Going South Ch. 01

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Cowgirl Position

I would rather have been somewhere else, anywhere else, but definitely not trudging along the side of this road in the pouring rain. I’d left Montreal an hour earlier and was now heading south on Highway 15, making for the US border at Blackpool, Quebec. If I was very, very lucky, I’d get a lift before I got to the border, which would make the crossing that much easier, at least, that’s what I’d thought an hour ago. Now I was just dripping wet and moving on automatic pilot. As I heard a vehicle come, my arm, with thumb extended, would swing out until it had passed, and would then swing back down, all without breaking stride.

Another half an hour passed before a bright red Kia Rio with New York plates pulled in to the side of the road in front of me, right blinker flashing. I increased my pace, opened the passenger door and practically dived in, out of that miserable rain. “Thanks for stopping,” I gasped “I’ve been feeling more and more like a drowned rat for several miles now. I’m heading for Boston, but anywhere south of here will be just fine.”

The driver, a very pretty woman of about my own age, with long black hair, smiled at me, “I can take you as far as Swanton, Vermont. You can pick up Interstate 89 there, that’ll take you south to Interstate 93, then Boston. Too easy.”

We settled back into the ride, crossed the border with no problem and introduced each other. I’m Ritchie, a twenty-two year old grad student at McGill in Montreal, studying psychology, but on a sabbatical for a year to get my bearings. Sue, who lived in New York, had inherited a house just outside Swanton from her grandparents, and as it was on Lake Champlain, had taken a year off work to just relax in the country.

It wasn’t far to Swanton, but by the time we got there it was not only beginning to get dark, but was raining harder than ever, simply bucketing down. “That settles it!” exclaimed Sue. “Unless you have a good reason not to, you’re coming to stay with me tonight, and I’ll drive you to the 89 on-ramp first thing tomorrow morning. I have a spare room and you’re very welcome to use it, if that’s alright with you?”

“It is as long as it doesn’t put you out, or cause you any problems.” I replied eagerly. “The thought of getting back out into this was beginning to worry me.”

“You won’t cause me any problems, Ritchie. I live a little more than a mile outside the village, far enough that no-one will see us. And in any case, what business is it of theirs!”

“As long as it’s alright then I welcome your offer, Sue. I can’t believe how nasty it is out there. I don’t want to be there!” I replied with a laugh.

The house turned out to be a beautiful, one-story cottage, on the east bank of Lake Champlain, right on the water. We pulled into the drive, I leaped out to open the garage door, hey I was already soaked through, and Sue drove in. I found the light switch, turned it on and closed the door, shutting out the hammering rain. We entered the cottage through the door from the garage, by which time I was shivering almost uncontrollably. My last dash through the rain had made me realize just how cold I really was, and I needed to get warm quickly before hypothermia set in.

“Sue, I have to have a shower. Is your hot water system on?”

“It should be.” she replied. “the bathroom’s first door on the left, I’ll get you a couple of towels.”

The bathroom was larger than I’d expected, with a tub and, hallelujah, a separate shower. I took my rucksack in with me for clean, dry clothes, stripped off my cold, wet clothes, turned on the shower with shaking hands and within minutes was standing, still shivering, in a drenching spray of hot water which filled the room with steam

I heard the door open. “Ritchie!” Sue called through the wall of steam. “I’ve left a couple of towels on the sink and there’s a robe hanging behind the door. Don’t hurry. I’ve turned the furnace on and the heat’s coming up.”

I stayed in the shower for about half an hour and by the time I came out was red and wrinkled. But warm! The towels were thick, the robe a thick terry towel and delightfully comfortable. I was back in the land of the living!

Sue was right, the central heating had made the cottage comfortable and livable, and she had lit a fire that was crackling in the grate, beginning to throw out waves of heat, so when I entered the living area, I collapsed into an oversize recliner and stretched out, still bothered by the odd shiver, I had been so chilled. The shower hadn’t cleared my chill completely, and in spite of the warmth of the living room, it would take a while until I was totally warm.

“I bet a hot chocolate would go down well, about now, Ritchie!” exclaimed Sue, as she came up to me with two steaming mugs. I took one, curls of steam rising from it, while Sue placed hers on the end table between my chair and a second recliner, in which she sat. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a fifth of Jack Daniels and poured a healthy slug into each fixbet mug. “I didn’t ask, but you look as if you need it.” she grinned.

