Gas Money

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Just twenty years old, Lisa was born into a family turmoiled by drama. Her father had several run-ins with law, mainly caused by his excessive drinking and this only fueled his temper at local pubs. After her served several months in prison for manslaughter, young Lisa Michaels learned early in her life, father was not a stable figure. Her mother often worked double shifts at the hospital and Lisa learned to take care of her younger sibling Annette. Annette was only two years younger, but Lisa learned to play the adult role and provide for her.

By the time Lisa was fifteen, she took the meaning of independence to a whole new level. Boys were paying attention to her and the adults at school often took exception with this. Lisa’s personality turned from the protecting sister to a rebellious adolescent looking to set herself apart from the rest of the world. Annette in the meantime, was turning turning seventeen soon and driven. She was popular, had many friends and active in sports. Lisa was not. Annette was never home anymore and needed Lisa less and less.

No longer needed by Annette, Lisa pursued the full meaning of mischief. She was looking forward to turning twenty-one next year but that didn’t stop her from drinking. Just the year before she discovered how easy it was to get access to alcohol. Any boy knows if a girl wants to have a few drinks, he better produce alcohol for their encounter. After all, it improved their chances of getting in the girls pants. And Lisa was well aware of this.

Just a few months earlier Lisa was drunk just enough to garner the courage for her first tattoo. The first would be on her backside and the second would be on her ankle. Her mother was furious and but her father held is temper. The only time he displayed annoyance with her was when he was drinking. He had to be careful because one more slip-up with the law and his second stint in prison won’t be for a few months; it would be multiple years. Lisa used this as leverage. She could do what ever she wanted and it excited her to see how far she could push it. She was inculpable.

Money usually wasn’t an issue. She was independent and took a job at a local tobacco store. Thirty hours a week wasn’t enough to buy a car, but it was enough to buy beer, tequila, cigarettes, fast food and gas money. She usually caught a ride from her best friend Kathleen Consigilio, a former high-school wannabe troublemaker. Kathleen worked at the grocery store as a cashier in the plaza where Lisa worked. The plaza consisted of a pizza shop, eye-glass store, beer distributer, grocery store, SubWay and Karl’s Tabacco shop where Lisa worked.

One Sunday evening Kathleen called Lisa to say her Uncle died over the weekend and her parents were making her fly to Tennessee for the week. This posed a problem for Lisa. Her mom worked the night shift at the hospital and wouldn’t be home until at least 9:30 in the morning. She wasn’t about to ask her father for a ride either. Lisa looked through her cell phone for her co-workers number, Darren. Her address book didn’t have his last name, she never bothered to ask.

“Hey it’s Lisa.”

“Oh yeah, what’s up?” Daren replied.

“Hey. Any chance I can bum a ride with you this week? I’ll pay you gas money.”

“Sure. Trouble with your car?”

Lisa wasn’t in the mood for small talk. It was embarrassing enough she had to ask for a ride. Darren knew very well she didn’t have a car. He would often watch from the window when Kathleen would drop her off. She played the game and explained what her situation was.

“Oh man. That sucks. Yeah, I can pick you up. Don’t worry about the gas money. You can pay me back later.”

“I don’t like owing money” Lisa said. She continued “I have gas money so it’s no problem. I’ll give you twenty for the week if that’s okay?”

“What ever, it’s no big deal” Darren replied.

“Okay, see you out front at a quarter of nine then.”

Lisa karabağlar escort was known to dress provocatively but she gave it a second thought before dressing that morning. Her breasts were rather large but she could hide them with the proper bra and shirt if she wanted to. She liked wearing provocative cloths and wore them many times to work. This particular morning she hesitated for a moment but then thought she would make it worth Darren’s trip. She considered the bright blue tank top but settled on a black low cut blouse with black buttons on the front and a pair of tight jeans. She had a few favorite pair of jeans to show off her plump little ass. Darren she thought, would get a kick of out she looked today. She wasn’t attracted to Darren but would often catch him looking down her shirt. She didn’t mind at all. She enjoyed teasing men but Darren was closer to her age and didn’t want him getting the wrong idea. Darren was not her type.

Darren arrived promptly at 8:40 AM. When she got in the car, she made sure that when she opened the passenger door, she would bend over giving Darren a clear shot of the goods. Her breasts fit loosely in her black low cut blouse. This morning the girls were swaying and bouncing. She called her breast her “girls”. As she bent over to open the door, she could feel the weight of her breasts swaying forward as she opened the door. She flopped down in the car as the girls bounced up and down. “What up friend!” she blurted out.

