Going Down Under–Chapter 2

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Alexis Texas

Chapter 2

From Chapter 1

“…I don’t want to interrupt what sounds like a fascinating lesson, but I need to ask the Professor here a question. Mr. Simmons has taken ill and will be out for a while. He and I were supposed to accompany the students on the annual school trip in two weeks. We’re going to Fraser Island, which you would find interesting. Would you like to go on the school trip, Professor? We will be staying ten days.”

The room was silent for a moment before Cindy said,

“Oh Professor, you have to go on this trip!”

There were two weeks to go before the school trip, and I was determined to get some research done out on the reefs. Last Saturday, fucking Tina out on the deep blue sea was definitely one of the top two or three sexual experiences of my life. Actually no. It was far and away the best fuck in my entire life. A week later, my cock still had teeth marks on it and my balls were working overtime to recover from Tina’s assault. That said, I thought that experience was just a particular alignment of the stars. Sometimes with sex as with everything else, things just go perfectly and the result is magic. But you’ll never be able to reproduce it. Yes, it is a very scientific kind of downer view of raw sex, but I believed it.

Apparently, I was the only one who believed it in the whole school. More of the female students now smiled sweetly when they saw me in the hall, and even called me by name. All the guys wanted to fist bump me, with comments from “Well done, P-Dog!” to “Lucky Randy Bastard…” It was flattering, but mostly funny, as I thought all the passion and fire in the experience was coming mostly from Tina.

In addition, several of Tina’s friends not in the class were suddenly asking for introductions. They all smiled the “I know what you did” smile when we were first introduced. They all also checked out my cock as we shook hands or hugged in introduction.

First was Hannah, Tina’s cousin, who could easily pass as Tina’s twin. And who doesn’t fantasize about fucking a set of twins! One sitting on your cock, the other sitting on your face. Hannah was somewhat blonder, but with the same small, tight body that just begs to be fucked hard. Hannah hugged me when we met, sliding her leg between mine and rubbing her thigh against my hard shaft for an extended length of time. Her smile when we parted suggested my twin fantasy might actually come true.

Mia was a tiny Chinese girl who looked like the wet dream of some Hentai artist. Mia had a very slender, petite frame and delicate features, but an absolutely perfect ass that I just wanted to own for a couple days. You could just imagine Mia, bouncing happily on a big cock in her pussy (or ass) while having a second big dick in her mouth. While she was petite, it was obvious that Mia had burned more than a few boys to the ground in her time.

Mandy was another blonde athletic girl with a killer body. I imagined that Mandy could go the distance in bed, making you cum hard, and not giving up until she made you cum a second time. I thought Mandy could put a big hurt on you, and you couldn’t wait for her to abuse you again. And I imagined no human male could survive doing Cindy and Mandy at once, at least not without lasting damage.

Kate was a tall redhead with the biggest tits of the group. Kate was perhaps the most forward of the new girls, although none would be called shy and retiring. Kate hugged me in greeting, smiling at me as she shamelessly rubbed my cock to attention with her thigh.

“Oh I think we would work together well, Professor,” she said slyly. I was imagining my face between Kate’s large boobs.

“I know I could find many things to work with,” I replied, making her blush momentarily. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to fuck those tits and lick up the evidence, or have Kate rub my balls with her red hair while swallowing my hard dick. No doubt she could do any of that and much, much more.

The last friend I met was Taylor, another sweet girl about Tina’s size, darker hair, but with the same subtle curves and firm tits. It was probably my overactive imagination, but I thought Taylor’s cocky attitude and crooked smile was an “Oh yeah, I am so going to fuck you” look that probably made me blush. Taylor bounced off to class with a bright, “I know I’ll see more of you soon, Professor” that would have made me cum in my pants any other time. Party on, Taylor.

If I had become something of a folk hero or antihero to the students, my faculty colleagues were a bit of a different story. Some, like the hot phys ed teacher the girls all fussed over, would take me aside and ask me how I did it, as he has been trying to bang Tina since she got to the school. Others were firm in their disapproval, giving me dirty looks or dressing me down, “Maybe that’s okay at your fancy American universities, but here…,” you can guess the rest.

The only one I worried about was Adele, my boss, and she was proving to be a bit of an enigma. She never explicitly approved or disapproved, but she would drop into my classes unexpectedly to listen for a while. She was particularly interested in my environmental studies class, the one with Tina and the rest of the Gang of Four. It was probably my imagination but I thought that Adele was wearing more revealing outfits, outfits that accentuated her big boobs and hard butt. I didn’t mind, but I couldn’t be sure.

Tina and I were cool, very businesslike I thought, except she still flashed her shaved pussy at me and let me see her breasts. Once during the period before the school trip, Tina flew in my door after school ended. She climbed up on my desk, lifted her skirt and got on all fours. When she lifted her skirt she revealed—here’s a surprise—no underwear, just a wet and eager pussy.

“Eat my ass,” she said matter-of-factly, just that and nothing more. When I hesitated more out of surprise rather than reluctance, Tina reached back and spread her ass for me, revealing the rare Australian Brown Starfish.

“I am not making a request. Eat my ass. Now.” So I did as I was told. I grabbed her shapely hips and held her tight while my tongue explored her asshole. I pushed my tongue against her asshole to no avail. This girl was too tight to be entered by a mere tongue. Only a stiff cock was going to spread that asshole. I didn’t care. I love the taste of ass and I especially loved the taste of Tina’s ass.

“I told you I was going to make you eat my ass every day, didn’t I, Professor? Now you’re my ass slave, aren’t you, bitch? You’re going to eat my ass whenever I want you to. You love my ass, don’t you, bitch?”

“Uh-huh,” I replied, not taking my tongue from her bunghole. I was going to get my tongue inside her ass if it took all day. I wet a finger in my mouth, but it wasn’t necessary as her pussy was very wet. This girl had been thinking of me rimming her bum for a long time today, I surmised. I slid my finger in her pussy and stroked her G-spot while Tina reached between her legs and massaged her clit.

