Good Morning, Sweetheart

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Jenna awoke to the sound of birds chirping outside the window. She rolled onto her side and slowly opened her eyes, blinking repeatedly as her bedside table slowly came into focus in front of her. With a deep breath she pushed herself up from her pillow, casting her bedspread aside as she sat upright and stifled a yawn. A shaft of bright light cut across her bare thighs, streaming in through a crack in the curtains. Jenna smiled as she caught a faint scent of sex still lingering between her legs. It was a very bright morning.

Jenna stretched out her arms and fluffed her pillow briefly before slipping her legs off the side of the bed. She slipped her feet into a waiting pair of slippers and padded up to the window. She threw open the curtains, flooding the room with light and savoring the warmth of the newly risen sun against her bare skin. She shuffled around the room, taking a few moments to carefully make the bed while the sunlight continued to illuminate her naked body. She smiled to herself at the thought of one of the neighbors peeking in at her.

When she was done she put her hands on her hips and gave a satisfied nod. With some reluctance she turned away from the morning glow and grabbed her light pink bathrobe, throwing it loosely around her body. She didn’t bother to tie the sash. She gave her exposed pussy a light little rub before turning the handle on the door and walking out of the bedroom.

Jenna heard the sound of running water echoing down the hallway as she closed the door behind her. She walked into the bathroom to see the silhouette of Dan in the shower. She gave herself a brief looking-over in the mirror before pulling the shower curtain aside, peeking in at her husband’s butt. A girlish grin quickly spread across her face.

“Mmm… Good morning,” she said in a dreamy voice.

Dan turned and looked down at her. He smiled widely, already becoming erect at his wife’s presence. “Hi there,” he said, feeling a little flattered. He dragged a bar of soap across his chest absently. “Care to join me, sweetness?”

Jenna licked her lips, thinking for a moment. “Tempting,” she said. She reached out and wrapped her slender fingers around her husband’s thick cock, giving it a little stroke. “But I think I’ll have to decline for now. I want to make sure Samantha gets up, first. I don’t want her to miss another school day, if she can help it. Besides…” Jenna bit her lip. “You haven’t used her today yet, have you?”

Dan’s cock pulsed at the thought of it. “Not yet,” he answered.

A devilish grin crossed Jenna’s face. “Mmm. I think I will, then,” she said. Her eyes danced with excitement. “She deserves a good start to her morning. It looks like it’s going to be a lovely day.” She gave Dan another stroke, pulling his skin tight from the tip to the base before releasing him and letting her fingers drift down to his balls, cradling them gently.

Dan beamed down at her. “I think so too,” he said. “Don’t have too much fun without me!”

Jenna withdrew her hand. “No promises,” she said. She jumped back and laughed when Dan tried to blow a handful of soapsuds at her playfully.

Jenna took a moment to straighten her hair before going back out into the hallway. She shuffled down to her daughter’s bedroom at the end of the corridor. She took the doorknob in her hand and turned it soundlessly. She opened the door just enough to poke her head inside. Samantha was still asleep. Jenna gave the door a light push and slipped inside, gently putting the door back in place behind her.

Samantha’s room was illuminated by a soft glow, the sunlight merely diffused by the light lacy curtains. Clothes were strewn about haphazardly, mostly on the floor, but there were some shirts stacked on a chair, a pair of socks sitting on the windowsill, a skirt hanging from her bedpost, and so on. A single pair of panties sat on her desk next to a pile of textbooks. A teddy bear sat slumped on its side in the corner of the room, a pastel-colored backpack pinning one of its legs to the floor.

Jenna gave a little motherly sigh and shrugged before turning her eyes on the bed. Samantha’s face was turned up toward the ceiling and wearing a peaceful expression, with a hand strewn limply next to her cheek. Her body, however, was twisted onto its side, her legs splayed wildly with one of her feet dangling off the side of the bed, and her bedspread was jumbled and skewed, wrapped tightly around her yet only half-covering her.

