Fun with Sara Pt. 02

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My chirping cellphone woke me up some time later, but I wasn’t sure what time it was until I flipped open my cellphone. “That was a good three hour nap,” I said to myself. I got up; my phone still in my hand and I stretched my waking muscles. I still felt a little stoned when I finally looked at the text message that woke me up. It was from Sara and it said that she was out shopping but she would be home soon. She had evidently left about an hour or so ago and that she had gone to the mall to pick up a few things for tonight. “I wonder what’s happening tonight,” I said to myself and I finished reading the text message which ended with an invitation to take a shower and to some more of her marijuana which she said was located in her underwear drawer.

I walked over to her underwear drawer but having just woken up, I didn’t have much of an intention to smoke any weed just yet. I opened the drawer and I was greeted by numerous pairs of thongs and G-strings along with other various types of sexy underwear. No thigh high stockings though, and that disappointed me because I imagined that her thick, thighs would look amazing encased in black, seamed nylon. I continued to rummage through the drawer until I found the weed that Sara had promised and I pulled it from its hiding place and I closed the drawer.

I put the box on top of the dresser and walked to the bathroom which, for a trailer was surprisingly big. There was a three person, Jacuzzi style tub and a shower stall. A fully loaded trailer? I chuckled and looked around for a towel. I found one on the counter already set out for so I walked over to the shower and turned on the hot water. I stepped in and immediately started to wash off. The spray of the almost too hot water felt good on my skin, and I took my time washing the sweat from my body that had accumulated on my body from the activities Sara and I had engaged in a few short hours ago.

I kept thinking back to what we had done and I still couldn’t believe that it actually happened! I barely knew this woman before I came over and now here I was taking a shower in her bathroom after getting up from a nap that I took in her bed. I thought back on what we had done with each other just a short time ago and my cock started to slowly come to life. Already, I wanted her again!

Once I finished washing all of the soapy water from my body I turned the water off and I hopped out of the shower. Lazily, I towel dried my muscular body while contemplating what was going to happen next. Will we ever do this again? Should I just leave now or should I wait for her to come home? Why in the hell did she pick me to fuck her brains out? I was pretty sure that Tiffany was the answer to the last question though.

I decided to just play it cool and see what happens. I finished drying off and I checked my phone once more. Sara had texted me again. She said that she was on her way home from the mall and that she hoped that I had decided to stay. I replied to her message; telling her that I was still here and that I had just gotten out of the shower. A smiley face was all the she texted back.

The mall was about twenty or twenty-five minutes from Sara’s house so I figured that I had a little bit of time to maybe smoke a little more of her weed and maybe have a look around her house for clues as to what type of chick Sara was. I looked over at her closet. The door was closed so I decided that I would start my investigation there first. I walked over to it, still naked and I opened the door. Like the bathroom, it was fairly large, large enough to walk into in fact. I felt around for a light and once I finally found the switch, I flipped it on and looked around.

The closet was packed full of clothes, most of which looked to be quite revealing in the chest and leg area. The bottom of the closet was littered with numerous pairs of sexy, high heeled shoes, some of which were clearly in the category of “stripper heels.” One of the pairs got my attention in particular. They were about six inches tall and were made of black patent leather. They also had white fringes around the part that the foot goes in. The front of the shoes looked like Mary Jane’s and they had the thin black strap that went over the middle of the wearer’s foot. The back of the shoe though was a spike heel. I felt my cock twitch again at the thought of Sara wearing those shoes and a pair of black fishnet stockings while she bounced up and down on my rigid member. I imagined the feel of her tits bouncing freely between the two of us; how her hard nipples would feel scraping against my chest.

I tried to shake my head clear of these amorous thoughts. It didn’t work though. I was already really horny, and I knew that if I kept thinking like this I as going to be in a world of hurt. My cock was begging for attention and if it could talk, I know that it would probably be begging for me to touch it right about now! “Thank God it can’t,” I thought to myself. “I’d be in really trouble then.” I chuckled at the thought of my dick talking for about kaynarca escort a minute and then I went back to the task at hand.

