Girls’ Night

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It was another friday night of hanging out with my friends, a guys’ night out so to speak. Usually it was about four or five of us playing pool and darts in my buddy Todd’s game room that he had set up, drinking, and listening to a bunch of rock music. This would normally turn into a game of beer pong or any other drinking game that we could come up with, until we would all crash out drunk in various areas of Todd’s house.

Tonight was a little different. The drinking and playing pool was still a go, but Todd’s wife Jennifer was there keeping a close eye on us due to the fact her parents would be coming to visit early in the morning. They were flying in from out of state and staying the week, and needless to say Jennifer didn’t want a handful of sick and hungover guys lying around in her house. How Todd even convinced her to let us still party tonight was a miracle, although she said we could only stay until midnight and then she was driving us home.

As I said a very slurred goodbye to them in the driveway in front of my house, I decided that maybe being home early wasn’t such a bad thing. When the Fridays for guys night came around, that also meant my wife Sherri had friends over for a few drinks as well. Usually they just sat and gossiped about relationships, at least to my knowledge. I was pretty lit already, but it would be nice to maybe drink a few with the girls and then get to fall asleep in my own bed when I’d had too much.

The first thing I noticed as I stumbled up to the front door was that there was music blaring inside. Not really unusual seeing as how Sherri and her friends loved to dance when they drink. I unlocked the door and went inside, nearly deafened by the stereo. No one was in the living room so I made my way to the kitchen where I expected to find the girls mixing drinks.

The kitchen was empty as well, but the table was a mess. I could see the girls’ drinks on the table, all half finished. Judging by the number of shot glasses that were also there, Sherri had two friends over tonight. Typical. Probably her two best friends Stacy and Megan.

Stacy was an athletic looking blonde and had a really cute face. She was pretty gorgeous and even Sherri admitted so. She and Sherri were really good friends from college. Her most noticeable physical trait other than her blue eyes was definitely her breasts. She was slightly tall and wasn’t a thick girl at all but she had the biggest set of natural tits that I have ever seen. They were a decent C cup by my measure, not unbelievably large, but it took a lot not to stare when she came around.

Megan was another looker. She was short and dark haired and most of the time she was quiet and shy. She had been Sherri’s friend for as long as I could remember. Whereas Stacy was top heavy, Megan was a girl with a lot of bottom. Though short, she had thick legs and an ass that turned heads wherever she went. It was a nice round ass that swayed and jiggled slightly as she walked.

Though Sherri herself was a very attractive woman as well, when either one of her friends came around, I was hard pressed (literally) to keep my eyes to myself.

As I surveyed the scene through groggy eyes, the girls were apparently doing more than just hanging out for casual drinks. They were really getting messed up tonight.

I decided to pour myself a glass of whiskey and go find them. I thought they might be outside on the back patio, but as I looked out the back door all I could see was darkness. I finished my whiskey with a sour face and shook my head. I poured another and decided to go change into something comfortable. Sherri and her friends were probably somewhere outside goofing off or something.

I made my way upstairs toward our bedroom. I thought about calling out for Sherri to see if they were up there before coming up but with the music so loud she probably wouldn’t have heard. I was just about to stumble into the bedroom when I noticed the door was cracked about half open and the light was on. This normally wouldn’t have alarmed me had I not seen what was happening inside the bedroom.

I saw Sherri lying on the bed in her bra and panties, the sheets a wadded mess underneath of her. Hovering over her on her hands and knees with her back arched was Stacy. Stacy was wearing about the same thing except instead of a bra she was wearing one of my old workout tank tops. My tank top!

I was frozen in place with my mouth open and a glass of whiskey in my hand. My mind couldn’t process what I was seeing, especially not in its current state of stupor. Surely they couldn’t be….

I watched as Stacy swept a blonde lock of my wife’s hair from her eyes and dove down into a deep kiss. Sherri ran her hand through Stacy’s hair and pulled her in deeply. I saw their mouths open from time to time and witnessed their tongues rolling against each other. The kiss wasn’t exactly slow either. Stacy’s head would turn from side to side like a dancing cobra and her hands worked in no bursa yabancı escort particular order over my wife’s body.

I didn’t know what to do. My first emotion standing in the dark hallway was that I had come home to see something I wasn’t meant to see, and that there was another person making out with my wife. Anger built within me quickly, but subsided just as fast as I marveled at these two gorgeous women in my bed.

