Giving into the Lust

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I pull into the parking lot of the motel. I’m a little surprised to see your car there. I thought you’d chicken out. Just once, we promised. Let’s get it out of our system. We’ve been fucking each other by text for months while our spouses slept. We’ve shared our deepest secrets and desires. I’ve craved your dick inside me for what seems like forever, and I just need one night and then we can move on. If we’re caught it will blow up so many lives and hurt so many people. I’m a jumble of nerves and I almost change my mind standing at the door with my hand raised to knock. Before I knock you open it and roughly pull me inside.

“You’re taking too long, someone could see you.”

Before I can respond you back me up against the wall and crush your mouth on mine. Your tongue finds mine and your hands weave into my hair. Suddenly all of my doubts disappear. I’ve waited for this for so long. I unbutton your jeans and pull the waistband down. I drop down on my knees. I’ve been staring at your beautiful cock on my phone so frequently that I feel like I’m meeting an old friend. I bring you into my mouth. You taste so good. The feel of your shaft on my tongue and your hands guiding my head to your pleasure are intoxicating. Your moans are making my pussy ache and matadorbet I can feel it dripping down my thighs. I yearn to touch myself, get some release, but I focus all of my attention on you. I reach my hands around and cup your firm ass in my hands as my head bobs up and down on you. I tease your asshole with my finger and your moaning increases. You increase the speed and I can feel your cock penetrating my throat. I gag a little and as I do I feel you shoot your warm salty load in my mouth. I continue sucking and milking as much as I can. I want to remember your taste for the rest of my life. Long after your cum is in my stomach I can’t seem to take your cock out of my mouth. You don’t seem to be in a big hurry either. I keep licking and kissing every inch.

Finally, you pull me up by my hand. You pull my shirt off and lower the straps of the bra. You push me back onto the bed and pull me down so my ass is all but hanging off the edge. You start at the top, first kissing my neck, moving down to my tits, taking each nipple in your mouth and flicking it with your tongue. You go lower down my stomach and drop down on your knees between my legs. You pull my shorts down and see I’m wearing the blue lace panties that remind me of your eyes and matadorbet giriş you smile. They’re soaking wet from nearly cumming while sucking your dick. You use one finger to move them aside and run your finger gently up and down my wet lips, making the ache even worse. I arch to get closer to your finger but you push me back. “Be patient.” You pull the panties off with a quick tear. You following my left thigh down with kisses to the center and then agonizingly pass by to the other thigh. I groan in agony. I look down to see your blue eyes staring back at me. I can tell you’re enjoying the teasing.

“Tell me how bad you need to cum. Tell me how bad you want to cum for me, how bad you want my tongue on you.”

I can barely speak. “I want you so bad. P-please make me cum.”

You lower your face. I can feel your beard rough against my soft, freshly shaven lips and your soft wet tongue entering my wet pussy. It’s all it takes for me to explode. My pussy violently contracting around your tongue. You’re eagerly lapping it up as fast as you can. I can feel the vibrations of your moans which is making my orgasm linger. You bring my clit into your mouth and flick it with your tongue and insert a finger in me. I cry out and fist your hair in my hands pushing your face into me, grinding up against you. Before I know what’s happening you’re on your feet and slamming your cock inside me. You grab my arms and pin me to the bed. The wild look in your eyes is so hot. Your hands are grabbing my arms so tightly I just know it’s going to bruise. I only briefly wonder how I’m going to explain that. You release my arms and grab my hair and lower your face to mine.

“I finally get to have all of you. You’re my slut. You feel so good, you taste so good. I want to cum inside you.”

I feel the orgasm building again. I didn’t think I could cum again but it happens just as your unloading your cum inside me. When you’re done you lower yourself back down so that your face is inches from my pussy. “I want to taste our cum mixed together.” You say and lower your mouth, taking everything you can into your mouth. Your rough mouth on my sensitive lips is hard to take. I cry out and try to pull away but you hold my legs in place. When you’ve got all you can, you crawl up the bed and lower your mouth on mine. Just as I thought, we taste amazing together.

I don’t want this to end, but I know it must. I get off the bed and grab my clothes to get dressed. You meet me at the door and cup my face in your hands. “Just once, right?” I say. You don’t respond at first, just stare at me like you want to say something.

“Not once; you’re my slut now” You whisper before I walk out the door with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32