Girl’s Night Pt. 08

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This a continuation from an earlier story. It contains fetish themes of forced feminization, public humiliation and other erotic themes that may not be to everyone’s taste. If you enjoy these, please read on and leave comments as to how you’d like the story to evolve or what you like. Enjoy. – DB


After a short walk to the restaurant level Sophie excused herself to use the ladies room, leaving Fisher on a bench answering follow requests as instructed when a shadow darkened his crossed legs.

“Looks like you could use some company,” said a husky male voice.

“I’m fine thank you,” Fisher said quickly, his heart rate jumping rapidly, not daring to look up.

“Damn right you are baby,” said a second voice.

Now this got Fisher’s attention. He looked up eyes flashing from one early 20-something meathead to the other. Both were dressed as you would think, tank-top, board shorts, overblown hair sprouting from their tanned faces and bodies rippling with likely steroid induced muscles.

“Listen guys,” Fisher said, mustering as much courage as he could, but sounding like more of a bimbo than ever.

“I think I could listen to you all day,” the first one said as he pushed the bags aside and sat down beside Fisher. “I’m Chuck, and this is Justin. What’s your name hot stuff?”

“Please, guys,” Fisher pleaded, his view of the hallway blocked by the looming Justin. “I don’t think I’m your type, ok?”

“Oh, you’re just my type baby,” Justin said, moving to sit on the other side of Fisher.

“Yeah,” Chuck said, “why would you think you’re not our type? I love long legs, big tits and blond hair. Bet your ass looks great too.”

“I’m just not,” Fisher whimpered, his composure slowly eroding.

“Wait,” Justin said, “you a lez?”

“What?!” Fisher exclaimed. “No!”

And then his phone came alive in his hand. Both guys looked right at the screen and Sophie’s new moniker left little doubt. “MISTRESS” in big bold letters right there at the top.

“Not lez, but you got a Mistress?” Chuck asked with a grin. “That makes you bi and twice as hot.”

“I have to check this,” Fisher said quickly, ignoring his insinuation.

“Yeah, you check that,” Chuck said, “and we can keep checkin’ you.”

“Made some new friends Candi? Lol”

“Where are you??? Please Hurry!”

“I’m watching you. Jenny’s here 2. Keep them entertained until I tell you.”

“Sophie!! How long???”

“Idk. I’m enjoying your humiliation. Why don’t you talk about your movie? Or show them a clip?”

“Sophie, please, don’t make me”

“Haha. Just tell them. Now stop texting. Don’t be rude. xoxo”

Fisher lowered his phone as Chuck inched closer, one meaty thigh pressed against his.

“Movie star huh?” Chuck asked.

“Amateur,” Fisher answered, blushing profusely, “I… I did my first shoot last night.”

“That’s hot,” Justin said, “so what’s your name?”

“Candi Glam.” Fisher answered without thinking.

“Cool.” Justin said and immediately fished his phone from his pocket.

“So tell me again why I wouldn’t be interested in a amateur porn star, Candi?” Chuck asked, placing his rough hand on Fisher’s knee.

Fisher was frozen in place, knuckles white as he clutched his phone.

“This is you?” Justin asked holding the phone up, the Candi Glam profile on his screen.

Fisher nodded.

“Def some hot pics on here bro,” Justin said, “this girl ain’t no amateur.”

The guys laughed and Fisher cringed as his phone went off again. This time a message from Jennifer. He opened it to find a video clip. Before he could flip off of it Chuck ripped it from his hand and pressed play.

Sophie’s voice came on, the phone at full volume:

“Beg me to be my whore Candi!”

Fisher watched as he was spanked on camera. He looked different without a wig.

“MMMPHH! Please let me be your whore Mistress!”

“You’ll suck cock for your Mistress, won’t you Candi?” That was Jenny.

Spanked twice more

“MMMPHH! Yes, MMMPHH! I’ll suck cock for my Mistress!”

“And you’ll swallow every drop, won’t you cum slut?” Sophie.

“Yes Mis, MMMPHH! Yes Mistress!! Please, let me be your cum slut!!”

“Told you she’d be begging to be pimped,” Sophie laughed.

When the clip ended, Fisher couldn’t make eye contact. He could only sit there, waiting. The hand slowly slipped from his knee and the bench shifted slightly as the two young men rose. His phone hit him in his bare stomach and then they were gone. Fisher shivered and felt he might cry. He quickly texted Jenny.

I don’t think they liked the movie.

LOL. Guess they aren’t into sissy bitches. :*

Lucky for you.

Please don’t do that again.

Why? You know if Sophie didn’t control your cock you’d be throbbing in your panties right now. Wouldn’t you?

