Ginger Ch. 02

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“Babe, no please don’t go! You know that you mean everything to me. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, I need you.” Kelly’s tears started to flow almost as heavy as mine.

Well guys that was the last thing Kelly said to me before I stormed out of her house last week. Lost? Let me explain.

Kelly and I became very serious about 3 weeks after we first properly met, and I had her in my bed. We didn’t put any label on our relationship or anything, but I knew she was mine, and she knew I was hers. That’s all that mattered.

Here we are now, 5 months into our relationship together, it’s the beginning of April. Kelly has really made herself at home with me and my family. My parents treat her like another daughter, and my little sister adores her. I came out to my parents when I was 16. I told them that I was bisexual, and at first they were iffy about it, but over the past 2 years they became extremely comfortable. It was just as if I had a boyfriend, they just wanted me to be happy.

But back to the little pow wow with Kelly’s bullshit lies. Last Monday Kelly stayed home from school, and of course I had to check up on her, so after school I went to her house. I rang the doorbell to her beautiful almost mansion and she came to the door as peppy as ever.

“Hey babe!” she exclaimed.

“Umm hey?” I thought she was sick.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well nothing, I thought you were sick or something so I came to see you.”

“Nope, I’m not” she assured me. “Just didn’t feel like being productive today that’s all!”

“Bad girl” I smiled and pulled her in for a kiss.

It’s like we can never kiss without it turning into something. Being that Kelly was taller than me, and stronger, she lifted me by my thighs to bring me closer to her face. I was then basically sitting in her hands while she was standing infront of the door, it still wide open. She dropped me and separated from my face.

“Uhhh” I groaned, I was ready to do sex.

“Wait somebody might see us” she chuckled and closed her front door then made her way back to me. “God, you’re so damn sexy.” she met my lips again.

All I could do was groan on her soft pink lips. I then slid my tongue into her mouth, and her tongue played with mine. I sucked on it, it was soft yet strong. Kelly began to moan, then she cupped my boobs with each hand over my shirt.

“No bra?” she asked, breaking the kiss. “Your nips are so hard babe… fucking sexy.” she continued.

Kelly began swirling her fingers around my erect nipples until I pushed her away and ripped my shirt off. She basically attacked me, pushing me up against the door, kissing. First she cupped my tits again then kissed me with the hardest passion. Her tongue was everywhere in my mouth and on my lips. She left my mouth and licked down to my waiting tits while pushing my hands against the door above my head. She continued on, licking all around my chest and nipples, and finally a bite. The bite caused a silent scream from me, then I said,

“Fuck me, fuck me already damn.”

Kells chuckled, let go of my hands, and used hers to push my pencil skirt down my legs. I stepped out of it and kicked it away. To both of our luck, I had no panties on either. She looked deep in my eyes and started making out with me again. Her left hand was pushed on the door behind me and her right hand made it’s way to my vagina. I gasped at the first touch, but kissed her harder. She started massaging my pussy lips, feeling that they were wet, and I felt her smile. She left my mouth, trailing kisses down my neck, chest, stomach, and finally a kiss to my mound.

“Go… do it” I urged, rubbing my fingers through her beautiful ginger hair that felt cold.

Kelly was then on her knees. She pushed my right leg up so she could get the right position. I felt a continuous lick from my mound to my ass. Now my front was facing the door. I spread my hands and laid them flat against the door sticking my ass out, ready.

She slapped my asscheek extremely hard, making me cry out in both pain and pleasure.

“Ready baby girl?” she asked.

“Mmmmm” was all I could say while biting my bottom lip.

“Poke it out” she slapped again “Further” oh her commands.

I did as I was told. Her hands spread my cheeks and I then felt her warm breath inside me. Followed by a tongue. Kelly started off rimming my asshole,

“Ooooo” I moaned and bit my lip again “Ooooo damn.” I whispered, made a fist, and pounded the door lightly.

Her hands pushed each cheek up and she licked faster. I swayed my hips from side to side and felt her keep with it. I put my left arm on the door and rested my forehead on it. My right hand made it’s way down, cupping my tits, gliding down my stomach, then to my pussy. I’m such an impatient person, I needed release. First I just grabbed it, then slid a finger down my slit and back, then slid it in. My finger seemed to have a mind of it’s own and found it’s way to my clit. Swirls and rubs around the little ball. It then made it’s way to finding porno indir my hole. Circled motion fingering and in I went. One finger, two, then finally three, pounding and fucking myself. I began moaning my ‘oos ahhs and unhhs’. My ass pushed back into Kelly’s face and her tongue stuck into my hole.