I kept looking around in the closet, finding more and more sexy, slutty clothes until finally, in the far right corner, I found a container about three times the size of a shoe box. It was black, and there were band stickers all over it. I pulled it out from under the clothes and shoes and I put it on the floor in her center of the closet. On my knees and still naked, I opened the box. “Jackpot,” I said, looking down at the box and its contents. Sex toys of different shapes and sizes nearly filled the box. Dildos and vibrators, some large and some small filled the box nearly to the top, along with handcuffs, blindfolds and lubes. I rummaged through the box, hoping that I would maybe find a dirty movie or some pictures but there were none.

Not finding what I was after, I closed the box and put it back where I found it. Sara should be home at any time now. I walked out of the closet, disappointed that I didn’t find any lingerie that she might be able to wear for me but before I closed the door, I made sure that everything looked just as I found it. Once satisfied I turned the light out and closed the door. I went to her dresser and grabbed a joint from the little box, lit it and went into the living room. I had decided that I would watch a little TV and smoke a little weed until she got home.

It took me a minute or so to find the remote to the gigantic TV but when I finally did, I flipped it on and got yet another surprise. The TV and the DVD player must have been synced together or something because when I hit the power button, they both powered on and I was now watching the porno movie that Sara was watching the last time she had the TV on. Fuck she is fucking hot, I said to myself. The scene she was watching was man, about 30 years old or so along with two women; each of which looked to be in their 20s. Both of the women were the typical blonde haired, big titted, deep tanned nymphos with hairless pussies and insatiable sexual appetites that you normally see in porn and right now, they were each taking turns riding the man’s impressive tool all the while screaming at the tops of their lungs. I watched intently as the women took turns fucking themselves until finally the man got up and directed each woman to get on her hands and knees. The camera zoomed in on their engorged, dripping pussies. The women started making out with each other when the man came back into the picture stroking his lubed cock.

The man’s cock was hard as a rock when he rubbed it against the woman on the left’s tight, puckered asshole. She moaned as if she were cumming already when he pushed the engorged head past her muscular ring. I felt like I was in a trance; the weed and the scene on the TV mesmerized me as if I had never seen a porno or smoked a joint.

I was oblivious to the door opening and Sara coming through it.

“I see you’ve made yourself at home,” Sara said while she closed the door. Her hands were full of bags and so dropped them on the floor.

“Oh shit-hey-um-I’m sorry. I must’ve lost track of time,” I muttered out startled by her intrusion into her own house.

“Are you ok,” she said, pretending to be worried but having difficulty keeping a smirk off of her face.

“Uh-yeah,” I said, feeling like a young teenager that had just been caught looking at porn by his parents. “Yeah—I’m fine,” I said, trying with all my might to gain some semblance of composure. “Are you ok?”

“I’m great,” she said enthusiastically. “It’s not every day I get to come home from shopping to find a hot guy naked on my couch smoking weed and watching a porno. Care if I join you?”

“Absolutely not,” I said, looking at Sara, and then at the TV screen.

She was wearing a really short jean skirt that barely covered round, juicy ass, and a white tank with a black bra that could easily be seen through the shirt. Neither the shirt, nor the bra did anything to hide her massive DDD tits though. Her heeled sandals clicked on the tile floor at the entrance of the trailer but they were quickly muffled when she set foot on the gray carpet. Holy fuck she is sexy, I thought to myself, sexier than both of the women in the porno combined! I felt like my cock was growing even more, which seemed impossible before this moment, but I looked down and damned if it didn’t look at least a half an inch bigger.

“Just let me get out of this bra really quick and I will come and sit with you.”

“Ok,” I said, “but you could get out of the shirt too if you want!”

“I bet I could, couldn’t I?”

“Fuck yeah,” I said hastily. “You can take off whatever you like baby!”

She pulled the straps from her shoulders and lowered the front of her shirt, pulling the bra from her gorgeous chest. Her dime-sized nipples were prominent through the thin material and it was hard for me to keep eye contact with her. She threw the bra onto another one of the chairs orhanlı escort in the room and she plopped down next to me. She reached for the joint and I gave it to her. She lit, took a long drag and held it.

