Good Doggie

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Every time I watch this video that was one of the very first ones Georgeann and I made that was solely Georgeann’s idea, I jack off furiously. My Gawd, she was a sick kinky cunt. Georgeann was a month shy of being 16 , we just found out she was almost two months pregnant with our first child. She wasn’t showing yet, she still had the built and shape of a very young teen. As most of you know, Georgeann loved her animnals, she lost her virginity to her families boxer when she was 10 years old. I witnessed her sucking and fucking several dogs during the first four years we had been together. Georgeann’s idea of living out her fantasy was to video tape her living life as a dog herself in a kennel now before she began to show, then skip a few months, tape her mid pregnancy, then just before she dropped and finally after she gave birth. It sounded great to me. We decided we would need the help of one other person to help capture our actions, I suggested Carl, one of our best friends and a frequent partner in our 3sums.

I closed the bike shop for the weekend. I strung the chain across the driveway to our home, shutting off our seculded farm from visitors right after Carl showed up. Georgeann picked out her two inch black studded dog collar, put it on her neck and completely naked we went out to the kennels. Our dogs went crazy knowing that they usually got a piece of her ass when she was around them naked. At the kennel at the end, I set up two video cameras on tripods to capture the action from two different views and Carl and I would manually hold the third and fourth cameras for close ups and varied angles. We spread straw around the concrete floor to ease the scrapes that will occur to her knees. I locked her inside the pen.

In the very next pen was Goliath, our huge English Mastiff. He was Georgeann’s current favorite k-9 lover. Goliath had a huge dick, one of the biggest I had seen on a man or dog. We measured it, it was 13 inches long and just over 2 inches in diameter when fully aroused and his knot would swell up to the size of a orange. He was jumping up on the fence, his huge dick fully extended out of his sheat. I began taping as Georgeann walked around the kennel on her hands and knees. Her hair was loose and wild, she walked the fence line just like the other dogs, especially the fence connecting to Goliaths. She and he sniffed at each other and barked. After a half hour or so of taping her doing normal dog stuff, Carl became the sole camera operator. He taped me approaching the kennels, then grabbing Sex hikayeleri a lease. I opened the door, called Georgeann over, I petted her, knelt and ranmy hands over her back, buttocks and of course under her gropeing her hanging 32c’s. I stood, hooked the leash to her collar and walked her out to the middle of the yard.

With a pocketful of dog treats, I started putting Georgeann thru tricks. The first was for her to sit. When she did, I gave her a bisquit. Then I made her jump for one, it was hilarious, her tits bouncing as she jumped up using her mouth to grab it. I let her off the leash, she went thru the lay down, play dead, roll over, fetch, stay and what ever other things I could think of. When she laid on her back playing dead, her legs in the air, bent at the knee, her smooth, bald pussy spread, I almost fucked her right then and there.
It was hard to keep a straight face. She was so cute, when she walked on her hands and knees, her firm tits would swing back and forth. The face she made as she sniffed, growled and barked were so fucking funny. I opened my fly, pulled out my dick and let her lick and suck my cock as she was doing her dog act. I rewarded her with a dog bisquit after she made me cum.

Back in the penn, I fed her dog food and gave her water. Georgeann lapped up the water, making a big mess, then ate her food using just her mouth from the dog dish. Still taping, Carl and I watched Georgeann move to the far end of the cage, spread her legs and squatted from her dog stance and let loose a long stream of pee. Both Carl and I got real good close ups of my little honey peeing like a dog. Georgeann went back to sniffing around Goliath, we taped some more of her acting like a dog before she went back to the far end and squatted again. This time she took a dump. I hate to say it, but we did tape her shitting like a dog. With Carl actually shooting what was coming out, I was taping her from the front, capturing her facial expressions.

Taking a quick break for Georgeann to clean up with toilet paper, Georgeann sucked off Carls 5 inch dick and my 8 inch dick before she went back into the kennel and into her dog act. Now for the good stuff. With Georgeann in her penn, I opened the gate separating Georgeann and Goliath. Goliath rushed in, sniffing around Georgeann’s butt. Georgeann sniffed at his cock. Goliath laid on his back, Georgeann had him well trained. With the two stationary cameras recording Georgeann sucking on that massive dog dick, Carl and I got the action from Sikiş hikayeleri different angles and close ups. This was the first time Carl ever saw a woman with a dog, he was going crazy, he was fisting his cock as he taped.

