Good Sex Goes Bad Then Great

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I’m a square. Always was. Sometimes I wish I was looser, wilder, but most of the time I’m content with what I am.

I was born in a relatively small town in Pennsylvania. My Father died when I was in second grade. My mother never re-married and raised my four older sisters, my younger brother and me. We all went to church . We all went to college. I had plenty of friends, girls as well as other guys. But I was no good at all with girls romantically. No good at all. Still a virgin at 23.

Once I had to go to work and earn a living I moved to Southern California. It just seemed a smart thing to do. I was educated to teach school but took a job in a huge aircraft/aerospace company the day I arrived in order to earn money until I eventually found a teaching job.

At my work I saw the most desirable, beautiful, perfectly built female that I’d ever seen in my life. She would pass through the large bay I was in two or three times a day on her way back and forth to somewhere. Slightly tall, maybe 5’9″. Dark red hair. Gorgeous legs, firm butt, serious tits that were out there way ahead of the rest of her. More a cute face than beautiful. Good, erect carriage, strong stride. My eyes followed her every time she came through. She smiled a lot, stopped to talk to a couple people she knew.

I found out her name. Nancy. I managed to even meet her and then ask her out. To make a long story short, I married her. We never had sex until after I had asked her to marry me and she said yes. I never asked if she was a virgin. It really made no difference. Whatever, it’s the past. But from the way things went, sexually, the first days, I think she was. A virgin, I mean. I know I was.

We made up for our ignorance with frequency. We might not know all the fine points but we both realized that we liked it. Loved it. Couldn’t get enough. She must have got sore but never complained. Never slacked off. We started off getting naked and me fucking her. Just climb on and stick it in. It sounds bad but I hesitated a lot, went slow, didn’t want to hurt her. Or me. After we fucked a while and I came, we had to do something else for a while until I could do it again. So I discovered her body. And she discovered mine.

I loved her breasts from the beginning. Felt them, tasted them, sucked the nipples. It was the third day she went from just fondling my cock a lot to sucking it. Right after, I ate her for the first time. From then on, we both did that a lot. She said she loved my cock, its taste, it’s feel in her mouth. Very sexy. I don’t think I ever gave her any suggestions as to how to do it. She was a natural. I wasn’t. She helped by telling me what worked best for her. So I eventually became very good at it. And I liked it. It’s very sexy somehow.

The point is, we had an extremely active sex life. We both were very happy, very satisfied. We did everything we could think of. Even went on the Internet together to see if there was anything else we could try. When we found something that looked good, we did it. Every position we could manage. Just lots and lots of sex.

We were married almost nine months when we went to the beach one evening with two other couples. It was summer, gorgeous weather. We’re all in our bathing suits. The beach where we were had fire rings so we barbecued some food. We also had lots of booze. We all laughed about how illegal we were. It’s against the law to have booze on the state beach. But most everyone did. We were there a while. It was well after dark. Everyone was pretty snockered. I didn’t see Nancy. I couldn’t remember when I had seen her last. It couldn’t have been very long. I got up and wandered off on the beach to try and find her. There were other people around. Not a lot but some. I got past one group and a little farther on I heard sounds in the dark. Breathing sounds. Slurping sounds. Sex sounds. I didn’t want to interfere with anyone’s pleasure but I was just enough of a voyeur that I headed for the sounds to see what I could see.

A guy was laying on his back, his upper body propped up on his elbows, looking down to watch a girl that was kneeling next to him and leaning over him, sucking his cock. Really bobbing her head up and down, slurping and breathing hard, working on that cock like it was her last meal. Then I realized. It was Nancy. My wife, Nancy. I didn’t recognize the guy. Never saw him before.

‘Nancy!” I yelled out, involuntarily. I didn’t even think, just reacted. She lifted her head off him and looked my way, keeping one hand wrapped around his cock.

“Buzz off,” the guy yelled at me.

“No, that’s my wife,” I answered back and walked closer. Nancy was looking up at me with a funny kind of grin on her face, her drool leaking down onto her chin. She never said a word but she still had hold of his cock.

I ended up pulling her away even though the guy was pissed to lose his blow job. She staggered, could hardly walk. It made me realize she was drunk. Very drunk. In fact, it ran through my mind right then that I had been thinking for some time that she couldn’t handle booze very well. We got back to our group and I said that we had to be heading home. Every tuzla escort one else was about ready anyway so we all gathered everything and got back to our cars.

