Good Guys Don’t Date Bad Boys Ch. 12

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Chapter Twelve — Maddox Says

He groaned in delight as the warm water poured down his back. Well, it was now or never, or maybe it could be later, but he very much wanted to try it right now just to see how it went. Using a bit of shower gel to coat his fingers, Maddox reached for his behind and pushed in a smidge. Well, it wasn’t like he had never been probed a little around there by kinky fingers, but the girls he had been with had never gone further than that. Plus, at the time, he had been focused on other things and thought of just making them happy by letting them play with his ass a little.

Yet, none of those times compared to how Jonathan’s long elegant fingers had moved around his hole, teasing him and making him want to buck his hips into them just to get more inside. And, in all honesty, Maddox had tried hard not to come right then because he had needed to win that fight so much.

Without a doubt, he would have Jonathan finger his butt, especially since the guy appeared to like the idea, but first, he wanted to check things out for himself. He breathed in deeply and pushed his fingers further. Hmm, that was quite pleasant. Maybe fit in another finger? It was a little bit uncomfortable, but if he made things slick enough, it was starting to grow on him.

Maddox pulled at his cock, enjoying the sensation of having it lengthen gradually. The best thing about it all was that he now had plenty of real jerk off material since Jonathan had finally accepted that his fate was to hook up with him and have crazy amazing sex.

Damn, it was going to be a glorious month, Maddox decided as he moved his fingers in and out of his ass at a steady pace, while the hand on his cock was moving to the rhythm. Jonathan was gorgeous with his mouth slightly open, his eyes at half-mast and his throat exposed, while moaning and coming. That was the kind of thing Maddox wanted to take a picture of and use as his home screen. No, maybe not, since he didn’t want other people to see it by accident, and only he alone was entitled to see Jonathan like that.

And the freaking beautiful thing was that the guy was a virgin on top of it all. Maddox could barely wait to get together with Jonathan again so that they could explore everything together. So, Jonathan had said that he didn’t want to get fucked in the ass, but that wouldn’t stop Maddox from pumping up the charm and making him yield. Seriously, he had no idea who he was going against; Maddox wanted him so badly that even now, after barely letting him go back to his place, he wished for nothing else but to see him again.

And not just see him. Maddox let his fantasy fly. How would Jonathan look on all fours, pushing his lovely ass back and asking without words to get fucked? His cock twitched like crazy in his hand.

“Do you want that, buddy? Want some of that awesome ass?”

And how would it be with Jonathan on top, kissing him and acting all domineering as he seemed to be now and then, and even…

Maddox closed his eyes and groaned. Did he want Jonathan’s cock in his ass? Maybe he did, if the shot of pleasure coming from his behind as he pushed his fingers in and out was any indication. Only that Jonathan’s cock was bigger than a couple of fingers, which meant that he would have to work to get it inside.

Was that even doable? Maddox didn’t know, but hell if his naughty mind didn’t urge him to try it. Would Jonathan be gentle while fucking him? Would he be shy? Would Maddox have to get on top and impale his ass onto his cock just to convince him that it would be good?

Fuck, that would be hot, to dominate Jonathan like that and coax him into everything. But first, Maddox decided, he’d see what that ass was all about. His fingers moved slowly again, as he edged, prolonging the mind-blowing sensations coursing through his body. He would have Jonathan on his back, and he would catch every moan and look of surprise in those pretty eyes, as Maddox became his first man ever.

And then, Jonathan would wrap his hands around him and pull him close so that they could kiss, and he would whisper ‘fuck me, please’…

Maddox grunted and began spraying the wall in front of him with white ropes that seemed to keep on going to the point that he was breathless. He rested his head against the tiles and took mouthful after mouthful of air.

If one month of hooking up with Jonathan weren’t enough, he’d have another big ass challenge in front of him. He would have to convince Jonathan to go out with him for real, regardless of what he was saying about good guys not dating bad boys and all that.

His mind was getting clearer as his climax ebbed. Maddox began to wash his body energetically. Why the hell should he even wait for the month to pass? He would start dating Jonathan right away, only that, as with everything with that guy, he would have to be clever about it.

Yeah, that sounded like a perfect plan.


“Ray?” Jonathan called tentatively as soon as he entered.

Sorry about everything, Erenköy escort I went to protect your honor and ended up losing mine.