Yes Jennifer.


Because I am a sissy whore who loves to be humiliated and used.


Fisher looked around the mall as the mid-afternnon crowd strolled by, trying to control his breathing. konak escort He didn’t want to admit it, but Jenny was probably right. He had no control any longer. Couldn’t function properly if he wanted to. Here he was actually thankful for being emasculated and he shuddered as he thought what could have happened. He sat there for what seemed like an eternity, until finally Jenny and Sophie appeared.

“Miss me Candi?” Sophie asked with a sly grin.

“Yes Sophie,” Fisher answered, “of course. I don’t like being alone.”

“What happened to your friends?” she asked, looking back and forth. “I told you I wanted you to entertain them until I told you.”

“They saw a clip from last night,” Fisher said, looking to Jenny. “She sent it to me.”

“Oh my god!” Sophie exclaimed, feigning suprise. “You didn’t!?”

“Oh,” Jenny said proudly, “I did.”

“What did they say Candi?” Sophie asked.

“Nothing,” he answered, “they just got up and left.”

“Should we see if we can find them,” Sophie asked, “and you can apologize for not being honest about wanting to suck their cocks like in the movie?”

“Please no Sophie!” he said quickly. “They’ll hurt me!”

“Don’t be such a baby,” Jenny said, “I’m sure it’ll only hurt at first, then you’ll like it.”

Sophie laughed and then added, “We’ll just have you offer them handjobs if you’re too scared.”

“Please no Sophie,” he pleaded, “I c… can’t”

“You can,” she said, leaning over and whispering in his ear matter-of-factly, “or you can watch while I do it. Your choice.”

“Sophie,” he said, his heart pounding in his chest, “you wouldn’t.”

“Wouldn’t I?” she said, now face to face with him. “You’re nothing but a limp dick sissy now, just like you wanted. You couldn’t fuck me even if you were allowed to. Which you aren’t. So what is it going to be Candi?”

Fisher had no choice but to acquiesce. “I’ll apologize and offer them handjobs,” he said.

“That’s my girl,” Sophie said and kissed him softly on the lips. “Jenny, tell them thank you, and we’ll see them in a bit…”

Fisher’s jaw dropped. Jenny knew them! And she had set him up. Fuck, he was too easy. Maybe he really was turning into a bimbo.

“Gotcha Candi,” Sophie said, pulling Fisher to his feet and handing him her bags. “Those guys are friends of Jenny here.”

Fisher stepped forward, laden with bags and dread. He could see them now, and he whimpered, a sick feeling rising in his stomach. There they were, sipping drinks and laughing, at a table much to large for just the two of them.

“Oh god,” he heard himself say as he turned to face Jenny and Sophie.

“You see them laughing at your dumb ass, don’t you?” Jenny asked gleefully.

“Yes,” Fisher admitted.

“Wow,” Sophie said, “they are ripped, huh Candi? I hadn’t really noticed before.”

“Yes Sophie,” he answered, “please don’t make me do this…”

“Relax slut,” Jenny said, “They’re harmless… for now.”

“C’mon baby.” Sophie said.

Fisher just nodded, dumbstruck. He never figured on this. He never figured on any of this.

“Looks like somebody forgot their manners.” Sophie said. “Maybe another spanking will help you to remember them?”

“Hello guys.” Fisher said quickly, snapping out of his daze.

“That’s better, slut.” Sophie said, then continued, “and there had better not be any hesitation or whining because we will not hesitate to remind you of your place.”

“I’ll be a good girl, Sophie,” Fisher said. He swore his voice sounded a million miles away.

“We’re about to find out slut…” Sophie said as Chuck and Justin rose to meet them.

“So nice of you to join us, ladies,” Chuck said, stopping inches in front Fisher. “And nice to see you again, little bitch. Have a seat.”

They all sat down at the round table, Fisher seated between Sophie and a chair that was now piled with bags. He sat quietly as they all got acquainted, learning that Chuck ran a gym and Justin worked security at one of the movie lots. They ate and talked, Sophie ordering him a salad and a green tea, and as they were finishing the talk finally turned to him.

“So we had Candi convinced that you were pissed!” Jenny said loudly. “But the funniest part is what she agreed to do to apologize!”

“Aplogize how, exactly?” Chuck asked, leaning over the table.

“I was… going to give you both… both handjobs,” Fisher admitted.

“You gonna let me cum right in your tranny face bitch?” Chuck asked lewdly. “Bet you’ll like that too, won’t ya?”

“Yes,” Fisher admitted, a familiar feeling creeping through his groin. Had it already been an hour?! No, not now, please don’t let this happen now, he thought.