In the car, I asked her, “What the Hell were you doing?”

She’s off balance, leaning some in the seat. She sort of giggled a little. Her eyes weren’t focusing right. “I was sucking a cock.” I just stared at her for a moment. “I like to suck cock,” she then added. “Do you want me to suck you?” I just looked at her. “I’m pretty good at it,” she added. Then she passed out.

When we got back to our apartment, I got her inside, took of her bathing suit, and put her to bed. I sat in the living room for an hour or so, wondering what the heck to do. I finally undressed and got into bed next to her. I even fell asleep eventually. The next morning, I was awakened by feeling her playing with my cock. We’re both naked, as we had been all night. When she realized I was awake, she smiled at me, leaned down and kissed me.

“Good morning, George.” She held her face over mine looking at me, Her hand kept working on my cock, getting it erect.

“Did you know that guy, last night?” I asked.

She looked at me.

“I’m sorry,” she said. She kissed me, lightly. “I messed up.” She kissed me again. “I love you, George,” she added, then she really kissed me. Very sexy. “Can we have sex? I’d really like to.”

Here’s the sexiest female I’ve ever seen. All pink and white like red heads are, luscious tits, great butt. I want her so much it’s crazy. “Sure,” I say.

She has my cock in her mouth immediately. That’s the way she tends to do it. Get almost the whole thing in her mouth, as if she’s proving to herself she can have it. Then she sits back and stares at it with a smile, feels it, then licks it. then attacks it like she wants to get a mouthful of cum as quick as she can. It doesn’t take too long. I realize that we’ve had sex every day since we started, almost ten months now, except for a few days each month when she has her period and then she just sucks me off. I mean, we’d never, ever, missed until last night. We’d had a lot of sex.

Then she’s licking her lips after swallowing my load, grinning that “cat ate the canary” smile, a very satisfied look on her face. I’d seen it often. It’s as if she’s accomplished something by sucking me off. We get together and I kiss her and then start on her body. I spend a lot of time on those breasts. They’re so perfect. But it doesn’t take long until I’m between her legs and she’s rolled her bottom back to give me access and I have my tongue in her. I don’t know about other women. But Nancy has a beautiful cunt. A really sexy pussy. All pink and juicy and tasty. I’ve heard other guys say they need a lot of foreplay because their wives are dry. Nancy seems to be always ready, always lubricated enough to slip my cock (or tongue) into her. Even in the middle of the night, if I wake up spooned against her with a hard on, I can push right in and she’s ready for me. Maybe she’s just always juicy. Maybe she gets aroused in microseconds. But whatever, she really is always ready for all the sex I can give her and always ready for more.

I work my way in and around her pussy and clit, bringing her to a nice orgasm and sucking up everything she puts out. Then I’m hard again and up over her and shove into her. She never just takes it, she always gets involved, shoving back, damn near knocking me off the bed sometimes. She’s not noisy, though. No big screaming. Lots of grunts and muffled sounds. She cums before I do and I keep pumping into her until I do, too. I just stay on top, my shriveling cock in her, her legs wrapped around me, and we smile at each other. Another very successful fuck. I loved it. I’m sure she did, too.

Everything that happened last night is forgotten in the passion of the moment. But a couple minutes later it all comes back to me. “Why were you doing that last night?” I asked her, our arms still around each other, our naked bodies against one another.

“What?” she replies.

“Sucking some guys cock.” I answer, perhaps a little sharper than I should.

“Oh,” she says, “That.” Then a pause. “Well, we were there with other people a long time and it got dark and I felt a little woozy. I guess I had too much to drink. So I took a walk to try and straighten my head and I met this guy. He seemed nice, wanted to help. Then I forget exactly what happened but I end up with his cock in my hand. You know I love to suck your cock and his felt so sexy, so I sucked it. And then you came.”

“Did you know him?”

She sort of grinned. “No, never saw him before. Or since.” Her hand has slipped down between us to start working on my cock again. “But what’s the big deal? I mean, it doesn’t affect us. We can still make love, have sex whenever. Nothing changes that. I still want you. You still want me. At least I hope you do cause I’d like to climb on you right now and feel you in me again.”

Well, she did climb on me and I chose to never bring the subject up again. But for the next couple weeks, I watch very carefully if we have anything to drink. I’m realizing more and more that she can’t, or tuzla escort bayan chooses not to, control her intake. She’s always ready for more booze just as she’s always ready for more sex.