Stacy withdrew from Sherri’s face with a gasp. I could then see the look in my wife’s glossy eyes. She was trashed, clearly, but more than that she looked hungry. She wanted this! Stacy went back to work and went this time for Sherri’s neck. Good move, I thought to myself distantly. Sherri loved her neck being kissed. Stacy was kissing and licking my wife’s neck as though trying to remove chocolate from her skin.

She didn’t stop there though. Stacy kept working her way down to Sherri’s chest, her movements causing her back to incline and her ass to stick up, and her beautiful tits to sway under the fabric of my tank top. Without warning she reached into my wife’s bra and pulled out one of her breasts. Sherri’s breasts aren’t small things either, though perhaps not as large as Stacy’s. It made no matter to Stacy who clutched Sherri’s tit in one hand and sucked and nibbled at the quickly firming dark pink nipple. The blurring of pain and pleasure was written plainly on my wife’s sweet face.

I was instantly hard, my trapped dick pressing against my jeans fiercely. My wife had never mentioned being attracted to women at all, but from the looks of it she was loving this. I had a notion to walk in, maybe even try to join them. I knew better though. I knew if I walked in they would stop immediately. I would likely ruin this. I made sure I was still hidden in the dark hallway, took a sip of whiskey, licked my lips and continued to watch.

Stacy had now made her way down across Sherri’s tanned stomach and to the top of her thighs where she chewed and sucked while squeezing her thigh with both hands. Stacy would shoot lustful looks up to Sherri as she did, and Sherri returned them with a wicked little smile and what I thought were moans. It was hard to tell because of the music.

It was then that Megan walked in. I had forgotten about her. She walked out from the bathroom almost so close to the door where I was spying that I almost shouted in surprise. She didn’t notice me. Her shoulder length black hair was up in a ponytail and she wasn’t wearing a top. The sight of her bare back made my dick jump. She was wearing really tight boi shorts that couldn’t completely cover that thick ass of hers. It almost hurt to look at, stretching those silky black shorts the way it did.

Stacy saw Megan approach the bed, smiled and reached for her. Megan climbed onto the bed to join her, and I noticed the bottle in her hand then. Some sort of liquor. Stacy got up close to her and put an arm around her, grinning and panting, her breasts pressing firmly into Megan’s chest as they were inches from each other’s face.

Stacy took the bottle from Megan and turned it up for a swig. I could tell she didn’t swallow, but then pulled Megan’s silky black ponytail down tilting her head back. The shorter girl’s mouth was poised and ready as Stacy went in for an alcoholic kiss. The two kissed long enough to swap the fluid and Stacy and my wife cheered as Megan gulped the liquor down. Sherri then crawled up beside Stacy and took a kiss shot as well, with Megan lapping up some of the liquor that ran down her chin and neck.

I took my own gulp of whiskey, enthralled at the sight of these beautiful girls. They were now kissing one another deeply, and I saw my wife’s hand squeezing one of Megan’s plump ass cheeks. By now I was almost sure that this was sort of as far as it was going. I had seen that they like to get wild when they drink now, but none of them were bisexual or lesbian, so I was sure that they couldn’t go all the way. It was one thing for them to kiss and fool around, but it was another thing entirely to completely have sex with each other.

To my surprise, Megan pushed Sherri down to the mattress on her back. She had apparently unclasped my wife’s bra, and her tits bounced free as she fell. Megan then straddled herself on top of her, giving me a good view of her plump ass as she layed atop of Sherri. I could also see a bit of both of the girls’ sides, and my wife’s round rack pressed against Megan’s pale petite tits. They instantly began to make out passionately, and I found myself rubbing my dick through my jeans.

Stacy rolled off the bed and went to the side of the bedroom that I couldn’t see. I was more focused on watching Megan with my dear wife at the moment. Megan’s hips began to roll and grind, rubbing her crotch against Sherri’s as they kissed. It was mesmerizing to see as her thick rump squeezed up and popped back in a steady fluid motion as though she was riding a cock. bursa sınırsız escort

Again Sherri’s seemingly tiny hands slid around Megan’s back and seized both of her huge ass cheeks in a tight grip. My dick pumped hard as I saw my darling wife raise a hand and smack Megan’s ass with a loud pop that I heard even over the music. This drove Megan’s jiggling ass to grind a bit harder and faster as they continued to lock lips and tongue each others mouths.