I sipped my chocolate and felt the warmth spreading down inside me and all around my body. “Sue, that was a life saver.” I smiled at her. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold, and living up here, I’ve been cold a lot of times.”

“What on earth made you hitchhike in this weather, and so late in the day?” asked Sue.

“Today was my last day of classes.” I replied. “They didn’t finish until noon so by the time I’d had something to eat, gotten over the Champlain bridge and down to Highway 15, it was getting on for three. And then it started to rain, and rain, and rain. There was no shelter so I just had to stand there and suck it up. When you stopped, I was just about at the end of my rope. You have no idea how grateful I was, and am.”

“You’re very welcome, Ritchie. I just couldn’t bear to see you standing there in the pouring rain, dripping.” Sue had been watching me as we spoke and appeared to be liking what she saw, liking it very much. I’m one meter eighty-eight tall, eighty-two kilos, blue eyed, blond haired, clean shaven and am considered not bad looking.

I, meanwhile, had been sneaking glances at Sue since I came in from the shower, and now that I was back in the land of the living, was noticing just what a beautiful woman she was, dressed, as she was, in a tight, pale blue polo shirt and faded jeans. The black hair and pretty face I had noticed earlier, but her petite size, about one meter sixty, slim build, and what looked like B-cup breasts had not registered Now they did, and despite my best efforts I felt a stirring in my groin and noticed that the robe over my cock had moved a little. ‘Down boy!’ was the urgent message I sent to my cock. ‘This is neither the time nor the place!’

I felt my face blushing, which Sue must have noticed, because she grinned and asked, “Everything alright, Ritchie? You looked a little anxious for a minute.”

“No everything’s fine, Sue. Just had a bit of a shiver I think.” I replied, knowing full well that my face was still red.

“I’m going to make us fried egg sandwiches for supper.” she said, still grinning. “That alright with you?”

“Wonderful. Can I help?” I replied, hoping and praying that she’d decline, because I would embarrass the hell out of myself if I had to stand up with my cock sticking out in front of me.

Sue did decline, but what I didn’t find out until later was that she’d noticed the tenting of my robe and was taking pity on me. She’d wait to find out what was under my robe until after supper.

The sandwiches were delicious. Sue had bought a couple of baguettes before she left Montreal, and in spite of the rain and the humidity, they were still crisp and wonderful. She had sliced some tomatoes to go with them and we ate to our hearts’ content. A bottle of wine accompanied the meal to make it perfect.

After dinner, after we’d stacked the dishes in the dishwasher, and added a couple of logs to the fire, we relaxed in our chairs, I was stretched out in mine, Sue was curled up in hers. Having finished the wine, neither of us was feeling much pain.

“Any particular reason you’re going to Boston, Ritchie?” she asked me.

“No, it’s just somewhere I’ve never been, but is a city I’ve always wanted to visit. There’s so much history there, I just want to see it. After that, who knows! I’ve always had itchy feet, it’ll be wherever my feet want to take me.”

“How wonderful that sounds!” exclaimed Sue. “I’ve always loved to travel myself, but I usually know where I’m going to, everything arranged in advance. Your way sounds like so much more fun.”

She yawned. “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go to bed. It seems as though it’s been a very long day, though it hasn’t been nearly as long as yours must feel.”

“I’ll let you clear the bathroom, then I’ll follow you. By the way, you didn’t show me where my room is.”

Sue blushed deeply. “I don’t have a second bedroom, Ritchie. I was going to put you up on the sofa, but now I know you better, and like you a lot, I’d like you to come and sleep with me. But only if you want to, that is.”

“Want to! I’ve been watching you all evening, Sue, and am totally taken with you. Of course I’d like to sleep with you. I’d be crazy if I didn’t! Anyone would be!”

I got up, stood in front of her and pulled her up until we were embracing. “My, aren’t you a short lady.” I whispered as I held her close, the top of her fead fitting snugly under my chin. She felt so good.

“Short!” she giggled. “You’re not short, I can feel you growing against me, and you feel as if you’re going to be just the right size!”

“You fresh thing, you!” I spluttered. “I know he’s just the right size, and I’ll be happy to share him with you.”

“I thought you’d never ask!” giggled Sue. “I thought you were going to give me a demonstration just before fixbet giriş supper, but I took pity on you and let you sit as I got the food ready. Besides, much as I wanted to see him, I knew I’d get to see him later on.”