“Unhh babe… I’m close” I slapped the door “Tongue fuck me baby” and pushed my ass some more.

I felt her tongue move inside me, and she then moaned. The vibrations of her voice made me peak.

“Fuckkkk I’m cumming baby” I screamed “Fuckk yeah, oh hell yeah Kelly” I managed to get out as I climaxed. I fucked faster and Kells licked faster.

I came all over my hand, and she pulled her tongue out. My legs trembled but I still stood. Kelly made her beautiful face up the back of my head as she stood. She turned me around and licked my lips. I kissed her, smiled, put one arm around her waist, pulled my other hand up and forced it to her mouth. She licked it gracefully, looking at me seductively. I kissed her neck as she licked my hand clean.

“Oh we’re not done here, plenty more we have to take care of.” Kelly said as she grabbed my hand with one if hers, and my clothes with her other. We went upstairs to her room and continued our love/fucking.

By the time we finished it was around 6pm. We both laid there under her sheets naked and talking, not realizing her dad would be home very soon. She pulled me into her body and started caressing me.

“Not again” I giggled. “Stop.. stop Kelly… Kell… Kel unh” she got me, kissing and sucking on my neck. The covers were pulled above our heads until we heard a deep voice.


We both peered out of the cover shocked. It was her dad standing at her door with an angry look on his face.

“Kelly Ann what the hell are you two doing. You should be…. Bridget? Bridget is that you?” he said confused.

“Yeah uhh hi Mr. Goldenburg” It was so awkward.

“Daddy I can explain” Kelly tried coming up with something.

“What’s there to explain huh? My daughter is a lesbian? Is that what you wanna tell me Kelly!?” he shouted.

“What does he mean Kells? I thought you said you told him already, like 3 months ago.” I was getting impatient. “Kelly!” I screamed while letting my tears freefall.

She looked at both me and her dad with tears in her eyes. I didn’t care that she was going to cry, she lied to me. I also didn’t care about the fact that I was still naked, because I jumped out of the bed with her dad still standing there. I grabbed my clothes trying to put them on in a hurry, just enough to get me to my car without being naked. Kelly jumped out of the bed trying to do the same as me, and when I saw what she was doing I pushed by her dad, told her she was “such a bitch” and ran down the stairs. She quickly came after me and said,

“Babe, no please don’t go! You know that you mean everything to me. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, I need you.”

As I stated before. I looked back at her and saw she was crying too, but I just did not care, I saw red. I was wiping my tears away so that I could drive away as soon as I got in my car. I did exactly that.

Kelly would not stop calling me that night. She called me, tweeted me, wrote on my wall and inboxed me on facebook, anything she could do to contact me. I ignored all of them. It was a sleepless night.


Tuesday morning I dreaded going to home room. When I walked in a couple of seconds before the bell, I saw her at my seat. Her eyes met mine and I rolled them. I absolutely was not going to sit with her, so I went to sit by Mandy. At first Mandy was just Kelly’s friend, but over the months we had became close friends too. I could feel Kelly’s eyes burning a hole in my back, so I decided to give her a show.

“Hey Mandy, hey Jess!” I exclaimed while placing my hand on Mandy’s shoulder and bending over to give her a kiss on the cheek. Jess was a girl that sat at the table with Mandy, we weren’t close friends, so I just kind of rubbed her shoulder.

“Hey you sexy thing you” Mandy said.

“Stop” I said shyly and blushed.

“No really, you look amazing today.” Jess nodded in agreement. “Why are we dressed up huh?”

“Oh this old thing?” I was such a bullshitter.

I had on the tightest dress I could find in my closet. It wasn’t slutty if that’s what you’re thinking. It was pink with a flower design on it, came to about 3 inches above my knees, and was long sleeved (like Kelly’s when we first met). My long brown hair was slicked up into a Kim Kardashian looking ponytail, i had a diamond stud in each ear, and gladiators on my feet. I never really explained my body did I?

I know I told you I’m 5’1 and have long brown hair. Well my eyes are green, by boobs aren’t big, 32B, but they looked big compared to my body sometimes, my stomach is flat, when I flex you can see a 2 pack, my ass is big as I’ve been told, and Kelly always tells me I have barbie legs. Oh yeah, I have my belly button rokettube and my back dimples pierced. Kelly loved playing with those. But enough about my looks.

“Just felt like dressing for the season!” I continued.

“Wait, why are you sitting here?” Jess asked.