Stacy then came back into view and climbed onto the bed behind the two girls. She placed something on the bed beside her, then grabbed the small pair of boi shorts on Megan’s ass and began to pull them off. Megan slipped her legs out of the panties and I got an eye full of her tight little asshole and her throbbing hairless peach below it. I felt so nasty seeing Sherri’s best friend with her most exclusive parts exposed. Megan’s ruffled lips were puckered and split open underneath her just above my wife’s crotch, like a flower in bloom.

Stacy then reached under and pulled off Sherri’s pink thong, exposing the nice shaven pussy I was very used to. As soon as the two girls were bottomless, their glistening slits pressed against each other, and as they resumed their kissing, Megan slowly grinded her slick pussy against Sherri’s.

I couldn’t contain my bulging dick anymore. I drained the rest of my whiskey and unfastened my pants and freed my cock, immediately stroking my pulsing rod. I couldn’t believe what was happening in my bed. It was absolutely shocking that my wife was doing this. It was incredibly hot. Any thoughts of betrayal I felt before were gone, replaced by absolute ecstasy as I watched the scene before me and jacked my stiff dick.

I hadn’t noticed what Stacy was doing until I saw what she held in her hand. She was holding an incredibly long hot pink dildo. I noticed that it had a head on each end and was flexible, wobbling and leaning over in her hand. Stacy had a lustful smile on her face as she spit in her palm and stuck her hand between the pussy sandwich in front of her. She wasted no time doing the same to the dildo and guiding one end towards Megan’s bulbous backside.

The pink cock slid into Megan’s lips like a knife into warm butter. Her head tossed back, her back arched, and she let out a loud moan, and underneath her Sherri began sucking on her small tits.

Stacy began to slowly work the dick in and out of her, driving it deeper with each pump. She then turned the second half down to Sherri’s waiting lips and pushed the head inside.

As soon as the dildo was inside of both girls, Megan put her ass to work. The two mounds of her backside began popping up and down and back and forth. Sherri was wiggling her hips from underneath as well, raising her impaled peach to rub across her friend’s snatch. Stacy propped herself on an elbow and began to rub herself through her wet panties, watching, just as I was, while the girls fucked. She would occasionally reach over to grab and squeeze the underside of Megan’s bouncing ass cheeks where they met her thighs.

As my breathing quickened with every stroke of my dick, I could also hear Sherri and Megan’s moans turn to screams. The music blared on as their movements became frantic, with Megan’s chunky round ass crashing down the length of the dildo into my wife’s penetrated pussy. I felt the dull burn of an orgasm deep in my rod flushing to the tip. My motions became erratic and my knees became wobbly as I watched Megan ride my wife faster and faster.

Suddenly, the girls’ hips slammed together and began grinding slow and deep. I lost sight of the hot pink rod they were sharing as their cunts pressed together, glistening wet with cum. Sherri’s hands were clawing into Megan’s meaty ass, and had one small pink breast glued to her mouth as she came. It was finally too much for me. With my eyes glued to Megan’s thick clenching cheeks, my dick pumped and fired stream after hot stream onto the carpet below me. With each stuttering breath I milked every bit of cum I had from my dick.

After my cock was spent and hanging semi erect, Megan and Sherri were making out passionately. Stacy reached over and flopped the top half of the pink dildo out of Megan’s wet snatch, and then slid it out of my wife’s pussy. Megan climbed off of Sherri and rolled to the side, flushed red and breathing hard.

I watched as Stacy pulled Sherri up to a sitting position and my wife turned slightly, her back towards me, and scooted closer to Stacy. Stacy now had the bottle in her hand and was saying something to her. Stacy then put the bottle to Sherri’s lips and turned the bottom up. I looked on in awe as my wife began chugging what I could now see was some kind of flavored rum. I had never seen Sherri drink like this. She took four to five big chugs before Stacy withdrew the bottle and let her breath.

Stacy flipped her hair over her shoulder and handed the bottle down to Megan. görükle escort She then climbed into Sherri’s lap and sat, just before reaching down and pulling my tank top over her head and flinging it to the floor. It was the first time I had seen her bare tits and they were completely amazing. She was the most blessed girl in the world apparently, with perfectly placed half dollar sized nipples and nicely rounded tits that hung naturally on her skinny frame. They were big enough that she actually grabbed one, tucked her chin, and licked the brown nipple as she smiled wickedly at my wife.

