Getting Rid of the Blues Ch. 09

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Jake took Alex by the hand and led her to the parking lot. Their cars were parked in the second row next to one another. Jake opened her car door. Alex moved to get into the car. She didn’t know what to say to Jake about the events of the afternoon. She was speechless and nervous. Jake stopped her before she got into the car. He swung her to face him. Without warning, his lips touched hers. Alex was immediately lost in the kiss. Her hands went to Jake’s shoulders. She could feel his hands at her hips.

His tongue pushed past her lips and began to swirl within her mouth. She moaned lightly against the intrusion and pressed her body closer to his. It took her a moment to realize he had undone her pants again. His hands were pushing the pants past her hips. Alex quickly tried to pull away. His hand came to her head and kept her in the kiss. When Jake did break the kiss, his eyes held the same lustful feeling they did the night he caught her watching John and Sue’s sex show.

“It is time for your consequence,” said Jake. His hands worked to push Alex’s jeans past her hips. She tried to push his hands away, but his gaze told her to stop her actions. It caught Alex off guard. She stopped moving and felt her jeans slide down to her thighs and rest at her knees. Jake knelt down so his face was level with his pussy. He leaned forward and inhaled deeply. Alex was too scared to even enjoy the moment. Her heart was pounding. She was looking around the parking lot to see who was nearby. Luckily, it was only filled with empty cars. A horrified thought entered her mind.


She knew the valet could come by at any moment. Jake stood in front of her again. His eyes searched hers. It felt like they would burn into her.

“Please, someone could see us,” begged Alex. She felt Jake’s hand moving down the front of her stomach again. She closed her eyes, trying to hold back the tears of fear. When his hand found her clit, she let out a yelp. Her eyes popped back open. They were glassy with tears. His fingers began to slowly dance over her clit.

“Jake!” she whispered hoarsely.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Not here!”


“Someone might see us!”

“Would that be so bad?” Jake asked as his fingers moved more rapidly. Alex didn’t know what to say. His fingers were making her wet and hot. Her clit was throbbing and begging to be touched.

This is what you wanted from him!

Alex kurtköy escort shook her head as her clit thickened from the excitement. Her hands went out to catch the side of the car to hold herself up. Her hips betrayed her and began rocking into Jake’s hand. The rocking motion pushed her clit directly into his line of attack. Her blood was rushing through her ears. She bit her lip in order to remain quiet. Jake’s fingers began pinching her clit softly. Alex’s knees threatened to buckle, and her back arched. She held onto the car with all of her might.

“You have been thinking about this, about me?”

Alex nodded her head and focused on the heat building between her legs. Her hips pushed against his hand again. The pads of his fingertips rubbed over her clit quickly. She leaned back against the car and held on for her life. She knew the orgasm was coming. Suddenly, there was an exquisite pain within her nipple. Alex looked to see Jake was roughly pinching her left nipple. The pain brought her orgasm. Her hips bucked wildly. She squeezed her eyes closed and began moaning aloud. A burst of liquid left her pussy. Behind her moans, she heard Jake telling her she was forgiven for wearing her panties.

When Alex opened her eyes, she was still panting. She noticed that Jake was standing to the side of her. His hand still provided feathery touches along her clit. His other hand flicked back and forth against the hardened nipple. She smiled until she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye.

The valet!

Sure enough, the boy who took her keys when she first arrived was standing only three cars away. Alex tried to move away from Jake and his hands, but he would not let go. Instead, he pinched her clit and nipple at the same time. Alex let out a sharp yelp. She looked over to the valet again. He had taken a couple steps closer to them. His pants were literally around his ankles. Alex could see he was masturbating. He had his cock in his hand and was stroking it at a fast pace. She could see he was stroking it with an incredible amount of pressure. His hand was straining with each push and pull. The head was bright red each time his fist passed over it. The valet took extra care to squeeze it tight with each stroke.

“Doesn’t she look good?” asked Jake as he began to massage Alex’s clit roughly again. She pushed against his hand and turned her head away from valet. She couldn’t stop her body’s aydıntepe escort reaction. Shame and pleasure mixed within her.

