Giving Guys a “Good” Massage

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Big Tits

Guys never admit they need assistance. Just take male drivers that get lost – how often do they admit they need directions? It never happens. And this is what is so great with guys – you can fuck them in semi-public, and they will rarely, if ever, shout for help! Ever straight guys – or as a matter of fact – ESPECIALLY straight guys. Which I have done repeatedly, and will continue doing as long as it gets me off pounding my chocolate colored-dick into muscular, white, asses.

I was 20 years old, and had just recently moved on my own. Naturally, within a week from leaving my parent’s house, I was broke. One day I noticed that the neighborhood Turkish bath needed help, so I applied and got the job. The work was okay, not too exhausting: receiving customers, handing out towels and slippers, and take their money. After having done this for some weeks, one of the masseurs quit. As I had shown some genuine interest in learning some basic technics, my boss asked me if I wanted to try out that line of work. I said sure, but I needed some training first. The pay was better, but even better than that was that I would get to fondle and touch hard-bodied females. Or so I had imagined, but my hopes were quickly put out. Female customers had female masseuses, male customers had, well, me!

To begin with, I had a professional approach to my job. I needed to learn the ropes and basic techniques. However, once I started to become experienced, I started to experience other things as well. As for instance that most male customers getting hard-ons while receiving a massage. Or that lots of male customers were more than willing to pay for some extra service. To begin with, I would offer the occasional hand-job. It was quick, easy, and left a handsome tip. But after a while, I started getting aroused by the entire situation: me, the young, dark brown, guy from a poor neighborhood, controlling these wealthy, white, men. To begin with I was cautious – I would rub my crotch against them during massage, or let a finger slip into their asses. Just in and out, so they wouldn’t feel comfortable about making a scene. After a while, I became more and more assertive and controlling. I would jack them off while finger-fucking them, or sit on top of them, still dressed, while rubbing my cock against their ass-cracks. Small things, but arousing me, and always surprisingly never creating a scene. Before a year had passed, I had had the first guy suck me off, and shortly after that, I had my first fuck. Right there, on his back, on the massage table. Big, strong, guy, moaning like a bitch in heat. It had been great. Sure, it was risky, had I been caught, I would have been fired on the spot. But the sensation of force-fucking a helpless, white, ass, and getting paid for it…well, it beat any risk. And in most cases, my customers must have enjoyed it. At least a little. Or maybe they were just too embarrassed to tell anyone they had been man-handled and fucked by that young, dark-skinned, punk in the massage parlor!

So, another day at work, and I walked into the lobby to receive my next customer. I had been longing all day for some supreme piece of white male, and boy, were my prayers heard! A handsome, well-built, blond-haired, and white male was sitting in the couch. When he saw me, he got up, and I got a chance to study him better. He was good-looking, and the twinkle in his eye as we shook hands, told me that this was Today’s Special Customer. He told me his name was Shane, and that this was his first full-body massage ever.

“Good for you!” I smiled. “I’m Marco your masseuse. Our room is over there. While I prepare for your massage in the adjacent room, just take off your clothes and lie on your back on the massage table. If you feel it is necessary, just use one of the towels on the shelf to Lara Travesti cover yourself and I will return when you are ready.”

He just nodded and watched me as I turned and left the room. After having giving him some minutes to undress, I returned to the room and closed the door. He was lying on his back on the massage table, with a towel over his thighs. His back well-toned, his skin perfect and tanned. But he seemed like the anxious kind, the ones who get all jittery and nervous naked around other men, so I was pretty sure he had kept his underwear on. Being with a younger, dark-skinned, male as myself, probably didn’t help. Well, I was soon to tear whatever underwear he was wearing, straight out from those muscular thighs…

I put some oil on my hands and rubbed them together vigorously to warm up the oil and my hands. “Just close your eyes and relax and let me give you that really good massage that you have ordered. “

I had quickly discovered that my customers enjoyed my voice, that they said it made them help relax. My voice is quite deep and mellow, and I would keep talking in a low voice, while circling in on customers I desired, until I deemed they were ripe for plucking.

