Gina and Cathy Pt. 02

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You can read this story by itself, but you may want to meet Gina and Cathy first in Part 1.


In the days following their camping outing, Gina and Cathy could hardly stop thinking about that night in the tent. Cathy was inclined to think that Gina had used her for her own pleasure, and she tried to work up a full head of resentment. But it wouldn’t stick. Gina, after all, had fingered Cathy to orgasm, which she had not really had to do. When Cathy focused on the memory of Gina’s fingers in her quim, she went all soft and could think of hardly anything else but the good feelings she would have between her legs. Then she would start feeling guilty about having had so much pleasure from another girl. And especially that kiss on the neck that Gina had given her just before they had to rejoin the real world outside the tent. Cathy had never thought of her neck as a particularly erogenous zone, but Gina’s lips had felt so good!

Gina, too, thought of their mutual fingering session, and, like Cathy, she would get all wet and start feeling tight in her love canal. But much of her thinking was about how she could get another chance to make out with Cathy. She thought it was unlikely that she would ever get the chance, but she felt her life would not be complete if she could not get another look at Cathy’s lovely round tits. Not just a glimpse or a furtive look in a locker room, but a good long look. Gina dreamt about putting her hands on them, gently feeling their weight, and pulling her thumb over Cathy’s nipples. What she really wanted to do was to bury her face between Cathy’s breasts, to kiss them, and maybe even lick them. But always, always, there was a disturbing undertone: How was she ever to get so close to Cathy again?

Part of her problem was solved by her parents. A couple weeks after the end of school, they told her that they had been invited for a visit to some friends who lived about 100 miles away. They were going to drive up on Saturday afternoon, go out to dinner, stay the night and come back Sunday morning. Gina was not to have a party, and no boys were to come to the house while they were away. But if she wanted to invite a couple of girls to keep her company for a sleepover, that would be fine.

Gina decided on a direct approach. She was pretty confident that Cathy would want to get together again. If she was wrong about that, it would be just as well to find that out right away and swallow the disappointment. She called Cathy and invited her for a sleepover. Gina didn’t say whether there would be anyone else, and Cathy didn’t ask. She simply said she’d ask her parents. They insisted that she had to stay at home for dinner with a visiting aunt, but after that, she could go to Gina’s sleepover.

Cathy arrived about 10, carrying a backpack with her toiletries and pjs. Gina was still unsure of how relaxed Cathy would be and wondered what would happen when Cathy realized she was to be the only guest that night. Gina thought a bit of liquor might help get Cathy in a proper mood. Gina’s parents drank enough to have jugs of scotch and rum at hand, and Gina figured they’d never miss one drink out of each. She told Cathy she was going to have some scotch, and invited her to have some rum. Cathy was not familiar with hard liquor, but she didn’t want to be a downer, and said rum would be ok. Gina suggested that Cathy go upstairs and change into her pjs while she poured their drinks. Gina herself was already in her usual sleeping attire – a baggy T-shirt and a pair of boxer undershorts.

When Cathy came back downstairs, Gina was still in the kitchen. Cathy had changed into a light cotton pj set, with shorts on the bottom and a button-front top. She looked so delectable that Gina just had to go to her and give her a warm hug. Cathy’s hug was not quite so enthusiastic as Gina’s, but when Gina kissed her on the side of her neck, Cathy melted and embraced Gina with full excitement.

The girls took their drinks to the coffee table in the living room and sat sort of facing each other on the couch. Gina was wary of moving too fast, and got Cathy to talk about her dinner with her aunt. But when they were almost finished with their drinks, Gina placed her hand on Cathy’s bare thigh, just below the hem of her shorts. She looked into Cathy’s eyes and told her how beautiful she looked. With her face just inches from Cathy’s, she told Cathy that she wanted to kiss her. Cathy knew she meant kissing her bursa evi olan escort on the lips. Part of her was afraid of kissing another girl on the lips, but she had been so turned on by that kiss on her neck that she whispered a “yes.” Gina moved a little closer, put her arm around Cathy’s shoulders, and began to kiss her.