“Look at him,” commanded Jake. Alex turned her head back to the valet. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of his cock. The man was jerking himself so hard. She vaguely wondered if he fucked the same way he masturbated, rough and hard. Jake caught her attention when he leaned into her and began breathing against her neck. His hands didn’t stop their assault on her body. She was panting with effort as she felt another orgasm approaching. She heard the valet grunting. She watched his hand jerk stiffly. Alex watched his other hand snake down and grab his own balls.

Squeeze them hard!

The man was squeezing his cock and balls with equal amounts of pressure. He made whimpering noises. His own hips began pumping back and forth in a fucking motion. Jake bit down on her neck as he pinched her nipple. Alex let out another moan and let her own orgasm reach its peak. A gush of fluid ran out of her pussy and coated Jake’s hand and her jeans. She could feel the walls of her pussy and the outer lips spasm. With blurry vision, she looked back to the valet. It looked like he had a death grip on his cock and balls. His head went back as his cum dribbled out of his cock. Long, thick strings of semen dripped from him onto the ground. His hand didn’t stop stroking. His hips pushed forward with the last few strokes and shots of cum.

Alex’s hips bucked against Jake’s hand, and she whispered his name. He was almost holding her up by her pussy. It would only take one quick movement to penetrate her with his fingers. Now was not the time to push her much further. Jake smiled against her neck. He knew she would be his new playmate; scared or nervous didn’t matter. He would show her how desirable she was. Jake looked back to the valet and smiled. The man stood there panting with a puddle of cum in front of him on the ground.

“Did you enjoy it, Michael?” asked Jake as he removed his hand from between Alex’s legs.

“Definitely! Thank you for the show! See you at the club,” replied Michael as he pulled his pants back up to his waist. He wandered away back to the front of the restaurant.

Show? Club? This fucking asshole knows the valet!

Jake had arranged the whole scenario with someone he knew from a sex club. He had put together this little viewing as a way to shame and excite tuzla içmeler escort her all at the same time. She jumped away from Jake and pulled her own pants up her legs and fastened them quickly. Her face had already turned a terrible shade of red. She pushed past him and climbed into her car. She desperately wanted to leave, but Jake still had her keys. He dangled them from his finger. Alex reached out to grab them; he pulled them away from her reach.

“Give me my keys!” she almost screamed at him.

Jake smiled and leaned into the car. He placed a quick kiss on her check and dropped the keys into her lap.

“Next time, follow my directions.”

Alex’s head snapped towards Jake, and she hissed, “There won’t be a next time.”

Jake nodded his head, “Yes, there will be. I will message you soon.” He stepped away from her car. Alex slammed the door and revved the engine. She zipped out of the parking spot and was gone from sight. Jake brought his hand to his face. He could still smell her sweet scent on his hand. He liked rainmakers, woman who produced gushing amounts of cum during an orgasm. He inhaled her scent. His mind began to think of the different possibilities. He knew he could not take her to the club immediately. She would scare too easily. Instead, he would break her in using John and Sue. He would show her how punishment could correct her behavior and excite her at the same time.

He took a moment to think back to the glassy, teary look that came over her face for a few moments. He liked the idea of her tears. Even through her tears, her body reacted so well to his touch. He didn’t want her to have tears from pain. He wanted her to lose her tears through some shame and fear. It would help her to break out of the shell that she was so ready to tell him about over lunch.

Damn, this woman has to know how much I want her!

It was time to talk with John and Sue. They had plans to make. These plans would definitely include Alex and her desperately secret libido. Jake opened his cell phone and dialed the bar. John answered on the second ring.

“Jake’s Blues Pub.”

“John, it’s Jake.”

“Hey boss. How did the lunch go?”

“It went perfectly. She did wonderfully. She smells incredible too.”

“Do you think she’ll want to continue playing?”

“Definitely! By the way, I’ve got some news I know you’ll like too.”

“What’s that?”


“Oh my god! You are kidding me! How does she taste?”

“I’ll find out on Wednesday. Be sure both you and Sue are scheduled to work on Wednesday night. I’ve got something in mind that I’ll explain when I get back to the bar.”

“Sounds good.”

Sounds fan-fucking-tastic to me!

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