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I am not really certain how I got into this situation, it all seemed to start innocently enough. I was on the road, staying in a pretty upscale hotel in St. Louis, and after changing into a golf shirt and loose pair of shorts had gone to the bar to have a drink after dinner. There was an early season college football game on the TV behind the bar so I sat on a stool where I could get a good view of the game.

There was a pretty good crowd in the bar and the game was an in-state team playing so the place was a little louder than normal for a hotel bar. The seat next to me emptied and a new occupant soon took the stool. He looked to be 10-15 years my senior, maybe 50 or so, in relatively good shape and probably like me on the road for his job. In any event we started chatting. Nothing to heavy just the usual light introductions and meaningless comments about the game.

And then a big play by the underdog got everyone’s attention and the level of interest in the bar picked up. Both Brian and I gave the screen our full attention.

That is when I first felt his hand on my knee. Not for long, just till the current play ended. I did not react to it – there was nothing to react to. He just put his hand down during an important play.

Then it happened again. Another seemingly critical early game play and his hand found my knee again. Only this time it was on my knee in advance of the play and remained well after the play was over. Now I was a bit concerned it might be something more than just getting excited for the game event but by the time I had decided this was the case the hand was gone.

Now the very easy and obvious solution to this situation was to simply pay my tab and head to my room. I could watch the game there in peace and safety. But of course that is not what I did. I am not certain exactly what kept me on that bar stool but that is where I stayed.

The game progressed and so did the hand to knee incidents. Only now he did not bother to remove his hand once the play was over. He just left it resting lightly on my knee and there would be a bit of a squeeze during big plays. And still I sat. Knowing I should leave. Instead I ordered both of us another drink.

As the drinks arrived I felt the hand move upward a bit. Not far. Not threatening. But also no longer on my knee. Rather now it was resting a good six inches above the knee. And the squeeze now was more on my lower thigh muscle then the knee. And it did not leave. And the squeezes felt a bit more intense, though still not threatening in anyway.

I was getting a bit nervous at this point but still I did not leave. And now I have to admit I was also just a bit turned on by the action and also very curious where this would lead but also very confident that I would and could walk away from this game of tease anytime I wanted.

I also think this is where I should say I am a bit of a submissive. Actually probably more than a bit. I had served several Mistresses over the years (though I was not seeing anyone at the current time) and had been considering joining a couple of web sites to see if I could find someone with which to revisit my submissive side. I also had never had any major sexual dalliances with another male except for an attempt by the infamous traveling salesman to seduce me when I was 16. He was about half way home and would have probably succeeded had there not been an untimely knock on the hotel room door. The knock was simply a wrong room but it seemed to spook him into shooing me out of the room. So that is my sexual kinks in a very small nutshell or at least how they apply to this situation.

About this time another drink shows up in front of me. I knew I was feeling the effects of the previous drinks and should cease consuming any alcohol but that is my pre two drinks logic working. With my post two drinks logic shutting down the 3rd drink was just not going to happen. Plus the game was still on and getting even more intense.

I take a sip of my new drink and immediately noticed it seems a bit stronger than the previous two. I glance over at Brian but he is immersed in the game so I do not say anything to him about the drink but rather just sipped away. And the hand is now at mid thigh. And almost massaging my thigh. And I must say it felt very nice. But I still knew I can walk away anytime I want.

It does not take long now and the hand is on my upper thigh. Still softly massaging. The upper part of the hand is now actually bumping into my balls, through my shorts of course. I find that I am really starting to get aroused at this point. In fact my cock is starting to stiffen to the point I have to reach down and adjust the position so, as it continues to harden, it will point upward and not ‘tent’ my shorts. It is also at this point that I know I am in trouble. I know I am not going to leave and I also am not going to stop the hands advance up my leg. In fact I am now anxiously anticipating its advance. I want it to advance. I need it to advance Silivri Escort but that does not happen.

