Ghost Hunk Ch. 03

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Covered in sharpie marker dashes and words, Bloke wears a shit-eating grin as he walks down the avenue. His soft member bobs idly between his legs as he goes, his ass and thighs still coated with spunk from his last escapade.

“Heh heh, ya like this, fleshie?” Bloke asks as he feels his face cheeks — they are red hot, meaning the man he’s possessing, while not entirely conscious, is still experiencing the humiliation of being naked and exposed in public.

He points a few finger-guns at a couple of strangers, then later nods at a few other patrons, and then walks off.

“Yeah… Hey!” He waves off at a few scoffing strangers looking at his marred and sweaty body. “Fucking all night, yall!” He calls out as he walks. “Suck a dick for a nickel! I’m all in!”

Bloke giggles more as he feels his cheeks get even more hot. If this is what the emotion ’embarrassment’ feels like, then he loves it!

“Hey! HEY!” He calls out to some men across the street. Bloke cups his hands around his mouth and yelling out as deeply as he can, “MY HAIRY MAN-CUNT WANTS MORE DIIIIICK!” He laughs before going on.

Finally, Bloke comes to his next stop: Oasis. This place is mostly a bathhouse with either a few public baths and a few shower stalls. He smiles as he walks up to the front desk.

“Hello, and welcome to…” The receptionist pauses and looks Bloke up and down. “Oh wow. Haha”

“Yeah, I know.” Bloke smiles as he points around at himself. “I lost a bet, and I’ve been a very dirty boy. Ya got any hot tubs I can fuck a few pigs with?”

“Heh heh, I’m very sorry sir, but all of our tubs have been reserved at this time.”

“Well by all means, I can wait.” Bloke smiles and motions. “In the meantime, how bout IIiiiii…” He irks and his face wobbles. The clerk blinks as the man before him grunts and irks a bit at the desk.

“Is uh…” He glances up and down, “Is everything alright.”

“FuuUUrrRRHhhkk” Bloke’s muscles spasm and tense around him. He clenches his eyes and suppresses himself with a hard breath, “On-O-Onnn secon thought, I’ll take a shower, I ain’t got time to wait.”

“Alright, I believe we have a few available.” The clerk says. Bloke takes several deep breathes as he keeps himself under control — literally. He dropped his guard for a second, he’s not gonna let that happen again… “Ah just the one-“

“Yeah yeah, that’s fine, uh-huh.” Bloke nods. He gulps down a solid lump of air before sighing, “Ok… Think I’m good now…”


“Oh yeah, sure sure.” Bloke hands over his lanyard with the VIP night card — the only article he’s even wearing, and the receptionist scans it and registers Bloke’s info into the computer.

“Here you go.” The clerk hands it back, “Aaaannd. Special VIP undies!” He smiles and holds up a basket with a towel, soaps, and some complimentary underwear.

“Awesome thanks!” Bloke nods, walking a bit bow-legged. Fuck, the jock he’s possessing is persistent.

He walks into one of the few empty showers and turns on the water. Normally, he’d want to join in on a guy showering and fuck his brains out. But right now, Polter has a hard enough time trying to make Blake fold completely out. Hell, it might even be easier to ditch his body and go for someone easier, but Polter doesn’t want to lose either.

Bloke scrubs his athletic body and wash away the permanent marker — the ghost-infused sweat is making it a lot easier wash off the Sharpie than it normally would. “Ahhhhh better” He sighs as the sweat and cum rinses off his butt and his legs. “NoohhhOOOooooWWWoooo!” Bloke spazzes again as his back is shoved into the corner of the shower. His eyes cross and his smile gets even weirder as he possesses the body at skin-value.

“Heh heh… Go on… Just me and you… Just try and push me out.” Polter dares as his muscles twitch and jump on their own — his pecs bouncing, his thighs tensing, his arms bulging with his muscles as the human mind attempts to eject him.


