Great Sex After Marriage

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My husband and I have a crazy good sex life. We’ve been together for almost twelve years and it just keeps getting better. To look at us, no one could guess how wild we can get. Here is something that happened last weekend, when my husband took control.

My husband told me to get naked and lay on the couch while he got the bedroom ready. I only had on a light silk nightgown, so I did that quickly, and started getting wet and excited just wondering what he had planned. My husband isn’t usually very expressive with what he likes sexually, so when he gets assertive, it really turns me on. After a few minutes he came out in his robe, with a couple of neckties in his hand. He had me sit up and used one of the ties to blindfold me, after he asked me if I was okay with that, which I was.

Then he helped me off the couch, on to the floor and I lay down, spreading my legs. It felt so amazing not to see what he was doing, but feel his hands on my thighs. I felt him spread my pussy lips, and then his tongue on me. He started licking me up and down, and sucking on my clit. I had my hands on his shoulders, as he continued to pleasure me orally. His mouth was like a suction cup on my clit, and I could feel it swelling. My husband is REALLY good at oral sex, so he brought me close to an orgasm in only a few minutes, but pulled away before I could come.

I lay there on the floor, pussy dripping, breathing heavily, and waiting. My husband took my hands and helped me to my knees. He moved to where he wanted me, and asked if he could tie my hands. I said yes. After tying my hands behind my back, he turned me around and directed me to lean forward. I bent forward, and kept moving up until I felt the head of his cock on my lips. He told me to suck his cock.

It felt odd only having my mouth to use. I couldn’t hold his shaft like I normally would, so I just took his entire Başakşehir escort bayan head into my mouth, and started bobbing my head up and down for a few minutes, his hard cock thrust out at me. I let the head go so I could run my tongue all around his shaft, and then suck one of his balls into my mouth. I felt the rubber cock ring he had around his shaft and balls, and I knew he would be staying hard for a long time tonight. Then I moved back to take the head back in my mouth, licking his sensitive tip with my tongue. Slowly circling the head, I could hear my husband’s breathing starting to get louder, and his cock was full and rigid.

I felt his hands push me off his cock by my shoulders, and he stood up, taking my hands to help me stand. He said it was time to move into the bedroom. Still blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back, he led me to the bedroom carefully, making sure to guide me.

Once in the bedroom, he walked me over to the bed and told me to bend over the bed. We have a high bed, and the bed hits me at waist level, so when I bend over it, I can lay my upper torso comfortably, and my feet are on the ground. I lay there, my legs spread, with the air cool on my wet pussy, excited and waiting.

I heard a buzzing sound and then felt a vibrator rubbing along my pussy, on the outer lips, and then inside. I knew which vibrator it was since I was very familiar with the sex toys we had. This vibrator is long and thin, with a slight curve to the tip that makes my pussy throb, and rubs against my clit perfectly. I am so wet, I feel liquid dripping down my inner thighs, as he pulls away the vibrator, and replaces it with a dildo. He pushed the ten inch dildo just to past the head inside me, and pulls it back out. When he pushes it back in, I feel warmth spread outward from my cunt, and I know he put some of the warming Escort Bayrampaşa lubricant on the dildo. He thrust it in further, halfway, and he asked me if I liked that. I moaned yes, my face against the bed cover, and he pushed it in the rest of the way, and held it there. I am so full, and he starts fucking me with the dildo, in and out harder and faster, until I’m on the edge of a climax again.

He pulled the dildo out, and I felt something new on my pussy. As soon as I hear it being turned on, I can tell it’s the big massager, one I haven’t really used much because it is almost too strong. On low, right on my clitoris, it stimulates the tender bud almost to the point of pain, in the way ticking can actually hurt. Within seconds I started screaming, trying to muffle my mouth in the bed. I am so aroused I’m not even sure if I climaxed. It’s just that intense that the pleasure is overwhelming.

My husband turned off the vibrator, pulling it off me, and I just lay there, unable to move. He untied my hands, and helped me onto the bed, telling me to lie next to him. My head was at his hip level, while my legs were up by his head. He gently pushed my head forward until I felt his cock on my lips again, and I automatically started sucking him again. Still blindfolded, but now with free hands, I grasped the shaft, while my mouth took in his pulsing head.

Just then I felt him reach between my legs, and push the lubricant covered dildo back in. He asked me if I liked sucking his cock while he fucked me with the dildo. I could only moan, not wanting to take my mouth off his hard cock. After a few minutes, he pulled the dildo out, and told me to ride him. I straddled his hips, my pussy so wet, he slid right in. I held myself up with my hands on his chest, and rode my husband’s hard cock, pushing him deeply inside me. I was so worked up from Beşiktaş escort all the attention I had already received, after only a few minutes, I felt my orgasm start to rise, slowly and steadily, and then it hit me so hard, I completely let go, feeling myself squirt on his cocking, screaming incoherently.

Finally, when I could speak again, I leaned over and whispered in my husband’s ear, that I wanted to feel him come inside me. But he said he wasn’t done with me yet. He told me to pull off him, and he had me get off the bed, taking off the blindfold. He had me lean back over the bed, and he started playing with my sopping wet pussy with his hand. I heard the big massager go back on, and then he started rubbing it against my clit again. My clit was already hyper-sensitive from my recent massive orgasm, and the deep vibrations had me screaming into the bed again.

I was relieved when he pulled that monster away from me, and grabbed me by the hips and starting fucking me from behind. I moved up on my tip-toes so he could fit his throbbing cock inside me to the hilt. He felt so incredible inside me, my pussy so sensitive inside and out. I love using vibrators and dildos to get me hot, but nothing feels as good as my husband slamming his hard cock into me.

He pulled out again, and we moved back onto the bed. I climbed right on top of him again without being asked, and rocked back and forth, feeling his rigid cock rub against my clit. I almost came again, but I really wanted him to get his own satisfaction, so I slowed down, moving on his full head, squeezing my pelvic muscles as tight as I could, and after a few minutes, I felt his thigh muscles tighten, and heard his breath quicken, and he grabbed my waist to help guide me to where he needed.

I felt his cum release inside me, spurt after spurt, until my pussy milked him dry, and his cock softened inside me. I collapsed over on his chest, and when I felt my own breath slow, I rolled off him, and cuddled into his side. His arm went around me, and his hand was softly caressing my back.

As I lay there, happy, sore, and exhausted, I started thinking about ideas for the next weekend, when I would be the one to take charge!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32