Granddad – Show Time

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Thursday, our last full day at the apartment, started in the most delicious way. Anja had taken me to bed early on Wednesday night. We made soft, tender love for a long time, spooned and slept. She was awake early and wakened me with the tender touch of her lips and hand. She was excited, bubbly, fidgety. We fucked hard and fast, noisily and energetically. At 8 o’clock she went for a run. I watched from the balcony. She didn’t jog she ran, long limbed, stretching her beautiful legs out she flew like a gazelle pursued by a leopard. It didn’t catch her, nothing could. I watched until she disappeared from sight behind the straw roofed shelters and waited until she ran back into view. Absolute perfection!

She returned, warmed down and showered. We wandered into the village for breakfast then strolled around the shops.

“Looking for anything special, Sweetheart?”

“Something to wear at home. Something to remind me what a wonderful time I’ve had.”

She picked up a pretty sarong and tried it around her waist. It did look lovely and emphasised her beauty rather than hide it. I held it for her while she tried others. She selected three, all very pretty and each made her look picture perfect. Pretty as they were they were made of polyester and felt hard and unyielding.

“Put them back for now, I’ve a better idea. If you don’t like it we can return.”

I led her out of the village and around the harbour. A quiet area that we hadn’t visited before. It didn’t look like a shop. No shop window, just a door, like an office. I pushed it open and motioned Anja inside. The bell tinkled delicately as Anja stepped onto the welcome mat.

“Good morning Mr. Smith, how may I help you today?” enquired the elegant, fully clothed owner of the little emporium as she stepped out from behind the screen.

“Good morning Marie, I hope you’re well. I’d like something very pretty for my Granddaughter to wear around the house when we get home, if you please?”

Marie looked at Anja, appraisingly and approvingly.

“Mademoiselle should not be wearing too much around the house, Mr. Smith.”

“My thoughts exactly, Marie.”

“Come with me…” she paused.

“Anja,” supplied Anja slightly bemused.

“Come with me Anja,” she said holding out her hand, “Mr. Smith if you’d be kind enough to make yourself comfortable.”

They disappeared behind the screen as I sank into the overstuffed armchair. It might be long wait but I knew it would be worth it. I heard clothes hangers being slid back and forth along rails as Marie searched her extensive stock for just the right items.

After a while Anja appeared in a very pretty, short sarong of the finest, sheerest silk.

“Walk for us please Anja.”

Anja floated around the little space with a look of utter joy while we both watched her lustfully.

“Your Granddaughter has the most exquisite derrière, Mr. Smith.”

“She does indeed Marie, she does indeed.”

The silk hung quite loosely at the front in little folds which very nearly managed to hide the bare flesh beneath. Behind it was tight, pulled firmly over the cheeks of her bottom leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination except, maybe, how best to pleasure such a wonderful creation.

“Mr. Smith?”

“Perfect, Marie. Sweetheart?”

“It’s beautiful, Granddad.”

Marie smiled happily and led Anja back behind the screen. More sounds of stock being examined then a silence followed by girlish giggles. Anja reappeared. It was equally pretty, equally sheer and twice as long as the first. It nearly reached halfway down Anja’s thigh. It was tied loosely at the waist allowing it to settle on her hips and flowed smoothly as she walked. There was never going to be a time when the sides came close together. Her exposed thigh teased and tantalised the eyes as it swung back and forth. I nodded. Anja smiled and Marie led her away once more.

The third was longer still, brushing lightly against the carpet as she walked. Tied loosely at the front it rested on her hips. As she walked it opened and closed deliciously while from the rear Ankara travesti there was a total absence of pattern. The sheer material allowing the voyeur to fully enjoy her scrumptious derrière. I nodded again. Anja smiled again and Marie led her behind the screen once more.

The fourth item was a complete change of tack. Full length it was tied in a big bow just above her breasts. The ties of the bow dangled enticingly between them and the material itself covered nothing at all, swinging wide and open as she walked it enhanced her beauty and displayed her body to perfection. She turned with a swing of her hips and the reason for the free, easy movement of the front instantly became apparent. There was no back! Where the bow tied at her front it was almost a soft, silken curtain rail with the two panels free to be located as required. Marie stopped Anja and demonstrated the versatility, a panel front and back. Wide at the sides then crunched up tight forming a very narrow curtain of material. It looked stunning. I loved it and Anja again grinned with delight.

“Is there anything else you’d like to see Mr. Smith?”

“Something she could wear when we have guests?”

They disappeared again.

It was a frock. A sheer, white, virginal frock. Suspended from thin, white straps it flowed over her breasts, caressed her flat tummy and flared over her hips before falling to the carpet. Anja floated as she walked. Flounced and wriggled her hips enticingly. On tip toes she danced twisted and twirled.