As much as he thought those to be the correct words to say, he doubted he would be able to let them leave his tongue. To his relief, the suite was empty, and there was no trace of Ray and Hanna anywhere.

He went straight for the shower, his mind a mess. Why had he accepted Maddox’s crazy challenge? Now his word of honor was at stake because he had just said ‘yes’ to a month of mind-blowing sex.

Why did he have such an uncanny ability to do the exact opposite of what he wanted to do? At the start of the year, he had told himself that he would not get involved with another bad boy in his life, and there he was, dancing to Maddox’s tune like a well-trained pet.

He bit his lips as his imagination took him out the window with it. Suddenly conjured in his mind, images of Maddox caressing his throat and telling him something about how nice he would look with a collar came unbidden.

But, he struggled, he wouldn’t be that guy. He let the shower continue to run as his hand moved fast on his cock. If he had any say about it, he would show Maddox that maybe he was the guy gagging for a collar, not him. Especially since his hole was so nice and hot.

He had spoken the truth that time, about not knowing whether he was a top or a bottom. With Maddox, he realized helplessly, he wanted to be everything. He wanted to be pushed into the bed, face first and rammed deep and hard from behind, just as much as he wanted to give Maddox some nice rimming and then put his cock inside that scorching hot hole and punish it gently for all the transgressions its owner was guilty of.

Maddox was beautiful in the throes of orgasm, as he could clearly remember from no longer than a half an hour ago. Why did he have to be so perfect, and yet so wrong for him? Jonathan didn’t even dare to let his mind go there. But he was alone with his hand, and who said that having fantasies involving a bad boy who was also straight was forbidden?

The way that naughty hole had twitched around the tip of his finger didn’t indicate that it belonged to a straight boy. Jonathan knew all too well how dangerous it was to indulge in such fantasies, but he couldn’t help it.

What did he truly want? If he were honest, he wanted everything. Maddox was cruel to taunt him with that word, dangling it in front of him. Yes, he did want everything, and not just for a month. The thought alone was so scary, but his body didn’t care about his worries and anxieties.

What would it be like to wake up next to someone like Maddox? To see those pretty gray eyes first thing in the morning? And to have sex right away, their hands too eager for one another to allow them to care about anything else?

You’re a hopeless romantic.

Jonathan blinked at the memory. That had been his doom, right? Or maybe no one was allowed to tell him what he was? He rebelled and dragged his mind from that time to the present day, when the sexiest boy he had ever met in his life wanted him to be his slave for a month, whatever that entailed.

According to Maddox, it entailed a lot of things, among which anal sex was just one of the many. Not that Jonathan wouldn’t settle for the simplest things, like kissing and touching each other everywhere. He moaned as he remembered Maddox’s lips on his neck, on his nipples, on his mouth, and how he was claimed when the guy had decided to come over his balls.

And Maddox’s taste on his tongue… Jonathan squeezed his eyes shut hard and began jerking off frantically. The month that started tomorrow would be his chance to taste Maddox in all possible ways, lick the cookie bowl clean, because he was insane and couldn’t stop himself from wanting the impossible if it killed him.

The force of his climax took him by surprise. He was no longer in control of his body, that hard he was coming, and he had just fantasied about it all.

What would it be like when they tried the real thing? He would die from too much pleasure, but he would die a happy man, so probably nothing else really mattered.


Since he had promised, he began making Ray’s favorite. It could be that Ray was on a date with Hanna already, and he wouldn’t be in the mood to eat when he came back, but Jonathan really needed to busy his mind and hands with something.

His phone rang, taking him by surprise. He hesitated when he saw Maddox’s name on the screen. Why wasn’t he sending texts like everyone else? Did they really need to have a conversation right now? Couldn’t it wait?

No, he wouldn’t ignore him. That would make him a coward, and he wasn’t one. Jonathan brought the phone to his ear. “Yes?” he asked smoothly.

“What are you doing tonight?”

“I’m going to study,” Jonathan said promptly.

“No, wrong answer. It’s Sunday.”

“There’s no rule about not studying on Sundays,” Jonathan replied.

“Did you already forget about our arrangement?”

Jonathan içerenköy escort bayan exhaled. It took all his willpower not to think that Maddox wanted him right now, or at least tonight, which was too soon, and he wasn’t mentally prepared to meet his doom again. “No, of course not. But I thought my month of slavery would start tomorrow.”

“Nope. Tonight.”

