Geek Sex Ch. 04

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And so it went on for a couple weeks. We shared the toys, and often masturbated at night. When I watched porn I was usually by myself, but I had no fear of Amy coming in and catching me. Once I came in and heard her and Renee in the shower again. This time I didn’t sneak around. I got out the vibrator and came before they were even finished. When they came out I was laying on the bed with my jeans around my knees in a post-orgasm stupor.

“Thanks guys,” I said as they walked out.

“Our pleasure,” Renee said. She squeezed Amy around the waist, and smiled as she checked out my pussy.

“Hey, why don’t you take a picture?” I said in mock anger, and pulled up my jeans.

“Sure, where’s the camera?” Renee said and laughed.

It all became sort of normal. A situation that just a month ago would have been inconceivable had become status quo. Outside of the dorm room and my friendship with Amy and Renee, I was the same girl I had always been. I don’t think any of my other friends noticed a change. But once the door to the dorm room was locked I would get naked and play, and Amy did the same. When I broke up with Gary I guess I thought I’d have another boyfriend in a month or so. I’d go out on a few dates and find another inoffensive guy and have a “normal relationship.” Now, my priorities had changed. A few guys asked me out, other science geek types, but I turned them down. My other friends assumed I was still pining for Gary I guess. But I had completely forgotten about him.

More and more I was thinking about Amy, and what it would be like to really be with a woman. We had gotten into a weird sort of situation though, masturbation: yes, watching porn: yes, listening to her and Renee: yes. But neither of us made a pass at the other. Amy was the experienced one, I assumed that if she wanted something to happen she would make a move. But maybe she thought I wasn’t ready. Maybe she was waiting for me to do something.

Three weeks after we had first cum together I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. Every time we went to bed I wanted to just walk over and get in next to her and just kiss her and snuggle, then fuck her. But I had no idea how to make a move on a girl. I had never even asked a guy out before, I had always waited until they asked me. And if I did ask her, would I really have sex with a girl? Having another girl eat me would be weird, and I had no idea how to give head to a girl, or even if I could. I might get down there and freak out. Finally, I decided to do something about it. It was the last Friday in September and I was in the Library reading late in the afternoon (like I said, I’m a geek). I couldn’t concentrate though. I would read a sentence and realize that my mind had drifted and I was thinking about Amy. “I have to find out,” I thought. I decided to go up to the dorm and see if she was there. I knew that Renee was working, and that Amy was staying on campus that weekend.

When I got up to the dorm Amy was sitting on her bed reading some trashy novel. She covered up briefly with a sheet when I opened the door. “Hey,” she said. I closed and locked the door behind me. She dropped the sheet and went back to reading. I saw she was just wearing panties, yellow with little roses, and an old t-shirt. I took off my hiking boots and walked over to the bed. “I have to do this, I have to do this,” I kept thinking, “Just start talking, the words will come.”

“Amy, umm, can we talk,”

“Sure, hon, what’s up?”

“Listen, uh, can I sit down,” I nodded toward the bed. She sat up and made a space next to her. I sat down close to her, I could smell the scent of her hair. “Amy, I’ve been thinking a lot about, you…and me and you…and, well, I’ve been wondering…” I never finished. She grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me passionately and long. It was so unexpected that I almost resisted. I opened my eyes in shock. Then I kissed her back.

“I am so mad at you” she said, smiling, “why did you keep me waiting in that bed all by myself, God I wanted you, but I never thought…I guess I was still thinking of you as that repressed little girl I first met.” türkçe altyazılı porno

I hugged her tight and kissed her neck. “Yes, yes, I want you so much Amy, but I didn’t know how…I still don’t know how…with a woman I mean. It’s all so different for me.”

“Yes, I know,” she said and kissed my forehead and cheeks. I held her shoulders and pushed back a little so I could look straight into her eyes.

“Just promise me you’ll go slow, and be patient with me, ’cause I really don’t know what I’m doing.”

“I promise, dear… and none of us really know what we’re doing”

We kissed again deeper this time and longer. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was making out with another girl and it was incredible. This beautiful woman, who wanted me, as much as I wanted her. Our tongues met and twined. She took my lower lip into her mouth and bit gently. I kissed her cheeks, her nose, her chin, then nuzzled against her neck. I kissed the tender skin at the side of her neck, and sucked lightly at it, holding the skin between me teeth. She shivered and whispered my name, clutching at my body. I moved to her ear, breathing into her and gliding my teeth across it before I nibbled gently at her ear lobe. She turned her head and offered it to me. Then she pulled back and looked into my eyes. We gazed at each other as we kissed, then I lowered my eyes, taking in the lissome beauty before me.

