Giving Pleasure

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I was ready for a little adventure. Its been a while since I was with another woman, so I was out on the prowel for a chick. I just wanted to feel what only another woman could make you feel. But what I didn’t want was that sweet tenderness. I wanted to mix it up a little. To get some kink in there. I wanted something I haven’t had. I wasn’t sure what, but I was gonna keep my eyes open to see what I could find.

I happened to stumble across it, or I should say it fell into my laptop. I was on line one day and got this instant message from this couple. They read my profile and said they were looking for someone just like me. Someone that was open minded and into all sorts of things. We started chatting.

The were an engaged couple, both in there mid-forties. He was an ex-marine and she a home maker. They were looking for another woman for her to play with and for him to watch. This got my attention quick fast. I have always had a thing for watching, but have never been watched that way. So I thought this was just what I was looking for. So we chatted some more about it. At first I thought nothing would come of it. Most people start out hot then they lost touch and get cold feet. Me I never back out, if I say I will do it, then I will do it.

We made plans to meet for breakfast and if it worked out, then go to a motel for some play time. The only problem was that I needed a ride. They lived upstate and were willing to meet half way. Since I don’t drive, I had a slight problem. So I called on an ex-lover for a ride.

We all met on line and talked about what will happen and what won’t. Basically the men would watch us chicks have fun. If they çankaya escort wanted they could jerk-off while they watched. But they weren’t allowed to touch us.

We got to the meeting place first. Got a table facing the door and waited. I seen a picture of her on line, and I sent her one of me, so we knew what to look for.

I seen her as she was scanning the place looking for me. She was tall, about 5’10 and plump. She had that clean look about her, she didn’t need make-up. My panties started to get moist. She was just what I needed. I stood up and let her get a look at me when they came to the table. I am shorter then her, about 5’3 and also plump. I noticed that she zero in on my breast. It helped matters that I wore this low cut blouse and a push up bra to show off my assets. I had lots of cleavage going on there thats for sure.

We made small talk over coffee, just getting to know each other. But we all knew where this would end up. There was no doubt about that. We didn’t waste too much time going over to the motel.

Once in the room, she turned shy on me. This is not a problem for me, I like to control anyway, so I took the lead. The men sat in the two chairs facing the bed and we sat on the bed. I reach over and started to touch her hair. Then I just leaned in and kissed her. Just a little kiss at first to see her response. I can tell she was interested.

I slipped my tongue inside her mouth, seeking out hers. We deepened the kiss. I pulled her in close, feeling her breast against mine. My arms were on her back caressing her. I kept kissing her until I felt her touch me. keçiören escort I moaned into her mouth. I layed her down on the bed. Trailing kisses down her neck. Licking her with my tongue. Nibbling on her ear lobe, all the while touching her. My hands found her breast.

Her breast were big and meaty. She was about a 46DD. I was cupping her big tits threw her shirt. I felt her nipples get hard. I slowly put my hands under her shirt and pulled it up. Her breast looked like they wanted to break free. I slipped my hand inside one cup. I felt for her nipple. Quickly pinching it when I found it. I took off her bra. My mouth found first one nipple then the other. I was sucking, licking and gently bitting on her nipples. I couldn’t get enough of them. First one then the other.

As I was doing this, my hand was going down her body, making its way to her pants. I cupped her pussy outside her pants first. Feeling the heat thru her pants. I was out lining her big pussy finding her slit. All the while still licking her tits. I felt her getting wet. If I would have looked down then I would have seen it also.

Instead I pulled off her pants and panties in one motion. I didn’t give her time to back down. I spread her legs and went right in. I took one long lick. From the back of her pussy to the front. Nice and slow. I was doing this over and over. She was dripping on my tongue. I was lapping it up. Then I stopped at her clit. I found her button hard and big. It fit in my mouth perfectly. I just started to suck on it.

She was moaning and wiggling all over the bed. Yet my mouth didn’t leave her etimesgut escort pussy, I just held on. I put my middle finger into her hot hole while I was licking her clit. I was fucking her with my fingers and licking her and then she just exploded in my mouth. She started to scream that she was cumming.

“Oh yea Baby, suck my pussy”, “Lick me while I cum”. She kept saying that over and over until her body stopped shaking. I looked over to the guys and I seen my ex-lover shoot his load at the same time as she came. I thought to myself, I just got two people off and I still had on all my clothes.

I didn’t want to give her time to thing. So then I grabed a toy, something that I thought would really blow her mind. I took out a 12″ dildo. I put it to her lips, wanting her to lick it and get it nice and wet. She licked it from bottom to top. Making it glissen with her spit.

I took the toy from her, and trailed it down her body. Over her big tits, wetting her nipples. Down her belly, and to her wet, hot pussy. I ran it over her pussy lips, she spread her legs wider. I didn’t want to stick it right in at first. I wanted her to want me too. So I teased her with it. Running it over her her lips, over her clit, just touching it. She was on fire.

I gently pushed it into her hot, wet, ready hole. In and out. She started to hump on the toy. I was building up speed and thrusting harder and harder. “Thats it baby, Fuck Me”, “Harder”, “Make me cream again”., she was screaming this. She was all over the bed, all over my hands. Then she exploded again.

She came in buckets it felt like. I felt her body quiver and shake. I saw her nipples get so rock hard. She was exhausted when she finally was done. She just laid there on the bed, spread eagle, with this sweet, tired smile on her face.

I knew she didn’t have anything left in her to do me. But hey, thats ok. I enjoyed all the pleasure I gave her, and I knew we would hook up again, and then the fun would really begin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32