Glory Hole Humiliation

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Glory Hole Degradation

Meeting at Restaurant

My Goddess and had been wanting to see me at a glory hole for a long time and I had found one close to the airport. She was excited and we made arrangements to meet at a restaurant nearby as soon as I got off the airplane.

I was excited to see her as I got off the airplane and rushed through to pick up my car. Traffic was horrible on the way to the hotel and it seemed like I was just creeping along. As I pulled off the highway and into the bar, I saw her little car and the shape of her head in the window. A rush of love and tenderness swept through me. It is always so good to see her.

I got out of the car and saw my Goddess as she climbed out of her car to great me. She looked absolutely fabulous in a low cut top, tight jeans, and her high heels. I thought my heart was going to stop as I squeezed her to me in a hug. I smelled her delicate scent and I felt a surge of lust and love run through me as I kissed her. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her ass to me and she squirmed in my arms, kissing me deeply.

We went into the bar/restaurant to eat. It was a beer place with a great vibe. Lots of different beers on tap, great food, cute waitresses, and people relaxing and enjoying themselves. We sat down and I couldn’t keep my eyes off my Goddess. Her low cut top showed off her breasts so well and the necklace I had bought her nestled in between her breasts tantalizing me. Her face was animated and alive. The color of her skin was a delicate mix of copper and olive tones that I love so much. I told her how wonderfully irresistible she looked, and she laughed saying that was the idea.

I was nervous about our upcoming adventure but it felt so good to be with her. We had a great dinner as we always do, catching up on things and enjoying each other’s company. At the end of the dinner, we got the check and I felt the nervousness grow again.

She looked at me and smiled. “So, are you ready to go suck some cock for me?” She asked.

“Yes, but I’m nervous.” I admitted.

“I’m sure you are.” she replied. “I sure would be if I was in your shoes. Do you remember our password?”

“Blueballs” I responded.

“That’s right.” she confirmed. “If either of us says this, we leave. No questions asked. Got it?”

“I agree baby. Thank you.” I said.

“Let’s go my little cocksucker.”

Entering & Browsing

We arrived at the place and it looked like the normal shady XXX store. We pulled into the parking lot and she asked me if I was ok.

“I’m ok.” I said. “I’m nervous, but ok. How about you? ”

“Oh, I’m not nervous,” she said. “You’re the one sucking cock tonight. I’m just along for the ride.”

As we got out of the car she looked at me. “Are you ready cocksucker?” She asked.

With those words, she immediately put me in my place. I felt nasty and slimy. I was going into an adult theater to suck cock at a glory hole. It doesn’t get much more nasty than that.

We walked into the store and my Goddess started browsing. She moved over to the dildo’s and anal plugs and started looking through them. She had put on a light leather jacket over her low cut top and she looked like a million bucks. Other guys were going through the store and I could feel their eyes on her. They were all looking with lust. She was casually looking through the various selections and taking her time.

I was nervous as could be and just wanted to get the whole process over with. I found the video booths where the glory hole was supposed to be. There was an Arabic guy watching people enter and leave the booths so I assumed he worked there. There were no signs for cost to enter the booths and I asked him if we needed to pay. He told me that there was no charge for couples and we could go back whenever we wanted.

I told my Goddess the situation and we walked through the curtain into the booth area. It was dark and dingy with red lights along the ceiling. There were a series of booths along the left side with doors. I could hear video coming out of a few of görükle escort them but most of the booths were empty. We made our way down the dark hall to the last booths where I had read the glory holes were. Both of these booths were empty and I could see the large hole connecting the two booths. The hole was much larger than I expected, allowing you to see easily from one booth to the next. A guy could clearly fit his cock and balls in through the hole. I hesitated for a minute trying to decide which booth to go into and then moved into the last booth in line.

We both crowded into the booth and it was pretty tight quarters. We discovered that the door locked and we locked it behind us. The lights were dim, but the place was cleaner than we expected. No obvious stains on the floor etc. I sat down on the chair as my Goddess stood beside me. I had read that the sucker, usually sits, waiting on the suckee. When someone comes in, you are supposed to stick your fingers through the hole. This is a signal that you are willing to suck.

The Booth

We were in the booth for about 5 minutes before anyone came in next door. I put a dollar in the porn machine and my Goddess started flipping channels. After going through about a dozen of them, she settled on a gay video where one guy was sucking off another guy.

“This is what I want to watch,” she said as she watched one man sucking another one on the screen. “It gets me in the mood.” She laughed.