It was more thrilling for both girls than they could have imagined. Tentative at first, they were soon completely involved. Cathy put her arms around Gina, and this time her embrace was as eager as Gina’s. That encouraged Gina to probe a little with her tongue, and Cathy responded by allowing her mouth to open, and letting their tongues to explore each other.

Gina’s hand crept gently up Cathy’s thigh, her side, and finally the outside of one of her tits. When this met with no resistance, Gina moved her hand inward, and cupped Cathy’s whole softness. As she felt up and down, she rubbed Cathy’s pjs against her nipple. This got Cathy so turned on she could hardly bear it, and she hoped that Gina would suggest touching each other’s privates. Gina, however, was completely lost in the joys of feeling Cathy up and kissing her. She even liked Cathy’s smells – her skin, her hair, even her breath.

Finally, Cathy’s urgency was so great that she whispered “Can we go upstairs now?” Just hearing this made Gina hotter than ever, and it was difficult to tear herself away from her contact with Cathy. But of course, if Cathy was ready, it was certainly time to move to a bed. Gina stood up, holding Cathy’s hand, and led her up to Gina’s room.

When they were beside the bed, Gina reached out and unbuttoned Cathy’s pj top. She pulled it over Cathy’s shoulders, and Cathy cooperated in getting her arms out her sleeves until the garment fell to the floor. Gina could hardly contain herself at the sight of Cathy’s beautiful, firm tits, with their nipples proudly pointing out, now completely exposed to her gaze. She took Cathy’s tits in her hands, leaned in, and put her face between them. She kissed first one side and then the other. Her hands roamed all over Cathy’s breasts, and brushed back and forth across Cathy’s nipples. Then Gina’s kisses began to focus on those turgid little points. She kissed one, squeezed it between her lips, and then covered it with her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.

All this attention to her sensitive mounds was turning Cathy on in a way she had never before experienced. When Gina started tonguing her nipple, she couldn’t stand it anymore, and whimpered, “Please, Gina -my pussy needs to come!” Gina stopped, pulled back, and gazed for a moment at Cathy’s waiting body. She told Cathy to take her shorts off and lie down.

While Cathy did this, Gina took off her T-shirt and her undershorts. For a moment, Cathy was lying on her back, and Gina was drinking in the sight of her nakedness. In the next moment, Gina was all over her. Just what Gina had imagined was now happening. She straddled Cathy’s ample thigh, and wedged one knee tightly between Cathy’s legs. Her own quim was now right up against Cathy’s thigh, and Gina started avidly humping in self-gratification. At that moment she was thinking only of herself, but her motion meant that her knee was rhythmically rubbing on Cathy’s pussy.

Cathy pushed back, moving herself against Gina’s leg, pulsing, grinding, squirming to enhance the delicious contact that was gradually spreading her juices all over her inner and outer lips, and, ooohhh, above all, over her little button, that center that she had abused so many times with her fingers, but this felt aaahhh, soooo much better, she could hardly stand it, oooohhhghh. Cathy croaked “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” but her breathless moaning and little cries would have been enough to let Gina know that her friend was in the middle of perfect ecstasy.

When Cathy calmed down a little, she realized that Gina had not yet come, although she was panting and riding Cathy’s thigh as hard as she could. Cathy wondered what she could do the increase Gina’s pleasure, and she remembered how much she had been turned on when Gina had felt her up. Cathy had never touched another girl’s tits, but now she reached up and began to fondle Gina. Just as Gina had done to her, she rubbed her thumb back and forth across Gina’s nipple. She cupped Gina’s tits in her hands, lifted them, stroked them, and then gently squeezed her nipples.

