Granddaughter-in-law! Pt. 04

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The Barn!

Cindy nervously asked, “What happens in the barn?”

Opa said, “You will find out soon enough slut.”

Nana and Jami returned to their cleaning of their sister and soon were in a daisy chain eating each other out and fisting one another in a way Cindy would have thought impossible just a few hours before.


Cindy arrived home late that evening once again having missed Dewayne as he went to work. It was a good thing for she did not think she could put up with anything Dewayne might have on his mind after the day she had with Opa and Nana.

It was at that moment she realized she did not know the majority of the guy’s names who had fucked all of her holes that afternoon. She remembered Jami the waitress from the restaurant and may know four of the guys as they worked for Opa and Nana.

Cindy had asked Dewayne’s mom, Nana, and Opa’s daughter if she would mind watching the baby overnight to which Renee easily agreed too.

Cindy decided she needed a long hot bath to remove the cum and ease the soreness of some of her muscles and the tenderness in her ass and pussy. All of her holes had been well used.

As Cindy soaked in the tub her thoughts soon were focused on the orgasms she had had that day. Some of them are literally on the hand of Nana and some on Opa’s cock.

Cindy was again becoming excited and her wetness could be felt even in the water of the tub as she slipped three of her fingers into her pussy.

Cindy brought herself to orgasm quickly and felt extremely exhausted from her first day as Nana and Opa’s whore. She was soon drying herself and climbing into bed. As Cindy drifted off to sleep she remembered she was no longer a whore, but a sister slut; A smile formed on her face as sleep claimed her.

Cindy was up again early in the morning and found she was rushing to get to work. A dull ache of anticipation in her pussy as she skidded to a stop outside the trailer offices.

Cindy was not surprised to already see Opa’s truck at the trailer. Cindy entered the office and quickly got to work. She had fallen behind on logging in deliveries for the new home.

As Cindy was logging in an item that had arrived, the purchase order code for the barn soon had her wondering what exactly happened at the barn.

Based on yesterday’s conversations, Cindy soon found she was getting wet. However, Cindy knew better than to disturb Opa in his office or to ask about the purchase orders for the barn or what they may or may not be.

The anticipation was driving Cindy nuts as Nana arrived and once again simply walked past with nothing more than good morning being said.

Cindy could hear Opa and Nana carrying on a conversation in hushed tones and realized they were discussing the plans for the kitchen when Opa said, ” Why do we need a six burner stove and a grill when it is just the two of us most of the time?”

Cindy heard Nana replying, “We have to feed the sluts and bulls as well as occasionally entertain the entire damn family, Opa; You know that no group moves without their stomachs full.”

Cindy realized that Nana may be Opa’s submissive, but she was also still his wife who took that duty seriously. Cindy wondered how Nana could so effortlessly switch between the roles she played.

Nana was wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother now. She was still submissive, slut to Opa himself without question. She counseled not only the daughters, but their daughters and spoke freely with the grandsons as to their wives.

Cindy did not have to wonder if Dewayne had talked to Nana about her. She knew without a doubt he had. Nana had a way of putting the wives and mother’s in this family on notice if she thought they were being neglectful of their men.

Cindy recalled the first time Dewayne had her at one of the family events. Cindy thought Dewayne should fix his plate. Nana pulled her aside and told Cindy, “We must teach you to serve.”

This earned Cindy serving every male member of the household their dinner plate. As Cindy served Opa, He spoke to her in a low undertone saying, “A woman should always make sure of three things when it comes to her man. They are to make damn sure he does not leave your home or side if he is broke, hungry, or horny.”

Cindy was a bit embarrassed by Opa saying such a thing to her and was almost in tears when she returned to the kitchen to get the next plate of food to be served. Nana asked her what was wrong, Cindy stammered out, “Do you know what Opa told me?”

Nana never missed a beat as she said, “He probably told you the rule of three when it comes to your man.” Cindy said, “How did you know?”

Nana said, “I was that young girl once with a different Opa in this family.”

Nana had been working on Cindy and her compliance more than Opa. It was a part of her duties as Nana. To decide who would be the ones Opa would breed in his later life. Of course, she had been trained to be one of the ones for Opa’s Opa.