Instead Brian moves his hand to my shoulder and says “We need to head to my room. I have a bottle of great Scotch that needs sampling”. He tells the bartender to charge the drinks to his room and starts moving towards the hotel lobby. I follow.

The walk to his room was uneventful. I am basically just following him like a lost puppy. Agreeing with all of his small talk with simple short mindless replies.

Inside the room I note that it is a major upgrade from my room. This is a mini suite with a fairly large living room area that is large enough to include both a couch and chair and even an end table to the right of the couch. I make my way to the couch and sit on the far right side.

Brian immediately grabs the TV remote and quickly has the game on the screen. Without asking he gets a couple of glasses, adds a few ice cubes from the ice bucket that he must have filled previously and pours two glasses of what I presume to be Scotch from a liquor bottle that was on the dresser all the while making comments about the game and how important it to both teams. I continue to reply to all without really saying anything. I have some serious mixed feelings about what I am doing here. I am quite nervous about what I believe will be soon happening but also almost in a strange state of relaxation at the same time. To say the least the contrasting feelings have me just a bit confused. Though the one thing about which there is no confusion is my cock wants attention. It is not fully hard anymore but seems to be quietly resting in my pants like a cat waiting for movement so it can spring into action. I try to focus on the game.

As I continue to follow the game events my host disappears into the bathroom. He continues his missives about the game through the open door. Then very shortly he reappears but now dressed in a light weight bath robe.

“I just had to get out of those clothes. It has been a long day and the robe on the door hook just seemed to be calling me” he laughed. “I hope you do not mind” as he joins me on the couch.

Brian now seems to be watching the game again and of course his hand is soon back on my knee exactly where it was when this whole series of events began. With his hand’s first move – a simple six inches up my leg I can feel my cock react. It seems to have a mind of its own and is very quickly quite stiff.

Brian’s comments about the game now start taking a more philosophical bend. He comments about how the game is really a game of dominance. One team attempting to dominate the other, attempting to assert their will over their opponent. To bring them to submission. He continues with this theme for a bit, even pointing out players that have dominated their counter part on the other team. He finally says “Do you not agree? It really is just a game of dominance and submission”.

This question sort of catches me off guard. I was not expecting a direct question of this nature and my thoughts quickly go to a more sexual interpretation of the question (which was obviously what he wanted to have happen). I answer that I had never thought of it quite like that but I was in complete agreement. It is a simple game of dom vs sub. I actually used the dom and sub terms rather than the full words and realized to late that this use would clearly point out I knew the less then subtle meanings of his comments.

With that Brian started comparing his own life to the football game. How he loved winning in life and always took the dominant position in all relationships. His meaning was not lost to me.

He asked me how I would describe my relationships in these terms. I stuttered just a bit before saying I was a little more subtle and did not always take the dominant position. I liked to give the other person a chance to establish themselves in relationships of any kind and while I would not describe my approach as submissive it certainly was not forcing myself into a dominant position.

At this stage I am not certain it mattered how I answered his question. He had taken complete control of the conversation as well as the evening itself. Brian now left all subtlety behind and related that his dominance carried over into the bedroom. He always took control and left his partner with no choice but to submit to him.

“And by the way, I do not totally accept your previous answer about the ‘other person establishing themselves’. I can see that was a basic BS answer. You might as well admit it that you are a sub. In fact I would wager you have been involved with a dominatrix or two or at the very least you go to bed at night dreaming of the day that you will.”

Also, at this point his hand has once again reached the top of my thigh and he has resumed his soft massage. My cock is leaving no room for doubt. It is fully hard and then some. I am hoping he cannot tell this from the position of his hand. Silivri Escort Bayan At this point I am not sure why I cared. I knew what was coming but somehow I still felt a bit embarrassed to have a full hard-on from just his conversation and his ‘innocently’ placed hand.