“I see.” I responded. “I can tell what you’re thinking.”

“I can’t wait, I’m so excited.” She said, squeezing my crotch.

About that time I heard the door in the other booth open and someone stepped inside. My Goddess tapped me on the back and I knelt down on the floor close to the hole. I saw the Arabic guy that worked at the place bend down and look at me through the hole. He asked me if “she” meaning my Goddess would suck him.

I said, “no, just me. “

He thought about it for a minute and then unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock.

There is no way to describe the submissive feeling that came over me at that moment. To see another man pull his dick from his pants without even pulling them down so you can suck him is totally degrading. It was like seeing a man pull his dick out of his pants to pee. It was gross and disgusting and I was actually going to suck a strange cock.

I reached through and touched his cock for the first time. It was hot and sticky. He had a relatively large cut dick. Thank goodness. I couldn’t imagine sucking a strange uncircumcised one. I moved forward and took it into my mouth. I could taste the slightly salty flavor and smell his male musk as I took him down into my throat for the first time. I heard my Goddess gasp behind me as I sucked him in and knew she was enjoying it. I started working it in and out using both my hands and my mouth to try to make him cum. I wanted to get it over with, but was scared of having him cum in my mouth. He pushed in deep and my eyes watered as my gag reflex started to kick in, I choked a bit and heard my goddess moan and felt her hand on the back of my head, pushing me back down.

After working it for a while, he stopped and pulled back. He leaned down again and asked me if my Goddess could at least touch it. I told my Goddess what he had asked and she reached forward to caress his cock.

“Ooh what a nice cock.” She said and I saw her fingernails sliding over his cock. She grasped his cock in her left hand and pumped it a few times. I felt her hand on the back of my head and she pushed me forward onto his cock again as she held it and jerked it in my mouth.

We were working together, her hand, and my mouth; in and out, back and forth. I heard him start breathing harder and knew he was getting close to cumming. I could feel his cock swell in my mouth and suddenly I had a mouth full of his nasty tasting cum. It was thick and warm and salty, and I choked a bit as I tried to swallow and it started leaking out around my lips and dripping off my chin.

My Goddess had let go and görükle escort bayan was rubbing herself to an orgasm as she watched me finish servicing him. To make her happy, I pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over my face, covering myself in his cum as I kept jerking him off. After a bit, he stepped back and zipped himself back up, then left the booth. I knelt there on the floor covered in cum, humiliated. I could hear my Goddess laughing and I turned towards her. She smiled at me and told me that I had done a good job.

Then I heard the door open again as another man stepped in. “You have another customer, cocksucker.” My Goddess said, and I felt another rush of shame and humiliation.

I looked through the hole and saw a smaller guy with blue jeans on. It felt so strange not to see his face at all. All I could see was his jeans and a brown belt. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Again, I felt the total degradation associated with servicing a stranger. It was like I was just a urinal for them. A place to dump their cum.

My face was sticky with the last guy’s cum as I leaned forward to take his cock. This cock was much smaller than the last one and not quite hard. It was like a dark thick noodle. I opened my mouth and took it in my lips. It felt soft and warm on my tongue. I could taste the slight saltiness of his skin as I sucked his cock in. His small size was more difficult to manage in the glory hole since I had to push very close to the wall to get his cock in my mouth. My face was next to the sticky wall and I thought for a minute about all the cum that had splattered that wall in the past.

I worked his cock to try to get him to cum, but he had trouble getting into it. He got hard in my mouth, but never came. After a while, he stepped back and zipped up again, leaving the room.

No one came in for a minute, and my Goddess had me stand up and take my dick out of my pants. She sucked me for a few minutes to get me good and hard, and then had me get back on my knees with my dick hanging out. She wanted to make sure I was totally humiliated if someone looked in.

A few minutes later a black guy entered. I knew my Goddess would like this and was prepared to suck him off for her. The black guy leaned down by the hole and looked in, seeing both of us. He asked us if we wanted to come upstairs to one of the rooms with him. I told him no, and he left, disappointed.

As soon as he left, someone else stepped into the room and closed the door. He was a big guy and he looked down and peered through the hole at me. He had a big bald head and bushy eyebrows. He reached through the hole for me, but I pulled away. His hand groped toward my chest. I think he wanted to see if I had tits, but I kept out of his reach and he pulled his hand back.

He must have decided that it didn’t matter, because he stepped up, unzipped and pulled out his cock. This cock was of medium size, fatter than the first guys, still circumcised. I reached up and wrapped my hands around it and stuck his cock in my mouth. The guy must have been a smoker, because I could taste the nicotine through his cock.