“Uh—okay—like that, bitch. Right there—make me cum—don’t stop,” Tina was talking non-stop, while maneuvering her pussy so my finger hit the right spot. I wet a finger from my free hand and pushed into Tina’s tight asshole.

“Nope—nope—no cheating. I want your tongue,” Tina panted as she came once on my finger. Head down on my desk, she reached back again with both hands, spreading her ass wide, opening her sweet asshole just a bit. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could.

“Whoa! That’s it! Tongue fuck my asshole. You’re my bitch now, aren’t you Professor? You love my ass, don’t you? Make me cum, bitch!”

My finger rubbed against the soft tissue of her G-spot. For all the shit she talked, Tina loved me rubbing her spot. About a half inch of my tongue was inside her ass, and she was playing with her clit. It didn’t take long…

“Ummmm—ummmm—yeah—like—ohhh! Yessss!” with that, Tina came hard in my mouth. Her hot body pulsed with the waves of her orgasm. She removed her finger from her clit.

“Yeah…yeah…perfect…perfect…” she mumbled into the air. She stayed on my desk for a minute, her hips rocking back and forth, “That’s what I needed,” she whispered. Suddenly she bounced off the desk, rearranged her skirt and started out of the room.

“Just wait a minute Missy,” I said, opening my zipper. “You are NOT going to leave me like this,” I said as I pulled my hard cock out of my underwear.

“Suck my dick. Now!”

“I can do that,” Tina said as she turned and dropped to her knees and began stroking my cock with long, slow strokes. “I have been super horny today. This will be the fifth load I’ve swallowed today. Personal best. My love of cum got the better of me today.” With that she bent down to flick her tongue on my balls while she tugged my cock—a move I was especially fond of. She stroked my cock faster, trying to coax the semen out of my balls. Suddenly she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth, playing with the sensitive spot underneath. It wouldn’t take long for Tina to get the mouthful she craved.

“Mmmmm….yeah Tina…suck my dick…I love how your mouth feels on my cock. Take it all, baby,” I said, sliding my cock into the back of her throat. Without warning I came hard, spewing cum into Tina’s throat and straight into her stomach. Tina didn’t flinch at this sudden development. Her eyes widened a bit as the first stream went right down her throat, but she didn’t gag at all. Like I said, this girl knows how to suck cock.

After she drained me, she stood up and showed me her mouthful of my seed. With a smile she swallowed it all.

“Yum,” Tina murmured as she licked my semen from her lips. “Personal best! I love the taste of cum!”

“And I love the taste of your ass, so we’re perfect for each other!”

Tina headed for the door as I slid my wet spent cock back in my pants.

“Hey!” I called after her. Tina stopped for second.


“Show me your ass.” Tina lifted her skirt, showing me her perfect ass and tasty asshole. She smiled over her shoulder as she wiggled her ass as she left the room. God I love that girl’s ass.

As I said, I needed to get some research done on the reefs before we left on the school trip. While I probably should have asked a couple of my students to help, that would have just caused, shall we say, discord. So I called the Environmental Studies department at the University of the Sunshine Coast to see if they had a grad student in my field who might need some extra money. They connected me to Oliver, a tall, bookish sort, the kind of demeanor that just screamed “grad student.” He knew his stuff well enough to be a great deal of help in my research. We packed my equipment into the car and headed for Moolooaba. Along the way we talked shop and had a few laughs. I felt good about the upcoming field work.

We parked the car and headed to the marina office to pick up the boat keys. The marina owner smiled broadly when I came through the door. His smile faded when he spied Oliver trailing behind me.

“Ah, Professor, it is good you brought back up today. I think you will need it,” he said with a wink, handing me the keys. “I suppose you will be late again today?”

“Not today! Today we are going to get a lot of work done on the reefs. We’ll be back before sunset.” We each grabbed bags of gear from the car and headed down to the quay, chatting away. As we turned the corner towards the boat slip, I came up short. Cindy and Ronnie were sunbathing on the boat, big sunglasses, bikinis showing lots of skin—pale white for Cindy, tanned and bronzed for Ronnie. Bathers in Australia could not possibly use more than 20 square inches of material, if that.

“Do you know them?” Oliver asked incredulously.

“Yeah, two of my environmental students,” I said slightly perturbed at the distraction. “I’ll talk to them if you get the rest of the gear.”

“Ladies,” I said as I jumped down in the boat. “What brings you here? I didn’t tell anyone that I was going out today.”

“We were free and thought we’d take the chance. If you didn’t show, we would at least work on our tans. The marina owner told us which boat you had reserved,” Cindy said brightly. Cindy’s long brown hair was tied in that pony tail I had been fantasizing about for months. Her yellow bikini was somewhat more athletic, accentuating her six pack abs, and tight enough to hold her ample breasts at bay. Sweat glistened and ran into her cleavage. I followed the drops with my eyes. I didn’t even have to look to know that she was wearing string bottoms and her tight muscular ass would be in full view.

“Thanks for coming, but I really need to get some work done out there.”

“Looks that way,” Ronnie chimed in. “Who’s the nerd?”

“Research assistant from the university. As I said, work day.”

“What’s his name?” Ronnie asked innocently.

“Doesn’t matter,” I said, somewhat annoyed my concentration on my work was disrupted by my concentration on Ronnie’s tits. Ronnie’s skimpy top was untied when she sat up to greet me. Her top fell into her lap, fully Sex hikayeleri exposing her pretty, perky tits. Not that I hadn’t seen them before in lab, but never so fully exposed. She made no attempt to cover up. Much against my will, my erection started to grow in my pants again, as I imagined squeezing and twisting those pretty nipples. “You’re not going to get to know him.”

“No, we can help with your work! We’re your students. We’ll do whatever you want!”

That’s what I’m afraid of, I thought. A voice came from behind me on the quay,

“Let them stay, Professor. We can use the extra help.” Oliver had two armloads of equipment and was grinning from ear to ear, looking at Ronnie’s tits.