By this time Darren was wide-eyed and grinning from ear to ear. As he drove down the street, he tried to make small talk as Lisa stumbled through her purse. The morning temperature was just above fifty degrees but inside the car, it was warm. He must have had the heat blasting just before he arrived she thought. The rapid change in temperature made her nipples hard. Lisa continued to look through her purse as a distraction. With each passing second she could feel her nipples growing and the touch of the cloth inside her bra only accelerated the process . As long as her purse was on her lap, she could use her arms to cover up her protruding nipples.

Fuck It! She said to herself. She reminded herself that he was giving her a ride, who cares if he sees my nipples. Lisa put the purse on the floor and continued making small talk. By the time they reached the store her nipples subsided somewhat. She knew once the cold air hit her arms, goosebumps would start the process all over again. It made her moderately aroused to think Darren might be turned on by this.

Darren was half black and half white, although mainly white looking. She didn’t mind that fact but was attracted to the bad boys and even better, if they are older. Darren was a year older than Lisa and on occasion would buy her a six pack for Lisa and her friends. Darren was wearing baggy jeans but Lisa couldn’t tell if he had a semi-hard on or if his jeans were were just bunched up.

As they pulled into the parking lot, Darren picked a parking spot just a few lanes from the front of the store. As he slowed down to pull into the white pained lines, he looked out his left hand mirror to see if he was lined up properly. Lisa took this opportunity to look down at her chest. “Yup” she thought. “My nipples are poking out just a bit”. She opened up the front of her blouse just a bit more. Darren wasn’t aware she made this adjustment and as he grabbed the handle of the driver side door. He looked over at Lisa as to say “Ready?”. The words never left his mouth. He was looking straight into Lisa’s shirt and he got a full shot of Lisa’s right breast. More than a mouthful he thought. Hell, it’s more than handful as well.

As they both made their way to the store, Lisa’s breasts giggled with each step on the pavement. The bottom of her shoes made a clopping sound. She became acutely aware with each clop sound came a giggle that made her progressively horny. She made sure she was one half step karşıyaka escort in front of Darren. This should give him the best view.

Lisa unlocked the front door of the store and walked in. As she held the door for Darren he walked passed her as she held the door open. As he passed her, Lisa immediately turned around to lock it behind him. The store after all doesn’t open until 9:30 AM. Darren made his way around the counter, flopped his coat across it and reached underneath to turn on one light. It was dark in the store. The advertisements, stickers and signs on the front glass kept the morning sun from coming in.

Lisa put the store keys back in her purse and clopped the length of the counter. It was nearly twenty feet long and this would give her the opportunity to walk past Darren behind the counter. As she approached the end of the counter, a thought of perversion struck her. She was going to control her circumstances. Darren would be eye-balling her tits all day and eventually act like all men do, resort to sexist comments, brag to his friends or even hit on her. Why not take control and beat him to the punch she thought.

By this time, Darren was opening up the cashiers drawers and was trying not to look out the side of his head at her. Lisa came right for him. She dropped her purse on the counter next to his jacket and said “Hey” in a forceful tone. He turned his head towards her, never taking his hands off the black drawer that he was about to pull out. Lisa pulled the bottom of her shirt out from her jeans and undone three buttons from her top.

“I know you were looking at my tits” She said. He opened his mouth to say something but by this time, Lisa pulled down her bra and exposed her tits. They flopped out as if to be released from a slingshot. Darren’s eyes where in disbelief. Lisa was standing less than a two feet from him and he was staring at these perfectly round tits. Her nipples becoming erect from the stale tobacco air.

“Get a good look. We’re not going to be playing this game all day long. Got it?”

“Fuck yeah” he replied.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this. Her pink areola’s where bigger than a silver dollar and her nipples now fully hard. The air against her chest only furthered her ambitions. She was going out of control and she wasn’t going to stop it. It was as if someone else was taking control. She was becoming her alter ego. A sex craved character she made up years ago. Someone she admired. This someone, had no name.

She reached out and with the palm of her hand, slid her hand gently underneath his crotch. She lifted gently to find his balls and found them. She used her middle finger as the dominate one as the other three where limp. She slid her hand up cupping his crotch as she tried to find his shaft. As she gave a slight squeeze, his cocked started to throb and he took a deep breath.

