Golf Partners Ch. 02a

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Anal Plug

I wasn’t sure how to continue this story so I have written two endings. This one – the soft – version follows more in the theme of the first one, where Petra is slightly unsure how far she wants to go. The other one is more direct and will be coming soon. Please let me know which one you find better.

Over the next few weeks we had no further contact with James and Daniela. Petra and I were both rather embarrassed at what had happened and didn’t really know how to react or what to say to the others. On the other hand, we had some of the best and most regular sex of the last few years of our marriage and often recalled the events of that evening and fantasised about what we might have done if we’d wanted to.

It was a hot and sunny Wednesday morning when Petra called me at work. From the tension in her voice I knew that either James or Daniela had called her.

‘Hello, it’s me. Can you talk?’

‘Sure. There’s no-one in the office at the moment. Did they call?’

‘Yes! How did you know? Did Daniela call you too?’

‘No. I just guessed from the tone in your voice.’

‘Oh, yes. Daniela called. I had a long chat with her.’


‘She was worried about why we hadn’t called them; about whether we were embarrassed or shocked by what had happened.’

‘And? What did you reply?’

‘I told her the truth. I said that we were pretty schocked but that it had also turned us both on and that we had often talked about it since then.’

‘And what did she say?’

‘That they would like to see us again.’

‘And? What did you say?’

‘That we’d like to see them too. We have arranged to meet them for drinks on Saturday.’


‘OK. That sounds good.’

‘Aren’t you nervous?’

‘Of course, but also excited.’

‘Me too, but we need to talk about this properly before we go there.’

‘OK. Let’s talk about it later tonight.’

‘Right. See you later.’



Three days later and we were getting ready to go to visit James and Daniela. Having spend what seemed like an age in the bathroom, Petra appeared in the doorway dressed in a rainbow-coloured wrap-around skirt that came down to just below the knee and a simple white armless T-shirt. She had tied her blonde hair up in a short ponytail, leaving wisps of blonde hairs free on her slim neck – something that I had always found very erotic. Topping off the picture were a pair of pretty flat open-toed sandals and bright red nail-varnish. All in all a very cute, lithe and summery girl!

‘OK, ready to go!’

‘Just let me brush my teeth and then I’m ready too.’

Five minutes later we were heading down stairs. We locked the door behind us and walked to the car parked on the road in front of the house and a few minutes later we had arrived at our guests house. Full of trepidation, we walked up to the front door and were just about to ring the bell when the door opened and Daniela greeted us, peeping around the edge of the door in a rather odd manner.

‘Hello! Come on in!’

As we walked into the house, I understood why Daniela had been hiding herself behind the door – she was dressed in a black micro-skirt that came down to just below her crotch and was wearing a only pale blue bra on top. Petra stared at her in surprise.

‘Oh. I … er … appear to be rather overdressed!’

‘Sorry, it was so hot that I had been getting everything ready in just my undies! Anyway, you’ve seen it all before!’


‘Let’s go through to the terrace.’

We walked through to the patio overlooking the garden, where James was waiting for us with a glass of chilled white wine. Nothing unusual, you might think … if it weren’t for the fact that he was dressed only in a pair of skintight white boxer-style shorts in an ultra-thin, shiny material. As he walked over with the wine, both Petra and I looked down at his crotch where his not-quite-flaccid penis was clearly outlined in the soft material, so much so that I could easily make out the smooth cap and rim of his cock-head.



As we all took a sip of wine, it was as though the ice was broken and everyone relaxed somewhat. The conversation soon turned to the last time we had met and a quick glance at James’s now stiff cock told me that I wasn’t the only one that was getting turned on.

‘I have to say, it was one of the horniest things I have ever done …’

Daniela was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

‘Simply having you two there, watching, was a real turn on for me.’

‘And for us! We have been talking about it a lot over the last couple of weeks!’

‘Really? In bed?’

‘Er, yes.’

‘And? Do tell all!’

‘Well, er …’

Petra looked to me for help. I just shrugged and grinned.

‘Fat lot of help you are! Well, we were talking about it and …’


‘It turned us both on, so we were like … replaying the scenes.’

‘Replaying or changing?’

Petra flushed bright red and looked at me again. This time escort I decided to help her out.