Using my hand and mouth together, I was able to get him to cum quickly. Again, I felt his cock swell in my mouth and he shot in deep. I wanted to swallow, but I was getting more and more nauseous from the whole experience and I gagged and choked as I jerked his remaining cum on my face.

He zipped up and left. I was still kneeling on the floor with cum all over my face. My Goddess could see I was near the end of my rope and suggested we leave, but right then the door opened and closed again.

I could tell the next guy was fat. He was also wearing shorts. He immediately unzipped and stepped up to the hole, pulling out his cock. His cock was short and fat, so short, that I wouldn’t be able to use my hand and mouth at the same time. As I leaned forward to take his cock in my mouth, I smelled the rancid smell of his sweat tucked in the layers of fat on his belly. I could see an old hernia scar under the roles bursa escort as moved in to suck. His cock also had a sour taste and I gagged almost immediately, but I knew I had to keep going. I sucked it in and had to bob my head almost into the wall and into his fat belly with every stroke. I was so disgusted, I felt like I was going to puke and I gagged over and over again as I tried to do my duty. He didn’t cum though and finally stepped back, zipped up and left.

At this point, my Goddess decided it was time to leave and I climbed to my feet. She laughed as she looked at my cum covered face. I lifted my hand to wipe it off, and she commanded me to leave it alone. I looked at her in surprise and she smiled at me. “Well, I want everyone to know that you are the cocksucker here.” I felt a flush in my cheeks as I realized I would have to walk out of the place with cum hanging on my face. She saw my reaction and laughed. “Let’s go cocksucker.”

As we walked out the door, we noticed a line of guys waiting to get in the suckee booth. The first one in line was a washed out looking bum with long greasy hair and a beard. OMG, I almost had to suck that guy off. I can’t imagine how nasty that would have been. As we walked down the narrow aisle to leave, I had to walk past everyone with the cum on my face. I felt myself turning red with shame as they stared at me, knowing what I had been doing. I moved fast, trying not to meet anyone’s eyes. I just wanted to get out of there.

On the way out past the counter, we passed the Arabic guy that I had sucked off first. He smiled at us and told us to come back anytime. I nodded and just kept moving. As we walked out the door, there were more people coming in on the ramp. Suddenly, I realized that my wallet was no longer in my pocket. I had dropped it in the booth. I had heard something drop as I had gotten back up. OMG, I would have to go back in to get it. I got my Goddess attention and turned around to go back inside. The bum was right behind me. He had my wallet in his hand and was holding it out towards me.

“I thought I would never catch you”, he said. “You were moving awfully fast. ” I felt ashamed that I had judged him by his appearance earlier. I thanked him and took my wallet. He gave me a strange look as he noticed the cum on my face and I turned around and headed for the car.

The Long Road Home

Once we got in the car, my Goddess started cracking up. She laughed as she handed me a napkin to wipe up the biggest glob of cum on my face. As we drove to the car, we talked about our experience. “You are truly my cocksucker now” she said.

When we got to my car she told me she wanted me to leave the cum on my face all the way to her house. It was an hour drive, so I knew it would be all dried and sticky by then.

As I drove along, she called me and we talked some more. She was excited and enjoyed our adventure. “We will have to do this again.” she said. “I came several times watching you suck cock for me. It was fantastic.”

She told me that we were going to make a stop at a bar near her house. It was a fancy wine bar where one of her friends worked and she wanted me to go in with her.

“Can we stop and clean up first?” I asked. “I still have this cum all over my face.”

“Absolutely not.” she said. “That’s the whole idea. But don’t worry, It’s not even very visible any more. I just want you to feel this way for as long as possible.”

It did feel disgusting. I felt dirty, covered with their filth. It was drying and I felt it as I talked or smiled. I wanted to wash up, but knew I had to wait.

We went to the bar and walked inside. There were only a few people in the bar and a cute girl was tending bar. Fortunately her friend wasn’t working that night. I headed toward a table, but she stopped me. “I want to sit at the bar.” she said. She walked right over to the bar in front of the bartender and sat down.

Oh my, she kept turning up the heat, I thought as I followed her and sat down beside her. The bartender didn’t seem to notice as we ordered our wine, but I felt the humiliation anyway. I could feel the dried cum on my face and yet I had to carry on a conversation anyway. The whole time, my Goddess enjoyed my discomfort.

When we finally left to head home, she told me that she couldn’t wait to fuck me.

I love my Goddess

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