“I won’t be able to wear undies under this, Granddad.” she declared excitedly.

I laughed contentedly.

“I’d like this one please Granddad, it makes me feel so sexy. So alive. Would you mind?”

“Of course not Sweetheart. If that’s the one you desire that’s the one you shall have.”

I winked surreptitiously at Marie.

“About half an hour Marie?”

“Half an hour would be perfect Mr. Smith. Are the details the same?”

“They are Marie. Take the dress off Anja, so Marie can pack it nicely for you.”

We returned half an hour later to find a parcel of small white boxes tied with a wide pink ribbon perched on the little display table.

“Granddad?” said Anja, bemused.

“You liked the dress and I liked everything else,” I explained simply.

She gave me a big hug and smothered me with kisses despite Marie standing right beside me. Marie received as hug and a kiss from Anja too. She didn’t resist as I knew she wouldn’t.

“How do I wash these, please,” she asked carefully lifting the parcel from the table.

“There’s a note inside each box for you. If you get any errr…” she paused, “… fluids on them try to rinse it out before it dries.” she ended delicately.

After an early, light lunch we strolled back to the apartment. Locked the parcel in the boot of the car, collected the picnic rug and bits then headed for the quiet beach. We settled.

“Saw Betty and Toni on my way back from my run, Granddad. Told them we’d be on the beach about 5. They said they’d look out for us. Is that OK?”

“Perfect Darling.”

There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes. I felt, no, sensed Anja’s hand creeping across the picnic rug. Her pinkie brushed against mine, wrapped itself around it and squeezed lovingly.

“You’ve never addressed me as Darling before,” she said happily.

“Yes, I know. Remiss of me. I should have done.” I squeezed her pinky affectionately.

“If you’re allowed to address me as Darling, can I address you as Darling or… My Love?”

“My Love? That’s a bit old fashioned isn’t it?”

“I think it’s a bit of an old fashioned love that I have for you,” she chuckled and squeezed my finger again.

“Old fashioned in a modern sort of way?” I teased.

“Old fashioned and a VERY modern way,” she laughed, “now you should get some rest. You’ll find out how very modern later.”

I chuckled very contentedly and closed my eyes.

My mind flicked back through my happy memories. Reminiscing with Anja had been most enjoyable. I was a lucky man. A very lucky Konya travesti man. Vera, my first love. The conductress with a heart of gold, guarding the upper deck so that lovers could love in peace. We’d made love as often as we could. We’d fucked urgently when our time was limited. Should I have not gone away? Stayed with her? Got a local job and just seen her when I could? I’d never have been in a position to support her, not for a long time. She’d never mentioned leaving her husband. When I returned, well able to support and care for her properly she’d gone from my life. Over the years I’d agonised over the choices I’d made at the time and always came back to the same answer – que sera, sera.

Mother – over forty glorious, wonderful, beautiful years! To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, ’till death do us part. We shared it all, except the piece of paper. The move to the south was inspirational not only for business but also our personal peace. A couple albeit with an older woman, same surname. Happy, contented constantly holding hands and kissing in public. Clearly married and deeply in love. Nobody knew our secret. It suited us perfectly.

Cassie – we both loved Cassie, Mother and I. She bubbled. She was interesting. She was beautiful. We made a perfect threesome. She would have been a perfect wife for me and, for Mother, a perfect lover. She could have had my children and all three of us could happily have raised them. A single week of shared bliss! We drove her to the airport. Kissed her goodbye. We parted sadly, her last words ringing in our ears;

“Please don’t try to find me, I’m married!”

And now Anja. As beautiful as the others, intelligent, smart, caring, kind, adventurous, daring, sexy, rude, dirty, positively filthy. Wicked and lovely. Could I keep hold of her? I certainly intended to try.

I felt lips on mine and kissed back tenderly with a soft sigh of utter contentment.

“My Love. It’s nearly five, shall we stroll down the beach and see if we can find Betty and Toni?”

I must have dozed off. I was sure I’d only just closed my eyes.

“Sorry Darling, I was dreaming.”

“Good dreams I hope?”

“Excellent dreams My Love.”

“Is that an old fashioned My Love, My Love,” she laughed happily.

“It is, with a very modern twist. Let’s walk in the water, help me waken up,” I suggested while clambering to my feet.

### ### ###

“There! At the back. Is that Gillian and James they’re with?” she waved excitedly.

It was and we picked our way carefully through the plethora of naked bodies to get to them.

Betty and James shuffled to their left. Toni and Gillian to their right. Anja and I slipped into the little space between. Neither of the girls missed a beat on their partners cocks. Nor did the men’s fingers in the girls pussys.

“Can anybody play?” asked Anja as she bent her head to James’s cock.