Jenna approached the bedside, carefully stepping over a crumpled t-shirt along the Bycasino way. She looked down at her daughter, her eyes full of tenderness. She reached out and brushed her fingers across Samantha’s hair. The girl murmured softly as her mother gently caressed her cheek.

Jenna let her eyes wander over her daughter’s eighteen-year-old body. One of her little breasts was exposed, the pinkish nipple hidden as it pressed into the sheet underneath. Jenna brushed a finger across her little toes on her near foot, smiling as the girl recoiled and shivered ever so slightly. Jenna raised an eyebrow when she noticed one of her daughter’s arms was tucked tightly into her coiled bedspread. Jenna gently unfurled the quilt and lifted it aside. She chuckled when she finally caught a glimpse of Samantha’s hand buried between her legs. She dropped the quilt back into place and stepped back. She smiled. She loved her daughter’s petite little body.

Jenna turned her eyes as a small beep sounded from the desk at the other end of the room. The hour had changed. Samantha would have to get up soon.

Jenna looked back down at her daughter’s face. She bit her lip. Taking a deep breath, Jenna raised her leg, stepping up onto the bed. Springs squeaked as she lifted her whole weight onto the surface, making a deep indentation as she stood at her full height on top of it. She reached out with one of her feet again, planting it into the other side of the bed. She turned and dropped to her knees as gently as she could, straddling her daughter’s body.

Jenna’s heart picked up a beat. She looked down at Samantha’s face. She still hadn’t stirred. Jenna inched herself up the length of the bed with her knees. She stopped for a moment and swept the material of her bathrobe aside as the front tails of the sash started to drag over Samantha’s body. She gathered the material up and held it behind her butt with one hand, steadying herself with the other hand as she resumed inching upward.

Eventually her knees had nearly reached the headboard, and Jenna looked down to see her daughter’s face poking up right between her legs. Jenna just stared for a moment, licking her lips. She could feel herself swelling, getting wet. Her labia dangled out just above Samantha’s chin. Jenna closed her eyes, waiting for her body to calm down just a little. She raised herself up slightly, positioning herself over her daughter’s nose. She opened her eyes and looked down at Samantha’s cute little face. Her muscles slowly began to relax. She smiled, let out a deep sigh, and finally released, letting a stream of warm pee out onto her daughter’s face.

Samantha quickly began to stir, turning her face from side to side sleepily as the haphazard stream spread across one cheek and then the other. An uncomprehending whine escaped her lips as the dirty piss invaded her dreams. She pressed her face to one side, digging her head into her pillow and shivering as the trail of piss started to streak across the back of her neck and into her hair. Samantha’s eyes finally opened just a crack as she began to awaken. A low groan rose from the back of her throat as she began to grasp the situation. She closed her eyes again and turned her face back up to the stream as it began to slow to a trickle, raising her chin to let the last few splashes of piss travel up over her nostrils, across her forehead and into her hairline as her mother squeezed them out.

Jenna let out satisfied sigh, relieved of her full bladder. She looked down at her daughter’s piss-soaked face and smiled. Samantha opened her eyes again, humbly meeting her mother’s gaze. Jenna grinned and lowered her hips downward, letting her daughter lick the last few drops of piss off of her swollen, dangling lips. Samantha lapped at her gratefully, pressing her tongue inside her mother’s cunt and licking her to a surprisingly swift orgasm, for which she was rewarded with a squirt across her face.

Jenna hunched over her dirty little toilet whore of a daughter, trying to catch her breath. Her daughter looked up at her expectantly. Jenna chuckled. “Good morning, sweetheart. It’s time to get up,” she said breathlessly. She carefully pushed herself up onto her feet and stepped off the bed, taking a moment to straighten out her bathrobe before helping Samantha up and out of bed.

Samantha looked back at the bed nervously. The pillow was completely soiled, and stains on the sheets clearly outlined where her shoulders had been. She glanced at her mother guiltily. “Um, should I put those in the laundry, Mom?”