Opa and Nana had produced a son. Opa’s Opa had produced ofise gelen gaziantep escort a daughter with a Nana. Then Opa produced another daughter with Nana. It was Opa’s Opa who had decided the process to ensure the Patriarchal gene remained strong down through the generations.

It had been the Patriarchal duty through the generations that the daughter-in-law and granddaughter-in-law were to be bred by the Patriarch. The practice nearly died out in the 40s when the Patriarch died in WW II.

Opa’s Opa managed to overcome this from a rather young age and had been raised by his Great uncle. He had bred with his wife and an older aunt as well as the son’s wife. This had been the plan to save the tradition and legacy.

Cindy would learn this history as well. She had been chosen to live the history and unknown to Cindy at this time she was an eager volunteer to do so.

Opa had an effect on Cindy that she was never really able to put a finger on in terms of a written word and his ability to simply look at her and make her wet only added to his power over her.

Until yesterday Cindy was only curious about being with another woman. That took a big change as she also ached for good fisting again from Nana.

Cindy was brought back to her senses when the intercom on her desk buzzed.

Nana said, “Cindy there are a few things that Opa and I need to go over with you regarding your contract. Come into Opa’s office and do not forget your position of inspection.”

Cindy hurried to the office door but stopped short because she did not know if she needed to be nude or remain in her clothes. Cindy thought about it for a brief moment and decided to enter as she was.

Cindy stood facing Opa and Nana on the other side of the desk. Her fingers interlaced behind her head and her legs spread as Nana had shown her.

Opa said, “Cindy, I am a bit worried about you.”

Cindy’s heart momentarily stopped as Opa continued, “You did not ask a single thing about the contract yesterday. Do you not think that a woman should worry about such things as money?”

Cindy did not know how to answer the question as Opa’s eyes burned a hole through too her soul.

Nana knew the proper answer and knew damn well why Cindy had no idea as to how to answer the question and she too was staring a hole through Cindy’s soul.

Nana walked around the desk and unbuttoned Cindy’s shorts as she continued to look at her. Nana pulled Cindy’s shorts down and discovered Cindy did not have any panties on.

Cindy’s shorts remain still scrunched down on top of her thighs as Nana quickly checked to see how wet the new slut was. Nana’s finger glided the length of her slit; Cindy nearly missed the words the second time coming from Nana’s mouth.

Nana asked Cindy, “Once again, do you want me to respond to Opa’s questions for you?”

Cindy said, ‘Yes Mama, Please!”

Opa and Nana had been down this path before and Cindy was quickly finding it intoxicating and overwhelming.

Nana said, “Opa this little young slut does not worry about such things. I am a Fuck toy for Opa and Nana; they will take good care of my needs.”

Opa asked, “So when does my young slut worry about money?”

Nana spoke for Cindy again, “Only when my men are leaving my home.”

Opa asked, “Why is that slut?”

Cindy audibly moaned as Nana again replied, ” Because no man should never leave my house that way, or hungry, or horny.”

Cindy was having a hard time trying to concentrate on the conversation, the words, as Nana continued to rub her slit. The desired build-up was becoming more of a need than a want.

Cindy tried hard to grind into Nana’s fingers, but Nana quickly reminded her who was in charge here. An open hand swat landed squarely upon her ass.

Opa then asked, ” Are you ready for the barn and to further your lessons slut?

Cindy replied, “Yes Sir!” through clenched teeth before Nana had the chance to respond for her.

Nana said, “You are indeed an eager little slut!”

Cindy replied, “Yes Mama, I want to learn everything you and Opa can teach me about this world.”

Nana said,” Be careful of what you want young slut. I am in my sixties and Opa can still teach me things that I do not ever want to know.”

Cindy was visibly shaken by Nana’s words as Nana reached between her lip and squeezed her clit.

Opa said, ” Then to the barn we go.”

As they left the office Cindy’s shorts were still unbuttoned and she began to reach down and pull them back up where she was once again rewarded with Nana’s firm hand landing on her ass.

Nana said “Let the damn shorts fall child. Are you ashamed of your beauty?”

Cindy quickly replied,” No Mama.”

Nana said, ” Opa likes to see the beauty in all things and he is drawn to yours on a level. He sees the beauty in Jami as well as me, and others and he hates the world that hides such things.”

Cindy did not say a word as her shorts fell down gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort her legs and continued walking towards the barn.

