God Yes, But Only Back There

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Brad exhaled, trying to release the sexual tension building in his body. Maggie, a friend of his cousin’s, looked better than ever. She was wearing a pair of Daisy Duke cutoffs, with one of those halter-type swim tops. Maggie definitely had a nice, athletic body that was oddly offset by large breasts, which Brad estimated to be a very full C-cup. Maggie was just 18, and her body, big boobs included, looked tight and well tanned.

Brad first met Maggie 3 years earlier, when his cousin Amy had brought Maggie to a family barbecue. Both of the girls sneaked drinks as the evening stretched into night, and by 9:30 Maggie was hammered and completely uninhibited, and she began making all sorts of outrageous statements. She really was quite funny. Brad’s aunt had been a little pissed that the girls had been sneaking drinks, but the general good mood and funniness of the situation cooled her temper. As everyone headed to bed, Brad, his sister, and Amy and a drunk Maggie had retreated to the TV and were watching a movie.

Maggie had still been outrageous, and made an over-loud comment to Amy about how she might “End tonight on my knees with someone in your family”. Amy had shushed her friend, but Brad was tempted, even though he knew he’d never do anything with a 15 year-old.

That was 3 years ago, and although Brad had seen Maggie a few times over the years, she was still too young for a guy in his twenties. He’d appreciatively eyed her developing body, but restricted his urges to occasional masturbation fantasies involving Maggie. This time however, Maggie was of age.

The only downside tonight, Brad thought, was that Maggie had made several comments about her new boyfriend, and it seemed that she was making a point of it. This party was similar to that night 3 years ago, with lots of friends and family, lots of alcohol, and great food. Although Maggie and Amy were still legally underage for legal drinking, nobody gave them any flak for it at the party, and the girls reveled in their freedom, downing several margaritas and daiquiris. Although she wasn’t as goofy tonight, Maggie again became uninhibited, and occasionally bumped or rubbed her body against Brad. Brad could feel Amy watching, and kept his response low key. He didn’t want any well-intentioned loyalty from his cousin to interfere with the sexual promise that was developing between he and Maggie.

After everyone had eaten, a late-night water volleyball match began in the pool, and Brad made sure he was on the same team as Maggie. A few bumps and lunges for the ball eventually resulted in both of them underwater, with Maggie’s hands on his thighs, and Brad’s hands briefly cupping her firm tits. They came up laughing, but the smoldering eye contact told Brad he was in, if he could just get rid of Amy.

After the game ended, the parents and their friends headed for home or bed, the only remaining partiers were Brad, Maggie and Amy. A word about Amy here. Amy was a long limbed beauty, with an angel face, pouty lips, and long auburn hair, and although she had done some small-time modeling, she never really was interested in modeling as a career, and she entered college after graduating from high school. Amy and Brad had sexually teased each other over the years, but there was never any question of a sexual relationship developing, although both were entertained by the thought. Amy had run interference between Brad and Maggie at previous gatherings, mostly from a sense of propriety, but Brad thought, also from a small part of jealousy. Whatever her motives, she needed to be out of the picture.

“How about another round of daiquiris?”, Brad asked.

“That’d be great,” said the girls, and Brad offered to make them. He moved to the kitchen, keeping on eye on Maggie’s cute ass, which was upturned and barely concealed by her short cut-offs as she lay on the floor watching the movie. Maggie looked over her shoulder at Brad, caught him staring, quickly glanced at Amy, and when she saw Amy wasn’t watching, blew him a kiss. Brad smiled and felt his cock harden inside his shorts, and he dropped a quick hand to adjust his johnson. Maggie smiled at that, and turned back to the screen. Brad didn’t care.

He made a strong batch of daiquiris in the blender, then poured 2 inches of Everclear into Amy’s glass before topping up with daiquiri. He brought the drinks back to the TV room, handing Amy her custom drink first, and they settled into the movie. Although Amy commented on the strong drinks, she had two more, and before the movie was over she was asleep on the couch. In this time, Brad had moved to the floor, with his legs gradually moving against Maggie’s toned thighs. They talked and joked for a while, easing into the inevitable. After a round of sexual jokes, Brad decided it was time. He leaned in closer, close enough to feel her breath on his face, and locked eyes with Maggie. She had beautiful blue eyes, accentuated by a face tanned by lots of sun, and streaked blond hair from her summer life-guard job. She became shy suddenly, and turned her face away.