Betty held it still for her as she swallowed it all in one go,

“You going to fuck it or suck it Betty?” she swung round to Gillian.

“Can I have a taste?”

“Me or Toni?”

“Both?” she said diving in and fastening briefly on Gillian’s nipple. She stroked the palm of her hand across the top of Toni’s glistening cock and murmured appreciatively.

“Lay down Granddad, I’m feeling positively filthy this afternoon.

Her antics had not gone unnoticed and a small group of interested voyeurs was already gathering in a small circle around us. Betty took advantage of the extra cover and bent her lips to James’s cock. Toni laid Gillian back, pushed his fingers deep into her cunt and sucked on her nipple. Anja was fondling my cock and balls even before I’d laid down.

“I hope that sleep did you good Granddad coz you’re gonna suffer!” she claimed delightedly as she began to stroke up and down my shaft.

I was very quickly hard which made her giggle.

“You ain’t cumin nowhere yet Granddad so don’t think you are.”

She stopped stroking and bent her İzmir travesti head towards my cock. I strained upwards willing her to take it all down her throat. She rolled her tongue around the head and nibbled up and down the underside. I loved it. Sucking my balls she returned to slowly stroking my cock. She edged me mercilessly, bringing me right to the point then expertly letting me drift back to safety.

I heard James climax pumping his spunk deep into Betty’s throat. She chortled delightedly and continued to make him moan and groan until he begged for mercy. Betty received a muted round of applause. Gillian climaxed noisily in my ear as Toni brought her off with his fingers. Her legs jerked about, banging against mine and reaching up into the air. Toni kept her going as long as she could bear it.

And still my beautiful Anja kept me bubbling, just on the very edge.

“You’re a cruel bitch!” observed the exhausted Gillian.

“Course I am Darling,” replied Anja loudly, “I’m paid by the minute. This is gonna last as long as possible. I’m off home tomorrow.”

Thereby leaving no doubt in anybody’s mind that she was a total cum slut!

“Everyone’s waiting to see him spunk down your throat Babe,” encouraged Betty after a few more minutes.

“If he’s in my throat they won’t see him spunk,” she answered logically.

She went down on me, deep throating and chortling sending ripples of utter delight up and down my cock. Up, off then back down again without pause or hesitation. Three times, four times, five times! I was sooo close!

“Ready to fill my mouth Granddad?”

“Yessss,” I panted urgently.

She laughed at my discomfort. Down again, deep into her throat. Up, her hand stroking me hard. Her lips around my cock head as she sucked. It was building fast. She sensed my point of no return perfectly and moved her mouth a little. Her tongue flicked out, soft and flat just as my seed erupted from the tip of my cock.

Her eyes sparkled with excitement as she stroked more and more of my seed onto her tongue. I was finished, my hips stopped jerking upwards. Instantly her head dipped and my cock slipped easily into her wide open mouth. Her tongue spread my seed all over my still pulsing shaft.

Her head came up. She studied her workmanship, smiled and swung her leg over mine. Kneeling up she positioned my cock and lowered herself until it was buried deep inside her. She leaned forward, her forearms either side of my head.

“Fuck me My Love, fuck me hard and make me cum.”

Her pelvic muscles went to work on my cock. She sat up and I drove my hips up to fill her wet cunt with cock. We fucked, oblivious of the watching throng. She rammed herself down then I’d thrust upwards. It didn’t take very long before her first orgasm started to build.

“I’m cumin, Darling, I’m cumin,” she whispered in my ear, “don’t stop, Oh please don’t stop.”

I didn’t stop, nor did she. She came beautifully, energetically and very audibly. As she came down I rolled her onto her back, lifted her legs and drove my cock in, to the hilt.

“More,” she grunted, “more! Fill me!”

Such was the ferocity of my onslaught she climaxed again and still I didn’t stop.

“On your knees!” I demanded and was buried deep inside her again before she was settled.

Grabbing her hips I hauled her backwards. There was no effort required. She was driving herself back onto my cock. I pushed her forward, she resisted and rammed herself back onto my throbbing cock. Her head came up and shook.

“Hair! Hair!” she begged.

I took hold of a handful, pulling her head up and back as I drove deep into her cunt again.

“Ughhhhh!” she grunted.

I pulled her up and drove in again..


She started to rock frantically back and forth on my cock, driving towards me as I drove my cock harder and deeper.

“Ughhhhh! Ughhhhh! Ughhhhh! I’m cummmmminnnnggggg!”

I held her tight. My cock as deep as it would go while she writhed and squirmed before me.

“Fuck! That was something else! You dirty bastard!” she sighed before collapsing onto the rug.

I couldn’t have agreed more and stayed buried as deep inside her as I could, for as long as I could.

Was there applause? I have no idea. As far as I was concerned there were only two of us on the beach.

### ### ###

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