Fun with Friends Ch. 01

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(This is a story about my fifty year old plus wife as told by me her sixty year olf plus husband.)


My child Bride’s new attitude to become more of a hot wife, slut or whatever it is she has finally become willing to be. It’s all-good as far as I’m as I’m concerned. I love it when she lets herself go and enjoys a more erotic lifestyle. Her willingness to go play based on my whims, fantasies and desires is really creating a wonderful new life for us. Her being more submissive is just very close to being in heaven, I think. Anyway let us get on with her next adventure.

A slow Sunday the ball games were of no interest to either of us and my darling Child Bride (CB) came into the TV room wearing semi see through top over her half bra, a very short mini skirt and fairly high heels. “OK, just what do you have on your mind?” I ask as I scan her from head to toe. Taking in her very erotic look.

“I was just feeling antsy and thought I might go visit our friend and his wife for a while.” She says, asks in a coy manner.

“First off what do you have on under that almost skirt?” I ask.

She, without a word, lifts up the hem of her very, very short skirt. This reveals beautifully shaved pussy that already appears to be getting moist just talking about going over to my friend’s house. “What do you think?”

“I think you are being very much the slut that I love.” I respond. “But you know my friend’s wife doesn’t know about you and him on the mountain.”

“Yeah, I’ve felt kind of bad about that for quite some time. So, I thought I would go visit them and see if me giving myself to them might make her willing to play also.” She suggests.

“Hmm, what do you mean “give yourself to them?” I ask.

“Oh stop it! You know you love it when I become a submissive with other people.” She fusses at me.

“OK, ok. Just wanted to make sure that was what you had in mind.”

“I know his wife has no clue and I’m not sure I will be able to get her to be willing to play. But I really want to try. What do you think.?” she asks really wanting my input.

“I think it would be absolutely wonderful if you can talk her into getting sexual with you, my friend or both of you. I’m just not sure you can talk her into something like that.” I reply.

“Well,” she responds, “what I thought I would do is tell them I really needed them to take some erotic pics of me for your Christmas present. Think that might work?” “Sounds like a plan to me.”

“Ok, I’m on my way then. Wish me luck.” You say as you glide out the door with our digital camera swinging off your wrist.

You let your mind wander to how you are going to talk my friend’s wife into being willing to get into what you are attempting. Knowing the way you are dress is everything my friend needs to be willing to play but his wife can be very reserved at times. You pull into their driveway and the nervousness creates an anxiety knot in your stomach. You are not sure whether it is there because of the fun you are getting ready to have or because of your fear of not getting his wife to cooperate.

Checking your makeup in the rearview mirror, you notice my friend has come outside and is walking down the drive, behind you to your left. Brainstorm! You quickly open the door and a put your left foot on the pavement while turning to face him as he approaches. The huge smile on his face lets you know without a doubt your exit from the car is having the desired affect. You meet his eye for a second smiling before he reverts his eyes back to you rapidly moistening twat. Holding istanbul travesti the pose until he reaches out his hand to help you out of the car. You again smile into his eyes, accept his offered hand, spread your arms out for a hug and wrap your arms around his neck. He does not hesitate. Reaching around your body under your arms he pulls you to him. As we had discussed in our many talks about how a slut hugs, the first part of your body to touch him was you cunt mound. You stand on your tiptoes so you mound strikes an already hardening cock that he pushes out to meet your erotic attitude.

“Oh my”, you say ” is that for me?”

Embarrassed he smiles and says, “Without a doubt.” Since your back is still toward the open car door he knows he can take some liberties. His hands move down your back over your ass to the bottom of your skirt. Trying hard not be obvious, he gently pulls the back hem of your mini-skirt up with his wrists as he grasps you naked ass. Pulling you harder into his hard cock, you give yourself to the moment. Letting your legs open and pushing even harder into his thrusting cock you moan with pleasure. Becoming aware this was rapidly becoming more than either of you were willing to share with his neighbors. Also very aware his wife was in the house and may look to see what is taking the two of you so long. You slide your left hand away from his neck and let it slide down his body until you can move your hand between the two of you and gently begin to caress his throbbing cock. He flinches but does not pull away. You giggle and whisper in his ear, “Maybe later, Rocky.”


