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I was at college in a rural market town in the north of England in the eighties. The small college specialised in teacher training and was an annexe to a larger university in a nearby city.

The one advantage of such colleges was that they were full of women, not that I had deliberately singled that one out and it did offer one or two other courses. I was studying for an outward bound qualification but my roommate, Simon, another rarity — a male, was archetypal primary school teacher material.

We shared a room on the top floor of the dorm, at least it was co-ed, only recently had the live in supervision ended and some freedoms had been granted although the stuffy reputation and prim and proper exterior persisted.

The dorm itself was an old Victorian building. It had been a hospital during both wars, a nurses home between and now housed three floors of student accommodation. We had a room in the attic, there was a shared kitchen, common room and shared bathroom facilities on each floor — primitive but OK for its time.

Simon was slightly built, average height and rather weedy. He had short and straight brown hair, was bespectacled and from a religious background. He kept himself to himself and would often retire early to our room to study. I was all together larger, a bulky and muscular six foot plus rugby player and as a result was rarely short of female company. Alas I was less than conscientious with my studies and would often be the last out of the common room each night. We were about a mile away from the nearest pub and it was the only place with a television.

At least the common room and kitchen were near to our room. Simon and I were the only lads on the floor and as such were often at the centre of attention but I appreciated it far more than him.

Around the end of the first term a rumour went around that the floor was haunted. A few of the girls had complained of waking up with sticky residue over their bodies. This “ectoplasm” would be stuck to their hair or leave a dry patch on their face or upper body. The dorm was quite creepy, every one of the thick wooden doors and solid oak floorboards creaked and the lighting was, at best, moody.

Rumours persisted throughout December and during the last week of term full scale discussions were happening in every corner. Late on the last Friday night, sad I know, after returning from the local pub and after Simon had gone to bed, I decided to launch an in depth paranormal investigation.

I gathered as many of the girls as I could into the small kitchen so that we could plot all of the incidents we had bits of paper and everything! After telling their stories the girls left one by one, eventually leaving only me and Christine from the room opposite.

Christine was a trainee teacher as was her roommate, Rowena, both were in their third and final year. Simon and I referred to them as the long and the short, Rowena was tall, almost as tall as me, sleek and lean. She had collar length dark hair and green eyes. She wore glasses and a predilection for wearing long floral dresses and cardigans would pass her off as a librarian in anyone’s estimation. She wasn’t a great looker and did little to cover her almost straight up and down figure.

Christine was shorter, blonde haired and with a fuller figure. Again not a great looker but I suspected that she had a fine body, although hippy and an ample pair of tits under her ankle length nightie – in fact had often fantasised about seeing her bare and ample chest in all its glory.

The pair were prim and proper and by and large had kept themselves to themselves. In fact this was the longest I had ever spent talking to Christine. Rowena was out in town with members of the theatre group watching a Shakespeare play.

Christine took the analysis rather seriously. It was all rather odd, the “attacks” only seemed to happen once per month, last for about a week and then die down. The “visitations” seemed not follow any distinct pattern, who was visited seemed to happen virtually at random.

Where the ectoplasm was deposited also varied, sometimes on the upper chest, sometimes in the hair, sometimes none at all but always on the girl nearest the door.

I don’t know how or why but we came to the conclusion that Christine and Rowena must be next target and that night was to be the night — either a flash of inspiration or the result of the booze talking. Christine confessed to be a sound sleeper and wouldn’t wake even if the fire alarm went off, so in Rowena’s absence somehow I volunteered, or was volunteered, to hide out in their room and lie in wait.

It was late, past midnight as we left the kitchen Başakşehir escort and headed down the narrow corridor towards their room. The corridor was dimly lit as the decision had been reached to leave the lights on all night some time ago. I considered popping into our room as we passed the door but swung left and followed Christine into the cosy double room opposite.

The room was musky and smelled of old wood. The door swung wide open to reveal two single beds to the right separated by just enough of a gap for a bedside chest on each side. There was a sink, a desk and a large wardrobe along the right hand wall. Opposite in the centre of the sloping ceiling was a small window, below which lay the girl’s luggage, festoon with shoes, bags and boxes.

It was decided, by Christine, who was becoming increasingly forthright, that I would hide in the wardrobe and spring a trap.

She excitedly ushered me across by holding the door ajar, I meekly complied and wedged myself into the small and musky space. I heard Christine get into bed and a click as she turned the small sidelight off. She was soon sound asleep.

I must have drifted off too as I didn’t hear Rowena return, sometime in the small hours. But I remember waking to a rather unusual sound, the kind of sound that as your eyes are closed you try to identify. There I was in a pitch black box trying to focus my mind on a kind of “phut phut” sound that was faintly and rhythmically coming from the far end of the room. I worked out that the door must be open as the acoustics had changed and I could see a dim light around the edge of the wardrobe door.

I pushed at the door, trying desperately not to make it creak as it slowly opened. Through the crack I could see the shape of Christine asleep in her bed and as I craned my neck to peer out I saw a dark shape standing over the prone figure laid in Rowena’s bed. I had to stop myself from leaping out, remembering that we thought that this was a ghost so I didn’t want to frighten it or it to frighten me!