Opa’s shorts soon dropped off his hips and hit the ground as he half stepped completely out of them. His T-shirt was balled up and thrown to the ground as well.

Nana said, “Drop your shirt.” and Cindy did so, as she felt the cool morning breeze upon her bare skin causing her nipples to harden.

Nana’s summer dress was soon on the ground as if the three of them had left a trail of bread crumbs so they could find their way back.

A bit further down the path was a sign that read, ” No Clothes Beyond This Point.”

Cindy had seen the sign when it was delivered and thought it was going in Opa’s man cave. Seeing it posted out on the property began the wheels turning in her brain.

Soon they came to a fence and walked a short path to a locked gate. Opa entered a code on the gate and it opened. The three of them walked through the gate and Opa made sure the gate was again closed properly.

Cindy realized they were on the back forty-acre section of Nana and Opa’s property where two barns stood.

One of the barns had a sign hanging above it that read, “Pyratorum Pure Products Company”. The other barn had a sign as well, that read, ” ON Productions.”

Cindy was confused as these were two names she had never seen before with any of the businesses she had helped Opa, or Nana with thus far.

Opa turned back to Nana and Cindy and said, “We will start at Pyratorum.” Which elicited a smile from Nana.

The Pyratorum barn had cameras and a high-tech security system that made it impossible to approach the barn without being seen.

Opa entered a code on a keypad and the door unlocked as they entered what Cindy thought was an office. It was a small chamber room, that Opa called a mud room.

Opa then walked to the other end and entered a code again and a fingerprint scanner read his print and the inner door opened into the barn proper.

Cindy walked through the door and was taken aback by the sheer number of marijuana plants in various stages of growth and the number of LED grow lights.

A ventilation system whispered controlling the temperature as Cindy looked around as a million questions came rushing to her mind.

Nana looked at Cindy and reading her mind, simply shook her head in a firm NO back and forth.

Opa led them further into the area and down an aisle to yet another door. Opa again entered a code and scanned his fingerprint into a reader. The door opened and inside there were several men and women all nude culling and trimming buds.

Opa turned to Cindy and said, “What do you think of your Nana’s retirement plan?”

Cindy turned and looked at Nana surprised by the question Opa had asked.

Nana said, “I thought the home and house needed to be self-supporting in all things, so your Opa put my ass to work. He made me pay him back his investment.”

Cindy asked, “What does this place bring in?”

Nana replied, “Before or after taxes?”

Cindy again was taken aback and said, “I don’t know.”

Nana said, “Last year before taxes this barn did a bit over three million. After everything was paid back to Opa and the lease I pocketed a million four.”

Cindy said, “So it is not all Opa’s money?”

Nana replied, “Opa made me buy Christmas! He said since I had a job outside the house I could spend it on Christmas and put the rest into retirement.”

Cindy asked, “Who pays my salary?”

Opa replied, “On paper or in reality? It does not matter. Your salary does not even dent the interest coming in on the principal of the bonds or gains in investments.”

A minute slipped by as Cindy was trying to do the math in her head as Opa said, “That does not include what Pyratorum brings in or ON does next door.”

Cindy could not do the math in her head and was not sure she could do it with a calculator so she asked the only question she could immediately think of. “Opa, why is everyone naked?”

Nana replied, “Do you have any idea of how much product can be stolen while wearing clothes?”

Cindy was blown away by the answer. It never occurred to her that people would steal from her Opa or Nana. They were so kind to everyone and gave people a helping hand all the time.

Opa said, “You have a lot to learn slut.”

Opa then led them to another door and opened it with a scan of his fingerprint. Again they were in another chamber room. This one had two doors. One led outside and the other led upstairs.

Opa led them upstairs and into an office that was completely blacked out to the inside of the building. The three of them could see every square inch of the entire building from that room including anyone approaching the building.

Between cameras and monitors as well as the security system to just log into the building it was fairly secure. Nana escorted Cindy over to the window gaziantep ofise gelen escort as they watched the people below trim and cull buds.

Nana once again ran her hand over Cindy’s breast and nipples as they continued to watch the workers below.

Cindy asked, “Who is that man Nana?” as she pointed to one of the workers below.

Nana did not even look as she already knew who Cindy was asking about. “You mean Carlos?”