“Huh?” I said.

They both nodded their heads toward Kelly.

I said ‘oh whatever, she’s a fucking bitch’ and continued to another topic. They looked really surprised but continued with me. The whole time Kelly stayed in my seat and gave me my space. When the bell rang, I tried to scurry out of the classroom. I said bye to Jess and Mandy, gave Mandy a hug, then started quickly down the hall so that I avoided Kelly.

I heard footsteps running up behind me, but I didn’t turn around.

“Bridge… Bridget!” she practically yelled and grabbed my arm.

I pulled away and kept walking. She did the same as before and said,

“Will you just listen to me!?”

I threw my bag down, turned to her and said choking up,

“Talk!” tears started. “Tell me about how the past 5 months were a lie, about how much you lied to me, to your dad, go ahead.”

She tried to wipe my tears, but I just pulled back and demanded her to talk.

“Babe… Bridget I love you and I’m sorry” I rolled my eyes. “The past 5 months have been heaven for me. You just have to understand and trust me when I tell you that it’s not easy to tell your over protective-thinks he knows what’s best-father that you’re into girls. I’ve tried so many times, but since my mom died he doesn’t really pay attention to what I’m saying. Believe me please, trust me.”

“How can I trust you Kelly? Huh? You’ve been lying to me for the past 3 months. I don’t even care that you couldn’t tell your father, I care that you lied to me about it.”

“I know babe and that’s why I’m trying to make things better. I don’t know why I didn’t just tell you in the first place, you were just so excited and I wanted to do anything to keep that smile on your face. I never wanted to hurt you Bridge, I love you. And I told him everything last night. I risked him kicking me out and losing his love all for you. I need you babe..” She was crying now.

The bell had rang already, and we were both late to our next class. Standing in the middle of the hallway together talking and crying.

I looked deep into her hurt brown eyes, and I knew she needed me then more than ever. I took her face into my hands, wiping her tears with my thumbs, got on my tippy toes and kissed her forehead. It took me a good minute to speak, but I said,

“I believe you and I love you too babe. Just don’t ever, ever lie to me EVER again.”

“I won’t, bible.” she sorta whispered.

I hugged her around her neck and barried my face in it while she hugged me around my waist. Me still on my toes while we were hugging, I moved my head and ever so gently kissed her lips then put my head back to her neck.

I couldn’t tell you how long our hug was, but it was amazing. I never felt closer to her than at that moment. She truly was the light of my life.


Friday rolled around and Kelly told me to wait at her locker at the end of the day. Yeah we have 9th period together, but she had to stay about 10 minutes after to ask questions and shit. That ten minutes seemed like forever since I was standing in a deserted hallway on a Friday afternoon like a loner. I put on my headphones, turned on my favorite Skrillex song (Kyoto), and started rocking out. I closed my eyes and got lost in it, and sung out,

“Yo Skrill drop it hard!” I was dancing around like a fool, but I didn’t care.

When I turned I opened my eyes and saw Kelly leaned up against the lockers just watching me.

I quickly pulled the headphones off and grinned shyly.

“Having fun?” Kelly smiled.

“Haha yep!” I answered.

“You’re so cute Bridge” I blushed. “But today, right now, we’re going to talk to my dad.”

“Nooo, but why do…” she cut me off.

“No questions, we’re going. He always knew you as my bestfriend, now we’re ganna go hand in hand to him and set everything straight and he will have to accept it.” she took charge.

“Uhh whatevs Kelly. But if he doesn’t like me, I don’t know what more I can do.” I said nervously.

“Baby he already knows you, and he likes you, plus I told him that I’m a lesbian and you’re my girlfriend. It’s okay.” she tried to sooth me with a kiss. “Ready?” she asked calmly.

I nodded. She held my hand and we walked to her car.

“I’ll just drive there behind you, kay?” my voice shaky.

She nodded, gave me a kiss on my cheek and got in her car. I went to mine and we drove off.

As we pulled up to Kelly’s house I saw her dads car parked. ‘Oh God’ I thought. I got out of my car and just stood there. Kells basically dragged me to the door. That was the first time I saw Mr. Goldenburg since our little incident in the bedroom.

“Hey pop” Kelly said and gave him a kiss.

“Hey sweetie. Bridget, porno hello how have you been?” Mr. G said.

“Uhh good thanks.” I didn’t bother asking back.

We both sat down across the kitchen island from him.

He stared at us for a bit then said,

“So you girls are really…” he didn’t know what to call it so he brung his hands together. He sort of chuckled and so did Kelly.

