Gently, Gently

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Returning your slightly wary gaze, I take both your hands in mine and walk you to the wall. I nod that you should sit, and you comply beautifully. Still holding your hands, raised to me now, I study you, sitting nude, knees raised, your back against the wall, looking up to me with questioning but not unwilling eyes.

I let you lower your hands now, and produce a few turns of familiar soft white rope. I’m unsure of your reaction, but I extend the loops towards you, curled around my hand. After a pause, you delight me by leaning forward and kissing the rope, while keeping your eyes on mine. I take your wrists and pull them behind your neck. You knit your fingers together, and I coil the rope round and round your wrists, not too tight, but holding you firmly, to the point where the rope begins to bite.

I take a moment to fondle your lovely pushed-out breasts, thumbing your hardened nipples, before I take out a ball gag. You lean forward to assist as I press the red ball into your mouth and fasten it behind your head, above your bound hands. You emit a muffled grunt as I tighten the fastening.

I lay a thin cushioned mat between your legs, and lie down on my belly, my face before your cunt. Every hair, every crease, every pore lies before me in microscopic detail. The scent of your dewy cunt fills my head as I run my hands up and down the creamy insides of your thighs. I curl istanbul travesti my fingers and drag my nails across your skin, leaving tiny red tracks on you. Tiny beads of juice dot the lips of your cunt, and I can see how you are swelling. You move your bottom fractionally on the floor as I stroke you.

On my front before you, I reach into a pocket and pull out something tiny, the size of a lipstick. With a twist, I make it buzz. I hear your sharp intake of breath, and with one hand, peel back the wet sticky lips of your cunt, baring the little flesh pearl that is your clit. With the other, I bring in the little vibe, and delicately apply the tip to your clit.An MMPHH escapes you, and you start to squirm as I tease you with the vibe, circling round, then leaving it directly on your clit for a moment. You slit oozes more freely, and the thick trickle leaks down your crack into your ass. All the time, your feet are moving, you’re groaning into your gag and writhing as I draw circles and lines on your clit.

I tilt my head up, to find your eyes. Your eyes are damp, and trails of drool run from the ball of your gag. “Remember, angel, you are NOT to cum unless given permission. You know that, don’t you?” You nod in assent. I pull back the vibe and place two fingers on your slit. It’s scalding, moist, throbbing and swollen. My fingers slide inside and up you kadıköy travesti easily. I start to agitate your cunt, feeling how tight you are, hugging me with your cunt, and I listen to the delicious squelch of you. Your cunt pours thickly, and I hook my fingers up to pull and rub against your bone, on your rough parts, on your spot. You moan and whimper into your gag, and your ass slides around in your own pool of juice. At this point I bring the vibe back onto your clit, and I know if your mouth had been empty, that would have been a yelp. I fuck your cunt knuckle-deep with two hard fingers and saw my vibe over and over on your fat pink clit.

I feel the shudder running through you thighs, like waves, like electricity. A lifting of my eyes to yours again renews the message, and I can see you trying to hold back your orgasm, chewing on your gag. I set down the vibe, slide my fingers out of you with a slurp, and then peel your cunt right back with my thumbs. Your flushed deep pink flesh actually trembles for me, streaming with juice, a smeary pool on the floor under your ass. I slowly move my face in, mouth open, tongue primed. My hands grip your thighs tightly. I kiss your clit softly, then agitate it with my tongue. Your flavour is exquisite, salty and spiced, and so very hot. I start to lap at you with languorous strokes and flicks anadolu yakası travesti of my sensuous tongue, around your wet fuckhole, inside your lips, across you clit, back and forth. I slather my lips and tongue across your sensitive engorged cunt, lashing fast, then licking slow. I push my fingers back inside you while I suck your clit into my mouth, rubbing my teeth on it, nibbling. Your shuddering communicates itself to me, through my wet mouth, and I hear your desperate moans and whimpers. I withdraw my fingers and push my fat tongue deep into your cunt again, then suck and lick at your clit again. As I rotate between all these movements, I feel you tense up, squirm, writhe, your whole body coiled, curled in on itself as you fight your need.

I lift my face, wet-mouthed, gasping. “All right, my darling. You may cum for me.”

I press my mouth back onto your hot cunt, and immediately feel you gush into my face, your tight body twisting and wracked, letting go and giving in. Squirt after squirt floods my face and open mouth, and your feet turn in as you cum hard. I suck you up, drink you down, wanting your wetness inside me. I lick and suck and kiss you dry and clean.

At last, I lift myself, and kneel before you. I undo your ball gag, and with a wet drooling gasp, you flood your lungs with air, and release a huge sobbing cry. I take your face in my hands and kiss you hard, passing the flavour of your delicious cunt back to you, in wet twisting hungry kisses. The moment I undo your wrists your arms surround me, wrapping around my neck, pulling me in, kissing with such need. Our tongues blend and out mouths lock, sharing the sweetness of your cunt. We merge in our shared desire. We’re one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32