Garden of Pleasure

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As we sat outside on the garden bench the heat of the August summer-sun was beating down fiercely on my face. It was our little paradise – no one could see us from where we were sat. We couldn’t see anyone else either for that matter. We were content to just sit there with an iced drink and take in our last few moments together before I had to go. It would be the last we saw of each other for a while – as we both headed our separate ways to begin the final years of our respective degrees at different universities and I had a shift at work that I still had to shower and get ready for that started in two hours.

I sipped my drink as we chatted, conversation was easy after five years together, although throughout my mind kept drifting back to the night before, our last night together. For the first time since we had been together he had been really quite rough; pulling my hair, trapping my arms above my head and, to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it was the best sex I had ever had. Just thinking back to it made me blush and sent a shiver down my spine.

“Are you cold?” He asked, catching me off guard with his question. I hadn’t realised he’d been watching me. I squeezed my legs together tighter in an attempt to block out the feeling of need that was beginning to pool between my legs. If I was getting this worked up having not had sex in 12 hours then how was I going to cope without it for a month?!

“In this heat?! No.” I replied. God, these days I couldn’t get enough sex. In fact I’m pretty sure twice a day, every day still wouldn’t be enough for me and I don’t think that’s normal!

“Then why the shivering?” He retorted quizzically.

“Just… thinking about us… last night…..” That last bit I added almost as a whisper, an afterthought, trailing off when I realised how much of a nympho I sounded. He’d always told me I had a dirty mind. My train of thought was brought off the rails when one of his hands came up to grasp hold of my chin, twisting it so that I was now looking into his eyes. They were ablaze with a mixture of lust and question. He knew I didn’t really have time for this before I had to be in work but my god, we wanted each other so much, with an animal passion I’d never felt before.

My eyes, heart and now soaking wet pussy all betrayed my brain and within seconds his mouth was crashing down on mine. We were making out like we needed this connection with each other to be able to breathe. His tongue expertly coaxed its way into my mouth until our tongues were, together, dancing their own dance of passion. With the kissing and the heat of the afternoon sun my face was burning up, I knew he could feel it too beneath his hand which was still grasping onto my face, keeping me there in the moment with him.

He broke the kiss and I realised I was panting for breath; it felt like he was literally kissing the life out of me. Still dazed I sat there; lips tingling and bruised, eyes closed, trying to stem the flow of desire that was on the verge of washing over every inch of my body. I have to be in work in less than 2 hours, I scolded myself. But the next thing I knew I could feel the delicious cool of an ice cube circling my lips, the melt water forming refreshing rivulets that gathered together before running down my chin, only to be retrieved by the warm tongue of my boyfriend. The contrasting temperatures made me jump and gave me gooseflesh all down my arms, my nipples hardened in an instant.

There was no way I was leaving yet.

Then he began to run the ice cube over my burning cheeks, painting invisible warrior stripes before kissing them away. Next he dragged the ice cube across my forehead before making a path down my nose. He repeated this until small drops collected at the end of my nose, kissing them away he circled the cube around my lips once more before popping it through my slightly parted lips into my mouth before once again crashing down on my mouth. We passed the ice cube between us until there was nothing left, by which point we were mashing our lips, and tongues, together with renewed intensity.

His hand found my right breast and pulled and squeezed at it through the thin material of my crop top. It was the nipple I had recently had pierced and, Oh. My. God. It was so super sensitive, even through my clothes; I couldn’t help but moan into his mouth as he played. With my left hand resting at the base of his neck, twisting in his luscious hair, my right was free to wonder. It made its way down to his thigh where I began my ministrations – squeezing, rubbing, running my nails over his material-clad thighs, reaching further and further up, teasing all the way. Eventually I reached the top of his thigh and found his already hard cock straining through the fabric of his cargo pants. I had to feel it although I felt that there may be no going back from here, work may well have to wait!