About a month after the beach incident, we have eight people over to our apartment for a small party. They’re all couples. At least one in each couple teaches school with me. We have a buffet kind of meal and lots of cheap booze to drink. About two thirds of the way into the evening, Nancy comes up to me and almost whispers into my ear, “I want to fuck.”

“Great,” I say, “I want to, too. But a little later. We have all these people to watch over as hosts.”

A little later. Maybe a half hour. I realize that Nancy isn’t there. I also realize that she’s probably had way too much to drink. Our apartment isn’t that big. I check the kitchen and the balcony, and then head to the bedroom. Maybe she’s passed out or is sick. The door is closed. I open it and there’s Fred, a fellow teacher a little older, perhaps in his late thirties, pounding his cock into Nancy, who’s standing with her back to him, her skirt up over her waist, no panties on, leaning forward a little against the dresser. Every time he bang s into her, she pushes back, is fully into it.

“What the Hell,” I almost yell. “Nancy! Fred!” Neither stops. I rush in and pull Fred by the shoulders, sending him staggering backwards across the room. Nancy just stays in position. “Fred, your wife is out there. What are you doing?” He gives me a weird look. Sort of angry, sort of scared, I think. He doesn’t say anything but gets his cock into his pants and zips up and leaves.

“Nancy,” I say as I turn and put my hands on her shoulders. She’s crying, still leaning on the dresser, her dress still up on her waist, leaving her ass and pussy bare. I straighten her up and turn her so we’re facing each other. She leans against me, feels as if she might collapse. She’s had too much to drink again. I would like to strangle her. I’d also like to fuck her, put my cock right in where Fred’s came out. Her pink, almost red, pussy lips look so ready. I have no idea what to do except there are several couples out in the living room. I lead her over and lay her down on the bed, then leave, closing the door behind me.

Fred and his wife left already. Fred made some excuse. The others don’t know exactly what happened, and never will if I can help it, but know that something’s wrong. So in the next fifteen minutes or so they all give reasons to leave and thanked me for having them. All gone, I went into the bedroom and Nancy’s asleep.

Again, I spent an hour or more wondering what the heck to do about this. I didn’t come up with any good answers. It was past bed time and I had to be at school tomorrow and Nancy had to be at work. She was still asleep. Passed out probably. I got her clothes off, took off mine, covered her and climbed in next to her. It took a while but I finally fell asleep. The alarm woke me the next morning. I got breakfast ready. Nancy got cleaned up and dressed and so did I. I told her we’d have to discuss last night later when we were both back from work. She stayed quiet through it all and left first. I was just a couple minutes behind.

At school, I avoided Fred for sure and pretty much everyone else that was there last night. I was preoccupied all day and probably not the greatest teacher but I got through the day. I got home first and then Nancy, perhaps a half hour later. “Nancy,” I said, facing her and putting both hands on her shoulders, “We’ve got to discuss last night.”

She looked at me and just said, “O.k.”

“Well what was that all about? How did you and Fred ever end up fucking in our bedroom?”

“George, I wanted to fuck you. I asked you to and you turned me down. I had spent hours trying to be nice to a bunch of people I don’t know very well and I needed something for me. I needed some sex.”

“I told you I would but not right then. We had a room full of people that we had to host.”

“It would only have taken a couple minutes. We could have both left for a little while and no one would have cared.”

“You couldn’t wait an hour or so until everyone left?”

“I just wanted to fuck. I told you so. When you wouldn’t, I saw Fred and told him that I’d rather be fucking. He said so would he and so we did. If you hadn’t caught us, we could have both finished and been content and you’d never even know. It would have made no difference. We could still have sex all the time just like always.”

“But I’m not just the guy that fucks you a lot. I’m your husband. You’re my wife. We made commitments to each other. We’re not supposed to have sex with others.”

“I don’t see why not. I mean it won’t ruin my pussy so I can’t fuck you or my mouth so I can’t suck you. We can still be like always. It just lets me have some sex when I need it or want it. Besides, Fred wasn’t as good as you. I don’t think I’ll want to try him again.”

“I almost don’t know what to say, Nancy. To me, what you’re saying is all wrong. We’re married. We’re supposed to be true to each other. I’ve heard of people with open marriages where they both go with other escort tuzla people but we’re not doing that. You’re purposely sneaking behind my back, hoping not to get caught. How many times have you succeeded and I haven’t caught you?”

“I wouldn’t care if you went with other women as long as you always were available to me when I wanted. So maybe we can do it that way.”

