Getting Even

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Note: Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. All rights reserved.


Annie Scott sat on the patio sipping a tall glass of wine while watching her husband Nick flirting with Sally Robbins down by the edge of the pool. Nick had recently been hinting about possibly swinging with another couple but Annie had stopped him cold.

After being married for ten years she thought that she would be used to him coming on to other women but it was getting harder and harder. She watched him whisper something into Sally’s ear and saw her turn and smile before whispering something back. She thought it was just words until she saw his hand moving behind her backside.

“He’s crazy you know,” a man’s voice saw from behind her chair.

Annie jumped and turned to see Sally’s husband Jim Davis smiling down at her. “Jim, you scared me.”

“Sorry Annie. I’m as tired as you are of our spouses always whispering and getting in some cheap feels.”

“It’s nothing serious,” Annie lied looking back down as Sally turned enough to rub her large breasts against Nick’s arm.

“Would Nick feel the same if it was you and I doing it?”

She never put it that way before. She shook her head, “I’m not sure. Maybe he wouldn’t even care.”

It was almost ten o’clock and most of the other couples had left Jim’s house. “Sally too…I mean I’m not sure if she would even notice.” He peeked over the chair and down under Annie’s loose top at the rise of her small but nicely shaped breasts. As a black man Jim had never experienced white boobs. “Maybe we should try it and see.”

At first Annie didn’t know what he was talking about but then it hit her. “Oh God…are you suggesting?”

“Yes…I mean not serious stuff. You know maybe you can sit on my lap and when they come back up here…you know…”

The wine and the anger made Annie’s mind move from its conservative cautious norm. “Just sitting…right?”

“Uh..yes…sitting,” he smiled realizing that she was going to do it. He moved to the large wooden patio lounge chair in the corner and sat down while trying to conceal his growing excitement. He watched as she took a deep breath and slowly rose from her chair and pushed down her white denim skirt.

Annie had never even French kissed another man and Jim had always frightened her because of his tall size and large muscles. She rationalized to herself that this was to just tease Nick so he could feel what she has felt for years. She glanced back to the pool area and saw that Nick had moved behind Sally and was rubbing his front into her big round ass.

“Hurry,” Jim whispered holding out both hands. As she walked up to his knees his hands moved around her waist and lifted her upward and then lower down onto his lap. “Put your arms around my neck.”

When he placed her down on his lap she felt her skirt rise upward until her bare thighs and panty covered ass was on his pants. She tried to lift and push the skirt underneath but his hand on her waist held her down. She gave up and reached around his head with her hands until they locked behind his neck. She had never been this close and intimate with another man before.

“Lean back into me,” Jim whispered while reaching down with his left hand and guiding her knees to the side. He left his hand on her knees hoping that she wouldn’t object and smiled when she didn’t. “Good,” tuzla escort he said turning his face towards hers. Their faces and lips were only a few inches apart. “Now just relax.” He could feel that she was tense and nervous.

Annie’s petite left breast was pressing into Jim’s right ribs as her head moved back to rest onto his right shoulder. It was then she felt the hard rising lump under her butt. “Ohhh,” she gasped as she tried to shift away but his hands on her lower back and knees held her still. “I…we..shouldn’t..”

Jim peeked over at Nick still rubbing his hard-on on his wife’s ass. “They are doing it so we should do the same thing. That way if they say something later we are covered.” He felt her body relax and drop down harder onto his shaft. “Move around.”

“What?” She asked even though she heard and understood what he wanted.

“Move,” he commanded .

“Oh God,” Annie thought as she slowly slid into his body and then back down his lap. As she continued doing it his right hand moved lower on her hip to enable him to lift her ass up enough for his cock to press up between her thighs.

“Ohhh,” she moaned when his huge crown jabbed up against her moist crotch. Her hands grabbed onto his shoulder and back as her butt moved up and down.


