Girl’s Night Out

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A bit of a back story, my besties and I have been friends for as long as any of us can remember. We have all have ups and downs but the one constant is that we get together and have fun, sometimes it is just going shopping, sometimes we have sex together.

If you haven’t guessed it, we are all either bisexual or bicurious.

Tori is my closest friend, she has 2 kids and her asshole ex treated her like shit and I was very happy when they split. She is also the best lover I have ever had, she is the only one to make me squirt (so far anyway). She’s about 5’5″ with a great figure and really nice round breasts.

Becca is another great friend, she is always there for anyone in need. She lived common law with her ex for over 10 years and then he decided to run off with another woman. She is a little taller than Tori, also a brunette and can be the sensible one in our group.

Shelly is married with 3 kids, her husband works out of town a lot but they have an open marriage. She is a gorgeous blonde, about 5’7″ but is very subconscious about her small breasts but I think they are great!

Kim and her husband have a loveless marriage and they are more roommates than husband and wife. She is a tall redhead, probably about 5’10” and is large breasted. She identifies as bicurious, but she definitely knows how to please another woman!

Then there’s me, I’m a 6 foot tall blonde, considered chesty and an unmatched sex drive. I written about the fact that my exhusband wanted me to be a hotwife and after my dates, he also had sex with them. He left me when he decided that he preferred the company of men. He also had a low sperm count and couldn’t conceive which was fine as neither of us wanted children.

About 5 or 6 times a year we all get together for a girl’s night out and this past weekend was such an occasion.

There are a couple bars that we frequent, usually meet at one of our houses and then take an Uber to the bar. We dress sexy, do our best makeup and hair and tell each other how hot we look.

We had been shopping during the day and were anxious to get to the bar and start our night. We were all dressed in short dresses/skirts with lots of leg on display and we didn’t exactly try to conceal our breasts. Because we got to the bar early we were able to find a great table, near the dancefloor and enough room for others to join us.

We were definitely all hoping to meet a guy and go home with them, no question about it. The waitress recognized us and we often joked about her joining us as we felt she would fit right in. We ordered our first round of drinks and started our lookout for guys. Nothing caught my eye, but it was early and I knew we had to be patient.

One of the reasons I love escort bursa that bar is that they always play a great mix of music that I love to dance to. Within about 10 minutes of being there we took turns going to the dance floor and watching our table. While on the dance floor there was a young guy there, significantly shorter than me who made his way over to dance with us. He didn’t hide the fact that he wanted to look at our boobs. Becca rubbed her ass into his crotch just as the song ended and he left the dance floor. Tori said that it was because she made him cum in his pants!

We continued our provocative dancing grinding each other and holding each others’ breasts, definitely getting some attention and guys and girls dancing close to us.

A song came on that we weren’t interested in so we went back to our table. Shelly was talking to a guy who was quite cute and offered to buy us all a round of drinks, I like him already!

We were all catching our breath and there were a number of guys who stopped by our table and asked us to dance. We really just wanted a break and some drinks.

Soon after a gorgeous black guy came over and started talking to Kim. He sat down beside her and put a hand on her leg, she smiled the entire time. It was too loud to hear what they were saying but she was really into him and I saw her undo a button giving him a better view of her cleavage, which looked amazing!

Tori and Becca motioned for me to head out to the dance floor with them just as a tall guy sat down beside me. I signalled for them to go on without me. He introduced himself as Billy and bought me a drink as he chatted me up. We had a good conversation and flirted with each other, I often touched his arm and found he was quite muscular. He was rubbing my knee which was nice but I was wishing that his hand would go higher. Then another round of drinks for us.

Kim and her new friend were making out quite heavily at this point, his hand almost glued to her breast and she was feeling his cock through his pants. Shelly was also kissing the guy who sat beside her but not as intensely as Kim, they were also doing shots. I could tell by her laugh getting louder that she was getting quite drunk!

My guy then slid his hand up the outside of my leg and leaned in to kiss me. I met his mouth and could taste the rum he had been drinking. He was a good kisser and I certainly had no complaints about where his hand was headed.

Just then Tori and Becca came back to the table and saw the three of us hot and heavy, I heard Tori say that they felt left out so they started making out with each other. They got a lot of attention with that, being 2 stunning women making out. Then Tori goes behind Becca who bursa merkez eskort lifted her arms over her head to touch Tori’s and Tori reached around and pinched Becca’s nipples, they were standing at attention and they kissed some more.

