Going Dutch Ch. 04

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When I woke up in Britt’s bed, the sun was just rising and a single ray lanced through the bedroom. I heard footsteps and saw Britt coming out of the bathroom fully dressed. She smiled when she saw my eyes open and came right over to the bed.

“Hello, sleepy!” she chirped, bending to kiss me.

“Why so up and about?” I asked her sleepily.

“Mam and I have to work today,” she told me somewhat regretfully.

“I’ll get up and go, then,” I replied.

“You can stay…” she said hesitantly.

“No, Britt-I have to go back to reality.”

She sat on the bed, and played with the edge of the comforter.

“I guess I knew that,” she admitted. “I just didn’t want to think about it.”

“I know. Last night was so good.”

“Last night seems like a dream,” she said sadly.

“It was. It was a five-year-old dream that finally came true.”

“And I should just let it go, right?”

As she said that, her eyes were downcast and I saw the glint of a tear forming.

“Britt,” I said persuasively, tugging her chin up, “I will never forget how amazing you are, and how perfect last night was. You are smart, and beautiful, and sexy as hell…and it would not be very aardig for either one of us to pretend it can keep going on, right?”

When I threw the Dutch word in there, a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth.

“I know,” she said softly. “I’m just glad I had a chance.”

“Me, too. And you can thank your mom someday for setting it up!” I finished with a grin.

She laughed. “Ja…Mam is good sometimes!”

“So go to work. I’ll go home and have a happy memory forever. OK?”

“OK,” she replied sadly.

“One more kiss, then you gotta go. Can’t keep Mam waiting!”

Britt smiled, leaned down, and kissed me with soft longing. I broke it finally and kissed her nose as light-hearted punctuation. Britt sighed, collected herself, and stood up.

“Bye,” she said simply.

“Bye yourself.”

With that, she fluttered her fingers and made for the door. I sighed myself, thinking how much I wanted to drag her supple young body back into bed with me. After a short reflection, though, I got up, twitched the covers back into place, and slowly dressed. Sunlight began to fill the room, and when I got to my car, it was a beautiful fall morning. I was pulling out of the driveway when the phone rang, startling me out of my reverie. My wife’s ringtone.


“Hey, babe! What are you doing up so early?”

Guilty thoughts raced through my mind, but I covered them quickly.

“Truth? I’m going out for a sausage-egg-and-cheese sandwich!”

She chuckled. “So much for healthy eating when I’m away, huh?”

“I’ll work it off today, I promise! What are you guys up to?”

“Dad’s making pancakes and we’re going down to the Science Museum later.”

“Sounds like a good day. I’m going to try to get some grading done this morning and then do some yardwork-it’s beautiful out here!”

“All right. Don’t spend all day working-you’re allowed to relax, too.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I assured her. “I love you-kiss the kids for me and tell your parents I say hello and I’m sorry to miss them.”

“I will. I love ya.”

“Love you, too. Bye!”


Whew. I don’t have much of a conscience, and I wasn’t feeling guilty about my night with Britt. Still, I knew that I was lucky she hadn’t called 20 minutes earlier!

Driving home, my mind returned to the sensations of the previous night. Britt’s body trembling in my arms. The silky, toned skin of her thighs. The incredible suction of her mouth. Most of all, though, the way she clung to me as I emptied myself inside her hungry young body…that would fuel my fantasies for years to come! When I pulled into the driveway, I was smiling.

Three hours later, having graded a raft of essays and entered the scores, I was wrung out. I decided after an early lunch that I really did need some time outside. I quickly changed into running shorts, sneakers, and a long-sleeved T-shirt and pulled the lawnmower out of the garage. The grass wasn’t bad, but even this late in the fall it was shaggy in places and leaves were still collecting in patches here and there.

As usual, I started in the back. The mower is not self-propelled-it’s one of the quiet battery-powered kind, so I worked quickly to finish the largest part of the yard before I had to swap power cells. If I hustle, I can make it on two batteries, so I was sweating and pleased when I went into the garage to change over.

I had just plugged in the spent battery and pulled a bottle of water from the minifridge when a car pulled into the driveway. A white Mercedes convertible-not one I recognized. Standing in the cool shadows of the garage, though, I watched as Lara emerged from the low seat and looked toward the house. She was wearing a very professional outfit-Britt had mentioned that they had to work today. In any case, I took a moment before calling out to admire her slim figure.