Massaging his shaft through his trousers he tuzla eve gelen escort was busy extricating my boobs from my top. As soon as they felt the slight balmy afternoon breeze on them they hardened further, I knew the slightest touch to them and there was no way I was going home until I was finished here. He broke the kiss again, reaching into his glass for a second ice cube, bringing it back he circled my hardened nubs with it until I had gooseflesh and was shaking all over, not from the cold but from sheer sexual pleasure and the need for release. Whilst holding the cube to my nipple he made his way in a small nibbling/kissing motion around my collarbone, up my neck and to my earlobe. I was moaning with abandon now, I needed release and I needed it soon.

His breath tickled my ear as he laughed a soft laugh at how worked up I was getting, making my hair stand on end and my core clench in the most delicious way. He knows how much I love my ears and neck being kissed, licked and nibbled. The bite he gave to my earlobe whilst his breathing still tickled my inner ear almost made me come undone right then and there. I was writhing, panting and moaning and massaging his cock harder now, wanting to give him the pleasure he was giving me. He let the ice cube fall to the floor, his kisses returned southwards and in an instant he was licking and nibbling at my hard nipple, his hand trailing faster than ever up my thigh and under my skirt to my panties tracing the outline of my sopping folds through the thin lace. Dipping a finger around the edge of the lace he moaned, both with my rhythmic massage of his cock and at how wet I was down there.

Our moans were getting louder. For a split second I panicked. It occurred to me that we were outside, in his garden, in the middle of a suburbian housing estate – I’m pretty sure you can still get done for indecent exposure from your own garden and I’m sure the people who lived round here would love a bit of drama to spice up their day……but the pure ecstasy I felt and the fact I was almost certain we couldn’t be seen made the doubt ebb. To hell with it, I don’t think I’d have even cared if 100 people were watching at that moment; I was definitely in too deep!

He must have felt my panic as he pulled back, quickly rearranged my top then pulled me up by my arms. We fell into each other, enjoying reigniting the passionate kiss from this new position but he pulled into his arms and carried me swiftly indoors without even breaking lip contact his deliciously bulging biceps wrapped tightly around my waist and his erection grinding into my most delicate parts. As soon as the door shut behind us he let my body slide down his until my feet touched the floor, there were clothes flying everywhere.

I decided he must be desperately uncomfortable with such an impressive erection trapped under his shorts and undid the clasp, the weight of his wallet and phone in his pockets making them drop to the floor with little effort on either of our parts. I wrestled with my top and bra as he made light work of my summer skirt. Lifting his t-shirt over his head I kissed a trail up his chest as the new skin was uncovered to my lips. I could never tire of running my tongue and tongue stud over the chiselled definition of his six-pack abs nor the tribal tattoo that wound its way up his left hand side, over his shoulder and down the top portion of his left arm. I think he felt the same way too.

Once I reached his neck I continued upwards to his face, taking his lips between mine and gently sucking and biting them until he moaned again.

“Fuck, Luce.” He ground out as I pushed him slowly backwards and down to sit on the couch. I kept eye contact with him as I made my way back down his body, back down the tattoo but not stopping, going further down until I reached his hips. I licked the v-shaped indents that pointed down towards his bulging boxer shorts, the work of many hard hours in the gym. As I did his hips arched up off the sofa, eyes rolling back. I took my chance and hooked my thumbs beneath his underwear and, after mouthing kisses over his cock through them, pulled them over his straining member and down his legs.

Discarding them quickly I licked a slow line up his shaft, around the head, leading with my tongue stud, and dipped my tongue in the slit to taste the copious amount of pre-cum that had formed since we started our little session. Just the taste made me crazy with lust and I began to suck his cock properly now, massaging it with my tongue and it’s jewellery and getting it as far down my tight little throat as possible without gagging, the low rumbling groans above me urging me on. Whilst doing that my hands slowly worked the rest of his length that I was unable to feast on and continued the torturous massage of his balls until he couldn’t take it any longer.

“Babe?” He tried to get my attention. “Luce, please babe, stop now, else I’m going tuzla otele gelen escort to cum.” He pleaded with me.

“What if I want you to come in my mouth so I can taste you?” I teased slyly, giving him a cocky grin. He didn’t answer straight away but when he did it took the breath out of me.