His statement / question caught me by surprise. I answered before considering what I was saying. Somehow in the manner the conversation was going the question seemed more like a command and I just held nothing back, though I did try to couch everything in a lighthearted manner.

“Ok, maybe my answer did sort of point to your conclusion and yes, I guess I am a bit of a sub. I have always enjoyed trying to serve my partner so she is completely satisfied. So that all of her desires are met. And yes, the wager you suggested would be a winner. I have seen a domme or two. Well actually I have had a Mistress or two. Nothing too heavy except some good mutual satisfaction between friends.”

I really tried to keep this sounding very light and act as if this is just a normal conversation between friends watching a football game. I do not think it worked. I am also not certain why I felt compelled to delve this far into my sexual history.

His hand quickly moved to my crotch and pressed against my balls and hard cock.

“My my. What have we here? The nice thing about true subs – it is not about the sex of their dominant. It is about serving their dominant. The gender is irrelevant to a true sub. And I think it my good fortune to have found a true sub here. Correct?” “Domme. Dom. It does not matter. It is the servitude that matters.”

I simply lower my head and do not answer. He had won. We both knew it. Now it was just a matter to see how this all played out. See how much he wants to toy with me before the kill. Will it be a quick clean kill or will he play this out for the entire evening and night to use me in all the ways he desires.

The answer comes very fast. I am not sure from where it came but he hands be a small pill. “Here, take this with a swallow of your scotch. It will take a bit to take effect but I want you primed for the entire night and this will do it. BTW, I already have taken my dose. To your good fortune I will require a lot of attention all night long.”

I swallow the pill without hesitation.

His hand was now more insistent on my cock. Massaging it through my lightweight shorts. I was already breathing hard from his actions and I knew we were just getting started.

“Just to make this a bit easier and more enjoyable for both of us raise your arms and loose the shirt. Then I want you to unfasten your shorts. I am sure your cock will approve.”

“Yes Sir”

I surprised myself a little bit with the ‘Sir’ but it just came out. I am certain Brian heard it loud and clear.

I raised my arms and lifted my shirt up and over my head. Then I reached down and working around Brian’s hand unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my shorts and slid the zipper down. Brian’s hand was quickly inside my shorts with only my underwear between his hand and my aching cock.

“Very good. This is much better but since you are this far just to get a bit more comfortable lift up your butt and slide your shorts down, “

I did as directed and once over my knees my loose shorts fall to the floor. At the same time I kicked off my sandals and lifted my feet completely out of the shorts. I was now sitting on the couch dressed in only my jockey shorts with a complete stranger playing with my cock. Not exactly what I had envisioned for the evenings entertainment.

“I would like to hear about your time with your Mistresses and also your times with a Dom. How often were you seeing them? Why did your relationships end? How did they treat you and more importantly how did you treat them? I want to hear your secrets. The ones you only think about when you go to bed alone and masturbate. If I am going to own you it is important that I know how to get the most out of you. Please be aware, this information is not about how I can help bring you more enjoyment. It is about how I can use you to bring me more enjoyment. It will always be about me except for once in a while when I reward you with some treat for a job well done. Also, I have a great skill in detecting when someone is lying to me or not giving me the full truth. So tell me all when I ask. Anything less than that will result in punishment that I can assure you, you do not want to receive.”

I begin: “Well Sir, I have served three Mistresses over the years as well as having a few encounters with professional Dominatrices. I have never served a Dom. In fact my only time even close to being with a man occurred while I was in my teens and it never progressed beyond some minor fondling by him.”