Bloke looks down and laughs as he sees a hyper ghost cock spring from his crotch — Blake’s penis stays the same while a tube-balloon shaped dong of glowing ghost fog erects from his pelvis, “Yeah, see?” Bloke chuckles as he rubs the cartoonishly huge pole with both hands — even though it’s made of phantom, his possessed hands can still touch and rub on the pseudo-existent anatomy. “Ya can’t get rid of me that easy, bonebag.”

The enormous poltergeist cock dissipates in the shower steam and Bloke finds himself staggering until his hands meet with the tiles. “GGhhhhh! FfffuuuuUUck! You really want this body back don’t ya?” Bloke snickers, “RRRRRGGHH”

Just then, a pair of glowing white/blue globes bounce above Bloke’s butt “Ooooohhoohhhoooohhh that’s niiiice” Bloke moans as his ballooned ghost rump wafts in the air. The twin round blobs bounce idly, wobbling as he smirks and looks down and pats at them, “Bet you was as dummy thicc as this, eh meatsack?” He wiggles his hips to make the translucent booty Bahçelievler Escort wobble in the air before they too dissolve into the moist air.

“OoOOhhwwhOOaaoO! E-Easy there, ahahaa” Bloke scoffs and laughs as he keeps his possession intact while the human keeps fighting inside to force them out.


“Hah! Ah-haha…” Bloke looks down again and sees a massive ghostly scrotom loom between his legs, like a phantom tanuki fluffing through the air, “Look. Ya can fight all ya want, but all you’re gonna be doing is just makin my bits pop around like this.” The possessed man bends over some and plays with his massive ectoplasmic nuts, “Not that I mind! I bet everyone would love to see your face walkin around with some huge-ass parts, eh?”

And just like that, the glowing sac also evaporates, and Bloke grins as he scrubs himself “Yeah, that’s what I thought, dumbfuck.”

After the shower, clean and dried, Bloke pulls up his undies and wiggles his butt in the stretchy fabric, “Ooh, comfy. You ass feels nice, Fleshie.” Bloke smacks his rump and cupping his bulge, “Nice package too. Been a while since I had a cock this thick — like a week ago! Hah hah”

Bloke walks off wearing his VIP card and complimentary underpants and walks to the clothing parlor next door to the bathhouse.

A while later, he walks by the clerk — handsome looking brunette built with respectable muscles wearing a furry vest over his smooth torso as well as some short shorts, “Hello, welcome to Plumaj-” He says, instantly noting that the newest patron is almost nude, “Oh, excuse me, sir, do you-“

“VIP, Scott.” Bloke says as he walks by and holding up his card. The clerk blinks as he recognizes the snide voice as well as the cyan coloration in his eyes and a sideways grin as Bloke walks by.

“Oh yes, of course, mhm…” Scott nods, staring at Bloke’s packed rear as he goes. Looks like he’s got a hot one this time…

Half an hour later, Bloke walks out of Plumaj in a few new threads — his torso has now regained a thick treasure trail that is show-cased by a sleeveless biker vest while his lower body is tightly packed in form-fitting jeans. Bloke rubs the fine facial stubble along his face as he gets horny all over again just by the notion of going round 2 in this jock’s body.

“Ok, Mr Dong.” He says as he gropes his bulge some. Bloke pulls down the zipper of his pants and snapped his fingers next to his crotch. Suddenly, his penis pops out and bounces in the air! Bloke grins as he possesses the organ, extending a small bit of consciousness into his dick and slapping and tossing his hard cock, making it bob and bounce a little in the air, “YOU lead the way this time, yeah?”

His semi-hard rod shakes a little and draws a few circles in the air before the erect penis points directly at another section. Bloke chuckles and nods, “Good choice.” He says before walking to the next adult bar he sees — Rabbit Hole.

“Hello,” Says the bouncer, “Welcome to the…” He glances down, and gaps as he sees Bloke’s massive erection. “Uh…”

“Yeah?” Bloke grinned, “Eyes up here, stud.” With that, that solid penis bobs or ‘points’ up twice. The bouncer scoffs and looks back up.