“I thought so,” Chuck said, leaning back confidently. “Now tell Justin.”

Fisher turned toward Justin, “I… I was going to jerk you off too to aplogize for not being honest with you.”

“Nah,” he replied, “I’d rather cum on those big fake tits of yours. Treat you like the real fuckin’ cum dumpster you are.”

Fisher sat there dumbfounded kuşadası escort as they all laughed at him.

“Oh my god, Justin!,” Jenny said, grinning, “where’d that come from?”

Justin laughed, “Dunno, probably your evil influence Jen, and, you know what you told me.”

“Let’s go then,” Jenny said, not even trying to conceal her excitement.

The whole table turned their attention to Sophie, Fisher feeling immediately light headed.

“Sophie, no,” Fisher said, “I… I can’t.”

“How long have you been waiting,” Sophie urged, “waiting to be used like a whore? You know you want it… you know you’ve been craving this for how long?”

“It..” Fisher stammered, trying to find words, coherent thoughts. “It was just a fantasy. A story in my head. This… this is too real.”

“But you look so fucking hot Candi,” Jenny encouraged. “You were made for this. Keep living your fantasy. You won’t be sorry.”

“And I can’t promise the same if you refuse,” Sophie added.

Fisher opened his mouth to answer, and Sophie took his face in her hands, kissing him deeply, moaning on his tongue, pulling him to her. He melted into her, eyes closing, trying to maintain some dignity, desperate to find the sanity in the situation. But he was already lost.

“Promise me,” he said softly as she broke the kiss, his eyes still closed, “that you won’t see me differently.”

“I promise baby,” Sophie said, leaving a lingering kiss on his bottom lip. “I love you just the way you are, my sexy little freak. What you’re doing right now was just a fantasy too, and look how excited you are, look how you walked around, look how easily you let yourself been led here. You know deep down, this is a part of you that you want to explore, and I want to help you.”

“Help me Sophie,” he said, a single tear slipping from the corner his eye. “Show me what I’ve been aching for… please…”

“That’s better,” Sophie said, drying his tear with a cloth napkin. “But we still have some shopping to do. You need new shoes, and a new bra and some new panties. But when we see them tonight, you’re going to show me what my sissy slut is willing to do to please me. Jenny, I think your friends won’t mind meeting us tonight?”

“Sounds perfect,” Jenny said, “I think I can keep these two occupied for a bit.”

“You know what they say about anticipation,” Justin said.

“What do they say?” Sophie asked, “Do you know Candi?”

“That waiting for something makes it twice the fun?” Fisher suggested.

“That’s right baby,” Sophie said, “Now where to first? Shoes or panties?”

Fisher grinned sheepishly as they all waited to hear his answer. “Panties.”

“That’s no surprise,” Jenny said, shaking her head, “you going to pick out something cute like the ones I let you borrow last night?”

“Oh, I think so,” Sophie answered for him. “She does have the ass for a thong, and she’ll need one for the dress she’s wearing tonight.”

“How is that ass by the way Candi? Do you miss me?” Jenny asked, her eyes drilling into Fisher’s coldly.

Sophie laughed loudly, taking Fisher’s hand and guiding him to his feet, “Oh my god, I can’t believe I forgot to tell you, she told me she could still feel you inside her this morning.”

“Glad I made an impression,” Jenny said, still staring hard at Fisher, “I hope to make another one very soon, slut.”

“I… I’d, I’d like that Domme Jennifer,” Fisher responded, the whole group knowing it wasn’t a lie.

“C’mon you, get our things before Jenny bends you right over this table,” Sophie said, unable to conceal her grin.

Fisher’s heart slowed, his breathing becoming more manageable with every step away from the table. He could feel them staring at him, but he dared not look back, did not want to see the faces of the men who had been his undoing, or Jennifer. That scheming little blonde vixen had his number from the moment he woke up in the clinic yesterday. Now today, especially after everything she had put him through last night, he was powerless against her.

“Penny for your thoughts baby?” Sophie said as the windows and shops breezed by.

“Jenny… why do you let her say those things to me?” he asked bluntly.

Sophie could hear the despair in his voice, even with the altered sound. She shook her head, choosing her words carefully. “Because I like seeing your reactions,” she said. “she is much more direct, and abrasive than I am. You forget, I watched those pornos with you, I saw how it threw you off when your body reacted to cruel and degrading scenarios. I could never call you some of the things she does. But you want that don’t you?”

“How could I deny it Sophie,” Fisher answered, “look what she does to me… has done to me. Someone like her though, god, she’ll never let me forget this.”

“Tomorrow will be different,” she said, placing her hand on his bent arm. “I swear.”