“You had it all figured out, didn’t you, you little minx!” I grinned. “But you’ll have to wait just a little longer, because I’m only wearing this robe while you’re wearing far too many clothes. I think I should take some of them off before we go any further. I’m longing to see your body.”

I reached down, pulled her polo shirt out of her jeans, and lifted it over her head. Her breasts nestled in the cups of a white, lace, front clasp bra, which quickly followed her shirt to the floor.

Her firm, white breasts felt wonderful, as I caressed them with my fingertips, her long, pink nipples hardening and thrusting out of puffy pebbled areolas as I touched them. As I continued to stroke them, loving the feeling, she unfastened the belt of my robe, and her small hand closed around the hardness and softness of my long, thick cock. “I cheat!” she giggled, stroking the length of my cock with a big grin on her face. “I was right, wasn’t I! He’s not at all short, is he!”

Sue’s jeans and pale blue panties came off next, and I fell to my knees to kiss her beautiful breasts, to suckle her hard, pink nipples and puffy areolas, my suckling making her moan with happiness. Her mound was covered in trimmed, short black hair, her slit obvious and aromatic.

I kissed the valley between her breasts, my cheeks stroked by the swell of each breast. More kisses, down her chest, into her belly button, down into the trimmed hair of her mound, where my tongue sought out her slit and delved into it, licking her juices, finding her clit, rubbing it as she moaned and shook above me. She tasted delicious. I closed my lips around her clit, sucked it into my mouth and flicked its head with the tip of my tongue until she screamed, and exploded into her climax, spraying my face with her cum.

I stood quickly, held her trembling, whimpering body in my arms, to prevent her from falling to the floor. When she quieted, I bent over and whispered in her ear “The bedroom, Sue, let’s go to the bedroom.” She took my hand and led me to a room with a big bed, turned and began to undress me, pretty easy as I was only wearing a robe and she’d already unbelted that.

I drew in a long, whistling breath as Sue’s hands closed on my cock again, the sensations making it twitch. She saw, for the first time, that I was shaved, completely shaved which, if anything, emphasized the length of my cock. She looked up at me, a big smile on her face, “I want you Ritchie, I want that inside me, right now. Come and lie down.”

I did as instructed, and Sue straddled my hips, still stroking my cock, sending incredible feelings flooding through my body. She rose above my loins, raised my cock until it was at the mouth of her cunt and dropped, engulfing my cock until it was totally inside her. I lay quietly, feeling the muscles of her cunt clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing, as if to squeeze the sperm out of my cock and balls.

I reached up, and as she began to move, sliding my cock in and out of her hot and hungry cunt, I stroked her cute little breasts, pulling on the prominent, hard nipples and puffy areoles. The combined attack on both her upper and lower erogenous zones produced a profusion of moans and whimpers that grew in intensity and volume until she screamed, exploded in a shuddering orgasm and collapsed on my chest, where I held her as firmly but as gently as I could, until her shuddering and whimpering subsided and she was literally purring in my arms.

“You didn’t cum.” she muttered. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Sue, Sue, you did nothing wrong,” I reassured her, kissing her to comfort her. “I just take a while to cum sometimes. Would you like me to pull out?”

“Don’t you dare pull out, Ritchie, you feel wonderful inside me, and when it twitches, it sends incredible sensations pouring through me.”

I kissed her again, she kissed me deeply, still purring like a happy kitten. I moved and made my cock twitch at the same time, and as she gasped, I rolled us over until I was lying on top of her in the traditional missionary position. It wasn’t that I was a particularly traditional person, hell, I liked variety as much as anyone, but I wanted to be face to face with this pretty woman, with whom I was becoming inordinately fond, as I made love to her.

She smiled up at me as I began to thrust into her, her eyes closing now and then as sensation overcame her. “Cum with me, Sue,” I muttered as I felt the pressure build in my balls. “Please cum with me.”

“Yes, my dear Ritchie, I’m so close, any second now, I want to feel your sperm entering me. Please!”

“Now Sue, Now!” I screamed as my climax thundered over me, my balls retracted, and my seed spurted into her, jet after jet of thick, white seed that splashed deep inside her.