“Hm? Oh, Bycasino giriş never mind that. I’ll clean it up after you go to school.” Jenna turned her eyes to her daughter, looking the girl’s naked body up and down. Samantha quailed under her mother’s gaze, making her seem even more vulnerable. A little yellow droplet rolled down one of her breasts as pissed dripped down from the tip of her chin and the ends of her hair. “As long as you feel good enough to go to school,” Jenna continued. “You don’t feel sick this morning, do you?”

Samantha swallowed. “Um, n-no, I don’t think so.”

Jenna smiled. “Good. I don’t want you to miss out on too much, you know?” Jenna reached out and placed a hand on Samantha’s belly, rubbing it up and down gently. “You’ll have plenty of responsibilities soon enough, so you should enjoy your last year of school while you can,” she said. She smiled brightly, leaning in over her daughter’s piss-stinking face. “I think I feel a bump,” she whispered excitedly.

Samantha simply pursed her lips and nodded, her heart racing.

Jenna grabbed Samantha’s wrist and let her out into the hallway. She started to turn toward the kitchen, but Samantha pulled back, glancing down the hallway.

“Um, can I have a shower first?” the girl asked.

“Your father will be leaving for work pretty soon,” Jenna said. “You should have breakfast first.”

Samantha blushed. She lowered her eyes and nodded.

They stepped into the kitchen. Dan was inside, fresh from the shower and sharply dressed. He was already cooking up some waffles for them all. Jenna released Samantha’s hand and walked over to give her husband a kiss. Dan openly groped one of her breasts in return. He grinned when he saw his daughter standing awkwardly at the threshold, naked and freshly stained with her mother’s piss.

“Good morning, sunshine!” he said. “Come in, come in! Breakfast will be ready in just a minute.”

Samantha stepped up to the kitchen table quietly. The tile floor was cold against her bare feet. She pulled back one of the chairs and pulled her legs up with her as she sat down, sitting cross-legged on the little cushion of the seat. She stared down at herself, scratching at her pubic hair absently. She sniffed, taking in the smell of piss and pussy that seemed to swirl around her. It was almost dizzying. She looked up as her mother pulled up a chair and smiled at her. Samantha felt ashamed. She shifted in her seat. The smell was making her wet.

Dan hovered over to the table, smiling at the both of them. He placed the butter and syrup on a mat in the center of the table and set down knives and forks for himself and Jenna before turning back to the waffle iron. Samantha looked up, confused for a moment, but she didn’t say anything.

“Alright, all done!” he said a moment later, whipping the iron open and scrapping one of the waffles off the top portion with a spatula. He portioned the thick cakes onto three waiting plates, splitting the fourth waffle in two and giving half to himself and half to Sam. He took two of the plates in hand, proffering one to Jenna with a grin and placing the other in front of his seat. He turned to grab the last plate. He smiled at his daughter for a moment before placing it on the floor.

Samantha hesitated. She felt her parents’ eyes on her. She turned her eyes to the floor and bit her lip. She uncrossed her legs and stood from her seat, careful not to meet her parents’ gazes. She stepped up to the plate. She looked down at it for a moment before lowering herself to her knees. She didn’t even have any utensils. She hunched over the plate, taking her waffle in her hands and biting into the edge.

Her father was still standing where he’d been when he placed the plate on the floor. Samantha was keenly aware of his legs towering in front of her. She pretended not to notice, simply munching on her waffle. She didn’t even look up when she heard him fumble with his belt buckle. She swallowed. She took another bite as Dan stepped forward, positioning himself. She heard him take a breath.

Samantha gritted her teeth. Her face was flushed. She couldn’t help it. She looked up. She glimpsed her father’s penis just in time to see the yellow stream hit her forehead.

Samantha shuddered. She shut her eyes and focused on chewing her food. Her father’s piss trailed over her eyelids and down her face. Samantha was still holding her waffle in her hands. Piss dripped steadily from her chin and nose, soaking into the patty and splashing onto her slender, shivering Bycasino güncel giriş fingers.