Sherri took the invitation wholeheartedly. She wrapped both arms around Stacy’s back and pulled her close, taking her breast in her mouth immediately. Stacy tossed her head back and let out a cry as Sherri bit down and sucked her hardened nipples from time to time. Megan took this opportunity to get up and pour another shot into Stacy’s mouth. The liquid ran down the sides of her chin and onto her tits, where my wife greedily licked up as much of the rum as she could.

When Stacy had had enough of the foreplay, she dropped back on her back and spread her legs. I had a full frontal view of her tits and her smooth stomach, as well as her legs opened spread eagle. Sherri caught me by surprise when she reached down, clenched Stacy’s little panties in her fist, and jerked them down her long legs as hard as she could. Once she had them, Sherri looped them around her neck like a necklace and left them there while Stacy lay giggling and biting her lip in front of her.

The sight of Stacy’s newly bared snatch and my wife’s fierce sexual desire had got my dick pumping full of blood again. Not taking my eyes from the landing strip between Stacy’s thighs, I spit in my hand and lubed my cock for another round. Usually after I came I was spent and it was over for me, but I couldn’t help but my dick was stiff and I had to start stroking again.

Sherri dove her face down and began kissing at Stacy’s thighs, her ass pointing towards me and sticking up high. It didn’t take Stacy long to run her fingers through my wife’s hair and guide her head to her waiting peach. Though I couldn’t make out everything she was doing, it shocked the hell out of me and turned me on that Sherri was eating pussy.

Megan began to pour more alcohol into Stacy’s mouth as she propped herself onto her elbows and let her head fall back. Again the rum ran down between her huge tits and to her belly, where some of it ran off onto the bed and some trickled down across her cunt and into Sherri’s lips. As Megan stopped pouring, she spotted the pool of rum that had gathered in her friend’s belly button and proceeded to suck it out.

This went on for several minutes until Stacy reached and found the double dildo and pulled Sherri’s head up. She lay one of her legs on its side with the other still spread and bent, and then without any hesitation, shoved one half of the pink dick up inside of her. This quick motion drew forth a loud and lustful cry from her. I looked on still jerking as my wife took her cue and moved into position.

To my sheer pleasure, Sherri spread her legs, turning hers opposite of Stacy’s, and lowered her sweaty crotch to the other end of the dildo. Megan was there to assist, and leaned over Sherri’s waiting pussy and spit before rubbing the natural lube into her lips. Megan then worked the dildo into my wife and drew back her hand as it slipped inside.

What happened next was something I’d never ever thought I’d witness. Both Stacy and my wife began to scissor fuck each other with the dildo between them. Stacy pushed herself up high on her hands and ground away against Sherri’s cunt, her waist twisting and rolling like a belly dancer, and her luscious tits wobbling and swaying. Sherri lay almost on her side, with one of her friend’s legs clutched in a bear hug and her crotch returning the onslaught she was receiving.

Megan was a good bartender, making her rounds around the bed pouring rum into each of the girls’ mouths, the whole while rubbing her fingers into her red twat. Stacy apparently had great arm strength, because she never let herself fall to the bed. She continued to twist and roll her hips, thrusting into my wife, throwing her head back at times and then glaring lustfully down at her partner and moaning. I licked my lips as I stroked faster, wishing I could rush in and bury my face in Stacy’s tits and suck away.

Sherry twisted to her side and laid on her back. Her head rolled back on the bed and I witnessed her look of sheer ecstasy. I pumped my dick even faster, turned on by her pleasure in fucking Stacy. It was then that Megan turned the bottle of rum up and finished the last bit that was in it. She wiped her mouth and tossed the bottle aside. She then leaned down over my wife and appeared to say something to Sherri while she was thrusting her hips against Stacy.

Whatever she said must have been a question because Sherri gave her a nod and smiled, licking her lips. Megan gave her a sloppy kiss and began to climb on to the bed. With her back to me, she straddled Sherri’s head, her thick sweaty ass positioned right over my wife’s face. My hand began to work furiously, pumping my raw cock, watching Sherri reach up and pull the plump cheeks down to her face.

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