GILF Bobbie’s Brutal Butt Bashing

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I met Bobbie on a trip to Jamaica. She was sweet and compassionate, and friendly. Me, I’m 22 years old, was at a wedding, and saw her in the bar one night and chatted her up. Granted, there is the age difference — Bobbie was 69 years old — but something about her struck me. I’m drawn to older women; they’re easy to bed and eager to please, no questions asked. And, as it turned out in Bobbie’s case, no quarter given.

She had short blonde hair, and a prunish, wrinkled face, not that good looking, with thick wrinkles on her aging neck that rippled down her cleavage to decent sized tits. She wore a short skirt, and had really fine legs, wrinkled and tanned but firm looking, strong. Her ass looked superb in her skirt, and glaring at it as long as I did, fueled by free booze at the all-inclusive resort we were at, I had to have it.

We chatted long into the night, me watching those wrinkles pucker around her mouth when she laughed, and her turkey waddle wiggling at me most enticingly. I’d fucked many GILFs in my young days, but none over 50. This would be a new benchmark.

When she talked with her hands, her supple arms swung beneath, not with fat but sexy wrinkled meaty flesh. The talk got more and more alluring, and sexual, as I flirted heavily, trying to get her to take a walk with me on the beach, in the dark.

“Why whatever for, young man?” she cooed, batting her big brown eyes at me.

“Whatever m’lady would like,” I cooed back.

“M’lady, that’s rather sexy and submissive of you,” she growled with a dark seductive smile.

“Indeed it is..m’lady! Now, shall we walk?”

We did, talking, going to the far end of the moonlit beach where no one was, the waves splashing ashore. I took her hand; it felt bony and frail in my bigger one. I brought it to my mouth, kissing her fingers, sexily licking them, then I moved to her face, kissing her gently, then probing with my tongue into the wrinkled pucker of her sexy old mouth.

“Mercy me, Michael, you’re so brash!” she giggled, as I pulled away to nibble that soft, warm wrinkled flesh of her neck, suckling the folds into my mouth and tonguing them until she moaned. “Goodness, you’re rather turned on by a woman old enough to be your granny!”

“I know, I am, I am,” I moaned, cupping her amazingly hard but fleshy ass, smallish but firm, kneading the flesh in my hands, pulling up her skirt and fondling the bare flesh. She wore a thong!

“Naughty of me, a thong at my age,” she hissed, allowing me to lick down the wrinkled flesh of her cleavage to bury my face in the bare tits there, she wore no bra, either, suckling the sweaty saggy meat into my mouth and feasting on the big brown nipples.

“God, Bobbie, you are so fucking hot!”

“Oh, now, young man, we can’t have that language,” she hissed. “You must be punished!”

I stood back, smiling at her suddenly mean countenance, a harsh look on her pretty face as she peeled off her dress to stand in that black thong and sandals, hands on hips, one cocked to the side, the moonlight shining on her sinewy wrinkled arms, tits, Ankara travesti belly and legs. In her crotch, an explosion of downy hair erupted from the sides of her tiny thong.

“Punish me then, granny, do your worst!” I laughed, hands apart.

She smiled. “You sure about that? Once I get going, I WILL NOT STOP!!!”

I smiled more broadly still.

“Have at me, m’lady,” I said with a bow. “I insist!”

“No,” she purred, advancing on me quickly. “It is I who insist!”

I was expecting a kiss. What I got was her right foot blasting into my nuts, crippling me, forcing me to bend over and bellow in pain. Before I could react, she trip hammered me over the back, driving her bony elbow into my shoulder blades and crumpling me to the sand at her feet, where I noticed her skinnny toes and gnarled, veiny insteps inches from me.

“Bobbie…what the fuck?” I groaned, looking up at those wrinkly legs, over her bush and belly and tits to her darkly smiling face.

“I warned you,” she sighed. “Now you pay the price in Bobbie’s brutal butt!”

She turned to show me her ass, small but well formed around that thong, deeply but sexily wrinkled, a smooth, tanned bubble of saggy meat that quickly took my face. She dropped atop me, facing my feet, and burying my face inside the warm clamp of that meaty, moist rump.

“Smother time in Bobbie’s butt!” she laughed with an evil roar. “Smmmell it baby!”

It was incredible, I was helpless, face first up the ass of the oldest woman I’d ever been with, and I felt the warm folds of her superbly wrinkled butt meat ripple around my face, completely absorbing it. My nose was tucked into the puckered ring of her asshole, as she pulled aside her thong to impale herself on it, and I inhaled the sweet and sour scent of her bum hole, sweaty from a long humid night of drinking, but scented delicately with the soap she’d used in showering earlier.

She giggled and wiggled, her butt burying me deeper, the firm folds of flesh undulating as she snapped her hips back and forth, whipping her hairy quim over my face, and I felt the gushing warmth of her cunt lips meatily scraping me from forehead to chin, over and over again. She was in constant motion, hands on her hips, bringing her clit back to my forehead and then blasting forward, those moist lips bathing my entire face, ending with my nose going straight up her quivering rectum. She rode my face madly, and I watched those amazing, wrinkled cheeks ripple and sag around my face as she ground herself to an orgasm, finally stopping with my nose back up her wet asshole and bathing my face in her tangy, tasty GILF cum.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!!!” the demure little GILF blonde grunted as she twisted around on my nose and pounded my face in her hairy cunt as she finished her orgasm.

She finally dismounted my face, sliding up on my chest and I inhaled deeply, panting like crazy, my hands loosely resting on her wrinkled, squatting thighs, feeling unmistakable muscle beneath.