“Sorry, distracted. You know you’re supposed to keep HIM in your pants outdoors, right?”

“OH RIGHT, totally my bad.” Bloke smiles that shit-eating grin as he holds his hand up and SNAPS his fingers. The bouncer looks back down in astonishment as that hard member rolls back and tucks itself back into Bloke’s pants, the zipper pulling itself up all by itself before the lap of his pants punches into a thick tent. “Better?” Bloke says and snaps the bouncer out of the daze.

“How the hell you do that??” He says as he points at Bloke’s crotch.

“I’m fuckin magic.” Bloke laughs and pats at his pointing tent, “Now am I gonna get to get in and get fucked, or am I gonna have to get my ‘bad boy’ out and beat you with my dick?”

“Hah hah, sir, unless you got a reservation, you gotta stand in line like very one else.” The bouncer gestures to the line of people wanting to get in.

“Oh, right, gotta flash you with more than my pole, gotcha.” Bloke then takes out his VIP card and shows him, “I’m paid out, sugarballs!”

“Oh, I see.” The bouncer takes it and looks it over, “Legit. Come right in.” He opens the doors and lets Bloke enter.

“Awful kind a’ya.” Bloke grins as he walks through. He reaches down below the bouncer’s legs and gives his package a hard grab.

“OOooh!” The muscular gentleman jumbles as he looks at him before Bloke finger-bangs him and disappears behind the doors. Once inside, Bloke smiles wide as he sees all the half naked and dressed patrons and employees. Holding his fingers next to his crotch, Bloke gives another SNAP of his fingers. His zipper whizzed down and his penis springs out! His cock curls straight into a full erection before his makes his way in.

He smiles as he notices a few guys eying his exposed Bahçelievler Escort Bayan boner, bobbing and throbbing as he goes. Blake’s embarrassment continues to heat up his face as he practically swings and shows off his member all over for all to see.

He locates the first twink he sees at the bar and sits himself right next to him, perching his feet on the stool’s ring down and spreading his knees wide. “Hey babe.” Bloke says to get the attention of the twink. “You know what I’d like to pop right about now?”

“Hey” The cute guy says with a smile as the handsome fellow greets him, “How you uh…” It takes him seconds to look down and see Bloke’s massive erection jutting from the zipper, “Dude, you’re rock hard!”

“Really?” Bloke tilts his head. Suddenly, his penis flops down and shrinks to regular size at complete softness, “Cause here I thought I was wagging a freakin wet sock between my legs.”

“I- gh, what??” The twink gaps at Bloke’s lap as he sees the 4-inch member, “You were just hard! How did…” He reaches forth and touches on the flaccid wang. “What happened to it?” He says as he gently grabs and rubs the tender member.

“Ooh” Bloke grins as his cock almost immediately gets hard again, much to the twink’s astonishment as his penis thickens and stands erect at 8 inches all over again, “I think he likes you.”

“How are you doing this??” He asks as he scoffs as Bloke’s cock starts to draw circles in his grip.

“Oh, he is VERY playful.” Bloke points his finger at his dong like he was holding a gun, “Bang.”

His cock then flops down in defeat, completely flaccid, “Aaaand up?” He SNAPS his fingers next to his dick and he instantly gets hard once more. “Down.” He grabs his member to have it completely soften and shink like a pink marshmallow, “Aaaaand fuck-mode.” He SNAPS his fingers again, and his member flops up and engorges again in a full erection.

“Holy fuck…” The twink scoffs at the little show. His hole is practically twitching to see what else that thing can do…

5 minutes later…

“MMmllchh! Mllmm” Bloke moans hotly as he and the twink grapple for each other in a very deep kiss. They hit into a room with other guys in the back of this club — some of them who can suck dick and hump rear without minding that others watching.