“What if all I want right now is to be balls deep and coming in your juicy pussy whilst your walls spasm around me with your own climax?” His face was deadpan and serious, his eyes once again glazed with lustful passion. Oh my god. When he spoke to me like that it did things to my insides that made me feel like I was melting. Judging by the juices running down my thighs, I’m pretty sure I could have been.

Without another word I crawled back up his body and onto his lap, straddling him as his tongue played once again with my newly-pierced nipple.

“This is so fucking hot babe.” He spoke to my nipple in between licks and nibbles before clamping down on the hard nub enough to make my back arch and a moan escape my lips. His erection pointed straight up towards me and, as I felt it nudge my entrance, I rubbed myself back and forth over it, loving the way his cock spread my juices and massaged my clit. I was so close to coming right there just with this simple action, but when his fingers drifted south to play with my clit whilst his tongue still toyed with my nipple, just as he pierced me – bringing me all the way down on his rock hard cock did I lose it completely. I came with violent spasms, moaning his name, over and over until the feeling began to subside.

I finally regained some sense of composure and got my breathing back in check. I could see stars when I closed my eyes and when I opened them everything was fuzzy, it took me a few second before I could focus on his face and lock on to his lips. Lost in the kiss, the gentle upwards rocking of his hips reminded me that I still had this deliciously hard cock inside me that needed attention.

I began to undulate my hips whilst holding myself up on his muscular chest and biceps, working on a variety of different rhythms and patterns, fast and slow, shallow and deep, the combination of which began to drive him wild. Every time he thrust up as I thrust down I began to feel the building of another orgasm deep in my core and I knew he was getting closer, hell he’d already had me spasming around him once. But as much as I was enjoying the feeling, my legs – already a little sore and tired after the amount of sex we’d had the previous night- started to ache as cramp began to set in.

“What’s up babe?” He had sensed how uncomfortable I was becoming.

“My legs.” I gasped, my hips coming to a standstill. “They hurt.”

“What position would you be more comfy in?” He asked, still making long steady thrusts with his hips that ground his solid cock right into the right place inside me, massaging my g-spot.

“Oh my god” I groaned, “that feels so good…. don’t want to stop now!” I pleaded. I tried to move my hips again but the pain in my legs had me fall face first into his shoulder with a cry of pain.

“No Luce, stop.” His voice was firm now. “Stand up, I promise this will be just as good!” He gave me one of his lop-sided cocky grins and lifted me off him, I whimpered at the temporary loss of contact and emptiness I felt inside me. Looking down at his cock I saw that it was straining and the head bigger and more purple that I had ever seen it before. It looked angry. “Bend over the arm of the sofa. Here.” And he gently manoeuvred me into position, a position in which I could be as limp as a ragdoll and not have to worry. I could feel his presence behind me, his hands running down my toned back, I needed to feel hick cock back inside me.

“Please!” I begged, “I want you inside me again, fuck that, I NEED you inside me again….now……please hun”. I didn’t care how whiney I sounded at that moment, it was pure sexual need. I heard him growl in the most primal way at my request. Grasping onto my hip with one hand he lined himself up with my entrance and exquisitely slowly entered me from behind, rubbing every sensitive spot on his way in. I moaned again in appreciation as he began his torturous but heavenly thrusting.

“I hope …you’re close babe… Because … I won’t …be able to last… long …like this” his voice was staccato and the words came between his thrusts and my moans. I could only moan my agreement; I had no words just pure lust, need and feeling overtaking me like a whirlwind, a tornado ripping through me. The feeling of this position was so raw, I could feel every single inch of him inside me, stretching me and massaging me, he hit my g-spot with every single thrust. The feeling I’d had from earlier started to begin again. He grabbed a handful of hair in one hand and had a vice-like death grip on my left hip with the other. A passing thought made me wonder whether I’d have a bruise tuzla sınırsız escort there when he’d finished. That passing though seemed to flame my blood, making me hotter than ever before. Something to remember him by until the next time we saw each other.