As I pushed and craned out further the door suddenly swung wide open and I almost fell out. I was greeted with the sight of the unmistakable shape of Simon silhouetted in the half light against the open door standing directly over the prone figure of Rowena.

It got worse (or better). His arms seemed to be slowly moving as my eyes adjusted to the dim and grey light. My eyes gained a sharper focus as I lurched forward and almost to the foot of Rowena’s bed. She was laying there butt naked, her covers were pushed down to the end of her bed, and her dark and bushy muff was fully exposed.

Simon was stood at her head with his right arm making slow and deliberate waving motions. He had a hold of something and I strained my eyes to see. I glanced to the right to catch his outline against the open door — Oh my God, I thought to myself, he’s got his cock out! Not only that, but the horny bugger is pulling himself off! It also looked impressively large.

I glanced down at the movement that caught my eye further to my right. It was Rowena, her right hand was buried at her groin and she was wanking herself silly. This was the source of the “phut-phut” sound. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth was agape just below the tip of Simon’s huge member. Simon wore a fixed expression and was pumping his impressive length over Rowena’s face.

Rowena eyes darted across at me but she was fully in the throes of passion and didn’t seem to mind, or care, about me tumbling out of the wardrobe door. I stumbled into the tight gap between the beds as my eyes continued to adjust to the dim light in the room.

Rowena’s body shuddered and her chest heaved as she succumbed, almost silently, to a hip thrusting orgasm. All I could hear was the squeak of her bed springs and the almost silent mush of skin against skin as Simon continued to pull at his shaft rhythmically. The “phut phut” sound that had wakened me was now louder and had changed in tone as I moved into position next to her.

I looked at Simon. I couldn’t tell if his eyes were open or closed but it was clear he was asleep — in fact sleep wanking. His tool got even bigger as I neared him, with his fist at the base as much stuck out as was covered by his loose grip! He stroked his fist up and down the entire length in long, slow and even motions. I was envious that he even struggled to close his fingers around the thick shaft. I glanced down at the much smaller bulge in my jeans but knew at least I was rock hard as I moved my gaze from Simon’s three quarter hard cock to the smooth lines of Rowena’s naked body.

Her eyes were fixed on Simon’s Bayrampaşa escort bayan monster dick hovering just above her head but darted to mine as our sightlines crossed. She winked at me and motioned me to get my cock out too. I glanced up at Simon’s fixed expression and thought “what the hell” and started to loosen my jeans. As they fell and my rock hard cock sprang out from my boxers Rowena acknowledged my efforts and with renewed vigour stroked at her clit. Her small but pert tits bounced and rippled as her hand expertly and more rapidly tended to her now gently squelching slit.

Simon still pumped at his thick tool as Rowena sped to a second and louder orgasm. I slipped my boxers to the floor as my hand inadvertently stroked at my rock hard tip.

I almost jumped out of my skin as I felt an ice cold touch in my inner thigh. I looked down to see a set of slender fingers curl around my hot and exposed ball sack from behind. The long and sharp nails dug, almost painfully, at the base of my cock as the owner gripped at my full and tender pods.

It was Christine, the commotion had also woken her. I spun around and jabbed my bare backside against the bedside table. Christine’s hand fell away and made a grab for the side light.

At that moment Simon let out a slight sigh and virtually milked thick jets of semen from his tool. I watched as the sticky fluid gushed in arcs over Rowena’s head in the grey half light. She sprang, ignoring my movements, moved her open mouth into line and tried to catch as much of the thick stream as possible. Her hand jammed, what I thought were a couple of fingers, deep into her juicy hole as her body became rigid and she drank the salty jism.

The click of the side light echoed in the small room. I was dazzled for a moment and struggled to gain focus. Simon’s fixed expression changed in an instant.

With a final glob of semen hanging from the end of his thick meat, directly over Rowena’s cum covered face, his hand clenched at its end, his eyes sprung open. He paused for a second and then reeled away in horror and shock, and, without a word, rushed out of the room with his dick slapping noisily against his naked thigh.

Christine’s arm ushered me aside as Simon left, naked from the bottom down as he exited the door and closed it gently behind him. I stood back and allowed her to follow him with her eyes and to examine her cum covered friend.

I looked to my left to see Christine’s sheets already rolled back and her pulling her ankle length flannelette nightie off and over her head. Her magnificent tits flopped free as she tossed the stripy garment to the floor at my feet.

Her cold fingers once again wrapped themselves around my straining tool as I looked right to see Rowena, leg splayed wide, with two of her long and slender fingers buried, knuckle deep, into her gaping and wet cunt.

I concluded that neither of the girls were phased by the antics of my roommate and that my presence was definitely still in demand.

I glanced to my left again to see the fingers of Christine’s left hand splay her sparsely cover clam. Our eyes met as she started to roughly tug at my balls and shaft. I couldn’t resist glancing down her pale body to see her digits trace a circular path across her inner flesh as she spread the glistening wetness in and around her soft and pink inner lips. Her mouth hung half open and her blue eyes sparkled as she expertly massaged her private places.