Nick was happy that neither his wife nor Sally’s husband had walked down to the pool to interrupt his fun. For the last two parties he had concentrated most of his flirting towards Sally and he realized that it was starting to pay off. After telling her what a wonderful ass she had at least twenty times she finally allowed him to caress and squeeze it.

“We better be careful,” Sally whispered feeling his hard bulge against her buttocks. She too had enjoyed teasing with Nick but now it was suddenly becoming real and she was nervous.

But Nick was lost in lust while his hands moved to her waist to pull her back harder against his covered rod. He peeked up at the patio hoping that Anne was too busy to come looking for him. She was sitting up high but he couldn’t see what she was sitting on. “We have some time.”

“Hey,” Sally gasped when Nick pulled her blouse out of her skirt and quickly slid his hot fingers under it. She was about to pull his hands away but from her angle saw little innocent Annie sitting and rubbing on Jim’s lap. She smiled knowing that they would be busy as well.

Nick continued humping her butt as his fingers caressed her tender skin around her navel. When he traced along the waistband of her skirt she sucked in her tummy when he moved to the center. He didn’t have to wait for an invitation to push under the skirt and then lower until his fingers were touching the top of her panties.

Sally’s eyes were half closed feeling another man’s touches heading towards her now very moist sex. Jim was the only man to finger her pussy but she knew that was about to change. Her fingers grabbed onto his wrist but when he touched the top of her curly bush she loosened her grip. “Oh God.”

Nick smiled and teased into her trimmed curse forest. He felt the wetness and then the drop down into her sex.


“Mutherfucker,” Jim gasped when he peeked over the rail and saw Nick’s hand down the front of his wife’s skirt.

“Wha…what is it?” Annie asked as she tried to lift up but his hand still held her down onto his hard knob.

“He’s touching pendik escort her…her pussy,” Jim whispered. “We have to get even.”

Annie’s hands were around Jim’s neck so they couldn’t move down fast enough to stop his large hand from dropping to her bare knee and swiftly moving under her skirt. She also didn’t have enough time to close her legs before his long middle finger pressed into her damp crotch. “Jim…..Ohhh…..AHHHH!”

“Shhh, they can hear you,” he whispered moving his lips to her sensitive earlobe. “Nick is fingerfucking Sally so I get to do it to you.” He felt her legs, which had tried to close start opening up. “That’s it.”

Annie closed her eyes concentrating on the invading finger, which was pulling her white thong to the side. It slid into her outer and inner lips and explored until it found her tight hole. As it moved past the first and second knuckle she grabbed his head and turned his face to hers.

Jim’s larger lips completely covered hers and let her sharp hot tongue into his mouth. Little Annie was now a wild woman. As his finger buried into her depths his right hand moved under her ass and unzipped his fly. He pulled his mouth away and whispered. “Lift up.”

“Oh God,” Annie said after lifting up and looking down as he opened his fly and reached inside. Her eyes and mouth opened wider and wider as the long and thick black cock moved outward. “You beast,” she whispered when it was all the way out.


Nick could tell by Sally’s moans that she was ready. He pulled his fingers out of her moist pussy and knelt down behind her.

“Nick…they might see,” Sally whispered feeling his fingers moving up her bare legs until they found the top of her panties. She peeked up onto the deck and saw Annie’s lips locked onto Jim’s.

Jim pulled the moist undies down over her knees and waited as she lifted her right and left feet. “Are they busy?”

“Yes,” Sally grinned. “I don’t think they will bother us.” She knew by now that Annie had found out how big Jim was. When Nick moved back up Sally took his hand and guided him to a chaise lounge. “Lie on your back.”

“But…” Nick said looking up at the deck. “Shit…are they..kissing?”

“Yes…lie down.”

“We…we can’t do this,” Nick said now worried that his wife was about to be fucked by big Jim.

“So you can fuck me but Jim can’t fuck Annie?” Sally asked. “Lie down.” She pushed him down on the lounge and quickly opened his zipper. Her fingers fished out his six-inch hard-on. It wasn’t as big as Jim but it was another man. As Nick turned to try and see what his wife was doing Sally straddled his hips and guided her pussy down onto his pink cock.