“Hello, Yozgat Escort Lara!” I said as I emerged from the cool dark of the garage.

“Good morning,” she replied somewhat formally. “I was hoping to find you here at home.”

“Please…come inside,” I asked her, gesturing to the open garage doorway. “I was just mowing the lawn, but I could use a break.”

I ushered her through the garage entrance and into the kitchen.

“Please,” I said, indicating the high stools, “have a seat. May I offer you a drink?”

“I will join you in having water, please.”

“Of course.” Since we were inside, I filled a glass with chilled ice and water from the fridge and set it down on the counter in front of her. She sat perfectly upright on the stool and crossed her legs elegantly.

“Is everything OK with Britt?” I asked her when she had had a sip.

“Oh, ja…that is what I wanted to speak of.”

“Please-feel free.”

“Thank you. I worked this morning with Britt, and she seemed very happy and sad together. When I asked her about your night, she said it was wonderful. She also told me about your conversation this morning, and for that, I would like to say thank you as well.”

“Really, Lara-there’s no need. Britt is a wonderful girl, and we did have a wonderful night, but I think you and I both realize just how far that can go, right?”

“Yes. This is what I meant when I said married men are more cautious. But thank you for taking care of Britt’s feelings as well as her desires.”

I smiled and took the opening. “It was my pleasure!” I assured her.

Lara smiled at the double entendre and gazed at me assessingly. After a moment, she nodded to herself and muttered, “ja” under her breath. Then she set the water down carefully.

“I think you are a good man, and a careful man. When I spoke to my daughter, she told me also that you made her feel very good, very satisfied as a woman.”

“Well I’m glad to hear that!” I said, not sure what else to say. “Britt is a very satisfying young lady, and we had a wonderful time together.”

“Do you think,” she continued, “that you could find some satisfaction with me also?”

I was startled by her bluntness, even though I had come to expect her straightforward approach. Still, how could I turn down that kind of offer? Without a noticeable pause, I grinned and put my water bottle down on the counter. Then I moved around the island to stand beside her stool and took her cool hands in mine.

“Lara,” I said in a low voice, “I think I could find endless satisfaction with you!”

She smiled in a knowing way and squeezed my hands firmly.

“I prefer my men not so sweaty, though-I did not expect you to be working so hard when I came!”

“Just my luck,” I said with a smile. “I was indoors all morning and decided I needed the exercise.”

“Perhaps a shower would make you feel clean, then, and ready for more exercises?”

I laughed aloud at her presumption. “Yes, I think that would be a wonderful idea. Please make yourself comfortable-I will be ready in five minutes.”

“Do not rush,” she said with a gleam in her eye. “I am old enough to be patient!”

“Ten minutes, then.”

“I will be patient for you,” she assured me with a wicked smile.

I left her there in the kitchen and almost sprinted upstairs. A grin stretched across my face as I flung my sweaty clothes and last night’s outfit into the hamper. I jumped into the shower almost before the water had warmed up and lathered myself quickly. Since I had ten minutes, I soaped my face as well and quickly shaved, grateful for the fog-free mirror I had installed last year. With minutes to spare, I rinsed off and shut off the water. A quick once-over with the towel, a quick comb through the hair, and a quick toothbrushing left me clean, dry, and as ready as I could be for an afternoon tryst. Wrapping the towel around my waist, I went back out into the bedroom to dress.

To my delight, I didn’t have to bother. Lara had found her way upstairs and was leaned up against the headboard of my bed, posing elegantly atop the covers. She wore a dark blue camisole and matching panties and her hair fell loosely to her shoulders. It was a sight to quicken any man’s pulse!

“I said I would be patient, yes, but I think it is simpler sometimes to be ready!”

“I like the way you think, Lara!” I replied as I walked slowly toward the bed. She stood up as I came close, and I was struck by how closely she resembled Britt. Her breasts were fuller, her waist a bit thicker, and her curves fuller, but she was slim and beautiful and blonde, standing in front of me with amazing poise.

She was, however, older and wiser than her daughter, and much less shy. Her hands went right to my shoulders as mine went to her waist, and as we stood there regarding each other, she stroked my upper arms, then my shoulders again, then down across my pecs and stomach.