“Yes it seems that cock is rock hard to me?”

“Hard enough to cut diamonds!”

“I hope before I leave your house I can take care of it for you.”

“What a wonderful thought, but with WifiePoo at home it is not likely we will have the time or opportunity to do more than hug here in the street.” He says sadly pulling away from the hug.

“Well, with any luck and my ability to talk my way into things maybe we can create the time and opportunity.”


You explain the reason you are here visiting he and his wife was to ask for a very special favor. His inquisitive expression reflects total confusion. You just smile, straighten your clothes, take his hand and begin to walk up the drive to the front door.

He becomes anxious and asks, “Be very careful now. Don’t do or say anything that would make her suspicious. I absolutely loved fucking you when we went on that hike up the mountain in Colorado, but she would divorce me if she found out.”

You assured him there would be nothing to worry about. Noticing the front of his trousers sticking out like a tent, as he fumbles with the key to the front door you reach around and again give his cock a firm feel, moving your hand up and down in a jacking motion. The keys fall from his hand but he makes no move to kneel down to pick them up. Laughing, with one final squeezing jack of your hand you lean over and stick your tongue in his ear. He jumps back, saying, “Oh my god, stop. I can’t stand much more.”

You giggle and say, “Poor baby. Need for me to suck that diamond cutter dry again?”

Shaking his head, he squats to pick up the dropped keys. Again, being the devil slut you are becoming, wait for him to squat down to have his head level with you cunt. You grab the bottom of your mini-skirt, call his name and when he looks you raise the hem. This puts your now moist cunt just inches from his face. He freezes, eyes as big as saucers, he is istanbul travestileri unable to say or do anything but stare.

“Would you be a sweetie and suck all the juice off my twat so it does not soak thru my skirt?”

Without a word he leans over and begins to suck, or should I say lick and slurps your pussy lips as best he can. After a couple of seconds you pull away, drop you skirt and say, “Thank you, kind Sir.”

Again without a word, he stands up and again tries to get the keys into the keyhole. Finally he succeeds and opens the door for you to enter. As you walk by him to enter the door you allow your hand to rub again against his throbbing cock. Again he moans and pleads, “Please be careful.”

“Hi.” His wife says coming out of the bedroom, looking like she had just gotten out of the shower. Hair wet, no makeup with a towel in her hand.

“Hi, yourself.”

“What a pleasant surprise. We were not expecting you. Is everything OK?”

“Oh, yeah, everything is wonderful. I just came over to ask a favor. Actually a very special favor, one that I would only ask the best of friends like you guys. Friends that I know and trust completely.”

Her wrinkled brow shows her curiosity before anything is said. He moves over and sits quickly in hopes his wife does not see his boner or the little spot of pre-cum that has soaked thru his trousers.

She begins to look you over, shaking her head; curious as to why you would be dressed is such a slutty manner. You realize she is checking you out. You walk over to her or maybe saunter over would be a better description. You wrap her is a big engulfing hug which makes it apparent to both of you that there is nothing on under either of your garments. You smile, as she is awkward at first then warms to the hug. Realizing it’s just you and non-sexual hugging has been going on between the two of you for many, many years.

You step back and ask with fake concern, “Am I interrupting something. You are naked under your robe.”

Turning red from embarrassment, she stutters, “No nothing, I was just in the shower when I heard the door opening.”

He is sitting on the couch trying to calm down without much success. “No we were just relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. Not doing anything. Nothing planned. Just a do nothing Sunday afternoon.” He mumbles, out of sorts.

“OK have a seat, would you like something to drink and tell us what this special favor is all about.” She says.