Brad placed a hand on her shoulder, and leaned into her, exhaling slightly into her ear. matadorbet Maggie shivered suddenly, and came to her decision. She rolled onto her back, pulling Brad with her and they kissed for the first time. The kiss started hot, and quickly became blazing. Brad moved his hand to her tight tummy, and stroked her muscular abdomen. He ran his fingers up her side, always stroking, and then he was finally holding her breasts, which were loose under the baggy sweatshirt she’d changed into. She had fantastic boobs lolling around in there, but also firm with youth and with large, hard nipples. He lightly tweaked a nipple and she gasped, before she bit on his tongue and scraped her nails down his back.

Brad moved back a bit and his tongue flicked her earlobe, his free hand reached behind and stroked one globe of her ass, which was damn near hanging out of her Daisy Dukes anyway. His fingers traced down the crack of her butt and around, until he felt the hot and moist strip of denim that covered her swelling mound, leaving her delicate inner thighs exposed on either side. Maggie moaned and then gave a little growling grunt and her hips twitched, her hand scrabbled outside of Brad’s khaki shorts, her fingers dancing over his thickening cock, his hips thrust forward a little…

…Cousin Amy stirred on the couch, and shifted position…

Brad and Maggie froze. She had her hand wrapped around his dick, though still outside of his shorts. He had one hand full of sweaty boob, and with the other had just slipped a finger through the side of her cut-offs and under the tight sideband of her panties. He could just feel the warm-wet-hairy-slippery flesh inside and was angling for more when he heard Amy move. He froze. Maggie froze, his clothed dick in her hand, her wet flesh at his fingers. They looked at each other, and a semblance of sanity returned. “Let’s move to my room,” whispered Brad.

“OK,” replied Maggie, “We need to talk about this”. And then…her eyes started to fill with tears.

‘Oh fuck,’ thinks Brad, ‘we were almost there. I’m still hot and ready to go, and now she’s crying.’ What would…the boyfriend, Brad decided. ‘Gotta be the boyfriend.’

They moved into the spare room, an office that also had a futon, designated as Brad’s room. The futon was already pulled into a bed, but Maggie sat on the office chair. Brad sat on the edge of the futon, and took one of Maggie’s hands in his own. “Hi,” he said, smiling into her eyes. He really did like this girl, she was ballsy, horny and good looking. And she wasn’t a slut, they just had this thing that had percolated between them for so long.

“Listen,” Maggie began, “I’m really into you, and I’ve liked you for a while. But I…”

“I like you too Maggie. I think that you’re beautiful, smart and…I like you.” Brad leaned forward, holding her hand with one of his and placed his other on her hip. His movement brought their faces closer, and she put a hand on his leg.

Maggie wasn’t finished though. “But I have a boyfriend now, and I don’t want to do anything stupid.”

“I know, neither do I.” Brad slid his hand up her side, stroking her ribs near her breasts. Her breasts swayed a little, beneath her sweatshirt, and he touched the side of her face. Brad smiled, “What do you think?”

“We can’t go all the way, and I don’t want Amy to find out,” Maggie offered. “I haven’t done it with my boyfriend yet, but we’ve done other stuff. Can we do that?” She had a dynamite smile.

Brad thought, ‘Shit. There it goes. I’ll be lucky to get a hand job.’ But he smiled, and said, “Yeah, I’d love to.”

It was a little stiff and awkward at first. No, THAT was stiff too, and kind of awkwardly trapped inside his shorts. But then they kissed again, slowly at first but with mounting passion. Maggie slipped off the chair, across his lap and landed butt first on the bed. She rotated, lying on her back, with Brad on his left side facing her. His hand moved her loose sweatshirt up and her fantastic boobs sprang into view. Brad dipped his head and licked her right breast, his hand moving to cup the other. Her tits had that springy-soft feel, and though they separated and slid to the sides of her chest they rose a good 3 inches up. Her pouty little nipples had softened, but were now crinkling and hardening. Brad switched to the other boob, and ran his hand over her hard stomach, which faintly showed the six-pack mark of a tight, flat middle.

Maggie had one hand around his head, touching his ear. Her free hand was on his hip, now moving to the front. She could feel him there, hot and hard. His cock was thudding beneath her hand and she squeezed it, feeling the hard shaft. Brad lifted his knee up, and she had free access through the leg hole. His hand was now tugging at the her button to shorts, and she slipped her hand inside the leg of his shorts, moving up…and reached hard, hot flesh. Brad had skipped the undies when changing, and her hand was suddenly full of throbbing dick, a slick little spot at the tip.

