Going Back for More Pt. 02

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This story should be read after part 1 to keep context.

Although exhausted, I didn’t get much sleep the night after fucking my ex-wife Ellie. My mind was filled with her tits and the way she had alluded to me fucking her ass soon. 60 years old or not, she was now one sexy lady.

However, I knew she had an agenda and I would have to play this carefully.

Then there was Sandie. I had promised to call her but should I? Bedding one ex was maybe enough? My cock soon dismissed that idea and I resolved to call her the next day.

I was quick off the mark and phoned her at 8am, whilst on the bus to my work.

“Oh, hi Stuart, I’ve been hoping you would call.” Her voice sounded genuinely pleased.

“I keep my promises Sandie, you know that.”

“Can we meet up for a bite to eat soon?” Sandie asked eagerly.

“Why not, just don’t talk about Colin, okay?” I demanded.

“Don’t worry. There’s no need for me to talk about his little dick when I’ll have yours in front of me.”

“You make it sound like part of the menu.” and I laughed.

“It is. The afters.” Sandie said in a ‘matter of fact’ tone.

I had to laugh. Here was the woman who had conducted a seven month affair with the church elder, married for 32 years, helped by her best friend Alice, who covered for Sandie on numerous occasions. Sandie didn’t know that I had fucked Alice when she came to get some of Sandie’s things and Alice had been more than willing, aware of what my cock was like. Now Sandie had dumped Colin, or was it the other way round? Whatever the truth, she was setting her sights on me again.

“Are you available next Monday?” I asked her.

“I think so. Why then? Sandie asked quizzically.

“Jan is spending an overnight at her mother’s. She’s beginning to fade and Jan is feeling guilty about not being there.”

“Oooh, a possible all-nighter then.”

“I don’t know about that.” I answered, unconvincingly.

“Pack an overnight bag, just in case.” she teased.

“Where do you want to go?” I fully expected her to suggest a meal at her house, so was shocked when she answered.

“How about Angelo’s? We used to like that place for a romantic meal.”

“Will that not be a tad embarrassing?

They’ll wonder where Colin is.”

“I never went there with him, that was our place, Stuart.” she whispered down the line.

At that point, I was in no doubt that Sandie would be taking my cock that night. Little was I to know there would be a twist.

The next few days went slowly, filled by both ex’s sexting me, something completely new from Ellie. She was also asking when we were going to meet next. The lies started to become easier, as I told her I was going with Jan to visit her mother. At least she backed off a little, as I didn’t need her bothering me when I was with Sandie.

The big day came and I stood outside Angelo’s, knowing Sandie would be late. In the event, I only had to wait ten minutes. I had let her make the booking and when we entered I found it was in my surname.

Angelo himself met us and greeted us like long-lost friends.

“Stuart! Sandie! Where have you been? I thought we had maybe done something wrong.”

“No Angelo, it’s just that we moved suddenly for our work. We never had the chance to say goodbye.” I lied again.

“Would you like your favourite table, my friends”

“You remember?” I asked doubting him.

“Of course. You always made the place look so romantic, in that corner table, in the candlelight.”

Sandie sat with her back to the wall. She always liked to watch people.

She was wearing a lacy, floral, violet top, which had a plunging neckline. She was definitely wearing a bra a size too small for her, as her chest looked like a scene from ‘The Great Escape’.

“You are allowed to look me in the eye.”

I took my eyes off her creamy white globes and focused on her deep hazel eyes.

“Stuart?” she asked out of nowhere. “Can I talk about something, or rather, someone?”

“Carry on.” I said, a little suspiciously.

“Do you remember Sylvia?”

“No, who is she?” I answered truthfully.

“She was my companion yeni gaziantep escort at the funeral.”

“Oh, you honestly never introduced her.”

I started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Sandie sounded irked.

“It’s just that Jan was convinced she was you, because she had her eyes on me.”

Sandie giggled at that.

“Yes, Sylvia really fancied you. She’s never married, you know.”

I tried to remember what she looked like. I thought of a nondescript, thin lady, just an inch or two shorter than myself.

“What age is she?”

“She just turned 67. She has an amazing body though, for her age.” Sandie stated.

“Sound like you’ve had experience of it.” I said half- joking.

Sandie blushed a little. “We’re both lonely. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

I held my hands up. “Hey, I’m not judging you.”

I had never imagined Sandie with another woman, she had always loved cock too much, not always mine.

“It’s only because there was no man there. I know she wants you, Stuart. Maybe I shouldn’t have told her what you were like in bed.” Sandie giggled again in that sexy way that always aroused me.

“You told her what we did in bed?”

“A fair bit. She thinks you’re a super stud.”

I tried to get this conversation back on track.

“So what is it you want to talk about regarding her? I queried.

“Well Stuart, I know you want to fuck me again and don’t even try to deny it. I just want to know if you’d let Sylvia watch…..at least the first time.”