Dan grabbed the back of his daughter’s hair, pulling himself closer, peeing from less than an inch away. The force of the stream sent the piss all over. He pushed even closer, draping his cock over her forehead and dangling his balls in front of her eyes, pissing directly into her hair. He pulled back as his stream began to slow, taking a moment to trickle right onto his daughter’s breakfast.

Samantha slowly opened her eyes and looked up at her father as he shook himself off at her. She blinked a few times. There were tiny droplets of piss in her eyelashes, weighing them down. There were tears in her eyes as she stared upward. She swallowed. She looked down at her waffle. It was soggy and shriveled, completely soaked with piss. It was starting to disintegrate around her soiled fingers.

Samantha bit her lip. She brought the cake up to her dripping nose, sniffing at it. She took another wide-eyed glance up at her father before lowering the waffle to her mouth and taking another bite o fit. Piss leaked out around her teeth liked water squeezed out of a sponge. She chewed the morsel obediently. The taste of urine burned into her tongue. She quickly swallowed it, looking up at her father for approval.

Dan grinned down at her. He was rock hard. “Good girl,” he said. “It’s important for you to get a balanced breakfast. Especially if you’re gonna have daddy’s baby. Don’t you think so, honey?” he asked, looking to his wife.

“Oh… absolutely,” Jenna’s voice quivered through the air.

Samantha turned her head, shooting her a glance. Her mother’s robe was wide open. Jenna was fingering herself furiously under the table. Her eyes darted between her husband’s cock and her daughter’s piss-drenched little body. She hadn’t touched her breakfast.

“Mm-hmm,” Dan hummed. He gave his cock a long stroke. “It’s very important for a growing toilet to include all the major food groups in her diet. Cock. Pussy. Piss.” His eyes gleamed. “Cum…”

Samantha whimpered. She lowered her waffle onto the pool of piss that was her plate. Her hand shook as her fingers gravitated between her legs. Her breath was getting ragged. Every sniff made her feel like she was sticking her head into an unflushed toilet bowl and taking a big whiff. She hadn’t even been awake for half an hour and she already felt completely used.

“Does my little toilet whore want daddy’s cum?” Dan asked.

Samantha looked up at him. She started rubbing herself with her dirty fingers. Her lips trembled. She couldn’t even speak. She looked her father in the eye and simple opened her mouth wide.

Dan grinned. He grabbed the back of her hair and shoved his thick cock into her little mouth, not wasting a moment to begin fucking the hole with reckless abandon.

Samantha did her best to hold steady as he father rammed his cock down her throat. She gasped and gagged against his overwhelming girth. Tears rolled down her piss-stained cheek. Droplets shot out of her nostrils as they flared desperately.

It didn’t take her father long. He started to groan as his sensitive tip dragged across his daughter’s tongue again and again. He pushed himself as deep as he could go, careless of his daughter’s gagging, his balls crashing against her chin. He couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled back slightly and let out a sharp groan as he came, filling Samantha’s mouth with precious cum, coating her trembling tongue with wave after wave of his sticky white seed.

Samantha rubbed herself furiously. A thick mixture of sperm and saliva spilled out over her chin as her father pulled himself out of her mouth. She heard her mother cry out in her own orgasm. The sound seemed distant.

She was just a toilet, she told herself. Her face, her breasts, her holes. Her body was just a receptacle for unwanted waste. There was no better place for it. It was how it should be. All her friends should make use of her, whether she was laying down in the nurse’s office, eating her lunch, or just sitting in class. They didn’t need permission. She was made for piss and cum. She should be installed in the boys’ washroom. And then the girls’. That was where she belonged.

Samantha collapsed onto the floor. She writhed against the puddles of piss beneath her. She shoved her fingers deep inside. Her toes curled. She was cumming.

It took a while for her mind to work again. When she regained control of herself she looked up to find her parents standing over her. She was a puddle of human juices. Her father’s sperm was still in her mouth; it had leaked out the edge of her mouth and down the side of her chin. She finally swallowed.

“We’d better get you dressed for school, sweetheart,” her mother said with a smile.

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