“Ahhh! Hahh, hahh, my name’s Henry.” The twink manages to pant out as Bloke licks his grinning lips, “What’s yooouurrrmMMM!” Henry is interrupted as Bloke jams his tongue in his mouth again. He moans as his own dick makes a hard tent in his shorts while Bloke’s prehensile penis shoves and oozes precum onto the other. Henry’s arms grasp across Bloke’s back as his leg hitches up on the side of Bloke’s hips.

Bloke grins as he can just feel the other guys in the room watch them. As he makes out with Henry, Bloke arches his back and wiggles his butt. Possessing his pants with a simple flex of his being, the ghost makes the belt and button undo themselves, shortly before his jeans fly right down to his ankles, with his underpants still securely on his rump with his dick standing out from the slit of the front.

The guys bite their lips as they smile and nod at the newcomer’s escapade. Even the men with a dick in their mouths watch as Bloke and Henry get it on.

While kissing, Bloke holds his hand next to Henry’s shorts, and SNAPS his fingers and takes partial possession of the twink’s pants. Henry breaks the lip-lock and gaps as he looks down at his shorts shooting down on their own! His dick bobs idly from his pubic-trimmed pelvis as he blushes with lust and a little embarrassment, “I juh, I don’t normally do this in front of…”

“Yeah yeah.” Bloke then forces Henry to turn around. The forceful manhandling only turns Henry on even more as that hand plants onto his shirt-clad back as looks over his shoulder to see Bloke’s pseudo-sentient cock ‘nod’ up and down his bubble butt. “I’m gonna ram the fuck outta you now. If you got a problem with that, Johnson here ain’t gonna be very happy.” He grins as his cock slaps at one buttcheek, then the other cheek before the rod pats at either bun.

“Hohhhh do me…” Henry whines, feeling like he’s just begging for him. “W-Wait! You have lube??”

“Oh I gots all da lube I need right here” Bloke says as he strokes his cock, which is now practically pouring with precum. He gets his member drenched in the natural lubricant before he lines his cock up with Henry’s crack.

“Oh god… Oh god…” Henry feels that dick kiss his pucker before it just slides right in! “OoooOOOHHHH!” His pillowy lips gave rise to an almost high-pitched moan.

“Mmmm you gotta nice hole here.” Bloke grins as he hilts Henry in one move. He grooves his thick hairy crotch into that smooth booty and stirs his member in circles inside there. He grabs onto those hips and starts to hump into him.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhh!” Henry stands and moans as that cock somehow jams into his sweetspot almost too soon. His fingers curl onto Escort Bahçelievler the post he’s on and whines with lust, “Fuuuuck that’s so good.” Henry arches his back and practically moves his haunches back against that stud, “Ah! A-Ahh! Aaahh!”

“Yeah, my fucking cock fits into ANYthing.” Bloke bites his lip as he starts to thrust into Henry a bit faster.

“Oooff, hohhh, aahh!” Henry feels his whole body start to jerk and bounce from Bloke’s thrusts. The other men start to watch as Bloke almost forces Henry to moan out loud. “F-Fuck! I-I-Is it getting bigger??”

“Don’t know.” Bloke glues his pelvis into Henry’s butt, “IS it?”

Henry’s eyes go wide as his asshole is suddenly forced wide open by what feels like a massive inflatable dildo! “OOHHHHHHHHH!” He practically squeals, making everyone in the room turn and stare at the partially dressed gentleman fucking the vocal twink.

Bloke laughs as his cock shrinks back to normal and erect size before he grabs onto both of Henry’s shoulders, “You better brace yourself, ya fuckin slut.”

“Brace- wait what? I doh…” Suddenly, Henry irks as his shoulders are clenched. Bloke starts to pump and race his hips back and forth into Henry’s ass. Fast. Very fast. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, OH! OH! OH! OH!” He grunts and irks as his body jerks from the hard hits his rump is now taking.

“Heeeere go, fuck-shot.” Bloke smiles wickedly as his hips are put on auto-pilot, “Gonna go full throttle on this bitch.”