I reached for her breasts like they were treasure. I felt them, soft and firm, so much like mine in size and shape. For the first time since we kissed my hand shook as I reached for the hem of her t-shirt. I started to pull up slowly, revealing her flat stomach. But she was impatient and removed her shirt in one swift motion. I cupped her breasts in my hand and kissed her again. Her hands pulled at the back of my shirt and yanked it roughly over my head, mussing my hair. She was like a boy, fumbling with my bra strap, as if this were her first. When it came undone she reached for the strap between my breasts, made a fist around it and pulled my bra off, throwing it to the side. I hugged her and felt our breasts together, our nipples hard.

We were sitting on her bed, her legs were under my thighs and my legs were wrapped around her. She kissed my chin, the front of my neck, then in small soft kisses she moved to my breast. I was shivering. She kissed softly, then reached my nipple. She pressed her lips together around it, then bit, rolling it between her teeth. She took the other breast in her hand and pinched the nipple between her finger nails. I thought I could almost reach orgasm just from this. It was like she was stimulating so much more than just my breasts, without touching it, she was doing more to my clit than any toy.

I was feeling her body with my hands: her arms, shoulders, back, breasts, thighs. I felt the hem of her underwear and wanted them off. We disentangled our legs and she knelt in front of me. She put her thumbs inside the waist band and started to push them down. I grabbed her hands and stopped her. I was going to do this. I pulled down slowly at the front, revealing the top of her bush. It was golden and soft, I stroked it lightly. Then I pulled down from the sides, pulling them over her butt and revealing her sex. I could smell her. I stroked her cheeks with both hands and kissed her stomach, just below her navel. She removed her panties the rest of the way and we kissed again.

Now we were sitting side by side, my right thigh over her left. She undid the button on my pants and slid her hand within my jeans, over my panties, softly against my vulva. She pulled her hand back, then slid it back in slower this time, inside my undies, against my skin. She stopped kissing me and watched my face as her fingers parted my pubic hair. I gasped as she found my clit. She circled it slowly with the tip of her finger. I traced the tip of my finger down her belly, across her navel to the top of her hair. I mimicked exactly what she was doing to me. Her pubes were trimmed shorter than mine, and were slightly softer. I felt her sex, the same xnxx as mine and different, her lips were slightly smaller.

She was wet, the moisture no longer just inside her, now all her hair was damp. When I touched her clit she shivered and grit her teeth. I rubbed it back and forth the way I would my own. She kept circling my clit, faster now. I thought we would come just like that, but she decided it wasn’t time. “Not yet….Stand up” she whispered, and I did. We stood together, her completely naked and me wearing only my jeans. We kissed and pressed our bodies together, I could feel the heat of her stomach against mine, her breasts against mine, her thighs against mine. Slowly she kissed down my body, my neck, my breasts, my stomach, until she was kneeling before me, kissing the skin just above the button of my jeans. She looked up at me and smiled, as she pulled down the zipper. She put her hands in my pants and caressed my buttocks as she pushed my pants down. They dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them. She kissed my stomach and thighs, and nuzzled my cunt through my panties. I could barely stand up. I was practically grinding into her nose.

She reached to take off my last clothing, and I thought “this is it, this is for real, there is no turning back.” Naked now and standing kissing my lover, there was nothing between us and I could feel her pubes, slightly higher than mine, against my lower belly. She pushed me back until I lay on the bed, her on top of me. We kissed and nibbled and ground our bodies together. I could feel her wetness against mine. Our clits met and we both shivered. I put my legs around her waist and grabbed her buttocks, as if she were a man fucking me. She kissed my breasts, then my navel and the top edge of my pubes. She stopped and looked up at me, “Are you sure you’re ready for this.”

“Do it,” I panted.

She kissed my mons, then my left inner thigh, then the right, closer and closer, until she kissed the juncture between my leg and my vag. She bushed my hair with her lips and I could feel her breath on my cunt. I was wet and I shuddered each time she got closer. Finally, she took the tip of her tongue and licked the length of my lips, bottom to top then flicked at my clit. She repeated the motion, deeper and stronger this time.

Then she put her tongue inside me, just the tip. She held it there for a second, then began moving it, each thrust going a little deeper. It was hot and wet, strong but yielding. It seemed to vibrate inside me with each thrust. She reached up and held both my breasts, pinching both nipples. I was close, then she put her upper lip to my clit while she was tongue fucking me. I could alternately feel the hardness of her teeth and the softness of her lip. Then she hummed. I didn’t expect such a thing would cause such a pleasurable sensation. I was squirming and Amy had to clamp her upper arms against my thighs to stay in position. The light vibration moved though me. When I came it didn’t seem like one orgasm, waves of pleasure washed over me, every time I thought it was over another would hit me more intensely. When it finally subsided Amy was in my arms nuzzling against my neck. I was panting like I had run a three minute mile. “Did you like that?” Amy asked.

