Girls’ Dinner Ch. 02

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When Christine entered her bedroom, she found Kayla on her knees with her back to the door. She peeked back over her shoulder to Christine in the doorway and bent forward into the doggy position, her ass in the air. “Get my panties off,” she said, shaking her rump in Christine’s direction.

She came up behind Kayla and placed a hand on each hip. Leaning in she breathed in the warm, sweet scent of Kayla’s wet pussy. Christine he slide the soft black lace down Kayla’s round ass and smooth legs, over the ankles before tossing the lace aside. Kayla spread her legs and Christine finally got a look at the sweet pussy she had lusted for. Shaved smooth except for a little patch, soft and pink – soaked.

Kayla sat up again, hiding the luscious cunt from view. She turned to her friend and smiled coyly. “You have to get naked too, you know.”

She leaned forward to take Christine’s nipple in her mouth as she wiggled the white thong downwards. Without looking and without taking the nipple from her mouth, Kayla quickly slid a tiny finger between Christine’s folds and began teasing her clit.

Christine gasped in shocked. Kayla wasn’t wasting anytime tonight. The finger slid back and forth sliding juices around, pausing to jiggle Christine’s clit, making her groan again.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck another girl,” Kayla said after releasing Christine’s tit from her lips, still stroking her pussy. “And I wanted to have my pussy licked clean too.”

“Oh, yeah,” Christine whispered, blinded by the sensation between her labia.

Kayla stopped fingering Christine’s clit and leaned back on the bed as she spread her legs again. She licked the juices coating her hand, as Christine stared. She was amazed that Kayla was so open to all of this.

“Now,” Kayla said softly, why don’t you climb up here and lick my cunt clean?”

Christine climbed the bed and settled between Kayla’s legs. “I’m know you’re new at this, so don’t be scared,” she reminded.

“It’s all instinct, I’m sure,” Kayla said. She began to pinch her own nipple, excited about what was about to happen.

Christine took a deep breath to steady her nerves and leaned her face to lick that pussy. She gently poked her tongue into the folds of the labia and began to take soft laps. She discovered the proudly firm clit towards the top of Kayla’s slit and began to circle it. Kayla moaned loudly, assuring her friend that she was doing it right.

Encouraged now, Christine began to eagerly lick the clit and reached up to finger Kayla’s sopping pussy. The tunnel was so soaked she easily slipped two fingers in right away, but could tell the cunt was tight. She reached up to tickle at the same region she so loved having pressed in her own pussy, heading right for Kayla’s g-spot.

Kayla pinched xhamster porno her hard nipples, moaning without a care of who would hear. Christine gently sucked her clit and labia, fingering Kayla again and again.

Soon the walls of Kayla’s pussy began to clench around Christine’s fingers, signaling she would cum shortly. Kayla’s breathing was ragged, and she grabbed the sheets beneath her hands. She groaned as her cunt pulsed as an orgasm shook through her body. Her juices soaked her friend’s hand.

Christine slurped the sweet cum from Kayla’s pussy, savoring the flavor. She pulled her hand out and moved up to kiss Kayla, smearing pussy cum on her breasts. Kayla loved tasting herself on Christine’s lips and was eager to suck her fingers clean as she licked Kayla’s tits.

Christine sat up and straddled over her stomach, her own juices smearing on it. Kayla continued to lick at Christine’s fingers before they were pulled away from her. Christine edged her way up to position her slit over Kayla’s face, lowering herself for her turn at pleasure, gripping the headboard to steady herself.

Kayla reached up and stroked the firm clit over her mouth, lapping away at Christine’s canal. Christine was amazed by Kayla’s bold and precise skills. Soon her pussy was dripping cum into Kayla’s mouth, as her clit trembled with an orgasm.

She dismounted Kayla’s face and lay next to her. They lay quietly for a moment, catching their breath.

“I just cheated on boyfriend,” Kayla said quietly after a moment.

Christine felt a wave of guilt sweep over her. Kayla had technically cheated on Jason. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t think about that.”

Kayla rolled over onto to tummy and propped herself up on her elbows. “I’m not sure how he’ll react. Some guys would be turned on by it, and some would be indifferent since you’re not a guy. But there are some guys who’d be pissed.”

Kayla leaned over to Christine and kissed her. “I think that Jason’s going to either have to accept this or he’s gone.” She smiled down at her new lover. “But he’s got a nice fat dick, so let’s hope he accepts it.”

Christine laughed. “Jason looks like he got a big cock. And he is cute.”

“Want to fuck him?” Kayla asked. She raised an eyebrow.

“Would you let me?”

“Sure. I’d love to try a threesome some time.” Kayla began to trace a nail around Christine’s nipple. “And Jason could handle two girls at once.

“To be honest, sometimes he’s more than I can handle alone. He’s a machine that just keeps going and going. I could use the back up.”

Christine laughed again. “I would love to take you both.” She reached up to pull Kayla back down for another kiss.

“But since it’s just us now, what do you say we keep yaşlı porno the fun going?” Christine suggested. They kissed again, tongues slipping against each other. “Lay back,” she directed Kayla.