“All right. So what do you have in mind? Do you want me to pick up your shirts from the cleaning service?” Yes, as long as he could joke, he would be fine.

“No, they don’t work on Sundays, unlike you, little freak.”

“Little? There’s nothing little about me,” Jonathan protested.

“Don’t I know it?” Maddox’s voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper.

“I meant that I’m six point four,” Jonathan insisted, as his cheeks began to warm up.

“Yeah, annoying,” Maddox declared.

“What? How can my height be annoying?”

“Can we bicker over pizza tonight? I’m taking you out.”

“Out? Like on a date?” Jonathan asked, suddenly alarmed well beyond threat levels.

“No. Like out. Like hanging out. You know what? You have no choice. Maddox says.”

“Maddox says? Are we playing a game now?”

“Yes, mine. I’ll come pick you up at seven.”

“Okay. My place is–“

“I know where it is. When I have a crush on someone, I do my best to learn everything publicly available first.”

A crush? Jonathan fell silent.

“So study while you can,” Maddox added quickly. “I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer, and I’m sure even you eat pizza.”

“What do you mean by that?” Jonathan barely mustered the courage to sound scandalized.

“Dunno. You look like a caviar type of guy.”

“For the record, I’m not crazy about caviar.”

“Great. So you’ll eat pizza with me?”

“Yes, of course. Will it be somewhere close?”

“Not really, but we’ll take my car.”

“All right.”

“All right.”

Another moment of awkward silence followed.

“Bye,” Maddox said first.

“Goodbye,” Jonathan returned.

He stared at his phone like it could give him some proper answers. A date? A crush?

His heart wasn’t ready. Only his body, which lately, had a mind of his own.


“You’re going on a date?” Kane interrogated him the moment he put the phone down.

“Are you spying on me?” Maddox glowered, half in the mood to tell Kane to fuck off. He had just confessed to Jonathan about having a crush on him, and the other had been awkward and unnervingly quiet after that. Was he misreading the signals? Jonathan definitely wanted him, and heck, Maddox was beyond certain that all sex between them would be over the top amazing, but what about everything else?

“Hello, this is the kitchen and it’s not like you put up a ‘do not disturb’ sign,” Kane said.

Maddox narrowed his eyes. “Just how long have you been there, eavesdropping on me?”

Kane grinned. “Long enough to hear you confessing that you’re crushing on him. Well, it was clumsy, yet a bit endearing. Did you knock him off his feet yet?”

Maddox scowled. “I don’t think so.”

Kane patted him on the shoulder. “Too bad. Because I think so.”

Was it a good thing to have high hopes? Maddox turned toward Kane to see if his buddy was just joking, but no, there was no sign of that. “Do you mean that?”

“Totally. I mean, just a couple of hours ago, the guy comes in, ready to bite your head off. Half an hour later, he leaves with an expression on his face like he’s just found God.”

“Ew, I’m not that much into religious stuff,” Maddox said and scrunched up his nose.

Kane smacked the back of his hand against his belly. “I’m talking about another type of god, obviously. A sex god,” he added with a smirk.

Maddox couldn’t stop smiling at that. “Do you think that I impressed him that much?”

“You shouldn’t be asking me that. But hey, he looked completely different when he walked out of your room. Never seen such a quick transformation in my life, and Louise is forcing me to watch makeovers with her all the time.”

“Like how?” Maddox insisted, thirsty for more confirmation.

Kane made a face like he had just licked a lemon. “Come on, man, do you really need me to do an impersonation of your boyfriend after getting his dick sucked to convince you?”

“I didn’t suck his dick,” Maddox retorted.

“You didn’t?” Kane was surprised. “Frankly, that was the face of a guy who just got his dick sucked.”

“I had no idea there was a particular face guys made when someone gave them head,” Maddox said.

“Then what the hell did you two do if you didn’t fuck and didn’t suck each other off either? And I thought sex between two dudes was supposed to be simpler and straight to the point.”

“Not telling.” Maddox stuck his tongue out to provoke Kane. That earned him a jab in his ribs that made him grunt and almost bite it. “Hey watch it, I need this tonight,” he complained, twisting the words while he let his tongue lol out.

“Why? Escort Tuzla To put it in his ass?” Kane joked.

Hmm, that wasn’t such a bad idea, actually, Maddox thought. And dick sucking had to be on the list, too, because why the hell not? Jonathan had said something about not liking it, but being the virgin that he was, he probably had just sucked like half a dick once and hurriedly decided that it wasn’t for him. Plus, he wouldn’t protest that much if he were the receiving side, right?