Gina’s was getting altıparmak escort more and more aroused. When she had started, Cathy’s leg had been a little dry, but by now Gina’s juices had spread all over Cathy’s ever so smooth skin, and Gina’s inner lips, clitoris, and outer lips were gliding deliciously on Cathy’s thigh. Oooohh, she was so close, just a few more strokes, she could smell Cathy underneath her, such a hot girl, aaaahhh her tits look so good!! When Cathy reached up and took her tits in her hands, it was all Gina needed. She let out a throaty cry and began to buck wildly against Cathy’s thigh. Even more of her juices were flowing, and the weight of her whole body sent her most sensitive parts rubbing along Cathy’s naked and now lubricated leg. Every muscle in Gina’s groin was engorged, waves of pleasure swept through her pussy, and at last the tension of the last few weeks resolved into a state of ecstasy that gradually subsided into a feeling of peace with all the world.

For a while the two girls lay in each other’s arms, just resting and thinking about the pleasure they had just enjoyed. It wasn’t long, though, before Gina felt she just had to have look at Cathy’s naked body and her pretty face. She propped herself up on one elbow and caressed Cathy’s cheek. Then it seemed impossible not to move down and feel Cathy’s tits. She looked into Cathy’s eyes, and slowly leaned in to kiss her on the lips. Cathy responded, and pulled Gina tightly against her body.

Gina kissed Cathy on the forehead, too, and then nibbled gently on her ear. She felt she couldn’t get enough of Cathy, that she had to kiss her everywhere, and she bent down and kissed Cathy on the side of her neck.

Cathy was already beginning to feel horny again, but when Gina kissed her on the neck she felt her pussy moisten, and she could feel her tissues swelling. She had been feeling so grateful to Gina, and even more, she was admiring Gina, thinking what a lovely person she was. She wanted to touch Gina in some way that would express that feeling. She knew from her own masturbatory sessions that Gina might like her buttocks to be caressed, and she reached down and began to stroke them. Gina did like that, and encouraged Cathy with a gentle purring. The more Cathy stroked, the more aroused Gina became. She let go of Cathy and lay flat on her tummy, so it would be easy for Cathy to fondle both buttocks. With each moan and shudder of pleasure, Gina moved her legs just a little farther apart, hoping that Cathy would explore more deeply into the valley between her buttocks and then her pussy.

Cathy, however, kept touching Gina’s buttocks, making herself ever hornier with her imagining how Gina must be enjoying it. Finally, Gina whispered “lower,” and Cathy moved her hand down to the crease between Gina’s thighs and her butt. She touched Gina on her upper thighs and the roundest part of her ass, first one leg and then the other. Gina spread her legs gradually wider and wider.

At last, it dawned on Cathy that what Gina wanted was for her to touch her pussy. She reached farther around Gina’s buttocks and gently fingered the lower part of her cuntal folds. Gina sighed, “Yes,” and Cathy now understood where her fingers must go. She teased Gina a little by going back and forth from the curve of her thighs to her most senstive parts, but soon she was sliding her fingers up and down along Gina’s slit.

Gina soon reached a point where she just had to have more. She propped herself up on her elbow again, nibbled Cathy’s earlobe, and covered her face and neck with kisses. Then she turned completely over on her back, and spread her legs. She looked at Cathy with the sexiest look she could muster, and said “Kiss me, Cathy, kiss me down there. I’ll do the same for you.”

Cathy was a somewhat naïve girl, and had not thought of kissing Gina’s pussy. She had a moment of hesitation. After all, neither girl was into extreme bikinis. They had sexy bathing suits, and they did a little trimming so their pubic hair wouldn’t show, but they did not shave between their legs. Cathy had not imagined what it would be like to get that close to a hairy pussy. Could she really do what Gina was asking? But then, she thought, it would be hard to say no; and besides, the thought of Gina kissing her own pussy was definitely exciting, and she could hardly wait for that to happen.