Kayla rolled back over, instinctively spreading her legs open. She groped at her own breasts anticipating Christine’s next move.

“Open your mouth and close your eyes, and I will give you a yummy surprise,” Christine purred.

Kayla closed her eyes and smiled. She licked her lips as she heard Christine open a drawer and rummage around. A moment later, Christine was kissing her again and an object was pressing into her pussy. She heard a click and suddenly there was a buzzing sound and something vibrating outside her pussy at her clit. She moaned against Christine’s mouth as they kissed, Christine pressing her vibrator into Kayla.

Kayla reached up and grabbed handfuls of Christine’s hair, pulling her closer and kissing her harder. Christine slid the vibrator in and out of Kayla’s pussy, coating the brightly colored silicone with her lover’s cunt juices. She pressed another button and the shaft began to twirl in Kayla’s pussy and vibrate and beads swirled in the shaft.

Kayla broke the kiss and let out a high-pitched cry as she let go of Christine’s hair. She grabbed onto the headboard and lifted her hips off the bed. The sensation rushing through her body was mind blowing. While penetrative sex had always been amazing, the double sensation of a vibrator could not be duplicated.

“Oh god!” Kayla cried out. “Oh god, oh god, my god, my cunt, ooohhh!” She bucked against the toy, moaning.

Christine’s nipples stood like diamonds. She felt her clit enlarging as Kayla shrieked from pleasure. “Do you like me fucking you with this big toy?” she cooed.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Kayla gasped.

“I love watching it slip in and out of your wet pussy. You want this, don’t you? You just a little slut, aren’t you?” she said increasing the speed with another press of a button.

Kayla screamed as her orgasms ran through her body. “Yes! I’m your slut!” The cock and clit stimulator were dueling to bring her to climax again and again.

Christine slipped a finger into Kayla’s wet cunt along side the toy to gather some of the juices that were dripping down her slit. She moved down to Kayla’s rosy asshole and pressed the wet digit into the bud. Kayla’s ass constricted and released as Christine pumped her finger in and out and Kayla came several times more. She added a second finger to the snug canal, stretching out Kayla’s ass little by little.

After many intense climaxes, Christine withdrew her fingers and began reducing the speed of the toy cock and clit stimulator. As Kayla unwound, Christine turned the device off and aldatma porno withdrew it from Kayla’s cunt. She scooted down to lick up the juices from Kayla’s pussy, savoring the sweet-salty taste.

Kayla moaned softly, trying to regain her breath. Her body was exhausted from the intense fucking session courtesy of the silicon cock. After Christine finished licking her pussy, she rested her chin on Kayla’s belly, smiling at her lover. Kayla smiled back, caressing Christine’s face. Christine kissed Kayla’s belly and hips, the scent of her pussy thick in the air.

Christine picked up the vibrator and held it up to show Kayla the juices coating it. “You got my toy dirty, you naughty girl,” she teased.

Kayla took the vibrator and brought it to her mouth. She took the cock in her mouth and cleaned it off, throating the toy.

“Jason must love you for that talent,” Christine said. They laughed and kissed deeply, dropping the toy to the side.

“I’m absolutely whipped,” Kayla sighed. “That was so fucking good.”

Christine smiled as she rolled back over onto her back. Kayla turned to take Christine’s nipple into her mouth, sucking hard. Christine groaned and spread her legs as Kayla’s tinny hand went between her thighs seeking out her wet pussy.

Kayla pushed two fingers into Christine’s wet box as she continued to lick away at her nipples, alternating sides. She began to finger fuck Christine’s pussy, driving in and out of the soaked canal. She added another finger, somewhat surprised at the ease she was having of stretching out the box.

“You’ve got a wet pussy that’s ready for anything down here,” she teased. She added a fourth finger. “I’m about to fist you.”

Christine gasped. “Please fist me,” she whispered. She pressed against Kayla’s hand to encourage her.

Kayla pulled her fingers out and formed them into a solid unit to reenter Christine. She drove her fingers in until they were at her lat knuckle. She fucked Christine for a moment, building up the juices. Then she slowly pressed past the knuckles, and her tiny hand popped into Christine’s cunt.

Christine shrieked as Kayla paused before pressing further in. She pushed further, and her entire hand was soon in her lover’s soaking wet box. Kayla began to pump her fist in and out, and she slid down to lick at Christine’s swollen red clit.

Christine moaned in rhythm to Kayla’s pumping and licking as her body tensed with an orgasm. She came over Kayla’s fist as she licked away at Christine’s clit.

Kayla continued to assault on Christine’s pussy, bringing her to cum many times. When she finally withdrew her hand, it was completely coated with pussy juice up to her wrist. She smeared the creamy goodness over Christine’s tits and licked them clean. The taste of Christine’s cunt filled her mouth as the women kissed deeply.

Kayla spooned against Christine and could feel her hot pussy against her ass. Circling her arms around Kayla, Christine gently cupped her tits as they slipped off to sleep, exhausted from their intense sexual romps of the night.

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