Sandie had blown my mind. It was a strange mix of fantasy and horror and I was lost for words. I must have looked like a hooked fish, all bulbous eyes and open mouth.

“Well, at least you’re considering it.” Sandie said in a low voice.

I tried to gather my wits about me and responded a little too loudly, as we attracted stares from the other diners.

“Are you bloody serious, Sandie? You want me to have sex with you, in front of some shrivelled-up old prune I don’t know and don’t fancy. You must be mad!”

Sandie looked hurt, really hurt.

“I’m sorry Stuart, it looks like I’ve misjudged the situation. I was only trying to bring her out of herself and I thought you’d be flattered by the attention.”

After blowing my top, I calmed down quickly.

“I’m sorry for shouting at you, that was rude of me. I suppose I thought it was just going to be the two of us.”

Sandie gave me that smile that came from her hazel eyes and always melted me.

“Look, I’ll think about it. No promises, mind.”

“Thank you Stuart. I’ll make it worth your while.”

For once, Sandie skipped dessert and she was insistent that we split the bill. I was tired arguing. Angelo buzzed around as we were leaving and I assured him we would see him soon. We then stood on the corner and had a good ‘snog’.

“I’ll see you home, it’s late.” I said gallantly

“Well I would hope so, you are staying aren’t you?”

“I thought I’d blown my chances after what happened earlier.”

“Oh Stuart, you were always getting into my bed tonight, no matter what.” Sandie sounded so sure of herself.

As we walked slowly along my left arm over her shoulder, with my hand lightly massaging her lift tit as it continued its escape attempt.

“So, this Sylvia, where would she be?” I tried to ask in a disinterested way.

Sandie looked at me with a beaming smile.

“She would sit on a chair near the bed, not right on top but close enough to see it all happen.”

“And she’s not getting involved physically?”

I queried again.

“Not if you don’t want her to but I know she wants to touch your cock, at least.”

“She’ll have to fight you for it, surely Sandie?”

We stopped again, under a shaded tree and kissed again. This time, my hands were all over her tits and Sandie was quick to find my zipper and pull out my stiff cock.

God, she was sexy for an old bird.

It was me who halted this little come together. I didn’t want to blow my load too early. There were plenty of things I wanted to do before then.

Sandie was an amazing gaziantep yeni escort kisser, she loved to both yield and explore and when her tongue got going, all I could think of was it on my cock. As we got closer to her flat, she pointed up at a window. It was dimly lit but you could see that a television was playing in the room.

“That’s Sylvia’s flat. Should we pay a visit?”

“Not tonight. I want you for myself.”

“Please Stuart, just to say hello. No tricks, I promise.”

Sandie wisely got her phone out to call Sylvia. Better to be prepared. I mean, what if she was sitting in her curlers and a face-pack?

It rang twice before being answered. I could tell Sandie was being more reserved than she usually would, with her friend. She cut to the chase.

“Look Sylvia dear, I’ve brought someone to meet you. Is it okay to come up?”

I could only hear one side of the conversation but I imagined that Sylvia would be asking who the hell she was bringing up at this hour.

“We’re outside, have a look.”

I saw the net curtain being pushed aside from the lit room and then heard a squeal over the phone, that should have burst Sandie’s eardrum.

Then Sandie motioned for us to go over and the entry buzzer was pressed.

We went up the two flights, to Sylvia’s door. It was already open and I heard a soft voice telling us to come in.

I let Sandie go ahead, to make the rather awkward introduction. I knew Sylvia fancied me but she also knew I would be fucking Sandie.

Up close, she was better than I expected. She had quite a soft face that belied her 67 years, with dark blue eyes. Her grey hair was pinned but at least not in curlers.

Height-wise, she was only an inch shorter than me. She was wearing a thin pink dressing-gown and it failed to conceal her nipples sticking through her nightie. I felt a stirring, hard nipples always got me going.

She was quite slender, not my usual type at all but I wouldn’t say no.

“Hi Sylvia, I’m Stuart. I’m really pleased to meet you.” I tried to sound sincere.”

Sandie quickly jumped in “We’ve been talking about our little plan and Stuart is coming round to the idea.”

Sylvia spoke up at last “You must both think me so pathetic, wanting to watch you two.”

“Not at all” I chimed in, “Sandie has told me a little and I’m certainly not judging you.”

That made Sylvia break into a smile.

“Thank you Stuart, you are a kind man.”

“We had better go.” Sandie added.

I leant over to kiss Sylvia on the cheek but instead I lay a sloppy big kiss on her lips. Sandie looked annoyed but said nothing. about it.

“Until later.” I said suggestively.

“I look forward to it.” Her smile made her old face light up and I knew at that point, she would not just be watching. I wanted to fuck Sylvia too..

Sylvia showed us to her door and we went downstairs. Halfway, Sandie stopped and asked me if I planned on fucking Sylvia now. I said nothing, just smiled.