‘Both, eh?’ Daniela grinned ‘So what kind of fantasies did you two come up with?’

‘Er, well, different things.’

‘Like? Did you both imagine Petra screwing James for example?’

‘I think that might have come up.’

‘Guess what? James and I were also fantasizing about you screwing him! In fact, we even did it like that while pretending that I was you!’


Petra flushed bright red in embarassment and looked at me. I placed my arm around her shoulder and smiled at her in reassurance. Turning back to the others, she said:

‘But that was just a fantasy … I don’t think that I want to go so far …’

‘Hey, everything is fine – we told you last time that you could do as much or as little as you wanted to.’

‘OK. It just sounded as though you were expecting me to …’

‘No, no panic. Look why don’t we all go out onto the patio and relax a bit?’

We wandered out through some sliding glass doors onto a very pleasant wooden terrace overlooking the garden and a swimming pool full of turqiose blue water, shimmering in the sun. Since the house was situated at the edge of the village there were no neighbouring houses which meant that the whole area was completely private. James headed off to a small shed and returned with an armful of thick picnic blankets which he proceeded to spread out on the floor. When he was finished, we all sat down and I noticed that the bit of tension that had previously been in the air had now disappeared as everyone relaxed.

In the short pause that followed, I took the chance to look at the other two as my mind flashed back to the last time we had seen them. James was lying on his back in a half-sitting position, supporting himself on his elbows. This not only flattened his stomach but also emphasised the size and shape of his cock, which was clearly visible through the thin white material of his shorts. Daniela was lying on her side next to him, one hand trailing along the inside of his thigh, only inches from his crotch. Noticing me watching her, Daniela slowly lifted one knee, exposing a pair of light blue panties that matched her bra.

Petra noticed where I was looking and grinned.

‘Enjoying yourself Grant? Why don’t you strip down to your pants like James? I’m sure that Daniela would like to see what you are wearing underneath those trousers.’

‘I certainly would!’

I stood up and peeled my T-shirt off. Bending down, I tugged off my socks and dropped them onto my discarded T-shirt. I looked at Petra and Daniela with a questioning look.

‘Yes, keep going!’

Unbuckling my belt, I undid the clasp at the top of my trousers and unzipped them, slowly pulling the two flaps apart to reveal the pale grey material of my tight lycra boxer shorts. I looked up as I caught sight of Daniela moving.

As I watched, she spread her legs and then slowly pulled the soft material of her black micro-skirt up towards her crotch. Inch by inch she slid the material higher. The crotch of her light blue panties reappeared. The skirt slid higher. The smooth curve of her pussy – encased in the thin shiny light blue material of her knickers – started to appear. Time stood still. I saw that the elasticated edging of her panties was cleanly cut, without any piping or lace frill, and noticed the small hollows on the insides of her thighs where her tight muscles left a gap under the edge of her knickers. My cock was now fully erect and my balls were tight with excitement. Still the skirt went higher. The smooth curve of her pussy gave way to a smooth light blue valley, the panties smoothly outlining the swollen lips and furrough of her sex. The light blue material shimmered and glistened as though it were wet. Still the skirt went higher. The rounded crown of her pussy was now exposed to my and as I followed the path from the crumpled pantie crotch to her hidden pubic bone, I checked for signs of pubic hair. Given that the material was obviously thin, I was surprised to see nothing through the light blue material. My cock twitched with excitement at what this might mean. Finally the skirt was pulled high enough to reveal the waist of her knickers and the flat tanned skin of her stomach. Just as with the rest of her knickers, the waist was little more than a smooth straight-edged elasticated band sewn into the light blue material and interrupted only by a white bow at the centre.

The whole episode couldn’t have taken more than a couple of seconds of real time and I then began to ease the trousers down over my hips, in a mimic of the slow movements that I had just seen. I struggled to get the material over the tip of my cock which had distended the pale grey elasticated material of my boxer-shorts. Once I had managed this, the rest was easy. I shoved my trousers down below my crotch and let them drop to my feet before stepping out of them and kicking them over to the rest of my clothes. The state of my excitement was obvious to everyone. Not only was the shape of my swollen cock visible beneath the pale grey lycra; there was also a small damp patch directly above the tip of my cock where a drop of pre-cum had soaked into the surrounding material.