The air was heavy with the smell of sex as both girls panted their way towards orgasm. Both lay with their legs spread wide open and hands waving sexily at their bushy mounds.

Rowena’s eyes were fixed on Christine’s petite and elegant fingers pulling at my shaft as she noisily fingered her own hole. I watched as she slipped a third and then a fourth finger deep inside making a delightful squelch as she drove them up and further in. She spooned Simon’s cum from her face with her left hand and sexily sucked at the sticky goo as she stabbed forcibly at her sex. Finally she rubbed the last of the damp residue into her swollen and pink nipples, tweaked at them and then pulled them as she drew closer to another and more intense orgasm.

I didn’t know what and where to watch. I glanced left to see Christine slip a finger from her cunt and trace a path to her pink and puckered asshole. She lay, legs akimbo and raised them up to allow me to witness her finger disappear, knuckle deep, into her tight brown bud.

I admired her dexterity as she maintained the same rhythm, wanking me off with her right and jabbing into her anus with her left hand. I watched the cum Escort Beşiktaş bubble and well out of her wide open cunt lips as she withdrew, sank two fingers into the wetness and then forced both, fully lubed, back into her tightest of orifices. As she sunk them further she pulled my cock hard, almost painfully, back to force my swollen red end to throb and jump uncontrollably before her half open mouth.

I glanced down to see Christine’s hand strain to close around my throbbing shaft and thought that at least it looked as impressive as Simon’s, with more than half of my rock hard length sticking out from her clenched fist.

Christine’s breathing had become heavy as Rowena had gasped and panted to another orgasm. I felt her wet hand grab at my balls as her left snaked a path to her wet gash in turn. I saw Christine bend her thumb to massage her fully erect and protruding clit. As she neared her climax her thumb disappeared into the hot depths of her cunt and back out, in time with each deep thrust of the fingers in her arse.

Christine was panting uncontrollably to her orgasm as she sped me to mine. The pounding of my cock and her hot breath spilling over my loins made my legs buckle. The tingling in my balls told me I was about to explode cum over the blonde girl’s smooth cheeks.

Her cheeks were flushed deep red and I was determined to allow her to cum before blowing my load all over her face and tits. She started to cum, first with a whimper and then a yell, her eyes rolled in their sockets and her body bucked and writhed below me. She lost her grip on my shaft , Rowena took over and tugged sharply at my ball sack.

I held off a long as I could but Rowena sensed I was about to climax and thrust her head outward as if to catch my cum, only to be met by Christine thrusting out in the other direction. They banged heads, it would have been comical if I wasn’t on the verge of a massive orgasm. I re-focused and through gritted teeth glanced down to see two wide open and eager mouths spread open and ready for my load. Their cherry red and swollen lips invited my hot dick. I thrust my hips forward but couldn’t land inside either hot cavern behind them.

I grunted loudly as the first jet of thick semen burned its way from my painfully hard cock and tumbled in the air towards both women. They almost kissed as the thick stream bounced and rebounded off their cheeks but each managed to land a strand of the precious cargo.

A second jet erupted and I tried to deliver it directly in to Christine’s wide open and inviting throat, the third was bound for Rowena as I endeavoured to mete out the load evenly. The fourth deep jerk of my tool didn’t produce as strong a jet as my cock pulsed and twitched almost at random and tumbled lamely down my length and on to my balls.

My legs buckled as the waves of pleasure hit and I fell forward, propping myself up against the bedside table. I longed for one, or both, now smacking their lips to engage my cock with a soft tongue.

Almost as soon as I had spent my cum each girl pulled up her covers and looked away almost in shame. The damp goo of my cum stuck to my ball sack as I staggered forwards. I shakily looked for a place to set down but was denied a space on the edge of either bed.

After a pause to compose myself and await any response from the girls I concluded that my job had been done and that I was no longer required.

“I had better go then.” I said dolefully but gained no response.

And so I left, with nothing else said.

Simon flatly refused to acknowledge what happened when he awoke the next day and both girls had already left by the time I was up. There were only three or four days to the end of term and as they passed I got the message – the girls avoided me but I was sure that Simon had repeated his nocturnal wanderings (and wankings) as I had struggled to stay awake each night to confirm.

I eagerly awaited the start of the new term but was disappointed when I discovered that Simon had not returned. As we shared a room, and rooms were scarce, I was re-billeted away from the dorm and to a room in another part of the campus.

After that, every time I saw either Rowena or Christine they ducked out of the way but I did at least manage to pin Christine down one night for a brief explanation.

It appeared that Rowena and Simon had met most nights for such erotic encounters, except for “that time” when the door remained firmly locked — hence the monthly visitations elsewhere. Christine would either sleep through the encounter or lay there quietly until Simon shot his load and returned to our room. That night she said that her curiosity had got the better of her but it was my belief that she had a little crush on me.

Simon, I believe, joined the clergy. I wonder if he ever overcame his unfortunate nocturnal affliction.

As for Rowena, she went on to be a head teacher and remains a right goer — I know because I tracked her down and married her!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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