“Ahhhh, much better,” she said, exhaling the smoke. “So what part are you on,” Sara asked, looking at the lascivious scene on the TV. “Oh, this is a hot one,” she said. She folded her legs on the couch and she put a hand on my naked thigh. She rubbed it lightly and rotated between watching the anal sex scene on the screen and my throbbing cock bounce up and down between my legs.

“You’re naked,” she said, “and I’m still wearing clothes. That’s not really fair is it?”

“I wasn’t going to say anything,” I said smiling.

“Do you think that I should even things out?”

“I’ll never say “no” to seeing a sexy, naked woman.”

“You wouldn’t huh? Well in that case I should probably get these clothes off then.”

“I guess you should,” I said back, taking the joint from her hand so she could undress.

She got up off of the couch and stood to the left of me, leaving the view of the porno unobstructed. I glanced at the scene on the TV. The man had switched and was now fucking the other woman’s perfectly round, heart shaped ass. The other woman had gotten in front of her and was now laying on her back and getting her pussy eaten. I looked back at Sara who was slowly pulling her shirt off. She was watching the scene too, and was just as caught up in it.

“Have you ever fucked a girl’s ass,” she asked calmly, as if she were asking about the weather.

“No, but I’ve always wanted to try it,” I said. My voice was trembling with lust and excitement. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“A few times.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yeah,” she said, “a few times actually.” She rubbed her tits gingerly. “But I really have to be in the mood for it, and I usually have to be really high and really turned on!”

“I can understand that.”

I looked back at the screen to see that the guy had pulled out of the woman’s ass. He yelled at the two women; telling them that he was about to cum and on cue, the two women jumped up and onto their knees to take the man’s load all over there face. A split second later, he was covering their faces with his seed, but unlike most porn movies I had seen where the women usually try to dodge his cum, these looked like they were enjoying it. They were each taking turns taking his load in their mouths now, and when he finally finished experiencing what had to have been a mind-numbing orgasm, the women started kissing passionately while doing their best to get as much of his cum in their mouths as they could.

“I wish I was one of those gir-”

I looked over at Sara who was looking at me with a sheepish smile.

“Did I say that out loud,” she muttered, almost under her breath.

“I think you did, but it’s really hot to think of you making out and sharing cum with another girl!”

“You think so?”

“Fuck yeah,” I said emphatically. “I’m imagining you doing it right now!” Now it was my turn to ask if I said something out loud.

“Oh really,” she asked. “And who would you like me to make out with, and whose cum would you want us to share?”

“You really wanna know,” I asked, ready to answer her honestly.


“The other girl is Tiffany, and it’s my cum that you two are sharing while you make out. She really likes my cum though, so you might have to fight with her for it!”

“Well what if I happened to like your cum more than her?”

“I don’t know then… I guess it depends on whether or not you really like cum, specifically my cum.”

I realized that Sara still had her skirt on when she dropped to her knees in front of me.

“I guess I will just have to find out if I like it or not right now then,” Sara said. She took my rigid member into her hand started to stroke it. She looked into my eyes, wordlessly asking for she knew that she already had.

“I guess you will-,” was all I could managed before she leaned forward and took the head of my cock into her warm, wet mouth.

Her mouth felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was wet and soft but also hot and her rigid tongue expertly snaked its way over the top and bottom of my bulbous cockhead. I was in heaven!

She bobbed her head back and forth slowly on the first two or three inches of my engorged cock, making sure to let me know that this was only a tease of things to come. She looked up and into my eyes and her hand wrapped around my shaft and she stroked it while her mouth worked on the top half of my cock. Her blue eyes looked big, and her pupils were dilated. She looked so sexy with my cock bobbing in and out of her mouth.

“Your mouth feels so good on my cock Sara,” I said to her with a labored, raspy voice. My left hand had made its way to the back of her head to encourage her to suck more of me into her wet, inviting mouth.

She need none tepeören escort though, so I just stroked her shoulder length brown hair while she took her time taking care of my turgid tool. My right hand moved down and into her shirt, grabbing her big, soft tit. I kept moving my hand until I reached large, taut nipple. I pinched it lightly and she moaned on my cock, causing her tongue to vibrate lightly on the bottom of my cock. I was starting to feel the first hints of an approaching orgasm when she pulled my spit-covered cock from her mouth and stroked it from top to bottom.