‘Ah, at last. I have been wanting to see that ever since last time!’ Daniela exclaimed.

Petra grinned and then looked at me.

‘Why don’t you lie down again Grant?’

I did as I was told and lay on my back between Daniela and Petra, supporting myself on my elbows. Daniela turned to look at me which caused her skirt to drop back over her crotch again, hiding her panties from me. Petra noticed this and looked over to Daniela.

‘Daniela, why don’t you take your skirt off … Grant is into panties!’

I flushed red at Somone’s remark, embarrassed by her admission on my behalf. My embarassment soon disappeared however as Daniela stood up and tugged her elasticated micro-skirt over her hips and stepped out of the discarded material, leaving her dressed only in her light blue panties and matching bra. Stepping over my prone body, she slowly lowered herself down, spreading her knees and supporting herself on her hands until her pantied crotch was just above my own. With her knees outside her elbows, her thighs were widely spread and pulled her knickers tightly into her pussy. Now there was no mistaking the dampness of the material! Daniela held her pantied crotch just inches above my straining cock – still encapsulated in my grey boxer-shorts – and looked over to Petra questioningly. Petra nodded and Daniela lowered herself down until her pantie-covered pussy made contact with my own lightly-protected crotch. The head of her pussy seared into my cock and I gasped at the contact. Daniela sat firmly astride my cock and grinned.

‘Oh, what a shame that I can only feel you through my thin blue panties, Grant! Would you like a better look at my knickers? At my thin light blue and very wet panties? Hmm?’

Just as she was making to move towards my head, James interrupted her.

‘Seeing as we are all almost naked, I think that we should first see what Petra is wearing under her skirt and T-shirt. After all it’s only fair, right?’

Daniela stopped what she was doing and slumped down to sit beside me. As she did so, she casually lay one hand gently over my throbbing cock, but not before I had seen the darkened grey where she had wet my boxer-shorts with her own juices. She looked Petra in the eye and grinned, not bothering to remove her hand from my cock.

Petra stood up and smiled. Reaching down, she peeled her armless white T-shirt up her body, pulling the elasticated material slowly over her flat, muscled, stomach. As the material reached the bottom of her breasts, the elasticated rim of a pink bra came into view. It was a bra that I had never seen her wear before and as she continued to peel her T-shirt off, the small cups of a pink silk bra with white polka dots gradually appeared. Suddenly, the bra stopped and I was confronted by two pert little nipples peeking over the simple cotton panels of what I now realised was a half-cup bra! Her coffee-coloured nipples were stiff with excitement and begged to be taken between my fingers or lips, but I decided to wait and see what she would do next.

Taking hold of her rainbow-coloured skirt, Petra slid one hand between the colourful layers and pulled the layers apart until an inverted V-shape was created. Pulling them further, the material opened further until the apex of the opening reached just below her crotch.



She hooked her fingers into the material of her skirt and pulled it up over her hips with a jerk. As she did so, a pink ‘v’ appeared – she was wearing a pair of matching panties – a pair of pink panties with small white polka dots on them. They were made of silk and transparent enough that we could all make out her neatly trimmed pubic hair through the front panel. As soon as they had appeared, her panties disappeared again as she let her skirt fall back down.

We all watched on as she then undid the tied bow at the front of the skirt and then simply let the ends of the ties go, causing the dress to collapse in a shimmering heap at her feet. Her nipples were now as stiff as organ-stops and were poking over the top of her half-cup bra in testament to her state of excitement. As I turned my attention to her crotch, I saw that her panties were soaked through – the pink silk darkened with her juices. She looked at us expectantly.

‘Are you all happy now?’

James and I nodded and both of us mumbled something incoherent. Daniela was apparently less affected by the situation. With one quick squeeze of my cock, she moved over and stood in front of Petra who simply watched her, waiting to see what would happen next. Daniela looked Petra straight in the eyes and ran her thumbs briefly over Petra’s erect nipples, causing her to shudder at the contact. Sipping her hands around Petra’s back, she then reached around and unclipped her bra, taking it off and flinging it to one side, leaving Petra topless in front of us. What Daniela did next took my breath away.

