Gwen and Kim Ch. 02

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Author’s note:

You must read the first installment in this series to fully understand the story.

I awoke he next morning in Gwen’s bed alone, suspecting she had gone to work without waking me. As it was Saturday, I had the day off until around 7:00 PM when I had to report for my shift as a bartender. I jumped in the shower to get rid of last night’s fun, threw on a pair of Gwen’s workout shorts and headed to the kitchen for something to eat.

As I walked around the corner into the kitchen, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Kim at the breakfast table eating a bowl of cereal in just a football jersey and a pair of panties. Upon seeing me, she almost choked on her cereal, looking too good with milk running down her chin.

Not knowing what to say to her, I simply said, “Good morning, Kim.”

She replied with a mumble hidden behind her napkin.

I couldn’t help but stare, especially knowing what I had seen the night before. Before I could speak, Kim boldly said,” Barry, we need to talk.”

“Yes, I guess we do”, I replied.

Kim continued, ” Last night was awesome for me and I saw it was for you. I must say that I never knew you were packing so much meat. Gwen said you were hung, but I thought it was just because she has only been with a few guys. You don’t know how badly I wanted to join in last night!”

“You know that Gwen would never go for that!” I retorted.

“Umm, don’t be so sure.” she quipped with a little gleam in her eyes.

“Oh, I know that she doesn’t like the idea of being with another woman. And I don’t really think she would be into the group thing or sharing me.”

” I don’t know about the sharing part, but I do think she is at least a little interested in getting it on with me.”

Dumbfounded, I simply said, ” huh?”

“You cannot tell anyone, especially Gwen, that I told you this, but I caught her watching Analise and I the other night.” We were in my room and I saw her peaking around the corner.”

At this point, Kim realized that I was shocked at hearing this.

“What?”, she asked.

“W-well I-I didn’t know”, I clammered gaziantep bayan escort like an idiot, “that you, uh, went both ways.”

“Neither did I until a few weeks back”, she replied happily. “It just happened so fast, but I’m so glad it did.”

I could feel my cock growing in the too small shorts I was wearing as Kim went on to tell me about how she and Analise, another volleyball teammate, had started their affair.

“She and I were getting ready to go out one night; we were already dressed and having some drinks on the couch before heading out. Analise started talking about how horny she was and hoped that she could find someone to fuck tonight. Then she reached up her skirt and started rubbing herself right in front of me!”

“Damn!”, I muttered and realized I was rubbing my cock right there in front of Kim as well.

She continued, “I just stared as she pulled her g-string to the side and really started rubbing. I told her she must really be horny. She looked at me with glazed eyes and said, ‘if I thought you liked girls, I would jump you right now’. I didn’t know what to do. I had been having thoughts of being with another girl. I was getting so-o wet watching her.

“Evidently, Analise noticed that I was transfixed on her actions. As I said, I had been thinking about being with other girls, it’s just that I hadn’t had the nerve. She was blatantly fingering herself and I couldn’t keep myself from watching.”

At this point in her story, I had my cock in my hand. Just imagining theses two fine women together was driving me crazy.

Kim continued, ” The next thing I knew, Analise was rubbing my thigh and slowly making her way higher. I couldn’t stop her. I was desperately wishing she would keep going. Just as her fingers reached my panties, I realized that her lips were next to mine, awaiting a kiss. Oh my God! I leaned over and our lips met. I got so wet just kissing her, not to mention what she was doing to the rest of me.”

At this point in her story, Kim glanced up at me. I’m standing there with my cock in my hand, awaiting more details. “I’m sorry”, I said, “your story is driving me wild! I knew that several of the girls on the team were bi, including Analise, but never thought you would be so kinky. I would love to have been there to watch. You are so fine, I don’t know if I would be able to just watch though.”

Kim never takes her eyes from my cock as she walks over to me, losing her jersey on the way. My eyes are transfixed on her perfect breasts and washboard abs as she drops to her knees in front of me. She mumbled something about promising herself she wouldn’t as she removes my hand from my cock and replaces it with her own. She looks into my eyes as her tongue slips from between her lips and licks a trail up the underside of my dick from balls to tip.

My knees almost buckle as I lean against the wall, reveling at the fact that one of the most desired women on campus is worshiping my cock and I have yet to even kiss her.

Hundreds of guys would pay to be in my shoes right now. Kim never takes her eyes from mine as my cock disappears into her lovely mouth.

I knew that I wouldn’t last very long as this was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I tried to pull her up to prolong the moment but she pushed my hands away just as the first jet of my come hit the back of her throat. She continued to milk every drop from my balls, moaning and grunting as she did so. Only after she was convinced that there was no more, did she release me and stand.

“Oh my God!” she said quietly as she grabbed my face and shoved her tongue into my mouth. We shared a mouthful of my come for probably ten minutes before parting. “Thank you”, she stated. I had no idea why she was thanking me as it should have been the other way around. She told me that she had come from the excitement of sucking my cock without even being touched, a first for her.

“I want you now”, I told her. With a tear in her eye she told me that, as badly as she wanted it, she wouldn’t. “I have already done more than I should”, she whimpered.

“Yes you have!”, a voice from the other room said. Oh, fuck! Gwen was home. Gwen looked at me briefly, then at Kim. “You could have asked before you sucked off my boyfriend”, she said flatly. Turning to me, “you, mister, go have a seat.” At that moment, Kim was looking mortified as Gwen turned to her. Unbelievably, Gwen reached out and started playing with Kim’s breasts. “I think you owe me for this”, she said as she bent to take a nipple between her lips.

“Oh, Gwen, you don’t know how badly I have wanted you”, Kim moans. “Tell me what you want, I am yours”

“I want some of what you were giving Analise the other night”, she demanded.

Leading Kim to the center of the room, she starts to remove her top. Kim immediately takes over, telling her that she has dreamed of this moment. I watch in amazement as the two women begin to kiss and fondle each other, growing bolder by the second.

“Teach me”, Gwen begged. I want to learn everything and do everything. Kim only moans as she pulls her to the sofa and removes the rest of her clothing. Immediately, she begins devouring Gwen’s cunt with her mouth. I am stroking my cock as I watch this unbelievable scene in front of me. Gwen is screaming as she pulls Kims mouth to her even harder.

“Oh, Barry!” she exclaims. “I want you to fuck her. Please, fuck her while she eats me!” she demands.

Who am I to deny that? I crawl behind Kim and slide her soaked panties down her legs. I feel like a kid in a candy store as I place my cock at the entrance of her opening. As I slide the head into her, she screams, “Oh damn! You are huge! Please, give it all to me!” Again, who am I to deny? Her cunt is so-o fucking tight, it almost hurts as I slowly rock back and forth, trying to get it all in.

I stare at that perfect ass as I feed her every inch of meat that I have, glad that I came in her mouth a few moments ago. Gwen is writhing beneath her, coming for what must be the 3rd or 4th time, Kim is licking, sucking and moaning as she comes for the 2nd time. All of this has me feeling as if I will come again and soon.

Sensing this, Gwen tells me to pull out, as she wants me come on their faces. She pulls Kim in for a kiss as I pull my cock, aiming at those two beautiful faces. I erupt into Gwen’s face, then turn to Kim. They lick and suck my come from the other face as both reach to jack my cock.

To be continued, if liked.

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