“No thank you on the drink.” You reply.

She sits on the corner of the coffee table facing her husband so you decide in for a penny in for a pound. You then sit right beside her, both facing her husband. His eyes begin to get bigger as he realizes he can see both of your cunts. Hers due to the short robe and the awkward way she is sitting on the corner of the coffee table. Yours because your sat down and opened you legs enough to give him a great view of you shave and again moist cunt. Without making a big production of it you place your hand on her naked thigh. Hoping she takes it as a gesture of warmth and friendship.

He is not missing any of this whole scene.

You shift around to your left pulling your left leg up on he coffee table giving him and if she chooses to look an open view of your twat. Knowing he is staring you lock eyes with his wife and begin by saying, “Guys I have finally figured out the very best birthday present I can possible give my husband.”

“Oh and what is that? She says staring into your eyes with istanbul travesti a growing look of suspicion.

“Well what I need is some help creating this wonderful birthday present. And you guys have been duly elected as the only ones I trust enough to help me create this present.”

His expression is again one of anxiety and dread. She glances back and forth between him and you.

“Well, it is a little bit different. And I would only ask someone that I trust as much as I trust the two of you.”

“OK, where are you going to tell us what it this? She says with a very inquisitive look on her face.

Thinking it is now or never. You say, “I really, really need for you guys to take some pictures of me. Special pictures for my hubby’s birthday present, very special pictures, just for his eyes. Of course you guys would see them but that is where our trust and friendship comes into play.”

“Oh!” she says. “That’s what the sexy outfit is all about.” As she is saying all this she again begins to look you over. Realizing just how sexy you are dressed, she says this time reluctantly, “Wait just a minute here. Just how special are these pictures, you want, going to be?”

“Well, here is what I had come up with.” You say glancing back and forth between them. “I was hoping you guys would be the ones to determine just what kind of pictures you think he would like. You guys know him better than anyone; you would know what he would like. So I was hoping you would tell me how to pose and what to do.”

He is scared shitless wondering how his wife is going to respond to this very unusual offer. He says nothing and looks at his wife. Unsure whether she is going to explode and tell you get your slutty ass out of their house or in the wildest of his wildest dreams she might consent to doing what you have ask.

The silence is deafening. It seems to last forever. You and he are glancing back and forth between each other and his wife, who seems to be in serious, thought on the proposal offered.

“I brought our digital camera with over 1300 open pics on the card. Please, please, please, I’m begging you to help me with this”

His wife stands up looks at both you and her husband. Chin resting in her hand, as she seems just about ready to render her verdict.

“Let me ask a couple of questions. Don’t you and your husband play kinky sex games sometimes? His wife asks with all seriousness.

“Well, yes when he can talk me into things.”

“Tell me about what he really likes when he is asking for kinky sex.”

Now feeling like the trust issue is on the other foot you reply sheepishly, “He asks me I am to be his sex slave. Submissive slut to his dominate top.”

“Hmm. That is what I thought.” She says. “Ok, here’s the deal. If you are going to show your ass to my husband and we are to take pics of everything we do, you will have to be mine and his submissive slut until we are done with you.”

Totally floored you can’t believe she had just said that. You thought the best you would get would be some risqué pinup shots. Instead, she had counter-offered with an offer that you were not sure you were ready for. All of a sudden it is a challenge for all parties concerned. As you rapidly begin to think of all the reasons not to do it you realize it is exactly what her husband and your husband would have ask for. Realizing she had started this whole happening, you say in an erotic whisper, “Ok.”

“Ok, what slut?” she screams at you.

Shocked you look up at her and with some unanticipated fear you reply, “Ok, Mistress.”

“That’s better, slut. Now let my husband and I have a little chat about how we want this to play out.” She says as she reaches for her husband’s hand and pulls him from the couch. His erection is so obvious it is impossible to hide.

“Oh I can tell you are already enjoying this.” She says in a commanding voice.

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