“That may be the stupidest question I’ve ever heard.” I said and kissed her hard, I tasted myself on her, combined with her saliva. “I am so mad at you…for weeks you sat there and listened to me play with a vibrator when you could have been fucking me.” We laughed and hugged, pressing our bodies together. After a few minutes my body had recovered. I rolled and put her on her back.

I started kissing her ears and neck, then her breasts. I slithered down and kissed her stomach and ran my hands across her thighs. “Hmmm, Jan…this is your first time, don’t feel like you have to…”

“I want to make you cum the way you made me come,” I said “But I…I’ve never done this before…tell me what you like, tell me how to get you off.”

She smiled, “Go lower,” she said. I kissed the border of her pubes, then her mons. I breathed in and I could porno izle smell her pussy, practically taste it in the air. It was good, sweaty and salty, and reminded me of butter for some reason. I kissed the hood of her clit. “Slowly,” she said, “Kiss my thighs.” I kissed the inside of her thighs, the right then the left, the tender skin a few inches from her cunt. “Now bite.” I bit lightly on each side, sucking the skin between my teeth and gripping it. She quivered. “Higher.” I repeated closer this time. And again, now my cheek brushed her hair. “Now, kiss it,” she hissed. I kissed her pussy, lightly, feeling the lips against my mouth. My mind reeled at doing this. I had never felt so intimate with anyone. Giving blow jobs to guys was different, it felt almost mechanical in comparison.

“Now lick,” she said. I licked slowly, just like she had done to me, beginning at the bottom of her pussy and stopping at her clit. I flicked at it with my tongue. She moaned. “Again,” she said. I repeated the motion, using the full width of my tongue this time. “Yes,” she said. This was natural now. I had no fear. I brought her lip into my mouth, pressing on it slightly with my teeth. I put the length of my tongue inside her. Easing it in and out. She was tighter than I expected, her walls seemed to pulsate around my tongue. “Did mine do that?” I thought. She started to wriggle beneath me and I knew I had her.

I took her clit between my lips and sucked gently, bringing it closer to my tongue, and I flicked it up and down. She yelled, loud. I’m sure they heard her in the hall and I didn’t care. Her juices oozed from her body. She pushed her hips into my mouth and I did all I could to hold her in place. She has coming. Her hands grabbed the sides of my head and forced it even closer. I kept torturing her clit until she let my head free and sighed. Even then her body kept jerking every few seconds. I crawled up next to her and kissed her. We didn’t say a word after that. We just kissed and caressed each other.

I had always felt a little weird waking up next to guys, even with Gary after two years. But this was different. The next morning we woke up and kissed. “Any regrets?” She asked.

“Only that I could only make you cum once.”

It was a glorious Saturday and we spent it together. We fucked in the shower. Went to breakfast and came back to the room and fucked some more. I was in lust with this woman. We both had work that afternoon, but made a date to go toy shopping that evening. But our happiness only lasted a day. Amy got a call from her sister in Chicago. She was in the hospital with pneumonia, and she needed someone to watch the kids. And just like that Amy was leaving. I said goodbye to Amy at the dorm early that evening. We kissed and held each other. “God I’ll miss you,” I said.

“I’ll be back before you know it, a week, two weeks, tops.”


“Promise, I have to go, I have to say goodbye to Renee, and get a taxi to the airport.”

In all the lust of the past twenty four hours, I had forgotten about Renee, and Amy’s relationship with her. I felt a rush of confusion and a little jealousy. What did the past night mean between us? I didn’t want Amy to be worried about my mental state while she had bigger problems, but she seemed to read my mind. “Hey this isn’t going to be weird between you and Renee is it?”

“No, I guess… I don’t know. It’s just that this is all so different. I’m used to having sex with guys who I’ve dated for weeks…or months. And there haven’t been many of those. What does this mean between us?”

“I love you dear. And I love Renee. Just because you love one person doesn’t mean you can’t love another. There are people that I have sex with that I’m just friends with, but I think we’re more than friends. I hope that last night was just the beginning.”

“I love you too. And I want to be with you. But…I guess…I just want to know where we stand. What the rules are.”

“The rules are: We have a great time when we’re together, we’re honest with each other, we always treat each other right, and we’re both free.”

“Alright,” I said and smiled curiously, “But what if Renee comes over?”

“Well, maybe all three of us will have a good time together.”

I laughed a little, “Maybe.”

“I have to go now, but we have so many other things to talk about when I get back,” she said and we kissed goodbye.

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