“Bobbie….Jesus, woman…I …couldn’t breathe!” I groaned, wiping Konya travesti her goop from my face.

“Oh, baby, I’m not close to done yet!” she growled, whipping around to now sit on my face from the front, pinching it in her wrinkled thighs, the folds and sags of her warm inner flesh embracing my cheeks and squeezing it hard. “Old women love to cum, LONG AND HARD AND OFTEN!!!”

She did the swivel on me now, reaching between her thighs to hold my head steady and slowly gyrating her supple hips in small circles, grinding her hairy, wet cunt all over my face. My eyes were about the only visible part of my face left, and I looked up through the pungent bush scraping my face, up over the gentle swell of her slightly distended belly and the wrinkles there, past her swinging, saggy tits and into the puckered flesh of her face, a face of focus and domination as her wrinkled arms bulged with muscle as she held me in place.

I pawed at the thighs framing my face, feeling the soft, warm flesh and the wrinkles in it but also the firm musculature beneath that was pinching me into a near smother. As she ground herself on me harder and harder, the harder it got to breathe and then she leaned back, extending her legs, her saggy hamstrings completely covering it as my mouth disappeared into her snapping, hairy cunt and she exploded in orgasm around me, taking a full minute to relieve herself on me, flooding my nose and mouth in her GILF cream before laying all the way back, allowing her legs to open and me to breathe. I panted madly, looking side to side at her saggy thigh flesh inches from me, and those long, wrinkled calves bulging with muscle beneath the saggy skin.

“One more time, slave boy,” she hissed.

Now she scooped my face into her ass, flipping over into a 69 position, and clamping her 69-year-old thighs tightly around it, burying it again in her saggy asscheeks and gushing, hairy cunt. She was in a frenzy now, snapping and grinding and squeezing, and I thought if I didn’t die from suffocation, the rapidly quivering thighs that were crushing my skull would tear my head off my shoulders. I pawed helplessly at her brutally quaking ass cheeks that smothered me, feeling the warm wrinkled meat of them ooze in my fingers. She was squeezing so hard and smothering me so completely as she came, I didn’t even notice she’d pulled my shorts down and was feverishly sucking my cock to hardness.

Blissfully, she released my head and face from her cunt and ass prison and swung athletically around to sit on my cock, taking me to the balls in one spongy thrust. She rode me like a 20-year-old girl, bouncing up and down on my dick and leaning into me, forcing my face into the thick waddle of her neck.

“Suckle those wrinkles, boy, lick granny’s GILF neck!” she crowed, crushing my face to it in her bony but powerful arms, smothering me in her throat meat until I licked and sucked and chewed the thick sagging flesh as she continued to pound onto my cock.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt, despite my inability to breathe, smothered in her neck İzmir travesti the way I was, her cunt was tight and velvety and red hot and then she sat completely down on it, milking me in her muscles, quaking those impossibly sexy, saggy asscheeks until I thought I’d explode. She pulled my face from sucking her neck and replaced it with the wrinkled jugs that were her tits, me madly suckling the folds of flesh and devouring the thick brown nipples as she rode me.

“Don’t you cum yet, not til I do, boy,” she hissed, grabbing my hair, pulling my face away from her swinging tits and ramming her puckered mouth to my lips and stabbing her long tongue inside. “Or else…”

I couldn’t help it. As she made out with me, her eyes wide open, looking into mine with maniacal passion, my young lips locked onto the pucker of her old ones, she milked me harder, twisting that amazing old ass on me, quaking the meat of it, crushing down with her cunt muscles and in seconds I exploded inside her hairy quim, my nuts emptying more than ever before, my load scorching her old womb walls as she stared into my eyes, sucking my tongue and smiling as she did.

She stopped the fucking motion and slowly pulled off, my limp dick slipping with a slurp out of her wide-open, cum-filled twat. She smiled and slowly slithered up my chest.

“’t..please!” I begged, completely drained and too weak to move. “I!”

“First time for everything,” she snarled.

She spun around quickly and my face was enmeshed in her dripping, hairy cunt, those thighs locking around my neck and ears, her hole gushing cum directly into my screaming mouth. The taste was bleachy and hot and I nearly gagged on my own spew but she squeezed me harder, those wrinkled hamstrings tight with muscle beneath the saggy flesh on the backs of her punishing thighs.

“Don’t you DARE stop!” she screamed, slapping my cock and squeezing my nuts until I yelled in pain. “Now eat Granny’s creampie, boy, you made the mess, YOU clean it up!”

I had no choice as she erupted into a hip snapping frenzy, those thighs crushing my neck and face, her ass fluttering meatily before my eyes and around my mouth and nose, and I nearly choked on the thick wad of cream sluicing out of her hairy hole and down my throat. I swallowed and gobbled it all down, with more seeming to leach out of her pussy every time I sucked it, me silently cursing my youth and ability to cum like a stallion.

She came long and hard, squeezing me brutally, her ass hunching, flexing and relaxing into a blurry quiver of wrinkled ass flesh, then she settled down into a mere face rub, almost gently grinding herself on my lips and mouth, streaking more cum all over me. When she finished, she unlocked those tireless legs and stood up to get dressed and smile down at me as I lay helplessly and spent at her old feet.

“Thanks for the date, young man,” she laughed, bending at the waist to kiss and quickly lick at my cum-strewn face before standing up to walk away, calling over her shoulder, her hair shimmering in the moonlight, “see you again soon, I hope. Don’t make me come looking for you!”

I would be there five more nights. And even with all those gorgeous young girls in the wedding party I knew I could shag any time I wanted, I always went back to Bobbie and that brutal butt.

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