Girlie Girl’s Doctor Visit

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My knees were bent, covered with the sheet, and my feet were firmly set in the stirrups. It was my annual checkup, and I waited for my doctor to come in the room. The air conditioner was blowing full blast, and my nipples were hard and erect, poking through the paper. Still, even with the cold air, I could feel fluid leaking from my wet and swollen cunt, and the room had the scintillating, unmistakable odor of the need to fuck. Delicious!

I shut my eyes and waited. Certainly was taking him a long time to get to me today. I had not slept much the night before, and was feeling a little irritable. I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes, because the next thing I knew, two of his nurses were standing on either side me — one of them patting my arm.

“Girlie Girl? Doctor was called away to the hospital to deliver a baby. He asked Nurse Janie and me to take very good care of you while he was away. It will be at least an hour before he returns, and we were wondering if you think you might enjoy a massage while you’re waiting. We’ll even let you fall asleep. Are you interested?”

Mostly I was disappointed. I really wanted to get the checkup over and done with. I had been here all morning, going through lab work, stress tests, being prodded and poked, and wearing these silly paper gowns. I knew, though, if I chose to leave, I would simply have to return another day to complete the checkup.

“Sure. Of course. A massage would be nice. That’s a new service, right? How much will it cost me?”

Nurse Janie said, “Oh, it’s our treat. Doctor was very specific about our looking after you and keeping you comfortable. You are his very favorite patient, you know,” and she slid her arm under my neck to help me sit up. The paper sheet fell to the floor and I was naked…and getting colder.

Nurse DeeDee left the room momentarily and returned wheeling in a portable massage table. In no time at all, they had it completely set up and dressed with a full heating pad, sheet and pillow.

“We’re going to keep you undraped, Sweetie, since the heating pad is on, and I’ve turned down tuzla eve gelen escort the A/C. Have you ever heard of Tantric massage?”

I shook my head, ‘no’.

“Oh!” said Nurse Janie. “You’re going to love this. Usually it’s just done one on one, but today you’re in for a real treat — a four-handed Tantric massage. Nurse DeeDee will be on one side of you, and I will be on the other. We will both be doing the same strokes most of the time.

“By the way, you certainly smell very yummy!”

Nurse DeeDee helped me up on the massage table, and asked me to lie face down, with my arms at my side.

“Blow out slowly through your mouth. Now hold it to a count of five, and inhale through your nose. Let go, Sweetie. Let go. Just enjoy…”

I felt warm oil poured into the small of my back, and four hands begin to stroke my tired body. They lifted my legs high enough to fully spread them apart, and laid them back down on the table.

I felt four hands on my ass cheeks, massaging so very slowly. The warm oil was scented and intoxicating, as their hands moved from my ass, up my back, to my shoulders and neck. Back and forth…back and forth, so rhythmically and slowly. Fingers spread my ass cheeks, as hands moved my legs even further apart, with my feet dangling off either side of the table. I felt fingers alternately softly rimming my ass, while another pair of hands spread my cunt lips and played with my clit, using even more warm oil. They worked methodically, but not fast. Everything they did was timed perfectly to match my breathing. And while they played with me, they kept massaging my body, too. I realized there was a steady drum beat, accompanied by flute music. I had not noticed when they turned it on, and was not even sure where it was coming from.

It seemed they massaged my ass, back, legs and cunt for a very long time. I did not want them to stop, though I was certain the hour was almost at an end.

“Time for you to roll over, Sweetie.”

Nurse DeeDee? Nurse Janie? I couldn’t tell. I didn’t care.

They placed tuzla otele gelen escort a pillow under my head when I settled on my back, and they put a padded eye mask over my eyes so the overhead light would not bother me. Again on either side of me, the nurses began to massage my nipples and my titties. They stroked them so lightly until my nipples were fully erect, and I felt their lips on my titties, sucking, kissing. I faintly heard them “ooooooh” and “ahhhhhhhh” while they sucked and kissed. One of them said, “Look at these nipples! Doctor was right…they are very suckable and so big!”

More warm oil was poured onto my belly. Their soft, expert fingers and palms spread the oil up my stomach to my chest and down my arms. Over and over and over their hands worked magic on my body, returning again and again to my nipples to tease and enchant me.

One of the nurses moved to my feet and spread my legs even further apart, while the other nurse leaned down to my ear and said, “You smell soooo wonderful! Do you mind if we take turns tasting you?”

“Oh, please! I insist!” I whispered, barely able to raise my voice. “Just don’t stop touching me.” I was pleading with them as though I had never been touched before, and this would be my last opportunity.

“Janie,” Nurse DeeDee said, “I’ll spread her lips and you go first. I want to taste your spit mixed with her juices when it’s my turn!”

Nurse Janie climbed up on the table and placed her mouth over my spread cunt lips. She licked the inside then the outside, running her tongue through my pubic hair, then tickled and lightly flicked my clit slowly with her tongue, sucking and kissing until I exploded in orgasm, writhing beneath her, her spit mixed with my cum.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Please, God!” I moaned and rolled from side to side, my legs wrapped around Nurse Janie’s body, as Nurse DeeDee sucked my titties again. “Please don’t let this end! Please make it last!”

Before I completely stopped rolling, the nurses changed position, and Nurse DeeDee inserted a vibrating dildo into my cunt. tuzla sınırsız escort And, while she rimmed my ass with her fingers, she kissed and sucked my clit with her lips, poking and prodding and tongue fucking my cunt.

Nurse DeeDee raised her head and said, “Make her suck, too!”

I could not see, but I could sense Nurse Janie unbuttoning her uniform, unhooking her bra and letting her titties fall into my face. I latched on to one nipple, then the other, as though I were a hungry baby seeking milk I sucked titties and loved it! I loved all of what they were doing, and I never wanted it to end!

Just as Nurse DeeDee sucked my clit to orgasm, and I gasped out loud, the door opened and I heard my doctor’s voice.

“Oh, Ladies! What a fine job you’ve done taking care of my Girlie Girl! Now you understand why I love to ride her bus! Didn’t I tell you she is the best fuck?”

The nurses raised my head up with two more pillows and uncovered my eyes so I could watch the doctor get undressed. His cock was hard and ready for me, and he looked me in the eye and said, “How much more do you want, Girlie Girl?”

I panted, out of breath. “As much as you have to give me, Doc,” I said. “But you weren’t supposed to tell anyone about the Girlie Girl fuck bus. You signed an agreement. I trusted you. We can’t let this get out.”

“Honey,” Nurse DeeDee said to me, while she slid a condom over his erect cock. “When Doctor returned from that first tour with your bus, he was a new man! We noticed the difference right away, and we needled him every day, stroking his ass, playing with his cock, exposing ourselves. You know how persuasive bare titties and hairy pussies can be!”

“Yes,” Nurse Janie chimed in. “We sucked his cock and licked his balls until we heard all about you and your fabulous exploits on that bus. Don’t blame him, Girlie Girl. We had him totally pussified! He didn’t name names or give details of the other passengers…except how you fucked all of them over and over!”

Doc climbed up on the table and held my legs over his shoulders as he slid he cock into my cunt. He fucked me slowly at first, while the nurses sucked and kissed my titties. He exploded in orgasm, pulling out just in time to remove the condom and spray my tummy with his cum. The nurses eagerly licked his cum from my skin.

“I think you’ve passed your physical with flying colors, Girlie Girl!”

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