Her scream echoed mine as we shared an orgasm that very few people have the good fortune to share. As we shook and trembled in each other’s arms we rolled onto our sides and kissed and stroked each other, wondering at the unexpected happiness that each of us was feeling, but happy as we were, we were also tired after what been, at least for me, a thoroughly exhausting day. In addition, the sex and the heat of the room must have knocked us right out, because the next thing I knew I was waking up and the grey of dawn was in the windows.

Where was I, where the hell was I? Then I felt a body cuddled up against me, a wonderfully smelling body, and I remembered, and a smile spread across my face. I crawled quietly down under the sheets and blankets, eased myself between Sue’s parted legs and I began to lick her still swollen and still moist lips, relishing the taste of our mingled cum from the previous night. As I licked, I felt her lips part and the soft folds of her inner lips extended to meet me, allowing me to suck them into my mouth, to caress them with my eager tongue. They felt and tasted so very good. I became aware of sound and movement above me, soft moaning, writhing. Her clit was hard and protruding from beneath its hood as I sucked it into my mouth, suckled it, until Sue was quickly overcome by an orgasm, not so big this morning, but enough for her to spray her cum on my face.

I scooted up her body, and with a big grin greeted her. “Good morning Sue. Now wasn’t that better than any alarm clock you ever owned?”

“Wow, that’s all I can say is wow! Thank you, sweetheart, that was a wonderful way to wake up.” she gasped. “I kind of like having you around Ritchie. When you fell asleep last night I stayed awake, enjoying the afterglow, and I had a few ideas. I’d like to make a proposition. Oh dear, it’s a bit late for me to be propositioning you, isn’t it!” she added with a giggle. “Simply, it’s this, can I come with you when you leave this morning. I have a car and it would make traveling so much easier, but please, Ritchie, you’re under no obligation at all, if you’d rather travel on your own I’ll completely understand. But I’ll miss you, and not just for your wake-up calls!”

I was silent for a while as I thought about this proposition. I had had every intention of being on my own, meeting a lot of new and interesting people as I went, having a lot of sex. Of course! But now I been given the opportunity to travel with a beautiful companion, a beautiful companion with a car yet, which seemed like a wonderful opportunity. It didn’t hurt that I’d grown very fond of Sue in the short time I’d known her.

The silence stretched out as I weighed my options, and it became obvious to me that the corners of Sue’s mouth were beginning to droop as she feared the worst. She might have pretended that my decision didn’t really matter, but I’d have been a fool if I’d thought that she didn’t really want to come. And I realized, quite simply, that I wanted her to come, that I really liked this beautiful little woman, that I would love her company, whether she had a car or not. “Sue, I’d love to have your company.” I whispered. “I know we’ve only just met, but I already like you very much and I think we could have a lot of fun together. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather travel with.”

Tears appeared in her eyes, she flung herself into my arms and sobbed her thanks into my neck. “Thank you, Ritchie, I’ll not be a burden to you, I promise. If you decide later that you’d prefer to be on your own, just tell me and I’ll be on my way. I hope that doesn’t happen, but who knows? You’ll be under no obligation.” I held her tightly. There wasn’t much I could say, so I didn’t try. I was entering into this with every intention of our having a wonderful time, and that’s how it would be.

She kissed me, her eyes still full of tears. “We don’t need to hurry, do we?” she whispered, and her kisses moved down my chest, over my stomach, until she sucked my flaccid cock into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue, encouraging it to come to life. I could feel the excitement flow through me, felt my cock begin to swell in her mouth as she licked it, suckled it. My foreskin slipped back over the head and the tip of her tongue found the little slit in the head, found the oh-so-sensitive skin behind the head and began to rub it, faster and faster, as her hand stroked the shaft. With such wonderful ministrations I didn’t last long, and within minutes was pumping stream after stream of my thick white cum into her willing mouth, filling it, forcing her to swallow.

Her smiling face appeared before mine, a streak of my cum in one corner of her mouth that she licked off with relish. “Good morning to you too, sweetheart. I think I’m going to enjoy waking up with you. Now, I’d better go and pack then I’m going to have a shower, maybe we could shower together? There’s a Mickey D’s in Swanton, just before we get to the I89, so perhaps we can get something to eat there. No, you idiot, I mean breakfast, not, oh, that feels good, but stop it, we’ve got lots of time for that. Oh Ritchie, I’m so glad I’m coming with you, thank you so much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32