“Ohhh! HooOOHH! OH my SHHHHIIIIT!” Henry gaps and wails out loud as his tunnel feels that cock start to… Vibrate? “FUUUUuuuck! OH SHIT! AAHH!” His ass turns pink as he’s forced to take that member — Bloke’s penis has almost literally turned into a jackhammer! “A-AAHH! OHH! AAGGHH!”

“Mmmmmm” Bloke bites his lip — his upper body completely stoic while his lower body blurs out of vision. Bloke even takes a moment to take a drink of Monster Energy before refocusing on the smooth and wet pucker enduring his comically rapid rampage.

A bottom on the sidelines scoffs and gaps as he watches Bloke’s lower body turn into an almost cartoonish blur as he fucks the twink in an almost unrealistic way — literally, a vibrating blur. “Fuck, I could go for that.” He scoffs.

“Hell, I kinda want that…” Says the guy topping the observing bottom as he too is fascinated by how Bloke looks like he’s having sex like a CGI robot.

“OHHH! OHH! OHHHH! OOHHH!” Henry can’t even talk. His anal tunnel and his extremely energized buttcheeks send him into shock as the top before him rails him like a vibrating machine! He can’t even account for his own body as his cock starts shooting his orgasm right beneath him — hands-free, solely from Bloke going at him like a motorized dildo.

“Mmffff, oh yeah!” Bloke moans out as his load comes knocking on his door. “I’mma drop the hammer, bubble butt!”

“Oh God, oh Christ, oh ffuuucck!” Henry, flustered beyond notion, pants and whines as he feels Bloke’s body slow down to a mere brutal pounding rather than the electric pummeling he just did. “A-Ahhh! Ohhh!” Henry moans out as his anus buzzes from the massive rush, barely even noticing the gush of semen flooding his hole.

“WOOOOOooooo” Bloke grunts and moans as he unloads his second burst of the night. “Fuck yeah, that’s the stuff.” He pulls out his still hard cock out of Henry’s ass and slaps that booty, “Good hole, there.”

“A-Ahhh… Ohhh f-fuucck…” Henry wobbles on the spot, his legs shaking as he attempts to pick up his pants, but it’s almost as if this guy literally just fucked him stupid. He takes a step forward, but stumbles from his weakness in the knees, his crack still oozing with Bloke’s cum. “S-Shhi… Oh my goooosssh” His ass is beet red as he squirms gently with his anus leaking with white goo as his ankles rub into his shorts.

“Aight. Think he’s done right now.” Bloke grins as he SNAPS his fingers again. His still hard cock then ducks down and flops right back up when Bloke’s underwear fly themselves down to his feet. Bloke steps out of his underpants to show off his fuzzy butt and patch of pubic bush. He starts to walk, but jerks on the spot. “So who wantssstttuuuUUUrrrbbllrrbbll…” His face shakes and wobbles as his half naked body wiggles on the spot. Bloke irks and grunts as his arms flop on either side and his hands cringe a bit. “ShhHHHIII… Not agggAAIIiHHAAiiiIIInnn…!”

“Ooorrrrhhh… Nooooo… Yoooouuu… DoooNNNnn’t…” Bloke growls goofily as his body spazzes a little bit.

“Uh, you ok, man?” Asks a nearby patron.

Bloke clenches his buttcheeks before his spine undulates out of control as two sentient minds collide inside his skull. His eyes roll up as his lips blubber about while his stomach gurgles with loud noises. His pecs wobble and bounce on their own before his muscles bulge compulsively as the poltergeist fights tooth and nail to regain control.

Polter finally pushes down the human’s mentality before he takes a deep breath as Bloke. He sighs and feels up his own smooth torso, rolling his head a bit before his hands go to his thighs to rub them.

“H-Heh, poppers high.” Bloke chuckles nervously “A-A-A-Ammm I riiight?” Bloke moans as his inner spirit calms things down on the inside, rubbing his butt and making his cock flex out in a massive erection again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32