Reaching up, she cupped Petra’s breasts in her hands and then bent forwards to take first one and then the other nipple in her mouth. I watched fascinated as she played with Petra’s nipples with her lips and tongue; expecting Petra to stop her at any second. Instead, she simply closed her eyes and sighed, holding Daniela’s hair in her hands. Suddenly, Daniela slid down onto her knees, letting her lips run down Petra’s body until she reached her pantie-covered pubic mound. Grabbing Petra’s bum in both hands, Daniela gave Petra’s pussy a forceful kiss through its pink silk protection and then let her go, pulling her head back and sinking onto her heels.

‘So, now I want you to go and sit on James’s cock!’

‘To fuck him?!’ She looked at me in schock. ‘Er, I’m not sure that I …’

‘No. Leave your panties on – just sit on him like I just did with Grant.’

‘Oh, OK.’

Once again she looked at me for reassurance. I smiled and nodded at her, telling her that it was OK. She grinned a little uncertainly and then moved over to James who was still lying on his back, supporting himself on his elbows.

‘Lie by down properly.’

He sank back down until he was lying flat on his back, his stomach smooth and flat in this position. His cock was pressing out firmly through the thin stretchy white material of his shorts. Whether through sweat, pre-cum, or a combination of both, the material surrounding his cock had become damp and turned translucent. As I watched Petra manouever around to stand with her feet either side of James’s hips, I could feel the heat throbbing in my cock and drank in the sight of Petra’s pubic hair trapped under the half-transparent knickers. She kept her eyes fixed on mine as she slowly lowered herself down towards his awaiting cock, her eyes boring into mine reassuring me and willing me to watch her. Her pantied crotch was lowered inexorably slowly towards James’s waiting hard-on. As they finally made contact, I saw how the wet pink material of Petra’s panties deformed to adapt to the rounded head of James’s cock, the material gradually bulging away as her swollen pussy lips spread around the tip of his cock. At the same time, James’s cock – which was still wrapped in its thin white elasticated layer – was slowly pushed back down until it was lying flat along his stomach. Still Petra sank down until she was sitting with her full weight pressing down on his cock, her thighs spread and her hands on the floor behind her for support. In this position, she was fully exposed – allbeit with panties on – to the three of us and as Petra started gently rocking backwards and forwards, rubbing herself against his cock, I was fascinated to see her panties get even wetter. With her back arched slightly backwards, Petra’s small breasts were thrust forwards, flattened by the strained position that she was in, her nipples sticking out plainly in excitement. She continued rocking, rubbing her pussy against James’s cock.

The pink polka-dotted material of her panties started to pull up between her legs and soon the outside edges of her mons could be seen, covered in a short-cut layer of light brown pubic hair which now started curling out under the elasticated leggings of her panties. Just as I was wondering how long this would continue and how far Petra was prepared to go, James broke into my thoughts.

‘Oh, fuck, Petra. If you carry on like that, you’ll make me come!’

With that, Petra eased herself back onto her hands and then lowered herself to sit down outside James’s left hip and looked down at his crotch. The thin white stretchy material of his elasticated shorts were now soaked with her juices and to all intents and purposes, transparent. She slipped one finger down between her own thighs and readjusted the sopping crotch of her own knickers which had slipped up between her lips, partially exposing her pussy.

‘Petra? Why don’t you take James’s shorts off? He looks very uncomfortable like that!’

‘OK, but let’s get Grant to lie down next to him and you can do the same to him – he doesn’t look to be much more comfortable than James!’

Daniela took me by the hand and led across to James where I lay on my back about a metre away from him. The two women looked at one another, locked in a kind of tense inactivity as both of them waited for the other to make the first move. Finally it was Daniela that broke the deadlock. She shuffled around and peeled my grey lycra shorts down. As soon as the head of my cock was freed, it sprung up and stood proudly to attention as my shorts were tugged out from under my bum and down my thighs. The two women laughed in nervous excitement as my cock bobbed freely for the first time. Daniela ripped the shorts off over my ankles and turned her attention to my hard-on.

‘Can I touch him Petra? He’s so big … lovely.’

‘Yes. Hold his cock for me!’

‘Hmmm, that’s good – I’ve been wanting to do this ever since last time … Petra, why don’t you take your knickers off and show James – show all of us – your nice little pussy. We are both dying to see you naked, right James?’

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