Maggie brought the thumb and two fingers of that hand up to his helmet, and swirled the leaking fluid around, matadorbet giriş fingering his crest. Brad pulled his hips up and then back, and his cock popped out the leg of his shorts. Maggie palmed his dick, spreading the slick juice over the shaft and started pumping his cock, adding a little twisty-swirly pulse when she reached the top. Her breathing was rapid, and her eyes riveted the hard dick in her hand. Brad had a good-sized penis, she thought. It was maybe 7 inches long, and filled her hand nicely. There was a sexy sheen to it in this light, caused by the fluid she was still stroking over his prick. It looked just about the right size for what she had in mind.

Brad was struggling. He had her shorts open, but the panties inside were pressed tightly against her body by the jean shorts, and though he could feel the damp heat, he couldn’t actually touch it. Just then Maggie did a nice number on his cock and Brad gave a groan. “Take these off for me,” he pleaded.

Maggie looked at him, both serious caution and lust on her face. She released his dick, lifted her hips and slid the shorts down her legs and off, her panties moving halfway down her hips. She returned to stroking his cock, and Brad pushed her panties below her thighs and glanced down.

She had a beautiful crotch. The blurred but sexy tan lines showed that she must wear a skimpy little bikini when she wasn’t lifeguarding, and she had trimmed back her thin pubic hair for that purpose. A chubby mound protruded from the sparse hair, with a bright pink slit rising in the center. Best of all, her clit jutted out, about the size and color of a brand-new pencil eraser, and just as firm. Brad traced his fingers down her fat little mound, fingers separating around the sides, and lightly pressed the large outer labia against the bright pink inner lips. His finger were already delightfully gooey from her excitement, and a squishy sound proved her arousal. He moved a finger inward, and traced her hot slit up to that monster clitoris, lightly strumming and stroking. Maggie hissed in a breath, and her hips bucked. Her hand tightened on his cock, and though it still felt good, the precum was drying and the handjob wasn’t as nice. Maggie noticed, and broke off their next kiss to lick the palm of hand, staring in Brad’s eyes as she did this. She returned her hand to slide it around his cock.

Brad spread her pussy open with his fingers, stroking the slick flesh, and slid one digit in her body. He reached in and up, feeling for the little nub of flesh inside her cunt that might set her off. His thumb stayed on her clit, and his other hand held the back of her head as kissed her, using the hand between her legs to conduct the little sex symphony he was trying for.

Maggie did have a G-spot. Her hand dropped free from his dick, as she gave in to the pulsing orgasm surging through her body. Brad straddled her thigh, pressing his cock against her leg, the tip of his cock near the junction of her thighs. Maggie was convulsing now, and turned her head into a pillow and gave a series of moaning grunts. Her hips pulsed upwards twice, three times, four times, her teeth now clenched on the pillow. Her muscles flexed repeatedly, and then with a sigh she relaxed, melting into the futon. Brad slowed his movements, though he was humping slightly near the pussy he so wanted to get inside. His dick felt like it would burst, and the light smell of her dripping sex was making him crazy. He moved his hands over the slick mound, and chanced a quick dip down toward her ass. Using one slippery finger he traced the tight rosebud, which was still clenching rhythmically with her aftershocks. He rimmed her with his finger, and when she didn’t object, slipped just the tip inside her butt.

Maggie opened her eyes and looked at him. She smiled….and then lifted her hips, giving him better access to her rear. “Do you like that?”, she queried. Brad didn’t answer, just locked eyes with her as he slipped his finger halfway into her rear, his free thumb returning to knead the outer flesh of her warm cunt. He slid down the mattress, and his mouth fastened on the entrance to her pussy, licking the pink interior and moving upward to caress the little girl who was still standing proud and erect at the top of her slit.

Maggie was still horny but now relaxed, and settled back as Brad patiently licked her mound and slowly pivoted his finger in her bottom. She was enjoying the attention, when he suddenly slid his body upwards, and the top of his dick pressed against her slippery Virginia. He had a passionate look in his eye, and his prick was quickly sliding into her pussy, the tight folds opening to accommodate his cock. Maggie realized what was happening, and pulled back and away quickly. She wanted it, but didn’t want it at the same time. His cock followed her movement, lunging for the tight heat it had just barely sampled.

