Good Morning

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A gentle breeze from the open window kisses my skin, stiffening my nipples to stiff peaks.

I groan and stretch, still half asleep, and reach for the cotton sheet that has slipped away during the stifling heat of the night. I pull it back over me, one leg still exposed to the thankfully cooler air. The sheet has bunched together between my legs and as I tug it back up it pulls taut across my pussy. I squeeze my thighs together and feel a pulse deep in my cunt. Relaxing my legs I fall back into a light slumber, trying to recapture the dream I had been enjoying which involved me getting pounded by my husband and his two best friends.

I feel a soft heat on my exposed foot and twitch my toes, but the warmth is persistent and becomes a wet heat as a tongue tip is gently run along the arch of my foot. I am still half asleep but I am all too aware of the attention my foot is receiving. The tongue flattens against me as it traces the arch and again I feel that pulse in my pussy. I am fully awake now but keep my breathing regular in order to feign sleep. The hot breath centres on my big toe before a wet mouth encircles the tip, slowly taking it all in. I recognise that the mouth is replicating on my toe the way I take a cock into my mouth. Slowly taking in the head while creating a tight seal with my lips before gently tickling the tip with my tongue. My toe is basically getting a blowjob and it feels fucking amazing.

It’s a job to keep my breathing regular and I involuntarily groan but it could pass as a sleep noise. The mouth pauses, alternating hot breaths and cool blows on my toe. I pretend to stretch and roll over onto my front, still ‘asleep’. The tongue resumes tickling the now exposed arch of my foot while the other foot is covered and held gently by a warm hand before mouth and hand switch places. My toes are hooked over the edge of the bed and I feel thumbs pressing into both arches, massaging up towards my heel and back down. It does something to me and I squeeze my thighs together, my wetness apparent. The hands bring my feet together and I feel the softer skin of a cock running over my soles. I move my feet apart slightly to trap the hardening cock between them, then hold my heels together forming a tight gap. The cock is now fully hard and starts to gently pump back and forth between my feet.

Hands grip my ankles fixbet gently, the heat from their palms warming me as they slide up over my calves, thumbs caressing the backs of my knees, then gently squeezing soft flesh as they reach my thighs. The hard cock continues to fuck my soft feet as the hands travel back down my thighs, over my calves and once again grip my ankles. I can no longer pretend to be asleep as my breathing has quickened and I can’t help but tilt my hips into the mattress to push my arse out invitingly but I maintain the illusion and keep my eyes closed.

He holds my feet together and pumps his cock at a faster pace for a few strokes before withdrawing. I hear him rooting in a drawer behind him with one hand whilst keeping a warm grip on one ankle with the other, reluctant to break contact.

I feel a weight as he mounts the bed, sitting astride my calves, his balls resting heavily on the backs of my knees.

I shiver in anticipation and am not disappointed when I feel a trickle of warm oil dribble onto my arse and slip between my cheeks. The hands softly palm my cheeks, spreading the oil and kneading my plump rear before resuming their attention to my thighs. We achieve a hypnotic rhythm. His hands travel up my inner thighs as I raise my arse then they splay over my cheeks before returning back down over my outer thighs and I sink back into the bed. I’m not subtle in my need but he wants to tease me, running his thumbs tantalisingly close to my rosebud on the upsweep of his strokes. I feel his balls contract and tickle the backs of my legs as he massages my backside. After a few minutes of teasing even he can’t resist and he shuffles further up my legs, his cock bobbing and tapping me as he settles on my lower thighs. He continues to knead my arse cheeks, exposing my rosebud with each sweep of his hands and edging closer with his thumbs until he presses gently on my hole with each pass of his hands. My hole contracts at his touch and winks enticingly, he alters his rhythm so his hands are working alternately, one cheek being kneaded while the other hand massages oil into my puckered hole.

He doesn’t penetrate, just using the flat of his thumb to just press lightly before it’s gone only to be replaced by the other thumb. This drives me wild and while I’m pushing my arse out at him encouragingly fixbet giriş he knows I appreciate the slow burn as much as a quick hard fuck and refuses to let me lead this dance.