Cindy said, “The one with the huge cock!”

Opa said, “That’s Carlos.”

Nana’s finger slipped easily between Cindy’s folds and found her clit. It was already swelling at the thought of Carlos’s cock pounding her brains out.

Cindy continued to watch Carlos as Nana continued to finger fucker. Cindy found her hand slipping between the folds of Nana’s pussy.

Nana’s clit had been elongated over the years and was easily found. It extended beyond her folds.

Nana and Cindy continued to finger fuck one another as Opa was busy at the desk working on inputting some information and preparing to enter Cindy into the system.

Opa called Cindy over to the desk and had her sit down in a chair that was securely fastened to the floor. The computers and hard drives were secured inside a vault that only Nana and Opa knew the location of.

A scanner was attached to the desk. Opa had Cindy scan both her palm and fingerprints into the machine and entered several levels that she could now access on her own.

Opa decided to have a bit of fun with Cindy and pulled out a handheld device for scanning palms and fingerprints.

Opa took the device and rolled it as one would do a fingerprint on Cindy’s clit. Cindy asked, “How did Nana’s clit get so big?”

Opa smiled and asked Cindy, “Do you want your clit as big as your Nana’s?”

Cindy said, “It must be a constant pleasure just walking anywhere with a clit that size.”

Nana looked at Cindy and said, “Why do you think I am always soaking wet? Opa elongated and trained my clit to be on duty twenty-four seven, 365.

Opa handed Cindy a keycode pad and said, “Enter a six-digit code that only you know and will remember until the end of time. Something besides a birthdate or anniversary.”

Cindy did so. Then Opa had her enter it again.

Opa then led the three of them down the stairs and out the door to the outside world between the two barns. On one side was a massive Kennel that housed ten large male Rottweilers.

Cindy had watched fascinated as Opa never said a word and worked the K9s with nothing but hand commands. She knew the dedication it took for such training.

Opa said, “If you come down here on your own at night you will be fine as long as you always put in the proper code for the gates and doors. You may only put it in wrong once and then put it in right, otherwise, the K9s can get to you as they are released from the kennels automatically.”

Cindy looked again at the huge dogs and thought about what damage they could do. She had watched in amazement as some young man was taken off his feet in training by the dogs. Then as he was forced to remain in that single spot until Opa had given a hand signal.

They arrived at the second barn where the sign read ” ON Productions” and Opa instructed Cindy to open the door.

Upon entering Cindy was confused by many of the things she was seeing. Lighting stands, camera equipment in one area, and sound equipment in another.

A bed that looked comfy as all hell centered on a stage made to look like a bedroom. A shower with lighting and sound built into it is attached to the stage.

A large area with a sign that read “PROPS Room.” Another area had a sign that read, “Federal Records Room as required by law.”

It was then that it became clear this was a movie set barn. Cindy asked, ” What kind of movies are shot here?”

Opa said, “We shot many different types of porn scenes here. Girl on Girl, Gang bangs, Swinger events, Interacial and occasionally we will do a BDSM shoot.”

Cindy looked surprised as she asked, “Why do you call it ON Productions?”

Nana responded, “Opa Nana Production Company. Opa and I started it together years ago just posting videos in the 80s before you were born. It has gone through several name changes over the years, but this will be the last one.”

Cindy turned to Nana and asked, “How many porn movies or shoots have you done, Nana?

Nana said, “Over 300.”

Cindy asked, “How many different men have you been with?”

Opa replied, “Your Nana has been with over 500 men, the exact number is in the records room in the files.”

Cindy asked, “How many have been with Jami?”

Opa said, ‘I can not tell you; Jami would have to tell you.”

A voice boomed out of the speakers overhead, “Are we working today Sir?”

Cindy had thought they were alone in the building and momentarily jumped.

Opa answered the voice, “We have a bit more paperwork to do yet.”

The voice returned a crisp, “Yes Sir.”

Opa and Nana took Cindy to the Records room and as Opa entered the code into the keypad, he explained that under law Cindy could not have access to the records or storage area unless she became a part owner.

Cindy asked, “What do I have to do to become an owner?

Nana said, ” You will get paid 50% of the industry average shoot rate, but you get 5% of the revenue from sales and distribution.”

Cindy asked, “Why only the 50% rate of the industry standard?”

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