“Are you enjoying yourself,” she asked. She knew the answer though. She knew that she was driving me crazy.

“You know I am Sara! And if you keep this up you’re going to make me cum in your sexy fucking mouth!”

“That’s what I want you to do baby! I want you to fill my mouth with your cum so I can show how much I love it! Too bad Tiffany’s nothere to share this big cock with me!”

“I wish she was too baby ‘cuz I’m getting close! Please put your mouth back on my cock!”

“Ok but I want you to fuck my mouth! I want you to fuck my hot mouth so you can fill it with your cum!”

Her words almost drove me over the edge but I did what she asked. Without a word I grabbed her head and pushed it down on my cock, forcing more of it into her. I didn’t know if she could deep throat or not but I was definitely about to find out. I kept pushing my cock deeper into her mouth until I felt the back of your throat. I heard her take a deep breath through her nose and I took that as permission to push further.

The resistance from her throat muscles was strong at first but they soon started to relax and I was able to get about four inches of my seven inch cock into her mouth. I pulled back and pushed my cock down her throat even further. The sensation of her contracting throat muscles was getting more intense as my thrusts into her mouth got deeper and deeper. We made eye contact again and she tried to squint her watery eyes at me, daring me to fuck her mouth harder. I was so close and her egging me on drove me further towards the edge. I drove my dick deeper down her throat until she started to gag. I pulled my cock almost completely out of her mouth and I thrust forward once again; this time six inches of my cock were no longer visible. She gagged again and her mascara was starting to run from the tears that were falling down her cheek.

“I’m getting ready to cum Sara! I’m getting ready to fill your fucking mouth with my load you hot little fucking slut! You look so fucking sexy with my cock in your throat,” I yelled. I pulled back out and gave her a chance to breathe before I pushed my cock into her mouth until all seven inches of my rock hard shaft had disappeared into her mouth. I held it there until she gagged again and pulled out, but this time all the way because I wanted her to tell me what she wanted from me.

Tell me what you want Sara,” I told her forcefully. “Tell me you want to be my cumslut!”

Her hands went to my cock and any sense of decency in her was abandoned for pure lust as she jerked my cock while on her knees in front of me. Spit was hanging from her mouth and was making its way to her pendulous tits. Mascara-blackened tears fell down her face but she didn’t care. She was on a mission for my seed and she was bound and determined to get it.

“Cum in my mouth baby, please! Give me your hot spunk so you can watch me swallow it all down my hot throat! Make me your hot, big titted cum slut!”

“You better show me what you worked so hard for first before you swallow it! I want to see my cum in your pretty mouth before you swallow it all!”

“Oh, fuck you have got me so fucking wet right now! Just the thought of you cumming in my mouth so I can swallow it has got me so fucking wet! I promise I will show you your cum in my mouth but please just give it to me!”

I pulled her slick, spit covered hands from my cock and I grabbed it. I thrust forward and into her mouth and she started to moan on my cock. I pushed her mouth all the way down on my dick and I kept thrusting as if there was an invisible inch that I had yet to fill her mouth with. She gagged and choked and her eyes watered more but I kept thrusting. I pulled out and thrust back down her throat until I felt my cum boil out of my balls and up to my shaft.

“I’m getting ready to cum Sara! Get ready baby,” I groaned and she doubled her efforts. She was now fucking her own mouth with my cock, trying desperately to milk my cum from my tumescent member.

“Oh shit here it cums Sara! Fuck, here it cums,” I said and I let out a deep sigh as the first powerful jet of my copious load shot into her mouth. Thankfully, I had pulled out far enough just in time so my cum would go into her mouth and not straight down her throat but it was still all she could do to keep from gagging. She truly was an expert cocksucker though, and she was able to take my entire load in her mouth without missing a drop.

In total, four voluminous jets of cum flooded her mouth and she was moaning almost as loud as I was while I filled her hot, wet mouth with my nut. She had given me one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had in my entire life and now I was going to watch her swallow the fruit of her labor.

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