I started standing behind his head by gently kneading his shoulders and neck area. My hands are quite large and very strong. I continued down his chest and his upper arms. My touch was strong yet gentle, finding the tension and knots in his muscles. I applied more oil to my hands and started to massage his pecs. He had a gorgeous, hairless. body. I was sure he must have worked out a lot.

“I like the way your body feels” I said. “Especially your chest and abs. They are so smooth and your muscles are very well defined. I really like the way it makes your nipples look and feel.” With that I pinched both of his nipples. They seemed a bit larger than normal nipples for a man, and they were standing straight out from my chest as hard as pencil erasers. He seemed a bit surprised that I did that, but from what I could discern, he also seemed to like it. At least, he hadn’t protested. If they didn’t react at that, it usually meant they wouldn’t react to what was to come later, either. As if a barrier had been breached. The barrier of being sexually assaulted by a hung masseur!

I then moved to the other end of the massage table and started to massage his feet and toes. I added more oil to my hands as I moved further up his legs past his calves to his thighs. He was now getting more and more relaxed and closed his eyes to enjoy the effects of the massage. I enjoyed studying his well-sculptured body. His muscles were easy to locate and work on. He hadn’t noticed, but I had removed his shirt. I was now clothed only in my skintight white shorts.

My hands had now reached the bottom of the towel covering him and let them slide under to continue the massage. As I reached further under the towel I noticed that he had not removed his underwear.

“What do we have here? We don’t need these on…we are all men here.” I said jokingly, but with an undertone. I grabbed the waistband of his bikini briefs with both hands and pulled them down and completely off of him. He was startled by this move, and attempted to sit up, but I just put one of my hands on his chest and firmly pushed him back down into a horizontal position.

“Oh don’t worry, Shane. I just don’t want to get any of my massage oil on your underwear and ruin them.”

In a quick movement, I removed the towel covering him, so he was now completely naked. He made a futile attempt to cover his cock, but I firmly put his arms at his sides. I continued to massage his upper thighs for a few minutes more, occasionally rubbing the back of my hands against his “not so private parts”. Every time I closed Manavgat travesti in on his cock and balls, it would quiver ever so slightly. His breathing was getting all the heavier. Fuck, he was turned on, but working hard as hell not to show!

Just as he was beginning to get obviously aroused, I told him to roll over onto his stomach and let his face rest in this donut-like support at the end of the massage table. He did as he was told, knowing very well that now his completely naked butt would be on display. I returned to the head of the table and applied more oil to my hands. I then started to give him a really deep massage on his shoulder blades and upper back muscles.

As I moved further down his back with my massage, I inched closer to the table until he could feel the heat of my body close to his head. From the position that his head was in, he had a good view of my very large dick covered in my skin-tight white shorts. He had for sure never before been this close to another man’s dick. He seemed unable to take his eyes off of the bulge.

I then suddenly stopped and moved to the foot of the massage table. There was a slight delay before I again resumed his massage, but when I did I was now massaging the back of his thighs. He spread his legs a little further apart giving me access to his inner thighs and a clear view of the crack of his ass.

My massage continued to the tops of his legs and my hands now started to work on the muscles of his butt. I again spread his legs further apart so that now his butt hole was exposed. I took the massage oil bottle and poured a generous amount on his butt cheeks and hole. My hands began to work the oil into his skin moving his butt cheeks apart further exposing his rosebud. This must have been a little uncomfortable for him, but now he was sporting a full-blown hard-on.

First my thumb grazed his hole while continuing his butt massage and then one of my fingers slipped right into his hole. He jumped at the very personal intrusion into his most private entrance into his body. As I was inserting my finger further into him, my other hand held him down firmly in the small of him back.

“Relax, my friend. This is all part of the “very good massage” that you asked for. We want to make sure that all of the muscles in your body are relaxed, even your sphincter muscles. When all of your muscles are relaxed, you will be able to enjoy our massage much better.”

I continued to work my finger in and out of him until I decided it was time to add a second finger. When I pushed both of my fingers all of the way into his butt hole, he must have felt the pain of his anal ring being stretched. I moved them both in and out and seemed to be stretching his sphincter muscles until they would tear.