“Not that, not now,” she said, reaching down to grasp his probing cock. She palmed it again, and rotated her body, sliding down to lick the crown. “We can do anything but that.” She took half of his dick in her mouth, swirling her tongue over the head, now pumping it with her hand, then returning it to her mouth. Brad rolled onto his back, giving her easier access. His hips bucked, and three-quarters of his dick slid inside her mouth. Maggie pulled her head back, wrapping one hand tightly around the base of his cock, and using the other to jerk him off. She dipped her head periodically to keep his cock slick, and slid the flat of her tongue across his testicles, pumping steadily now with both hands. She straddled his leg, rubbing her cunt across his leg as she worked on him. She wanted him to come, she loved getting a guy off this way, and liked to watch the jet of sperm come shooting out, and know that she had caused it.

Brad loved the blow job. She knew how to switch things up and keep them interesting, and used her hands a lot to keep the friction up. But Brad didn’t usually come from a blow job. He loved to eat pussy (worshipping at the temple, he thought it), but he generally needed to fuck if he was going to come. He thought that now, remembering the tight pussy he had barely entered, and he wanted to get back inside it. He felt his need, and decided to tell her.

“You are great at this,” he began, quietly, “And I need to be inside you. I need to finish.”

She looked up from the dick she was sucking on. “OK,” she said, “But not there. I want you to do it in the other one. Will that be OK? Can you do that for me?”

Exhilaration and lust flashed through him. He’d played and dinked around with other girl’s bottoms, but the one time he had initiated anal sex, it hadn’t ended well. And this was what she wanted! His answer was simple, “Yes.”

He rolled her to her back and rose to his knees between her tights thighs, as she moved his hard dick through the slippery folds of her chubby pussy. Brad pulled back, and dipped his head for a quick tongue around and through her slit, her light, fresh scent in his nostrils. He dipped lower to rim her ass with his tongue. She spread her thighs wider, and he slipped his finger back inside the ring of muscle. He used his free hand to coax more of her lubrication downward, and slowly added a second finger. She didn’t seem overly tight, and he thought she might be ready. He pulled a pillow near and lifted her hips to slide the pillow beneath. With one last pass of his cock over and through her hot-oily pussy, he set the top of his knob against her rosebud. He looked in her eyes, and then eased forward.

It wouldn’t slide in.

He pulled back and adjusted, then put his “clean” hand at the top of her mound, fingers pressing her stomach as his thumb pressed her clitoris. He pushed forward again, and this time the head separated her tight ring and he entered her. Her breath hissed out again, and her thighs tensed. “Ahhh, right there. Wait a sec.”

He moved his free hand to the base of his cock, grasping it. He squeezed it, causing the head of his dick to swell slightly. He moved his cock in a small circular motion, stimulating her rectum and stimulating himself. “A little more,” Maggie sighed.

He pushed it in further, still clutching his cock, and now the top of his hand was touching her butt cheeks. He again waved his wand inside her ass. He lightly pressed downward with the other hand, against her mound and her stomach. A little more then, his prick sliding deeper inside of her, her thighs coming up to pull him forward and he had to replace the hand on her pussy with his stomach, supporting his weight both against her body and on his forearm.

Maggie could feel his flat stomach against her belly and her clit, and she could feel his hard prick sliding forward in her butt. Her pussy was wet and squishing around against him, erotic and lewd. His cock pushed in a bit more. The fullness was amazing and…well, comforting. He wasn’t too big for her back there, she thought, and he could probably fit it all into her.

“More,” she commanded, and the rest of his dick slowly, slowly slid inside her ass. He moved back slightly, then forward again, beginning a rhythm that built over time. Her clitoris was now grinding against his abs, which were clenched and hard. His breathing was hoarse, and a drop of sweat fell from his nose, landing on her chest. His eyes were closed and his jaw clenched, and he was pumping into her body steadily, his rhythm now uneven , bucking against her hips, his cock lunging and retreating, stomach pressing into her wet pussy, tickling her clit.

“Unhh, unhh,” was his opinion, and she felt the wave coming back, her clit swelling and her vagina contracting, and she was over the top and flying, her orgasm upon her like a tidal wave. Her sphincter spasmed in time with her uterus, cervix flexing downward, and he felt the contraction and this last little bit sent him over, too. His hips shot forward and he exploded, sending a jet of semen through his hard cock and up and inside her body. Another contraction, and another fountain coursed inside her. He panted, the remainder of his orgasm causing little twitches and short thrusts as he spent the last of himself. Her hips were still humping, her orgasm slower to fade, and then they were both back from the mountain, panting the last of it out. Maggie and Brad looked at each other, then laughed. He pulled himself from her, dipped his head for a loving pass through her spread vagina, and then smiled at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32