“Don’t worry, I have enough time to suck you off.” She said. Immediately following it up in a lower tone “You would like that. Wouldn’t you?” she said softly. Darren couldn’t speak.

Lisa pulled the rest of her blouse open and down over her shoulders. This gave Darren a full chest view of her petit frame and plump breasts. As she glided down to her knees she never took her eyes of his. When both knees where planted firmly, she caressed his cock still in his jeans. With each stroke came a throb. He had a black belt on with a square belt buckle. Her eyes where now focused on his belt as she said “Well, I’m not going to get it out for you too. Unbuckle these bad boys and lets see what you can do with it.”

Darren fumbled so quickly with the buckle that when he pulled on it to unlatch it, it nearly flung and hit her in the face. Lisa’s back arched backwards to avoid the strap swinging past her face. “Easy. I’m not into spankings” she said. Darren nervously apologized as she bit her bottom lip. She eagerly unzipped his jeans as he undid the kemalpaşa escort button. Pulling open both sides of his jeans she pulled them down just below his waist. He was wearing a pair of teal boxer shorts with an elastic waist band. She pulled them down to expose his pubic hair but his jeans would need to come down farther. She let them snap back up unbuttoned the front of his boxers.

It was obvious Darren was slightly nervous. His cock was slightly flaccid but definitely not limp. This cock had some girth to it. It was warm to the touch as she used her first three fingers to hold it up to her mouth, pinky held out like a proper little girl. She opened her mouth widely and took the whole thing in. She let her lips wrap around it like it was a cool-pop on on a hot summer day, careful not to let anything spill out. He could feel the warmth of her mouth and the warm of her breath on his body.

Careful not to let his member fall out, she pulled her head back as she gave a gentle suck but not before pulling the head of his cock into her mouth and sliding back down on him. She continued this three or four times before he became fully aroused. Her mouth was beginning to water, making a modest amount of slurping sounds. Every time she sucks a dick the saliva in her mouth multiplies like a chain reaction. It wasn’t long before she couldn’t go down on him the whole way. She concentrated for a minute on the head which only exacerbated the saliva issue. It was starting to foam a little and run down the shaft of his cock. She heard a trickle of saliva hit the cement floor.

He was breathing heavy by this point and as she released his cock from her warm wet mouth. She grabbed the entire cock and stroked it. Using her thumb, index and middle finger, she lightly pinched the based of his cock. Making sure her thumb pushed up lightly on the base of his shaft made his cock swell even more. She admired how thick it was. Seven, maybe eight inches long and thick with a masculine vein running down the side. With the head of his cock in her mouth, she muttered “You can cum in my mouth.” Her cock sucking expertise knew he would like the sound of her talking with a cock in her mouth.

“Damn girl. Keep going.” Darren replied. His body had been shifted to one side trying to hold himself up. His arm stretched out onto the top of the counter while the other caressed the back of her head. Lisa reached in under his boxers to hold his balls. She gave out an uncontrollable mumbled “Mmmm” as she found low hanging, very warm and big balls. She loved big balls and especially low hanging ones. Ever since she seen her dads friend changing his swimming shorts in the bathroom several years ago, she was fascinated with the different sizes of testicals.

She continued stroking, sucking and alternating the depths of which her throat could handle. As she picked up speed, she wondered how long it would take for him to cum. How much would he cum? What if a customer knocked on the door or peeked inside? This would surely threaten to expose the machinations of her corrupt sexual behavior. This was exciting to her. It wouldn’t matter anyway, his balls were tightening and she was starting to lose grip on those soft fuzzy balls.

Suddenly his cock was becoming engorged and she focused her attention on the head. A few seconds later the head of his cock became more defined. His breathing increased and he began to moan. Lisa felt a surprising pop in her mouth and that familiar bitter thick taste. Wave after wave of cum was pouring into her mouth and she was having trouble keeping up with swallowing. Taking his cock out, she wrapped her fingers around the base of his dick and squeezed. She ran her fingers towards the head and leaned back to get a better view. The last remaining semen oozed out of his slit. Lisa pressed her lips on the head and careful not to take it past her teeth, slurped out the last drop. She let go and it was still stiff enough to bounce of few times. She used her tongue to savor the last droplets.

Lisa looked up at Darren and said “Thanks. I didn’t have time to eat breakfast this morning. Go over to SubWay and get me a coffee?” and giggled. Darren couldn’t catch his breath but nodded. Sweat was dripping down the side of his forehead as Lisa stood up and put her breasts away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32