“Ohhh,” she moaned as it moved all the way in and bottomed out. Since Jim was so big she had never bottomed out before and had never rubbed her clitty against his stomach. “God.”


“It…it won’t fit,” Annie whispered as she held her panties to one side and dropped down onto the huge crown.

“It will,” Jim chuckled. “Just go slow.”

Her pussy was resting on the tip but she didn’t like her position. “Let me take off my panties and straddle you,” she said looking into his dark brown eyes.

“Go ahead baby,” Jim smiled. He lifted her up off and watched as she reached under her skirt. He saw her white panties move out and then off her feet. As she peeked over the rail aydınlı escort he lifted her skirt and saw his first blonde pussy.

“They are…they are..”

“Fucking,” Jim chuckled. “Lower your pussy baby.” His hands held her waist as she dropped until the huge head spread apart her lips.

When the night started Annie would have never thought that she would be about to be fucked by another man. Not just any man either. This man was hung. “Ahhh,” she gasped when the head broke into her depths. She leaned over and saw that there was at least eight more inches to go. Another inch disappeared and then two more. She was filled as far as Nick had ever gone and from there on it was virgin territory. She felt Jim’s large hand move under her blouse and then upward to pull her tiny bra cup down. Seconds later he toyed with her hard nipple until she lowered three more inches.

“Do you like it baby? Do you like my big black cock?”

“Yes, it’s filling me up.”


Nick cupped Sally’s magnificent titties while she lifted and lowered her moist pussy. “Can you see them?”

Sally leaned back and looked at little Annie’s head moving up and down. “I see Annie. She is very busy.”

“Busy…busy how?”

Sally laughed. “It’s better if I show you.” She placed her hand on his chest and started lifting and lowering her pussy over and over.

“Oh god. He’s fucking her.”

“No, actually she is fucking him,” Sally laughed but stopped when she felt herself getting close.

Nick wanted to get up and stop his wife but his cock wouldn’t let him move. He held onto her lower back as she continued to fuck him. “Sally…”

“Me too honey…I’m so close.” Sally’s mouth flew open when she came but no sounds came out. Her face squeezed together and then she screamed. “OHHH YES! YES!”

“OH SHIT!” Nick cried. “NOW I’M CUMING!”


“Did you hear them Annie?” Jim whispered. She had gone as low as her tight small pussy would let them.

“Yes,” she answered. After lifting up four then five inches she slowly dropped back down his chocolate stick. “I never…knew.”

For the next five minutes Annie’s pussy rose and fell. She was about to lift up when they heard footsteps. She stayed down and turned to see Nick standing by the chair.

“Are you ready to go Annie?” Nick couldn’t see if Jim’s cock was in her because her skirt covered them.

She shook her head and smiled. “No.”


“It’s what you’ve wanted,” Annie said as she reached down and lifted her skirt upward. “And, now I want it too.”

Nick watched her blonde pussy lift up exposing Jim’s wet dark cock. “Oh my god.”

“Fuck her baby,” Sally said sitting on the bottom of the lounge. “Turn over.”

Jim smiled before grabbing Annie’s cut petite butt. He held her tight as he lifted her up and then laid her down on her back. “Do you want me to fuck you now Annie?”

“YES!” Annie gasped while curling her legs up and around his hips. “FUCK ME!” As Jim’s cock moved deeper and faster she reached out and grabbed Nick’s hand. “OH GOD OHHH!”

Both Annie and Nick knew she would never be the same. Her body was a power keg that was about to blow. “JIM…JIM!”


“NOW…I’M CUMING I’M CUMING!” Annie passed out from the pleasure and when she came to Jim was pulling his spent cock from her sore hole. She felt his cum spilling out but didn’t make any effort to close her legs.


The End

Ending Note: Another quickie for those who don’t like the long ones. If you select me as a favorite author you will be able to find my new stories faster. Thanks…Slick.

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