The guy I was with left to use the washroom and Tori said that I owed them a dance so we headed to the dance floor. Then I saw the guy I was just making out with talking to another woman, guess he’s done with me!

We were dancing very close to each other, feeling each other’s body and I was very wet, I imagine the others were too. We always had a backup plan to sleep with each other if we didn’t end up going home with a guy, a great plan B!

It was hot in there and despite the fact we weren’t wearing a lot of clothes, I was a bit sweaty to say the least. We were headed off the dance floor and a waitress was there with a tray of shooters and a couple of guys offered to buy one for each of us. We did a shot with them and then the other said it was his turn to buy a round, so we did another! Tori was a pro barely even flinched with this, Becca was pretty drunk now and I wasn’t far behind. I leaned over and gave one of them an open mouthed kiss and thanked him for the drinks.

My feet were starting to hurt and I really wanted to sit down so we went back to the table. Kim was now sitting on her guy’s lap, his hand on her upper thigh and his mouth on her neck. Shelly was clearly quite drunk, I sat down beside her new friend and slipped my shoes off to rub my feet. He said to put my legs up and he would give me a foot massage so I did and he started to rub my feet. Wow was he good with his hands, instant relief. Shelly stumbled over to me and said that he was her man and I said okay and reached up and kissed her.

She go an evil smile on her face and went down on her knees beside me, reached up my dress and before I knew it, she had pulled my underwear off. The chilly air hit my bare pussy and dried up any moisture I had then. I’m just looking at her as she is holding my thong in her hand and then she turns around and shoots it like an elastic across the bar.

I watched it fly and hit a guy in the shoulder, he looked over at us and Shelly pointed to me. I was humiliated, then she went back to her guy who clearly enjoyed the show. By that time the guy had picked up my underwear and walked over to the table, looked right at me and asked if someone lost a thong. I tried to play it cool, but I was more than tipsy and said something like oh you keep it. He shrugged his shoulders and pocketed it while sitting down beside me. It was then that Kim was holding hands with her guy and said they were leaving, I told her to be safe and she said bursa sınırsız escort she will.

I learned that the new owner of my underwear was an investor of some sort and introduced himself as Tom. Wasn’t long before more drinks were brought over and I draped a leg over his. He talked about how he was there alone because his wife had left town to visit her family. He said whenever she does that she has sex with old boyfriends, he thought to make him jealous. He didn’t say it but I think it worked, which is why he was at the bar.

One of my favorite songs came on and I grabbed Tom’s hand and dragged him on to the dancefloor. We were doing our own dirty dancing, I rubbed his cock with my ass while he wrapped his arms around me. He was strong and his touch felt incredible. It was then I realized I really wanted to go home with him and help him forget what a bitch his wife was while his cock was in me.

My song ended and we headed back to the table, walking very closely to each other, his hand was on my ass and guiding me through the maze of drunks, I reached over and held his cock as an instinctive action to avoid some people. He was hard, he was really hard and the cock felt so good in my hand I wanted to rip it out of his pants right then and there.

We got back to the table and some of the chairs were gone, only one left so Tom sat in it and I sat on his lap, my hand was still feeling his cock, god I wanted to make him cum in his pants! His hand was on my thigh and he was rubbing my bare leg up to the bottom of my dress, pushing it a bit higher with each stroke. I realized it later but my bare pussy was probably visible to many people in the bar.

Shelly announced she was leaving with her guy, Becca and Tori were talking to a couple of guys but they were totally out of the guys’ league. Tom’s hand couldn’t push my dress up any more so I leaned over and told him to put his hand higher.

I felt his warm, strong hand slide under my dress, he knew that it was bare but I don’t think he was expecting it to be bald!

This was getting me so wet, I tried to distract myself by finishing my drink but Tom had a finger in my pussy now and I leaned forward to get it deeper. He was a tease and wouldn’t oblige me, but felt so good. I leaned down and tried to put my tongue down his throat, so turned on and I could feel his cock was going to bust through his pants, I wanted it inside me so badly. Then his finger slide onto my clit and he rubbed it aggressively, I came, he rubbed more and harder, I came harder, I had to break away from the kiss as he was going to town on my clit and I had a really big orgasm and collapsed on him, totally out of breath.

He whispered in my ear if that was good, I said hell yeah. Then he asked if I wanted to go to his place, I said more than anything! I looked over at Tori and Becca who were sitting by themselves and they both gave me the sign to go so I looked down to Tom and he said the Uber is 5 minutes away.

Another story to come about what happened at Tom’s!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32