We walked on towards her apartment.

“I knew you’d change your mind. Sylvia is actually a really sexy woman, under that quiet exterior.” Sandie added, almost triumphantly.

“You don’t mind then? I ventured.

“I love the idea of a threesome. It would be a first.”

“I remember us arranging one with another guy, a coloured guy.” I recalled.

“Oh yes, that’s right, you were up for it at first. He even came on cam, showing us his cock. It was huge!” Sandie had a vivid memory of it.

” I couldn’t go through with it though. The thought of sharing you with another guy was too much. I just headed out for the day and got drunk.”

Sandie stared to laugh. “He didn’t even turn up, the bastard. He was meant to be on a train from London but never showed up. Phone went dead too.”

” I was never sure if he had. I knew you’d fuck him without me anyway.”

“Stuart! You make me sound a cock hungry slut.”

I gave Sandie an incredulous look.

“You cheated on me over a dozen times, Sandie. I think cock hungry covers it! All those guys you met for ‘coffee’. It wasn’t gaziantep yeni escort bayan for your conversation was it?”

“Okay Stuart, you want honesty? None of these guys got to fuck me, that’s the truth. Yes, I did suck them off but every time I did, I sucked you at home the same night.”

“Oh Sandie, I’m sorry for raking up the ashes.”

I hugged her and kissed her neck, which made her gasp.

“We need to get to my place. I’m going to give you the fuck of your life, Stuart.”

I wasn’t about to argue. I wanted Sandie so much. My memories of our sex life flooded my head. The girl who had me come round to her place at 3am, after we had spent 3 hours on the phone and then gave me my best fuck up to that time.

The time she got my cock out on a touring bus, hidden by her handbag. Of course I’d like to say it was a suitcase.

Her swallowing my load for the first time as we sat outdoors, having a picnic.

Being the first guy to fuck her anally and she insists, still the only one.

I felt so horny now and as soon as Sandie opened the door to her third floor apartment, my hands were on her. I was hugging her from behind, my fingers tweaking her nipples.

“There’s no stopping you, is there?” Sandie giggled.

“My cock is raging to ravish your every hole, Sandie. I need you!”

I undid her blouse and her beautiful boobs faced me. I unhooked her and she lit the bra fall to the floor as her tits finally escaped captivity. I turned her round and started to suck on her left nipple as I tweaked the right one.

Sandie was no slouch and she was already at my belt, unbuckling me. Her hands, even at 60 were so soft and it was all I could do not to cum there and then.

We both pulled off our pants and scrambled to her bed.

I could see a damp patch on her black satin panties and I desperately wanted to be in them and taste her sweet aroma.

We were basically in a 69 position and I pulled off her panties to reveal her shaved pussy, which I began to lap at like a cat with a new bowl of cream.

I loved the way Sandie moaned, as my tongue found her clit and massaged it in a circular motion.

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Sandie had my boxers off and had started to slowly circle my cock with her tongue. Her lips seemed clamped on my cock and I loved it.

I had to stop her though, as I didn’t want to cum already.

We went back to kissing and fondling for a short while, then I made for my ultimate goal. I wanted to fuck her in the ass again. I started off rubbing her anus with one finger, in an ever-decreasing circle, until it slid in quite easily. She contracted her muscles around my finger and I dreamed of what it was going to be like with my cock.

Sandie had always been a noisy lover and she was squealing as i went in and out of her ass with that finger. I knew I would have to lube up to get my cock in and I did that while Sandie got on her knees, with her ass sticking up.

It was lovely, big and soft and I wasted no time in lining up behind her the tip of my cock at the entrance.

I gave a sudden push and Sandie whelped out but i was in control now.

She was as tight as before and I had to push to make headway. I gave her arse a slap, which helped to loosen her tightness.

I was now balls-deep in her arse and started the rhythmic fucking, as she moaned with pleasure.

I had decided I was going to empty my sacs in there and the feeling began to course through me, until I filled her with spurt upon spurt of cum.

We both collapsed, exhausted, after our session.

Sandie was first to speak up.

“I have really missed that, Stuart, so much!”

Part of me wanted her back for good but that part was my cock. My head knew she was a born cheat.

I knew I had a cheek, criticising her past infidelity, for here was I, having had sex with both of my ex-wives and planning to fuck Sandie’s friend too.

I think I thought it didn’t count, as I had been wed to them but I was fooling myself.

We lay together with my arms around her, spooning her, kissing her neck.

“You know I have always loved you Sandie but I also know there is no future for us.”

“Don’t worry Stuart, I have no intention of wrecking your marriage. I know we couldn’t be together again.” Sandie sounded a little sad but continued with a more steely tone. “It’s that cow Ellie you need to watch. She’s got designs on you, serious designs.”

I knew what she was saying was true but how was I going to get out of this?

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