She raised herself and got between Gina’s gemlik escort legs. There was Gina’s smooth belly, her thighs, with a little wetness visible where they met her dark triangle. Cathy could see a little glistening pinkness poking through Gina’s bush. As she lowered her head, the scent of Gina’s fluids became stronger, and to her surprise, Cathy found this arousing. Cathy’s feelings of gratitude and admiration for Gina welled up in her, and she was ready to feel the warmth of Gina’s sex on her face. She extended her tongue and took a tentative lick on Gina’s clitoris, without getting fully immersed in Gina’s vulva. But with this taste, Cathy lost all her hesitation and buried her face between Gina’s legs, swirling her tongue up and down, side to side and in a circular motion, holding Gina hard against her, and following Gina’s motions so as not to lose contact between her mouth and Gina’s delicate seat of pleasure.

Cathy knew she was doing the right thing from Gina’s moaning, her little cries, and her breathless “Yes . . . yes . . . oh, uuuughgh, . . yes . . . ooohh, don’t stop!” Gina’s pussy had started tingling as soon as she spread her legs and opened herself to Cathy’s gaze. Another wave of pleasure had coursed through her sex when she became sure that this hot girl, Cathy, really was going to place her sensuous lips firmly between her thighs. So, when Cathy actually made contact, first with her clitoris, and then with her whole lubricious vulva, Gina was already in a state of extreme ecstasy. She squirmed and bucked and felt her whole nether region grow turgid and full. She pressed Cathy’s head a little harder into her and then she was exploding with delicious relief, tensing and releasing, cumming, cumming, oh, yes, shuddering to a feeling of utter completion, a knowledge that all was right in her world, and finally, a peace that made her want nothing more just now than to lift Cathy’s head up, draw her into an embrace, and kiss those lips that had just given her so much pleasure.

Cathy understood that Gina needed a little time to collect herself, but she wondered if maybe Gina hadn’t really meant that she would do the same for Cathy. That thought cooled Cathy’s ardor a little, but when she told herself that Gina was just coming down from her arousal and would soon be kissing her between her legs, she felt herself moistening once again, and feeling the urgency of receiving Gina’s touch.

Gina felt Cathy’s need, and soon began a trail of kisses down Cathy’s body toward her pussy. Gina had masturbated many times to the thought of kissing Cathy’s pussy, and she could hardly wait to feel the pleasure of actually doing it. She paused a little over Cathy’s tits, brushing her lips a little roughly on Cathy’s nipples, and swirling her tongue around them. But it wasn’t long before she had her knees between Cathy’s legs and her head within inches of her quim. Gina was seized with pleasure at the smoothness of Cathy’s plump thighs, and just had to fondle them and kiss them.

At the same time, she was so close to Cathy’s pussy that she could smell the aroma of Cathy’s lubricity. It drew her toward the delicate folds of Cathy’s vulva, and in a moment, Gina’s lips and tongue were upon Cathy’s most sensitive parts. Ohhh, how Cathy moaned with the pleasure of it! Gina explored everywhere with her tongue, and was able to feel the extra firmness of Cathy’s clitoris. She made circles on this little nubbin, then ran her tongue down Cathy’s opening, then back up, and then circled her clitoris again. It was just as Gina had dreamed. She felt so close to Cathy, she was reveling in a feeling of oneness, of being joined to another by this wonderful union of mouth and seat of sexual pleasure.

Cathy began to squirm uncontrollably, and Gina knew she was about to cum. Gina put her arm under Cathy’s thighs and gripped tight. She buried her face deeply in Cathy to keep firm contact with her sex. It was almost as if Cathy were riding her face, as her moans became louder and louder, her breathing heavier and heavier, until at last a strangled cry left her throat, and then another and another. She subsided for a moment, and Gina thought her time was over. But the Cathy jerked against her face again, tensed, and finally let out a deep sigh.

Gina held still for a few moments and then broke her kiss with Cathy’s nether lips. She untangled herself from Cathy’s thighs and lay down beside her. She took Cathy in her arms and kissed her on the mouth. Now the two began to get aroused again, as each took in the scent of both pussies, and even the taste of both their urgent fluids. But they were truly spent, and after a while went to sleep, secure in their discovery of each other, and happily dreaming of a long summer of intimacy.

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