Still grasping at my hair, to the point where he delicately balanced his actions between pure pleasure and pain, his thrusts became harder and deeper and both our moans became louder. I could feel him expanding inside me and my mind felt like it was entering a black hole, the fuzzy edges then that plummeting feeling like the carpet has been ripped from beneath me.

“I….I….I’m…I’m coming” I half panted and half wailed just as everything shut off and gave itself over to the feelings of pure ecstasy as my core spasmed between my legs. I was just glad I was already lying down else my knees would have failed and buckled under the sheer force of the orgasm I was experiencing.

“Me…. too …babe.” I half-heard as I felt his cum shoot from the end of his rock hard cock inside me, setting off another moan and more convulsions from me. I don’t think I could have ever got enough of that moment. Just as it felt like our joint orgasm was never going to end, I felt the last few twitches of his cock as he finally stopped thrusting above me, his body covering mine and his weight pushing me down deliciously into the couch. I loved to be restrained by his body weight. After he regained the use of his body he stood back up, I felt his now-soft cock leave me, bringing with it a trail of our combined juices down my inner thigh. Normally I would have been embarrassed for him to see me so messy, but even if I wanted to at that point I don’t think I could have moved. He laughed a soft laugh at how broken I looked – lying there all lifeless – and scooped me up, carrying me over to sit on his lap on the sofa.

Then he did something I have never seen him do before – he reached between my legs to the pooling mix of our juices and scooped some up on his fingers. He bought his fingers to his mouth and slowly licked them clean.

“Mmmmmmm.” I heard him murmur between licks. I watched him, astounded and mouth agape, at his reaction and I could feel my cheeks flame. He was smiling but his grin got even wider having seen my reaction.

“What do you think babe?” He asked as he offered out another finger load of cum to me – “I know you wanted my cum in your mouth so now we get the best of both worlds eh?!”

“Mmmmmmmm.” I began to tentatively lick the juices off his finger, moaning again – jeez, I’d lost all ability to form words in his presence today. The more I tried the more I wanted, the more of his finger I took into my mouth, treating it with the same special attention as if it was his hard cock that I was expertly lavishing with my tongue.

“Babe, If you keep doing that then you’re going to make me hard again and you’ll never make it to work at all, let alone getting there on time.” I pulled back my face and gave him a seriously over-the-top pout, showing my disapproval before groaning as reality hit me.

“Fuuuuuuccck, what time is it hun?”

“4.30. By my count you have precisely 30 minutes to get home, changed and get to work.” I groaned again at his reply and shot up off his lap, standing in front of him surveying the room for a clue as to where my clothes were before darting round to gather them up. He continued his drawling speech… “No time to shower me off you, what a shame. You can have the reminder that I was here all over your pretty little thighs, feel my presence every time you walk and …. Oh god, your hip.” His hand came down carefully to my side where the bruise was “I’m sorry babe, I got caught up, I hope I didn’t hurt you too much!”

I giggled and sat down beside him, trying to wrestle my underwear back on.

“If you hurt me properly I’d punch you and you’d know all about it. I like this kinky rough sex we’ve been having. Did you ever hear me complain once through that that you were hurting me? No. Don’t worry hun, I’d tell you if it was too much.”

“I love you so much, it’s going to be a long month without you.” I had now managed to track down all of my clothes and almost resembled the person I had been when I walked through the door.

“I know and I love you too, but now, I really have to go else I’m going to get my ass kicked by the boss, I don’t think the ‘I was saying goodbye to my boyfriend’ excuse would work with him somehow.” I sighed then winked at him “For me though, it was the perfect way to say goodbye.” With that I smiled a sad smile, unshed tears collected and gleamed in my eyes at the realisation that this was it for a while. A month may not be that long but after having him around so much in the summer it wasn’t going to be easy. I sighed again. He laughed and pulled me in close for a proper hug before releasing me. It seemed to make my heavy heart lighten a little.

As I stepped out of the door towards my car he called after me: “Have a safe drive back. Hope work is ok.”

And well, what did he know. I had no idea how I managed to drive but I made it to work only ten minutes late. One thing was for sure – I couldn’t stop thinking about him all evening, what with the messy hair and sticky thighs reminding me with every step I took.

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