“OK, its unanimous then!” Cindy said quickly, helping Oliver load the gear into the boat. “Day’s not getting any longer, so let’s get going!”

I just wanted to get to work, so I decided not to argue any longer. Truth is, my brain wanted to get work done today. My cock clearly had other ideas. As I said the last time, what could be wrong with heading out onto the ocean with a hot, now two hot, high school students? Everything and then some, I knew now.

We headed out to sea, me at the wheel, the ladies sunning, and Oliver trying unsuccessfully to appear cool and tinker idlily with the equipment around these beautiful girls. He was so awkward and so geeky, I wondered how many dates he’d been on. No matter, we’ve got work to do.

So, we found the spot, found a safe place to drop anchor. Oliver took the kayak to the shallows, I swam the twenty yards to get to the shallow work site. Cindy and Ronnie had agreed to stay aboard and set up some of the wireless monitoring equipment. Today’s youth know more about computers than I did, so I figured it was a good division of labor. Oliver and I were soon engrossed in the reef habitat and forgot about the two gorgeous women back on the boat.

After a couple hours, I was swimming back to the boat to see how the underwater pictures were coming out. Along the way, I came across a brown bikini top floating in the water. It looked like the one that had fallen off of Ronnie when we found them on the boat. It must have fallen overboard. I grabbed it to return it to her on the boat.

When I reached the boat, I didn’t see any activity, so I figured they must have gone back to sunning themselves. I pulled myself up onto the gunwale, expecting to surprise the sunbathers. I was the surprised one. Cindy and Ronnie had made a comfy pad out of the empty equipment bags. Ronnie was lying on her back on the pad, knees bent, totally naked. Eyes closed, writhing and moaning. Cindy had her face buried in Ronnie’s pussy, obviously giving Ronnie some very enjoyable head. Cindy was also naked, ass up in the air, head down, eyes closed, clearly enjoying eating Ronnie’s pussy.

I went around to the stern of the boat and climbed up the ladder. I shed my bather and stroked my cock the rest of the way to full hardness. As Cindy’s back was to me, I got to consider her muscular ass and tight puckered asshole. Cindy’s pussy was already very wet. Clearly she had been going down on Ronnie for awhile.

Ronnie was lost in orgasmic ecstasy. Eyes closed, back arched, moaning loudly, calling both Cindy’s name and God’s name as her hips bucked and body shook with repeated orgasms. Cindy knew how to play Ronnie’s body like a violin. It appeared this was not the first time Cindy and Ronnie had fucked.

I considered rimming Cindy’s asshole first—after all, ass is my favorite—but Cindy’s pussy was something I had fantasized about putting on my cock since I first met her. Her ass wiggling happily while she made her friend cum yet again was more than I could take. Pussy it is.

I knelt down behind Cindy. Neither girl had noticed my presence as yet, as they were too engrossed in each other. Tempted though I was to put my tongue on her asshole—it was right there—I took my cock in hand and positioned it by Cindy’s pussy. Cindy jumped as the head of my cock parted her lips and began to slide inside her.

“What? Hey!” Cindy said in some alarm. She pulled forward, sliding my cock out of her pussy. Still on all fours, Cindy turned her head towards me. “Oh, hey Professor,” she said casually, still a bit breathless from the exertion of eating her friend’s pussy for who knows how long. “You startled me for a second.” Without another word, Cindy returned to eating Ronnie’s pussy, and Ronnie returned to wiggling under Cindy’s tongue.

Not being told to stop, I moved a little closer and slid my stiff dick all the way inside Cindy’s wet pussy. Cindy’s hips began to gyrate, and she moaned a bit when she felt me deep inside her. My guess was right, Cindy’s athletic prowess was healthy for her sex life, as Cindy’s pussy was warm, wet and very tight. I moaned. Her pussy could indeed snap me in two like a dry twig.

“God yes, Cindy! That feels so good,” I mumbled as Cindy moved her hips and began to fuck me by sliding her pussy on and off of my cock. I began to push harder into her pussy, becoming more aggressive with each stroke. Soon I was slamming my cock into her pussy, eliciting a grunt or a moan from Cindy with each stroke. The motion brought Ronnie to her senses momentarily.

“Oh hi Professor,” Ronnie said drowsily, “We got everything set up and got bored and…oh…oh…God…yess…” Ronnie returned to her multiorgasmic state under Cindy’s apparently expert tongue. Cindy paused from her torture of Ronnie’s clit to look back at me.

“Hard Professor. Hard. Fuck me hard. I want it that way.” Never one to deny a beautiful girl, I reached down and grabbed Cindy’s pony tail and pulled hard while my cock slammed that pussy hard and fast.

“That’s it…Like that…” Cindy whispered. I looked down and admired her beautiful asshole rocking back and forth between strokes. I moved my hand into her ass crack. Cindy knew what was coming. She didn’t care. I wet my thumb in my mouth and positioned it at her tight puckered asshole. I began to push my thumb into her ass.

“Oh God, Professor…oh God…ow…ow…do it…do it…yeah keep going.” Cindy had a stream of consciousness thing going on, but her message was to continue pushing into her ass. Cindy’s licking of Ronnie’s clit continued uninterrupted.

“Ohh! OHHH! Cindy! Please! Yes! Pleaseeeee!” and Ronnie’s hips bucked as she came hard again in Cindy’s mouth. “Professor?” Ronnie calls me. “Professor?” I open my eyes, coming back from the hot pleasure of fucking Cindy’s pussy and fingering her ass.

“What Ronnie?” I respond gently.

“Your cock. I want your cock in my mouth, now. I want you to cum in my mouth. Let me suck your cock, Professor. I want to taste your cum.”

Now I am in a bind. Cindy’s pussy is otherworldly. I honestly do not know how I didn’t blow my load inside this hot girl in the first thirty seconds. While this is happening, another beautiful girl, with a magnificence all her own, is now asking nicely to blow me. So much pussy. So little cock. Out of the blue a voice comes from behind me.