“No!. No. I’m not agreeing to that at all. I mean to live up to my marriage commitment and I want you to live up to yours.”

“Well, I guess I can try and blame it all on having too much to drink. I probably wouldn’t have had the nerve to do it if I was sober. Can we just make up? Get our clothes off and get on the bed and make up with each other? Huh?” She puts her arms around me and starts kissing my neck and rubbing her hips against me. I’ve heard of guys being called ‘pussy whipped’, the wives can get away with anything as long as they give the guy enough pussy and maybe that’s what I am because we got undressed and had sex in every way we could.

The next day at school, Fred cornered me. I really wanted to avoid him but he got me. “George,” he said very earnestly, “I know it won’t do any good but I want to apologize for the other day. I never should have done it. Your wife is really hot and made it plain she wanted to fuck and I gave in and I know I shouldn’t have.”

“Yes, well, she told me all about it and I guess she was pretty drunk, too.”

“Yeah, probably so. But I know better than to mess around with a friend’s wife. I mean I mess around with all sorts of women but there are enough available that I shouldn’t mess with a friend. So I’m sorry.”

“I don’t really want to accept your apology, I wish it had never happened. But I don’t know what else to do.”

“Good. But hey, if you ever want to try a little stray pussy, there’s a lot available. Some of these senior girls are pretty hot.”

“Fred, you can’t fuck the students! Shit, you’ll go to jail, lose your job. That’s insane.”

“Naw, you just have to get the right ones. Some of these girls are just beautiful at eighteen. Great bodies. And some of them have discovered sex and just can’t get enough. Sort of like Nancy maybe, willing to fuck anyone who comes along.”

“Fred, that’s enough. Nancy’s not like that!”

“O.k., have it your way but it doesn’t change the fact that a couple of these senior girls love sex, are old enough so they’re not jail bait, and aren’t about to ever complain because they’re also fucking a couple of other guys, too. And some you wouldn’t believe, like Tonya Montgomery.”


“Yeah, the sexy sports star. I bet she’d like to try you out.”

I managed to get out of that conversation and swear to myself to avoid Fred every time I could. I can’t believe he would be dumb enough to mess around with students. I should probably turn him in to the principal. Probably have to be anonymous somehow. Serve him right. And Tonya? Boy that’s hard to believe. She’s about the loveliest thing on campus. Perfect body. He’s probably nuts.

Meanwhile, back home, Nancy and I continued a very active sex life. I suggested marriage counseling and Marriage Encounter and she wasn’t interested. I knew we had to do something but in the meantime, it was easier to just continue. She was still the most desirable female I’d ever seen or known.

It was getting close to the one-year anniversary of our marriage. One night, I was eating her out and enjoying every bit of it and apparently she was too. Lots of moans and lots of pushing her hips at me and grabbing my head to h old me in to her. Part way through, in the midst of some “Ohs” and Ahs” came a “Jimmy”. I wasn’t sure I had heard right but later was another, “Oooh Jimmy”. I had heard “Ooh George” often in my life as she got ready to orgasm. And then, before I could do anything, she did orgasm, and I managed to suck up some and get the rest all over my face. And then she’s asking me to fuck her and this time it’s “George” she’s using, so I did. But those two “Oh Jimmy” calls stuck in my mind. Thinking, later, I realized that I probably know Jimmy. Nancy still works at the aircraft company where I first met her and one of the guys she’d come in contact with was Jimmy Avila. Jimmy’s probably thirty or a little more, never married but full of bragging about his active sex life. Fairly nice looking, I guess, if you’re a woman.

So, I call in sick and stake out the parking lot where Nancy worked. Sure enough, at lunch time, Jimmy and her come out and get in a car together. They drive about a mile and a half to a duplex and go in. I park and move around taking a look at it. Like a lot of Southern California’s aging housing, it’s one floor. Probably two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen and a living room. I feel like an idiot but I wander around the side of the building. No one seems to be out or about on the street to see me. I get to a window that’s probably a bedroom and sort of sidle up and peer in. It is a bedroom but nobody in it. Maybe a room mate? On around to another logical window. There’s someone in this one all right. Nancy and Jimmy. She’s naked, on the edge of the bed, and he’s kneeling on the floor between her legs, his face into her pussy. From the way she’s staring at him as he eats her, she’s loving it. I can’t hear but I know her sounds, I know she’s groaning and oohing and aahing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32