Gradually his thumbs linger more on my rosebud and less on my bountiful bottom. They take turns to circle my hole, keeping a constant pressure and as I start to relax he slips one thumb into my dark hole and his fingers find my wet pussy. He groans in delight, roughly squeezing my arse cheek with his other hand before giving it a sharp slap.

Giving up the pretence of sleep, I push back onto his thumb and fingers, the feeling of fullness making me moan. He lifts onto his knees giving me room to shift my position and I draw my knees in so my bottom is in the air and my face pressed against my pillow all the while his thumb and fingers occupy my holes. He withdraws slowly and I can’t help but whimper at the loss but his thumb is soon replaced by his tongue. He is no longer slow and sensual, eating me like it’s his last meal. I can feel my pussy juices start to run down my legs as he laps at me, sucking on my clit before licking all the way up to my darkest hole and making his tongue rigid to plunge into that place that only he has entered.

I turn my head to peep between my legs and see him pumping his hard cock in his hand as he’s eating me out. I love to see him working his cock, there’s something so sexy about a guy just lazily wanking himself into oblivion but today I need that cock inside me.

‘Give me that cock’, I almost growl in my need. I push my upper body up until I’m on hands and knees and wiggle my arse at him. He gives me another stinging slap before sliding his cock into my oily arse crack and sliding it back and forth, my pussy juices coating his balls. I reach between my legs and gently pull and fondle his balls before giving a slightly harder squeeze. ‘Now,’ I say, ‘ I need your cock inside me.’ He steadies himself with hands on my hips, pulling back slightly to let his cock find my soaking slit. I gyrate my hips to help his fat cock head find my opening, moaning as I feel it stretch my pussy lips and I move back and forth just slightly so I’m fucking him but only taking the head of his cock inside me, teasing.

He reaches forward and gathers my long brown hair into one fist, tugging my head backwards and pulling me into an almost upright position. His chest is now pressed into my back and he pulls my hair to one side so he can grunt in my ear, his breath hot on my neck, just one word. ‘Beg’.

I almost cum at this, I can feel a heat building in my pussy and spreading outwards. ‘Please,’ I gasp ‘I want your cock inside me. I want you to use my cunt. Fuck me hard and fill my pussy with your cum.’ He releases my hair and grabs at my tits, using them to hold me up he slams his dick forwards into my cunt. I moan and pant loudly as he pulls out and slams back into me, my pussy so wet it sloshes noisily as he fucks me hard.

It’s all too much, his cock filling my cunt and the noises it makes combined with our panting. I reach down to rub my clit and he relinquishes his hold on my tits to enable me to use one hand to hold myself up while I rub that hard button furiously. He grabs at my hair with one hand, the other loosely around my throat, cock pounding into my pussy and I cum hard. Heat spreading through my body, fingers tingling and legs shaking I scream his name. My pussy twitching around his cock brings him closer to his climax. I am spent from cumming so hard and am back in the arse up, face down position, still shaking and unable to hold myself up.

He grasps my hips and pistons his cock into my sopping wet hole, muttering to himself with each stroke, calling me names on each inward thrust, slut, whore, fuckhole. I begin to touch my clit again. It’s tender to the touch but I get so fucking hot when he talks to me like that I know I’ll be cumming again in seconds. He’s still thrusting, almost incoherent with lust now and I can feel his cock get even thicker and harder as it prepares to fill my cunt. ‘You want this cum?’ He grunts. ‘Fuck yes, please fill my fucking pussy’ I groan, rubbing frantically now at my clit. He starts to slow his pace but is now pumping my cunt so slowly and deeply that I’m in a pleasure-pain freefall as I cum again, bucking on his cock. He lets out a loud groan, ‘oohhh fuck’ and pushes deep into me he pumps ribbons of cum deep into my pussy, his throbbing cock syncing with my pulsing pussy walls. He starts to thrust into me again as the last of his cum erupts, gradually coming to a halt and we both collapse sideways onto the bed. We lie there, loosely spooning and regaining our equilibrium, our combined fluids drying on his cock and his hot spunk dribbling slowly out of my pussy. Our breathing slowing to a regular rhythm.

‘Your turn for breakfast’ I say, tapping his arse gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32