“Keep doing what you’re doing Professor. I got this,” I open my eyes and see Oliver heading towards Ronnie. He is wearing his neoprene top but is naked from the waist down. And hard. And I realized that I had grossly misjudged Oliver. Oliver was stroking his cock to attention and I was stunned. Oliver was a tall, lanky pretty geeky fellow. But as he walked past he held in his hand one of the biggest, if not the biggest, hard cock I’d ever seen. Probably the biggest cock I’d ever seen in person. It was gorgeous. If I were the least bit into guys, I would have blown him myself. Cindy and Ronnie both stared at Oliver’s penile work of art as he knelt down, straddling Ronnie’s head. His balls swung close to Ronnie’s face.

“Lick my balls, Ronnie,” Oliver said casually. Ronnie did as she was told, licking his balls while his long cock dangled over her breasts. Cindy was transfixed, watching her friend lick and suck Oliver’s sack while her tongue pleasured Ronnie’s engorged clit. Oliver’s eyes closed and he leaned back, stroking his cock and letting this lovely girl suck his balls. After a couple minutes, he returned to his senses and moved back to where the tip of his dick touched Ronnie’s wet lips. Both Cindy and I stopped fucking to watch.

“Now my cock,” Oliver said nonchalantly, as Ronnie opened her mouth and he began feeding her his hard cock. Ronnie tilted her head back to straighten out her throat to take more of his dick, but to no avail. Oliver grabbed Ronnie’s head and started gently fucking her mouth. Ronnie couldn’t swallow but about four inches of it, but it looked like Oliver was accustomed to only getting half of his dick in anywhere.

“That’s good, that’s great, Ronnie,” Oliver reassured her. “Just suck me and make me cum.” Ronnie reached up and wrapped her fingers around his cock and began long slow strokes. The smallness of Ronnie’s hands just made Oliver’s shaft look bigger still. Ronnie then took one hand away from his cock and began playing with his balls. Ronnie made soft gagging sounds when Oliver slid his cock too far down her throat.

“Hey, don’t you dare cum in her mouth! I want some of that cock before you’re done!” Cindy said in a sharp tone. Cindy and I began fucking with more enthusiasm. I stopped pulling her ponytail and reached around and began to play with Cindy’s perfect tits. Cindy had shown me her boobs often enough in the lab, and I had made myself cum many times imagining playing with and sucking on her breasts.

“Uuuummm…yeah, like that, like that…” Cindy whispered as I squeezed her tits and played with and pulled on her nipples. Cindy liked being fucked hard, and I was giving it to her as hard and fast as I could. I was making her cum, but I couldn’t tell if it was me or it was her imagining what she could do with Oliver’s cock. She was transfixed.

Meanwhile, Oliver withdrew from Ronnie’s mouth and turned her around. Without a word he got on top of her and began to push into her tiny pussy. The look of shock on Ronnie’s face said that it was a tight fit. Ronnie spread her legs wider, then wrapped them around Oliver’s waist to help him push inside her. Oliver pushed hard into Ronnie’s pussy, and she grimaced as his cock slammed against her cervix. His dick wasn’t even halfway inside. Once the shock of the girth of Oliver’s cock subsided, Ronnie began to enjoy it.

“Jesus! Yeah… Jesus fucking Christ you are so fucking big!!” Oliver was holding himself up on his outstretched arms, slamming his cock into Ronnie’s pussy, dripping sweat from the exertion in the hot sun onto Ronnie’s lovely tits. Ronnie’s arms were outstretched, grabbing the fabric of the equipment bags, and grunting with each stroke.

Ronnie was more relaxed and began gyrating her hips in rhythm with Oliver’s shaft. Now she was tightly gripping the fabric of the equipment bags as if she were hanging on for dear life, as the expression goes. Ronnie started making noise,

“Jesus! Yeah! Jesus! Yeah! Come on…Yeah,” Ronnie exclaimed each time Oliver’s cock touched bottom in her pussy. “Yeah…Unnnhh…that’s right…unhh…fuck me just fuck me with that thing!!” Ronnie grunted in rhythm with Oliver’s assault on her stretched pussy. Then she came. Hard.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh! That’s it! Like that Like that Like thaaaat,” Oliver thrust hard into Ronnie one last time. Ronnie’s eyes rolled up in her head, her back arched and her toes curled. She was pulling hard on my equipment bags holding large handfuls of fabric.

“Aiieeee!” Ronnie shrieked as a massive orgasm convulsed her body and made her limbs quiver and shake. It took about a minute for her convulsion of pleasure to stop. Oliver was still on top of her, sweating profusely from the hot sun and the exertion of fucking. His sweat dripped down onto her taunt stomach and the rivulets ran off of her hips onto the deck. Oliver withdrew from Ronnie and flopped back on the deck. His arms could not hold him up any more. His cock, however, remained rigid and upright, pointing straight upward.

Cindy and I had stopped fucking long ago. My cock was still hard and inside her, but neither of us noticed anymore. We were engrossed by Ronnie taking this large dick in her pussy and exploding into a massive orgasm. I withdrew and sat back on the deck. My cock was also still hard and pointed at the sky, just more modestly than Oliver’s. There was an awkward silence, as no one knew what to do next. Cindy made the first move. She crawled on all fours over to where Oliver was laying, dazed but still hard. Without a word, Cindy wrapped her fingers around Oliver’s shaft and ran her mouth and tongue around the head of his cock.

“Ohhhhh, yeah…” was the best Oliver could do, but he did open his eyes to watch Cindy suck his cock.

“Mmmm…” Cindy was getting into giving head, looking Oliver in the eyes as her tongue and lips explored his stiff dick. “Have you ever been deep throated?” Cindy asked during a pause in her oral attack on Oliver’s cock.

“Un-unh,” Oliver grunted, watching Cindy stroke his shaft.


“No thanks.” Oliver was confused. Sikiş hikayeleri Cindy laughed.

“I mean me, wanker!”

“No, never did anything like that.”