Kane’s chuckle stopped his fantasies mid-track. “You’re totally thinking of licking his butt, aren’t you?”

“Hey, aren’t you a bit too curious?”

Kane shrugged. “I lick Louise’s butt all the time.”

Maddox felt his ears perking up. That was something he had never tried, boy or girl. “And does she like it?”

“She loves it,” Kane admitted with a large grin.

“So how do you do it?”

Kane pushed his hands into his pockets and started walking away. “Why don’t you figure it out, lover boy? Although I think you can do as little as touch Jonathan’s pinky with yours, and he’d be ready to come in his pants.”

“For real?” Maddox asked, staring at Kane’s retreating back.

His friend threw him a knowing look over his shoulder. “Don’t let it go to your head. That guy’s helplessly smitten with you, it’s beyond funny.”

“Hey, don’t laugh at him,” Maddox warned.

Kane waved. “Wouldn’t dream of. And I’m too busy laughing at you.”

He was too lazy right now to go after Kane and jump on his back as revenge. Or too much in the mood to just go to his room and dream of Jonathan until seven.


“That smells so nice,” Hanna was the first to speak the moment she and Ray stepped through the door.

“I hope you’ll still think that after you have some,” Jonathan offered with a smile.

She and Ray had their fingers linked and the same happy smile on their faces.

“It’s my favorite,” Ray said, “and Jonathan is an amazing cook.”

“Then I can barely wait to try it,” Hanna said.

“Well, I’ll leave you kids to it, as I already ate,” Jonathan said. “I also have to study.”

What he needed was to lock himself in his room and think of what he would do tonight. Maddox had asked him out on a date, without a doubt, but what if it were all a game? Even if it weren’t, he argued with himself, Maddox was straight. After this whole bi-curiosity or whatever it was wore off, he would be back to business as usual, and Jonathan wouldn’t hold it against him.

Straight guys were just meant to carve a hole in his chest and leave it there for him to struggle to fill it up. Agreeing to Maddox’s terms seemed like such a bad idea right now, but it wasn’t like he could back down. If he got hurt at any time throughout the month that started tonight, not tomorrow, it would only be his own fault.

Jonathan clenched his fists. Yes, it was always his fault. With Drew, it had been his fault; with his parents, it had been his fault. And with Maddox, it would be just a classic case of history repeating itself if he didn’t keep his wits about him and took a little more care of his heart than he had ever done before.

But at least that meant that he was in charge of his own self; whatever happened, it would be on his terms, too. Maddox wanted to play? Fine. But Jonathan would approach it in the same spirit, nothing more, nothing less.

And being a hopeless romantic was overrated, anyway. Who was he saving himself for? The very notion was beyond daft. Maddox was an excellent lover; lack of experience with boys notwithstanding, he’d done a great job so far knocking Jonathan off his feet with nothing but kisses and barely there skin contact.

Barely there? The contradiction rising in his mind made him shudder with the now familiar jolt whenever he made the mistake of thinking of Maddox for too long. Their interactions were electric, out of this world, or at least his world.

All in all, experimenting with Maddox couldn’t be that bad, as long as he guarded his heart, not giving it away when it wasn’t wanted.

The knock on his room door took him by surprise. One of the books he was supposed to learn something important from had been open in front of him for at least half an hour and he hadn’t managed to read one line. “Come in,” he said.

Ray put his head in and grinned at him. “That was delicious, JJ. Hanna’s in love with you.”

Jonathan offered a fond smile. “Doesn’t that make you jealous?”

Ray shrugged. “Not at all. But listen, um,” he hesitated for a moment, “what did you and Maddox talk about after you stormed out the door? Hanna is awesome, and it’s because of him I’m getting to know her now.”

Jonathan sighed. Count on Ray to think only happy thoughts of everything. “Well, I had to tell him what he did was wrong.”

Ray nodded. “And what did he say?”

The question came naturally, but Jonathan found himself mute for a couple of moments. He returned his attention to the open book. “Not much,” he replied quickly. “Just that, um, practically, he told me that he pointed her to you because you two have the same interests.”

Ray leaned against the doorjamb. Jonathan wasn’t looking at him directly, but he noticed everything from the corner of one eye.

“JJ, is Maddox your bad boy?”

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