I go on to tell Brian about my service to the Mistresses and that they had all ended because of relocation by either me or the Mistress. They had all contained minor elements of BDSM but were Escort Silivri mostly about service to the Mistress. The service included several sensual but non sexual treatments such as bathing and massaging. But ultimately they revolved around sexual servitude. Lots and lots of oral servitude. One Mistress loved to have her feet worshiped. I would spend seemingly hours sucking on her toes. She also surprised me on at least two occasions by tying me spread eagle on the bed and sliding down and sucking my cock. When done she looked at me and smiled and said ‘Well a Mistress gets horny for some cock now and then too’ . The second one loved to have her ass teased with my tongue before moving on to her pussy. And the third one just wanted hours of pussy worship. She was most into BDSM and used a ruler and whip to ensure I followed all instructions. She also had indicated a desire to give golden showers. Her training of me in that area never got past just a tease or two due to my traveling and then my having to relocate across the country.

During my somewhat lengthy spiel Brian had continued to massage my cock. Keeping it rock hard and wanting much more. I was hoping he did not suspect any lies or that I was withholding anything. I told him as much as I could remember and much much more then I had ever told anyone else. Ever.

“And so boy” a term he used now for the first time, “quite interesting and there maybe something in there I can use but for now I think I will just go with what works for me. I am actually very happy you have not seen a Dom in your past – no bad habits you need to be broken off.”

“Stand up, face away from me and move to your left a step so that you are directly in front of me. Do it now”

The tone is such that I know I need to comply immediately and do so. I am now standing in front of the couch facing the TV – which is now off – wearing only my underwear.

“Now as my new boy in training it is time I see exactly what I have. Drop your underwear.”

I do as told. I move my underwear down my legs and step out of them completely. Now totally nude I am waiting for my next order. While waiting I do feel the hand again. Actually both hands. They are now softly rubbing my buns. It feels very exciting.

“Nice ass boy. Nicely rounded. Flex your butt muscles a few times and imagine my cock is between your buns. I want you to imagine how it is going to feel. I may lube them up one day and just slide my cock between them as if they were a pair of tits. And those buns will serve well for my paddle if you get so much as an inch out of line. Also nice to know your ass is a virgin. You are so going to love it when I decide the time has come to pop that cherry. I can tell from your previous stories that you are going to be begging for all the cock you can get once I get you broken in. Yes, I am really going to enjoy that ass.”

“But first things first. Turn around. I want to see the cock that seems to have gotten you in so much trouble. And keep your head and eyes down. Boys do not make eye contact with their Master. ” “And speaking of Master that is a term I have not yet heard you use when addressing me. I do understand that you are new to this and Sir is a perfectly acceptable for one in your position, however I can assure you that you will be addressing me as Master of your own free will before the evening is over.”

I slowly turn around, my hard dick waving in the breeze. I keep my head down and eyes pointed downward. I can see you sitting, still clothed in your robe, with your legs spread a bit and me standing between them. No other man has ever seen my erect cock. It is very exciting, terrifying and confusing all at the same time. You reach out and rub my hard shaft up and down slowly with the back of your hand. Then you change to using the inside of your hand. Lightly curling around my pole and very softly masturbating me. I feel like I could cum at any moment but know that it would be a disaster for me to do so. I am saved when your hand is suddenly removed.

“Very nice. I like my boys to display a hard cock prior to serving me. Shows me just how much they want to serve and how much serving me means to them. I hope you are not in too much discomfort with that erection. It maybe in that state for quite a while. But if you do everything well tonight and any first time mistakes are corrected with my coaching I might reward you by allowing you to masturbate for me. I think I might enjoy sitting here and watch you stroke your cock while telling me all that you are thinking after your first night as a boy toy for a real Dom. Now onto your knees and look directly forward. It is time you see what a real Dom’s cock looks like. See the cock that will be dominating and controlling you for the rest of the night and beyond.”

I drop to my knees as instructed and look directly forward. He has moved his robe so that it is open and I am in fact staring directly a semi erect cock and balls. It is awesome sight. His cock is much larger than mine but not so large as to scare me. The head of his cock is perfectly shaped, a true helmet atop the powerful shaft. Like wise his balls and sac seem to be a prefect size. Perfectly proportioned to both his cock and body. I kneel and stare waiting for my next order.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32