“Then we’ve got work to do! Stand up.” Oliver stood, but Cindy held onto his cock. She didn’t want that to get away. I thought his dick was awfully thick to go down anyone’s throat, but not much surprises me now in Australia. Cindy licked and sucked his cock, getting it coated with slick saliva. Then she started trying to swallow him. She took about two thirds of his dick before it hit the back of her throat. He had to already be pretty far down her throat. Cindy grabbed Oliver’s ass and began pounding his cock against the back of her throat, trying to swallow more of it. Then she held it against the back of her throat. Looked to me like she got another inch or so down her throat.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Oliver blurted as Cindy’s gag reflex kicked in, leading to a bout of coughing and hacking.

“Wasn’t you…” Cindy whispered between hacks, “Really thick,” she said looking at Oliver’s dick in her hand. She drank from a bottle of water to stop her coughing. “I can do this,” she said to herself as she started salivating on Oliver’s cock again.

“It’s okay,” Oliver whined as his dick disappeared down Cindy’s open mouth. She motioned for him to be quiet with her free hand. This time, she didn’t pound his cock down her throat, that just made her gag. Instead she put her head back to straighten out her throat and pushed her head hard against his cock. I could see her throat start to swell as the head of Oliver’s monster dick moved farther and farther down towards her stomach. Cindy kept up the pressure and soon her face was buried in Oliver’s untrimmed pubic hair and her lips were pressed against his abdomen. She raised both her fists in victory as Oliver’s shaft, slimy with saliva, reemerged from her mouth.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Cindy said, pumping her fist. “I got it all down. Yes!” Cindy wiped the spit from her mouth with the back of her hand and slowly took him all the way down her throat several more times, licking Oliver’s cock and balls in between swallows. Oliver just looked dazed.

“Oliver, old buddy, that was a new one for you, eh?” I said, trying to bring him back to the world of the conscious. “I didn’t think Cindy could do it either.”

“It’s all new to me,” he said cryptically. “I’ve only had pussy sex twice before. Lots of girls want to blow me. I guess they can tell through my pants. But never like that!”

“Hang on. I was only the third girl you fucked? How did you keep from cumming?” Ronnie asked with a quizzical look. “Guys that new usually blow their load before they even get inside.”

“Like he knows,” Cindy said. “I’m just glad he did. Come over here with the Professor. We’re going to do something new for the both of us. Professor lie down. Ronnie, give Oliver a hand.”

I had been propped on one elbow, watching Cindy and Oliver and playing with my cock with the other. At some point Ronnie had scooted over by me and took over the task of playing with my dick. At Cindy’s orders, Ronnie stood up, and I laid flat on my back.

“What are we doing?” Ronnie asked. Cindy stood over me, then knelt down, guiding my cock into her pussy. She was leaning over me as she started sliding her pussy up and down on my shaft. Cindy’s tight twat felt amazing. She was leaning so far over me that her tits brushed back and forth across my face as she fucked me. I could sometimes lick a hard nipple as it passed. Cindy looked back over her shoulder.

“Oliver, get behind me and stick your cock in my ass! Ronnie give him a hand.” Still kind of dazed, Oliver knelt down behind Cindy and took his cock in hand. Ronnie rummaged through her bag and found some sort of oil. Apparently Aussie girls also all carry some bum lubricant with them, just because. Ronnie rubbed the oil the length of Oliver’s cock. Oliver was smiling now. I think it just sank in what he was about to do.

Oliver moved closer, and Ronnie took his cock and placed the tip against Cindy’s asshole. Cindy stopped fucking me and concentrated on taking this cock in her ass. I wasn’t sure this was going to work, throats start a lot more open than assholes, and Oliver’s prick was two, maybe two and a half inches in diameter.

“Cindy you never told me you do DP,” Ronnie said as Oliver started pushing against Cindy’s asshole.

“I don’t. Until now. But if I am going to try it, I am going to try it with a tool like Oliver’s. Come on, push, man!” I moved my hips and resumed fucking Cindy’s pussy. She wasn’t paying any attention to me. “Ronnie, come sit on the Professor’s face. He looks bored.” It wasn’t boredom. I was concentrating on not dropping my load in Cindy’s pussy until she wanted it.

Cindy began making those grunting noises women make when they’re taking it up the ass. Oliver must be making progress, I thought. Ronnie stood over me as she prepared to sit on my face. Drops of her juices dripped onto my face as she lowered her pussy into my mouth. Her clit landed on my tongue and I sucked it into my waiting mouth, where I could do what I want. Ronnie was moaning already.

“Urrrrgggh! Ummmumm! Urrrgggh!” I couldn’t see Cindy anymore, but I could hear her body respond to having her ass fucked. I love those sounds. I had never done DP myself (and I only saw it done once—to my now-ex-wife —and neither of the two guys boning her were me) so I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I could feel Oliver’s massive cock slide by mine in Cindy’s ass, our cocks separated only by the thin tissue between Cindy’s pussy and rectum.

“That’s it Oliver—all the wayyyyow!” Oliver paused,

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said apprehensively.

“Do I sound hurt? Fuck my ass with that big dick and let me worry about hurting!”

I could feel Oliver slowly start to slide in and out of Cindy’s ass. It was a really odd sensation to feel another man’s tool sliding along the bottom of Cindy’s pussy. I’ve fucked pussy while the woman had a vibrator stuck in her ass, but this was totally different—bigger, warmer and no vibration, just motion. I could feel Oliver start to speed up his strokes in Cindy’s ass and I sped up fucking her pussy. Cindy was loving it.

“Un-huh…harder. Do it harder…I love your big dick in my ass!” Cindy was whispering to herself as I could feel her hips move as she slid her asshole along Oliver’s rigid shaft. Ronnie was getting into it too, grinding into my face so hard she cut of my breathing a couple times. I couldn’t see but I think Ronnie and Cindy were making out while Ronnie was cumming on my face and Oliver and I were slamming Cindy’s holes. I felt it before he said anything, but I felt Oliver’s cock pulse really hard two or three times as he started shooting his load into Cindy’s ass.