“Very, very nice,” she cooed as her Yozgat Escort Bayan fingers brushed my skin. “Britt said that your body was nice, but she did not explain very much. I think for me, I will have to discover for myself!”

She was smiling up at me, so I leaned down just a bit and kissed her lips firmly. No tongue yet.

“Feel free to explore!” I urged her, kissing her once more and then bowing my own head and brushing back her hair so that I could kiss the side of her neck.

Lara took me at my word and disengaged from my kiss. Trailing her hands along my waist, she moved behind me and wrapped her arms around me fully, laying her cheek against the warm skin of my back. Her hands kept busy, though, and ran back up my midriff, tracing my chest once more before sliding back down to my waist. I felt her kissing my spine and growled deep in my chest in satisfaction. In response, her hands moved lower, one edging down to rest on my growing cock and the other rubbing firmly along the towel that covered my thigh.

As my cock thickened, Lara brought both hands into play. Once curled around the shaft through the towel and the other tugged at the tucked-in corner that held it up. With a quick tug, it came unfurled and fell to the floor.

Behind me, I heard Lara purr. “Mmm…” she moaned against my skin. Her hand now wrapped directly around my cock and the other came around to stroke my hip and then my ass. Her belly pressed onto me and I felt the firm nudge of her breasts as well.

“Very nice!” she murmured, molding herself against the muscles of my back more firmly. Since I couldn’t see her or reach her, I simply stood there enjoying her attentions and stroked her arm as she stroked my shaft, now fully upright against my stomach.

“Come,” she said in a firmer voice, tugging my cock to the side. I pivoted to face her, my eyes half closed in pleasure as her other hand snaked down between us to cup my balls. Lara looked down at my straining erection with a feral gleam in her eye.

“Britt would not talk about this,” she said, “but I think it will be very satisfying!”

I grinned proudly, unsure of what to say. Lara, of course, didn’t need me to say anything. With a graceful movement, she sank to her knees and took me immediately between her lips. I really don’t like analogies, but my cock felt like it was trapped in a velvety liquid wind tunnel-the slick heat and suction of her mouth was incredible! Her fingers danced around the base of my cock while her other hand caressed my balls, my inner thighs, and my perineum. It was like going from zero to sixty in three seconds, and I was entranced by her technique.

“Oh, God, Lara…that’s so good!” I groaned, twining my fingers into her hair. She glanced up with a smug expression and began bobbing. Each forward motion of her head brought a fresh wave of sensations all the way to where her lips wrapped around the base of my shaft. Each pulling back was an exquisite lesson in suction and tongue-lashing. I moved my hips gently in time with her descents, careful not to fuck her mouth too hard, but unable to control myself all the way.

As great as she was at giving head, I didn’t want to cum in her mouth so quickly.

“Lara,” I said, gripping her head when just the tip of my cock remained in her mouth, “come up here and kiss me before I lose control of myself!”

She chuckled knowingly and did as I asked, bringing her lush body close against mine. This time, though, my hands stayed busier as our lips met. Her tongue slid teasingly along my lip as I caressed her waist. When I raised my hands to touch more of her, they carried the hem of her camisole with them, lifting it up over her breasts. She obligingly let go of me and lifted her arms in the air, so I continued my motion and slipped the silky fabric up and off. Our kiss broke for a second, but I pulled her now-exposed torso against me before we continued. Her breasts were fuller than Britt’s, the nipples and areolas a darker shade of pink. I stroked her back from shoulders to hips for a long while, but I was finding it hard to resist the succulent treasures right in front of me.

To make the transition, I broke away from Lara’s lips and kissed first one side of her neck and then the other. She stroked my shoulders and back as I did so and nudged her soft belly against my cock. When I dropped to one knee, her arms went around my head, cradling me as I kissed all around her breasts, lapping at their soft undersides and grazing my lips across her erect nipples. She gasped when I took the first one between my lips and sucked hard, flicking my tongue across its sensitive tip. Doing the other side drew the same reaction.