“Don’t worry honey! You would be surprised how big your hole can get and how large an object can be inserted. We need to get you ready for later so that you can enjoy your very special massage.”

I then removed my fingers from his butt and told him to turn over again. When he did, he noticed that I had removed my shorts and was now completely naked. His dick was as hard as a rock and standing straight up in the air. I was huge as it hung between his legs almost to his knees. I again moved to the head of the massage table and removed the donut-like contraption that he was resting his face in. I then grabbed him under his arms and pulled him towards me at the head of the table until his head was hanging off of the end of the table. From this position, he was looking directly at my huge dick with his head upside down.

“Now it is time to stretch the muscles in your other hole.”

I grabbed my dick with one hand and held his head in position with the other hand. I positioned the enormous Side travesti purple head of my dick up to his lips.

“Open wide, Shane! It is time for you to see what a man’s dick feels and tastes like.”

I could sense how he wondered what on earth he had gotten himself in to. All that he had wanted was a massage, and now he was going to have another man’s dick in his mouth. He was pretty vulnerable being completely naked, lying on his back with me ordering him to put my dick in his mouth.

As in a daze, he opened his mouth and I began to push the head of my dick into his mouth. He had to open his mouth as wide as he could to let all of my head enter his mouth. His lips closed around my shaft just below the head of my dick. I sighed as I felt the warm, soft, touch of his tongue.

“Suck it sweetheart, like it was a lollipop. Put your tongue on top of my dick and breathe through your nose. I’ll be gentle with you until you get used to having my dick in that pretty little mouth of yours. “

As he got used to the huge head of my dick in his mouth, I moved my hips closer to his head forcing my dick further into his mouth. My dark brown dick against his white skin. Always such a turn-on. I continued to work my dick into his mouth until the head hit the back of his throat. He began to gag and pulled out a little and then moved back in until I was banging against the back of his throat again.

“When I move my dick up against your throat, stick your tongue out as far as it will go and swallow at the same time.”

He just looked at me with his large, forgiving, eyes. The big guy! Already bottomed for good. I then tilted his head back further until the opening in his mouth and his throat were in a straight line. This is why I had his head hanging off of the end of the massage table, so that I could push his dick into my throat easier. Hey, as I said, experience comes over time! As I moved my hips forward again and the head of my dick hit the back of his throat, he extended his tongue along the shaft of my dick and swallowed at the same time. I pushed my dick further into his mouth until he felt the head of my dick enter his throat.

“That’s it sweetheart, I can see my fuck stick making your throat bulge out. Keep doing what I told you until I get all of my inches into you.”

I kept forcing more and more of my dick into his mouth until my enormous balls were along side of his nose. He had taken my entire dick down his throat. Just as he was about to gasp for breath, I pulled out of his throat to allow him a breath, and as soon as he did I rammed my dick all of the way down his throat again.

“You are going to make a great cock-sucker, Shane! Stay relaxed while I fuck your face until my balls fill your stomach with my cum.”

I knew he had never before even had another man’s dick touch him, let alone have one in his mouth, but here he was: deep-throating my solid dick! Was he enjoying it? I didn’t really care by now, but the effort he was putting into this, suggested he was. Even more, his dick was sticking straight up, and I was certain that his balls were ready to explode!

“I bet this beats the crap out of whatever sexual experiences you might have had with your pretty little girlfriend or wife or whatever, right?”, I said mockingly. An unintelligable moan was the only answer. “Is she white, too? Does she know her white boyfriend likes sucking brown cock, huh?” Another sound came from his throat. I think he said yes.

I continued pumping my cock in and out of his throat until I felt close to exploding. I tensed and I shoved my dick as far down his throat as I could, driving my hips into his face. I held his face to my balls tightly with both hands, as my dick pumped my hot cum deep down his throat. When I finished pumping him full of my cum, I withdrew my dick from his abused throat and he gasped for air.

“Baby, you’re one great face-fuck!”

I threw a towel at him.

“By the way, I have some good news for you: an additional massage, on the house, is coming up!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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