I loved watching Georgeann suck cock, any cock. I don’t care how thick or long the dick is, human or animal, my Georgeann always sooner or later swallows the whole fucking cock to the balls, or in the case of dogs, to the sheat. We captured Georgeann deep throating Goliaths cock. When Goliaths knot began forming, Georgeann grabbed it and helped milk his dick with it, making his cum flow. She opened her mouth and we got exellent footage of his dick erupting into her open mouth, then she locked her lips around the thick pointy head and you could see her throat swallowing rapidly to not waste a drop of his precious semen. She sucked on his doggie dick for a good hour, keeping him hard and getting every drip of cum he had. When she released the dick from his mouth, Goliath jumped to his feet. Georgeann was back on her hands and knees, her legs spread wide apart, her bald little girl pussy and her small brown asshole displayed, waiting and ready for Goliaths attention. Goliath went right to her waiting box. He licked away at her cunt and asshole, slobbering all over her.

Georgeann was climaxing and going crazy, she was shoving her cunt back against the big dogs snout. Finally Goliath had enough, he mounted her. His dick was pounding her asscheeks, trying to find her moist cunt. Georgeann reached between her legs, grabbed his thick dick and postioned it at her slit. Goliath was in her to the hilt in two strokes. He began pounding her pussy. Georgeann was in extasy. Goliath pounded and pounded her, Georgeann was climaxing non-stop. Carl and I kept changing places, moving around to get better shots of that huge dick entering her tight little cunt. What a fucking turn on. Georgeann all but disappeared under the huge dog, his thick cock was stretching her cunt to its limit. I swear Goliath was smiling as he fucked her. Georgeann screamed, well, actually howled, when Goliaths baseball sized knot was forced inside her 15 year old pussy. From watching her suck him off to completion, I knew his knot was swelling even more to the size of a orange or softball, locking and sealing thier union so his doggie seed would impregnate his botch.

Carl and I were hard as rocks as Goliath began shooting his doggie jism inside my girls pussy. With both cameras aimed right at her box as Goliath pulled Erotik hikaye out, we got great shots of a river of dog jism rush out of her swollen and red pussy. After Goliaths cock withdrew, he went off and laid in a corner, Georgeann laid down, rolled onto her back and played with her pussy. Her cunt was pouring out thick and watery jism, she was scooping it up and licking it off her hands and fingers. We continued taping till Georgeann again got on her hands and knees and walked over to a corner, curled up and pretended sleep.

With the cameras reaimed at the yard, Carl and I dragged Georgeann out of the penn and for the next several hours, Carl and I fucked the shit out of Georgeann in every postion and combination you could think of. We fucked her ass and cunt at the same time, shoved both our dicks in her mouth at the same time, let her suck one of our dicks as the other fucked her. We had a blast. Georgeann was so turned on.

Four months passed. Again, we invited Carl to help us tape. Georgeann was six months pregnant, nice fat belly, big ripe boobs, a full double d cup, a lot bigger then her old firm 32c’s. Her big puffy dark purple nipples were now huge dark brown/red and not so puffy, just thick suckable nipples. Again, we went thru the doggie tricks, the dog action in the penn, the pissing and her shitting in the penn, then another encounter of her servicing Goliath. What a sight seeing my preggo wife sucking and fucking that huge dog with her fat belly. Of course, the action with Carl and me doing Georgeann after the dog encounter was as hot as last time. It was the first time Carl ever fucked a pregnant woman and the first time he had fucked her since the last time we did the dog shoot.

When Georgeann was 9 months, we shot the third installment. It was hiliarious watching Georgeann’s huge belly scraping along the grass as I walked her on the leash, then had her doing tricks. Being ready to drop didn’t stop Georgeann from draining Goliaths cock orally, or letting him mount her and fuck her, but to play it safe, she took him in her ass. Again, after Georgeann finished playing doggie, Carl and I banged the shit out of her.

We had to wait a little over a month after Georgeann gave birth to our daughter Carol before we filmed the last installment of her doggie series. The reason being, we had to wait for the Mastiff bitch to give birth. Once again, we taped a much thinner Georgeann as I walked her, made her do tricks for biscuits, watched her squat, piss, then smell around, squat and shit like a dog would. Back in the penn, Georgeann got bred by Goliath. The movie ended with Georgeann laying in the pen on her side and three Mastiff pups taking turns sucking on her huge milk filled boobs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32