“Ohhhhhshiiit!” Oliver cried out. From what I could feel in Cindy’s pussy, Oliver was filling her ass with a large load of his semen. Cindy was loving it too, slamming her ass onto Oliver’s cock, milking the cum out of his balls,

“Yeah baby! Give it! Give it! Oh fuuuuccckk!” That was all I could take and my cock throbbed and sent my load deep into Cindy’s tight pussy.

Ronnie’s pussy on my face kept me from making any noise–I couldn’t get anything out of my mouth, but the sensation was so intense—Oliver filling her ass while I filled Cindy’s pussy. It was awesome. Cindy was going insane with lust.

“Oliver! Get up here! Put some cum in my mouth! Don’t lose it all!” I could feel Oliver’s jizz drip onto my leg as he withdrew from Cindy’s ass. He moved over to her head, cock still shooting cum (a lot was getting on me), and Cindy took it in her mouth. She squeezed his balls with her hand to coax some more drops from his deflating dick. I was still inside Cindy’s pussy, and I could feel Oliver’s splooge dripping out of Cindy’s ass and onto my balls.

Cindy finished with Oliver, and he collapsed into the captain’s chair. Cindy was still riding my cock, but it was deflating rapidly too. Ronnie, who had been quietly cumming on my face, got up, knelt down between my legs and started licking Oliver’s cum from my balls.

“Ronnie, clean my ass please!” Cindy asked. Ronnie, left my balls alone and started eating the cum that was now flowing freely from Cindy’s well-stretched ass. Cindy bent down to kiss me, and I could taste the cum still on her lips.

“Thanks for your help Professor!” Cindy said brightly. “Did you have fun too?”

“Uh, yeah, that was amazing and unexpected.” I replied. “You were a fucking wild woman!”

“Yeah sometimes I just get like that and I want to fuck everybody in sight. How did that feel to you?”

“Awesome. It took some getting used to feeling Oliver’s cock sliding inside your ass so close to mine, but it was fantastic.”

Oliver remained in the chair, Ronnie, Cindy and I were collapsed on the equipment bags, cum and pussy juice running out of Cindy’s holes, Ronnie’s juices drying on my lips. I had never done anything like this. And neither had anyone else on the boat.

One by one we regained our senses. I was the first to jump in the blue ocean to rinse off the sweat and random bodily fluids from my body before we headed back. Ronnie was next, leaping bare-assed into the water and swimming over to put her arms around my neck and let us float together. She reached between my legs and played with my cock to see if “that shrinkage thing” was real. It was until she started playing with me. Oliver joined us. If he had shrinkage…well if he did, he had plenty left over. Cindy stood on the swim platform, still naked, and still with cum dripping from her ass crack and down her thighs. She has the biggest clean up task, I thought as Cindy’s tight, athletic body splashed into the Pacific.

Once everyone was rinsed and refreshed, we stowed the gear and headed back towards Moolooaba. Ronnie and Oliver were sitting and chatting in the bow of the boat. Oliver wore only a t-shirt, his impressive manhood lying flush against his thigh. Ronnie remained naked, not that her bikini ever covered much of her hot body. Ronnie seemed enamored with Oliver’s penis, staring it at it while they talked, occasionally taking it in her hand and stroking it slowly, sometimes bending over to take the massive head into her mouth. From where I sat at the helm, it looked like Oliver might actually be hard again before we reached the marina. Cindy was sitting on the bench seat, arms draped over the gunwales, wearing nothing but a pair of large sunglasses. She seemed lost in thought, or in her mind reliving the hard fucking she just got. I wore only a shirt and shades while I piloted the boat. I played with my cock with my free hand, but I doubted anything could bring about its resurrection.

I drove on, daydreaming about how wild it was to feel Oliver’s cock sliding along mine in Cindy’s ass, separated by a mere fraction of an inch. Remembering how wonderfully hot, wet and tight Cindy’s twat was gave me stirrings of a revival, but the prognosis was doubtful.

When I snapped out of my trance, I noticed that Oliver was up and standing in front of Cindy. One foot was up on the bench and Oliver’s balls were clearly swinging between his skinny legs as Cindy’s head bobbed up and down on his lucky cock. Ronnie was playing with her clit watching her friend suck cock. I could see her body convulse somewhat each time she came and her wetness oozed from her exposed pussy. Her eyes met mine momentarily and I motioned for her to come over.

“Hey, Professor, what’s going on?” she asked.

“You looked lonely,” I replied, motioning for Ronnie to sit on my left knee. I felt the warm wetness of her teen pussy as she straddled my leg and her wet cunt rested on my thigh. “What’s on your mind?” I asked as I slid my hand between Ronnie’s legs.

“Ohhh…” Ronnie moaned as my finger found her clit. I played with her throbbing little lady, touching and feeling to find where I got the most reaction from her. Ronnie sensed what I was doing and guided my finger to a spot on the right side of her tiny clit.

“Right there, Professor. Touch me right there and I will do anything you want,” Ronnie whispered. I stroked her clit in her favorite spot and found I could almost make Ronnie cum at will. We both got hotter watching Cindy go down on Oliver’s stiff prick. Oliver had one hand holding his cock, feeding it to Cindy. His other hand was pushing her head farther onto his cock. Meanwhile, Cindy fondled Oliver’s balls, trying to coax them into giving her the sperm she wanted.

I pulled Ronnie closer, feeling her sun-warmed golden skin against mine. Her long dark hair reached almost to the top of her crack. I pulled her hair to the side so I could gently bite her neck. Her hair was still wet from her earlier swim and still smelled faintly of the ocean. Against all odds, playing with Ronnie’s pussy and watching Oliver getting the best blowjob of his life was rapidly bringing my spent dick back to attention. I positioned my cock vertically in Ronnie’s ass crack, her gyrating hips stroking it slowly and sensuously. Ronnie wiggled Erotik hikaye a little closer, pushing my cock farther into her crack. She reached behind her and spread her ass so my cock could slide all the way into her crack. Like all of these girls, Ronnie had a very tight ass, and my cock was now held tightly in her warm, well-oiled crack. Ronnie increased the speed of her gyrations. It was amazing. I’d never had a “crack fuck” and neither had Ronnie. It was so hot.

