth, since I couldn’t give myself blow jobs. But, at this point, I was turned on so much that I just continued to work 3 or 4 inches of his cock into my mouth, using my tongue to wet around the cock. I would lift up, and use my hand to lubricate his cock. Every time I saw a new drop of precum show up, I would dive in again.

By now, Perry was just laying back on the couch, and he had taken his hand off my cock. He told me to play with his balls, so I used my other hand to cup his balls and bounce them around.

“Fuck Jack. That feels so good. Lick my balls, please.”

Whoa. This was going way beyond the mutual jerk off that I had thought we were going to do, but I was still horney, and I was not about to stop. So, lick his balls I did. As I licked his balls, I continued to stroke his cock. Perry just moaned. I noticed a difference in the consistency of his ball sack.

“Fuck Jack. Suck my dick again, please.”

And I moved from his balls, back to his cock. And after a few more seconds, Perry let out with a loud moan, and unloaded into my mouth. I went to lift my head, but Perry held me down as he filled my mouth with his cum. He held me there until he stopped cumming, which seemed to take some 30 or 40 seconds. I admit. If I really wanted to lift up off his cock, I could’ve done so. I was so fucking horney, that I didn’t try hard. I finally swallowed his cum. There was surprisingly not much taste to it. The precum definitely had a flavor, but the main event was more like eating a raw oyster.

I eventually leaned back and Perry saw that I was still hard. He said “Let me help you with that.” He proceeded to take my dick back in his hand and gave me a nice hand job. After I came, he jumped up, went to the bathroom and returned with a washcloth to clean me up.

Perry thanked me and said that was just what he needed, and hoped that I enjoyed it and was “cool” with it. He slipped his shorts back on and I put my clothes back on. He handed me my beer, and switched the TV back to the ball game. I just had to know. I asked Perry if I did a good job. He asked me if that was the first time that I had given a blowjob, and I assured him that it was. He said, that for a first time, I did a “spectacular” job, and if I was interested, that I could practice on him anytime. Then he just smiled. We finished our beers, and Perry said that he needed to take care of some things for work and he hoped I wouldn’t mind if he cut this short. I said no problem. I understood and would see him at the gym at our next scheduled time.

A couple of days later, we were at the gym again and did our typical routine. When we got to the bench press, Perry again spotted me. By this time, he had me up to 165 pounds combined weight, and would help me lift the bar off the rack. He stepped above my head, and as I looked up, I noticed that he was not wearing a jock strap today. Dangling down the leg of his gym shorts was that 6 inch python, with the pee slit smiling at me. I stared for a bit, and Perry told me to get to work. We finished our workout and hit the sauna, etc. Again, Perry invited me to his place for a beer.

I won’t bore you with the details, but for the next couple of gym trips, it was much a repeat of the last one that I described. I would eventually give Perry a blow job (NOTE: by then I was getting a full 6 or 7 inches into my mouth) and Perry would give me a hand job. Each time, Perry would put on a DVD with black on white theme. I asked him eventually if he would give me a blow job.

Perry replied, “What if I told you that I could give you an orgasm without touching you that would be better than ANY blowjob you’ve ever had?”

I looked at him, and inquired how he was going to give me an orgasm without touching me? He just pointed at the TV screen. Instead of a white woman, this time it was a white guy with two black guys. In a similar scenario, the white guy was on his knees and hands with a black cock in his mouth, while the other black guy had his tongue working on the white guy’s ass. I looked at Perry and asked him, what he meant. He just told me to continue watching.

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