“Yeah Mr. G I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for you to find out that way. I mean like I already thought you knew, but I’m so so sorry!” the words rammed out of my mouth.

“Hahaha calm down Bridget. It’s fine, really. At first I was completely turned off to the idea, but if my little girl is happy, I’m ecstatic!”

He was so cool about it. I thought the convo would be totally different that day. We all went on talking, laughing, and getting used to the situation at hand.

“Babe you wanna stay tonight?”

I looked at her then at her dad then back at her.

“If it’s okay with your dad” I said innocently.

“Of course you can, you practically live here Bridge!” Mr. G said.

Well I was always at Kelly’s house and vise versa.

“Okay… okay yeah!”

Kelly jumped up, my hand in hers, “Thanks pop!” and kissed him again. I did the same without even realizing that I just called my girlfriends father ‘pop’, and we ran up the steps to her room.

“No repeats of Monday!” Pop yelled.

“We won’t!” we yelled back in harmony.

We lied.

Kelly pushed me on her bed and straddled me.

I hit her with a pillow. “No we can’t!” I yell/whispered.

“Whatever, come on, you know you wanna” she seductively said.

I shook my head no but was smiling which was inviting her in. I was smitten with the kid. She pinned my hands down and started kissing me. First my lips then she made her way down to my neck. She knew that my neck was my weak spot. She kissed and licked all around then focused on sucking one spot under my ear. The best spot. She sucked and she sucked hard. That turned me on so much and she made her mark, a hickie. She continued kissing her way down my neck and across my collar bone slowly.

“Please” I moaned.

“Please what?”

I was silent.

“Please what babe? Tell me what you want” she commanded.

“Uhh God, play with my nipples, my clit, just fuck me already.” I groaned impatiently.

“As you wish” she smiled.

Kelly lifted my shirt off and I unhooked my bra. She grabbed my tits so fast and said that she missed them. It’s only been since monday. She fondled with them then left them and pulled my leggings and thong off at the same time.

She got off of me and stripped herself then bent under her bed and pulled out a box. I rolled over and read what it said,

“Magic Fantasies” Ooooo I thought.

Kelly pulled out the surprise of my life. A baby blue (my favorite color) 9 inch strap on. She saw my eyes get big and couldn’t help but laugh.

“I see you’re already wet, but we don’t have any lube.” She put it on her hips.

“I’ll fix that” I said devilishly.

She joined me on the bed on her knees and I got to it. I started with slow licks and sucks on it. Then she shoved it in mouth.

“Deep throat it bitch, suck my fucking cock.” she said.

She started humping my face then pulled away. The fake cock glistening with my saliva.

“Do it… fuck me.. now.” I said.

“Turn around.”

I did as I was told and she rimmed my asshole with her finger. She rubbed up and down my slit making me wetter then I felt the tip of the strap on in my hole.

“Ooo” I lightly moaned.

She slid the cock in more then out then in and out. Pounding harder and harder my body swayed with each thrust.

“You like that? You like when I fuck your asshole with my cock you little slut?”

I could only shake my head and bite my lip.

She thrusted harder, but slower and I threw my ass back to meet each pound.

“Ooooo babe… baby… yeah fuck me hard babe.. Ahhh!” I practically cried.

I heard her giggle, then I heard the door creek open. ‘Not again’ I thought. Kelly jumped from behind me and I looked back then sat on the bed next to her. We tried to grab the cover to pull over us quickly.

“Whoa there, bad time?”

It was Mandy. She chuckled and walked to sit in the chair close to the bed.

We were both speechless.

“Um Mandy… umm we were…” I tried to say something.

“I could see what you were doing, it was hot. Kelly I’ve seen your body before, but Bridget, damn, I knew you were hot, but… damn.” Mandy said.

“Hey!” Kelly yelled. “Don’t call her hot, you know she’s mine!!” She threw a pillow at Mandy, actually mad.

“Ok ok I know! But goodness. You both are fucking sexy.”

Kelly and I blushed. I looked at Kelly and she sort of nodded giving me the ok. I patted the bed and said,

“Wanna join? You’re not too bad lookin yourself.”

Kelly took off the strap on then we both got off the bed going to Mandy. She looked kinda scared and shy so I bent down and kissed her on her cheek gently. Then whispered ‘it’s ok’. Kelly pushed Mandy’s blonde hair back and kissed her other cheek. She had a sundress on so I started rubbing up her thigh. She flinched at my touch but she smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32