“Are you going to fuck me Professor, I want you to fuck me Professor. Anywhere and everywhere you want.” I didn’t think I could fuck her right there, and besides I was enjoying her ass crack too much. But I wanted her to keep the thought.

“Of course I’m going to fuck you, Ronnie,” I whispered in her ear. When we get to Fraser, I am going to take you. When I want. You won’t know its coming. In the bush, on the water, in the water, at the camp. I’m going to pull you away from the group and fuck you. First I’m going to put you on your knees, and make you swallow my cock. I am going to pull this long hair,” I wrapped a handful of Ronnie’s hair around my fist and pulled hard., “and push my cock down your throat.” Ronnie’s head tilted back as I pulled her hair. I felt the increase in the flow of juices from her pussy.

“I don’t think I can get it all, Professor,” she moaned. “It’s too long. I will gag.”

“If it’s too long, that’s too bad. You will stay on your knees until my cock is down your throat. All the way.”

“Oooooh….yeah…that’s it,” Ronnie moaned as she came again and more pussy juice dripped off of my thigh to the deck.

“Oh, and by the way, we won’t go far, I want everyone to see what good head you give. I want them to see what a little slut you are.” Ronnie’s body was responding to the smack talk. Her breathing was shallower, she was grinding against my finger harder. She was cumming harder, even though her eyes were focused on the blowjob her friend was administering.

“I’m not a slut…don’t call me a slut…” Ronnie’s voice was barely a whisper.

“After you gag on my cock, I am going to pull off your shorts, or whatever you’re wearing. I am going to put my hands under your arse and pick you up. I’m going to lower your pussy onto my cock…”

“yes…please…I want you to fuck me…please.” Ronnie came again. I’ll have to remember this spot on her clit. For me, the friction on my cock was getting unbearable. I could lose it at any moment.

“Then I’m going to hold you up against a tree and fuck your pussy as hard as I want.”

“Yes fuck me…please…” Ronnie was almost delirious. I couldn’t imagine how many times she came today. “Are you going to cum in my pussy Professor? Where are you going to put your cum?” Ronnie was grinding hard on my finger, and sliding long strokes with her ass crack along my dick. I was going to bust soon, I knew.

“I’m going to cum in your ass. Feel my cock in your crack? How will that feel pushing into your asshole? Will you tell me to stop when I bend you over a bench and fuck you in the ass with everyone watching?” Ronnie stopped grinding for a second and almost got serious.

“Professor, I don’t do anal. I’ve talked to the other girls and it sounds like it hurts. No no no…” I started sliding my cock in her crack again. Damn this girl had a grip on my dick.

“OK, Ronnie, we’re just talking smack. Just getting hot. Look at Cindy and Oliver.” Cindy’s mouth was going faster and deeper. His head was thrown back and he was moaning. Cindy was making noise like she could taste his cum already.

“Oh good…jeez…Cindy, you’re going to make me cum…now!” With that, Cindy held his cock and pulled her head away, taking the first hard stream of cum full in the face. Her mouth was open, her big sunglasses already dripping with semen.

“Awwrrgh!” Oliver’s cock continued to spit cum, hitting Cindy’s mouth, face and hair. His cum was already dripping from her chin onto her breasts, and then onto the deck. God, this guy could cum hard! Cindy squeezed his balls and put her mouth back on his cock, taking a rope of cum down her throat. Then she stroked the base of his cock with her tongue, savoring the last smaller spurts of cum spewing into her mouth. She was smiling. Her sunglasses were completely coated with Oliver’s sploof.

“Oh. My. God.” Ronnie whispered, biting her lip as she watched her friend take a facial. “That is so…whatever…I don’t have a word.” She resumed stroking my cock with her ass. “I want your load, Professor. Now.”

“Hmmph…okay…” I had been trying not to cum for the last ten minutes. This was going to be easy. I grabbed Ronnie’s hips and lifted her up and down, sliding my cock in her crack. “Like that baby…fuck me like that…you’ll get what you….wannnt!!” With that, my cock erupted, shooting my warm seed up Ronnie’s spine, almost to her neck. I could feel her long dark hair getting sticky as my cum wet her lovely tresses. Ronnie wiggled her bum up and down and side to side, milking my dick of every last drop.

“Come on Professor! Give it all to me…cover me in your cum,” Ronnie murmured as streams of my seed ran down her shapely, tanned back.

“Fuck me Ronnie, just keep fucking me,” I grunted, as the force of my orgasm subsided. Ronnie’s back was covered in cum, her hair glued to her spine with my jizz. Suddenly, Ronnie stood up, turned, dropped to her knees and grabbed my cock.

“I want a taste,” she smiled, looking up at me with her lovely brown eyes. Her warm mouth on the head of my cock earned one last strong spurt shooting into her mouth. I heard Ronnie swallow. Love that sound.

Once again, we were all dumbfucked for a few minutes. I recovered quickest, slipped on my shorts and fired up the dual engines. It was getting dark and I had promised to have the boat back by then. Ronnie and Cindy had thrown on t-shirts and were cuddled up on the equipment bags. Oliver determined that he had lost his bathers when he removed them at the reef. He was busy jury rigging a towel and piece of robe to cover his bottom. I could only hope he didn’t sprout another boner.

When we got back to the marina, we had to pack all the equipment back into the empty bags we’ve been fucking on. They were pretty messy, but whatcha’ gonna do? I would worry about that later. The marina owner smiled lasciviously as I returned the keys and asked if he could join my crew. I just laughed.