As wonderful as her breasts were, though, I could feel the silken skin of her belly nudging against me, and my hands were roaming freely from the small of her back down to the backs of her thighs. She was rocking herself against me as I had done to her, and I could tell she wanted more from me. I kissed Escort Yozgat and licked the soft valley between her breasts then and then started to move down. I kissed her navel and dipped my tongue inside, all the while caressing her ass. I kissed below her navel and her fingers slipped into my hair to grip the sides of my head. Moving from her ass to the waistband of her panties, I tugged them down just a little bit and kissed the line of skin I exposed. Another tug and the waistband dragged across the dark blonde curls that graced her mound. I kissed there, too, letting my tongue wander the creases of her thighs on either side. Finally, I pulled her panties down to mid-thigh-the gusset clung to her labia for a moment and then gave way. Quickly, I pushed them down to her feet. Lara stepped out of them, holding my head for balance, and then came to rest with her legs a little further apart.

From my kneeling position, I could see her swollen labia peeking out and I bent further down to lick them gently. As the heady scent of her pussy filled my senses, I heard a heartfelt “ohhh, ja!” from above me. Smiling to myself, I parted her lips with my tongue and delved a little deeper inside, eliciting another groan from my lovely Dutch companion.

I needed to taste her more fully, and I figured I would have to change positions to make that happen. I gave her one last stroke with my tongue, making sure to drag it firmly across her clit, and then knelt back and looked up at her.

“Lara,” I said, “please get on your hands and knees on the bed!”

She grinned and said, “Oh, yes!” before spinning around to get in position. Once she settled her knees on the bed, though, I grabbed her hips to stop her from going any further…I wanted her just like that! She crossed her arms in front of herself and settled her head on them, widening the spread of her knees to make room for me. I slid my hands down from her waist over the shapely curves of her ass and to the backs of her thighs. My thumbs were inward and I felt her taut hamstrings quiver with anticipation as I delved even lower. The pad of each thumb trailed along the soft furred lips of her pussy and then helped to spread them gently apart.

With my belly against the cool fabric of the comforter, I licked Lara over and over. Starting at her clit, I ran my tongue up each side, around her opening, and then all the way up to the cleft of her firm buttocks before starting back down. My first such trip brought a groan of approval. By the time I had done three or four, she was pressing back against my lips, wordlessly asking for more.

She was at a perfect height for me, so I gave her what she wanted. I moved my hands out of the way and around her legs, reaching under her to take each breast fully in my grip. Her nipples her rock hard against my palms as I gave her a squeeze, and then she gasped when my tongue pushed past her inner lips and plunged into the depths of her pussy from behind. My chin bumped her clit as I delved deep inside her. Every now and then I would pause my exploration and turn my head, seizing one of her inner lips and sucking in into my mouth, letting my tongue trace its rippled edge.

Lara was breathing heavily now, and I could feel her legs quivering against my shoulder as I feasted on her pussy. Changing my approach, I dipped my head down to focus on her clit, sucking the whole top of her pussy hard and circling the area with my tongue. I freed one hand from her breast and brought it down again, placing my thumb so that it lay between her labia. As I worked on her pleasure center, I slid my thumb back and forth, spreading her lubrication around. When she began to push back against my tongue, I slid my thumb into her in time with her movement, letting her fuck herself back on it. The broad digit slipped easily into her and she groaned deeply. After a few minutes like that, I twisted my hand further and slid two fingers along her opening to wet them, then pushed them both inside her when she moved back again. This was rewarded by another groan and a plea.

“Fuck me, please, with your fingers!”

Smiling to myself again, I plunged both fingers deep inside her, setting up a steady in and out and twisting them to hit every millimeter inside her tight pussy. Each time she rocked back against me, I sucked extra hard and nudged her clit with the tip of my tongue. Soon she was moving faster and pushing hard, her orgasm clearly taking over.

“Ohhh…yes…yes…ja!” she cried at last.

When she switched to Dutch, I knew she was there, so I rammed my fingers all the way into her and kept them still. Her muscles clamped down spasmodically as lubrication gushed from her pussy. I left her clit alone but licked all around my fingers, gathering every drop of her sweet juices. For almost a minute, Lara’s body shook and twitched. Finally, I felt her slow down a bit and I heard her take a few deep, ragged breaths.

“So good…” she moaned under her breath. “So good!”

To keep her floating along, I pulled my fingers from her pussy and lapped gently along the full length of her slit. I shifted that hand to my cock and spread her moisture all over it, stroking it back to full hardness as I knelt behind her. With my other hand, I caressed the delicious curve of her ass spread out before me.

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