“How do you know?” Fisher asked.

“You’re just going to have to trust me baby,’ she said with a smile. “But for today, you need to stop worrying so much and foça escort think about trying to look as sexy as you can tonight.”

Fisher nodded and followed her into Victoria’s Secret, the vision of all the displayed silk and lace never failing to fill him with wonder and twinges of lust. He almost felt a sense of belonging, albeit misplaced, but he could still remember the first time he had told Sophie about his secret and she surprised him with a pair of simple black lace panties from her drawer. He shuddered at the memory, a smile creasing his plump pink lips.

“Now,” Sophie said, looking at him lovingly, “that’s much better, where has that been?”

“I never thought,” he said softly, “I’d be here like this.”

“Lets make the most of it,” she said. “You’ll need something no show for tonight, but still something cute, and we can get you something to sleep in too, would you like that?”

“You know I would,” he said, falling back into himself with every passing second.

“And I’m going to pick out some panties for you too,” she added. “so you can stop wearing mine.”

Fisher blushed and mouthed a thank you, his heart lighter as she teased him, forgetting for a moment what was waiting for him. He was thankful that the shop was busy, no salesperson had greeted them as they were busy with other customers so he and Sophie browsed freely, and before long he no longer cared about his turgid cock throbbing in his panties. Nor did he care when Sophie held things up to him, framing his body with babydolls, teddies and nighties. She constantly complimented him, his face warm as he blushed, her touch electric as she caressed and teased him.

Sophie had a feeling that this would be the highlight of his day at the mall, and she was enjoying making him blush in the shop full of women with a smattering of men around. She knew Fisher would relax here, but not so much that he didn’t go rigid the first time she held up a sheer nightie to his torso, telling him how nice it would feel to wrap her arms around him while he was wearing it. She made sure to let her hands linger on him as she held up each article of clothing to him, caressing his skin, brushing across his shorts when she held cute panties to him in a mirror, or cupping his breasts when she pressed a bra to his pliant breasts. She knew that if it was turning her on he would be beside himself. And when they finally were alone in the changing room she wasn’t disappointed.

“Am I driving you crazy Candi?” Sophie asked as the door slid closed behind them. She eyed him warily in the full length mirror, hanging up their selections, wondering if he would be honest.

“You know that you are Sophie.”

Sophie smiled at his reflection, set her pocketbook down and unzipped it, telling Fisher to get undressed. He moved past her in the small space, his body now inches from the mirror as he disrobed, removing his shirt then his shoes. He groaned when her hands found his ass, his thumbs tucked neatly into his shorts as he pushed them off his hips.

“What would you do, slut,” she said, “if I told you I wanted to fuck you right here, right now, but you couldn’t make a sound?”

Fisher bit his bottom lip and turned, his reward a sharp pinch to his as through his panties.

“Don’t turn around,” Sophie said, her voice low but harsh. “Just listen. Would you hold your panties under your ass like you’re holding your sexy little shorts, wanting to scream, wanting to beg me to let you fill your panties with your cum?”

Fisher nodded slowly, feeling his cock stretch his panties to their breaking point now that it was free from the constrictive denim.

“Would you let me open the door? Let everyone watch you get fucked, taking my big plastic cock in your ass like a good little bitch?”

He nodded again, his eyelids fluttering as he pictured it, her fingers massaging the flesh of his ass and hips roughly, his cock throbbing franticly between his thighs.

“Such a good girl,” Sophie cooed, “so eager to please, so eager to get fucked…pull your panties down too, but just to the bottom of your ass, and hold them there… stay bent at your waist… mmmm… that’s perfect you dirty little whore…”

Fisher braced himself, his forehead against the cold glass of the etched mirror. He arched his back downward, forcing his ass out, his legs straight, held close by his tiny shorts. His knuckles turned white as he tried to breathe, his breasts swaying in his reflection as they spilled from his ill fitting bra. He opened his ears to hear what Sophie was doing behind him, but the melodic music coming from the Victoria’s Secret speakers made it impossible. He inhaled sharply as a lubed finger slid down his ass.

Sophie smiled as she swept her finger over his loosely puckered hole, her finger sliding in easily after yesterday’s misdeeds. But she was not going to fuck him, not like he thought she was anyway. She slid one lubed finger inside him, then another, fingering him slowly until she was satisfied he was ready, his breathing ragged and sharp. It was then that she inserted the first of four vibro balls into his ass, giggling evily as he whimpered and the weight inside the ball shifted.

“You really wanted me to fuck you, didn’t you?” Sophie asked, her question mark punctuated by sliding the second of the inch and a quarter balls inside him. “I love what a whore you are becoming…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32