Ronnie gave Oliver a ride back to Sippy Downs and Cindy rode with me, as she lived close to the school. We had both recovered a bit from our sexual exhaustion and chatted about the afternoon and the size of Oliver’s cock. We agreed that we’d never seen, or felt in Cindy’s case, anything like it. Once word got out at school, we mused, Oliver’s dating life was about to improve.

“Cindy, if I may, I have to ask you a question.”

“Sure, shoot.”

“If you’ve never done anal before, why the hell did you decide to start with monster cock Oliver?”

“Do I detect a bit of jealousy, Professor? I didn’t give you my virgin arse?”

I laughed. “Jesus Cindy, I am getting so much pussy and ass here I would never think of being jealous.”

“Ah, well, we live to serve. Truthfully, I don’t know. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And yes, it hurt like hell until he got me stretched out. Then it was amazing. Definitely going to do it again. He has my number. And, I said I’d never been dp’d before which is true. I love it in the bum, so it wasn’t a complete surprise. Not all boys like to assfuck, though. They think it makes them gay.”

“That’s what I’ve heard. Stupid. But if it hurts so much, why do you keep going? Why do you enjoy it?”

“Oh that’s easy. Why a guy is doing you in the arse, maybe pulling your hair, he is in complete control. He is going to do whatever he wants, and that is exciting. Hey Professor, maybe we should get a toy and show you what it feels like. Somebody must have a strap-on.”

“Really? No thanks. That’s one part of my body that is going to keep its virginity.”

We unloaded the equipment into the lab back at school. Cindy wore a longish t-shirt and her thong bottoms. She needn’t have bothered because it covered exactly nothing on her taut body. Adele, my boss, appeared, wearing her trademark cotton halter top and loose fitting cargo shorts. She seemed a bit surprised when Cindy retrieved her ditty bag from my car, gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek before disappearing out the door. I was stowing some of the equipment in the lab when I heard Adele’s voice behind me.

“So, did you have a productive time out on the water today?” Her voice betrayed a bit of sarcasm.

“Well, we kept busy,” I replied noncommittally.

“Looks that way. I’ll bet Cindy was very useful in your research.”

“Absolutely,” I said as I sat down at my desk and picked up some paperwork. “She did everything that was asked of her. And more.” Adele laughed out loud as she pulled up a chair and sat. She put her elbows on the desk and rested her head on her hands.

“Can we talk about what we’re going to do on the Fraser trip?” she asked.

“OK, but I haven’t given it much thought. We have a few days,” I replied. Adele smiled.

“Well, Professor, you have wanted to play with my tits since you got here. We could do that.” I stopped what I was doing and blushed.

“Uh…well, no, that’s…um.”

“Oh come on Professor, its okay. When I’m around you cant take your eyes off of them. Like now.” Crap. I was looking at her erect nipples and deep cleavage.

“I don’t think that’s true,” I tried to protest.

“Of course it is,” she laughed and closed her eyes. “What color are my eyes? Guess right and I’ll take off my top.” I had to admit to myself that I had no idea.


“Nope. Green eyes, you perv. I’ll bet you’ve wanked dreaming about sliding your cock in here,” with that she pulled on her top, revealing more cleavage. My cock stirred again. I couldn’t believe it. Had to be a personal best. “You want to fuck my tits and cum all over them, don’t you?” I didn’t answer. I think I just looked guilty.

“If you did that, I would make you clean the cum off my tits with your tongue. Hope you’re okay with that. What, cat got your tongue?” I didn’t answer. She was right again. I just stared. At her tits. Damnit!

“What other activities are we going to do on Fraser? How about we find a secluded beach where I can drop your bathers and suck your cock? That’s one I’ve been wanking to, so that is definitely on the list. All men like their cock sucked. Your turn. You pick one.”

“Well, Adele, listen, I don’t think…” I tried to change the subject.

“What did you do with Tina? Your fuck with her is the talk of the school. Why not do the same with me?”

“Oookay,” I could see I wasn’t going to get out of this one gracefully. “You’ll sit on my face and I will eat your pussy until you can’t take it anymore. And then I’ll do it some more. All girls like to have their pussy eaten.”

“That’s the spirit! So, when we root, who’s going to be on top? You or me?”

“Neither. I am strictly a bend you over and do you from behind man. Or standing against a wall.” Adele took one hand and reached under the desk. I think she was adjusting her wet knickers. She was the one blushing now.

“Unconventional. I like that.” She was squirming in her chair now. The tables were turning.

“When I bend you over, I might pause to eat your ass. I can make you cum with just my tongue in your ass. You’d like that.” I couldn’t see, but Adele very clearly had her hand in her pants now and she squirmed in her chair.

“Ummm, sure, ahhhh.” she grunted. I think she just came. I played with my cock in my pants for effect, but I was nowhere near an erection. The thought of me stroking myself definitely got her attention.

“And after I make you cum with my tongue on your asshole, I am going to stick my cock in your ass. Hope you like it, because that will be the highlight of the trip.”

“Well, we’ll just…”

“…have to see?” I completed her sentence. “Nope, that’s not how it works. If you bend over for me, you are going to take it in the arse. No discussion.”

“But, I…”

“I said no discussion and I meant it,” I had gone from being nervous to being in complete control.

“Okay.” Adele stood and turned away from me. I noticed a large wet spot by her pussy.

“Yeah, I’m wet. But I want to show you something,” she said as she unbuttoned her shorts and slid them off of her hips. She had a beautiful ass, not just for her age but for any age. She spread her ass and showed me her asshole.

“No man has ever been in my ass. No man has ever eaten my ass. I’ve wanted to try it, and I hear that you love eating and fucking ass. So you’ll fuck my virgin ass?” she asked as she buttoned up her shorts again.

“No. You’re going to have to watch me fuck one of the girls in the ass. You get to eat their pussy while I ream your arse. And when I cum in her ass, you have to clean it up with your tongue. Then you’ll switch places and I’ll do you in the arse. That’s how it is going to go. Okay?”

Adele sighed loudly. “You win.” She stood and untied her halter, exposing a pair of magnificent tits. “Why don’t we start now?”

To be continued…

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