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“OK, what the hell is that?” Eileen asked laughing.

“That is our Play Chair,” the saleswoman said with a smile, coming up behind them. “It tends to get a reaction from everyone that comes in here.”

‘Here’ was an upscale ‘erotic boutique’ in Boston. Eileen and Tom were in town for a get-away weekend and decided a visit would provide a nice bit of spice to their romantic weekend. Neither had been to the store before and didn’t quite know what to expect. Just finding the place had been an adventure as it was hidden among the brownstones in a mixed use area on the fringe of the city proper. They were surprised that it was, indeed, upscale, more like a clothing boutique then an adult store, but the clothing on the racks were made of leather, PVC and lace and the accessories on the walls ran more to harnesses, floggers and dildos rather then shoes, bags and jewelry.

They were the only ones in the store, it was rather early in the morning, and the pleasant looking woman behind the counter greeted them warmly as they entered.

“Hi and welcome! You guy’s have the place to yourselves so far!” she said brightly. “I’m Ann and feel free to ask me if you need any help at all.”

The woman behind the counter was a bit of a surprise as well. Rather then the creepy old man they expected to find working the counter of such a store, Ann was about their age – forty something — petite, attractive, brunette and well dressed in a sweater, short skirt and boots.

“Thanks Ann,” Eileen said smiling, “We will.” One of the things Tom liked about Eileen was that she always used sale’s people’s names when she could, and was genuinely friendly about it.

“Quiet today?” Tom asked.

“Early,” Ann replied. “I don’t usually see customers for a few more hours on a Saturday.”

They moved off to look at the merchandise and Ann went back to her work. They giggled a little over some of the toys, touching this and that. Ann smiled and surreptitiously checked them out. She hadn’t seen them before and from their actions they were both new to the store and new to the kink scene. No wedding rings, both in their forties and attractive, him tall and dark, her tall and very blonde. Nice clothes, jeans but expensive ones. Her blouse looked to be silk and the boots were real Uggs.

Tom put a pair of leather cuffs over Eileen’s wrists and said, with a wink and a grin, “This might be fun for later. “

“Oh, so I’m getting tied up again,” Eileen smiled back, putting her arm around him.

“At some point this weekend, you will definitely be tied up,” he replied.

“Good,” she said emphatically.

The moved on, not really seeing anything that interested them all that much until they passed the curtained alcove with the Play Chair. The chair was high backed with the seat divided and extending out into individual rests for each leg. The arms were attached directly to the seat back and both the arms and the legs had thick leather straps to restrain the user. A rather industrial looking motor sat beneath the seat and the whole thing was jointed in several areas to allow the user to be positioned several different ways.

“The Play Chair,” Eileen laughed after Ann named it. “Why is it in like a changing room?”

“Well, it’s easily the most expensive thing we sell and a lot of our customers want to try it before they spend that kind of money,” she replied. “This way they get a little bit of privacy to do so, we can close the curtain.”

Eileen laughed out loud, “Seriously? People actually try it out?”

“All the time,” Ann smiled. “For liability reasons, a store employee has to be there and the board of health requires that you have to buy any attachments that you use but aside from that you’re welcome to try it out.” She looked the couple over critically, “I’m going to predict that you,” she looked at Eileen, “would be the one in the chair and you’re,” she looked at Tom, “the dom.”

“Is it that obvious?” Eileen said rolling her eyes and laughing again.

“Not really,” Ann smiled, “but I’ve been doing this a while.”

“I wouldn’t have the faintest idea what to do with this thing,” Tom said, chuckling himself. “Some dom I am.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’d figure something out eventually, but you don’t have to. That’s why I’m here,” Ann said with a glint in her eye. “What do you say? We couldn’t ask for better timing, no one else is here to make you feel inhibited.”

Tom looked at Eileen who giggled. They were pretty open minded as a couple but had never done anything even remotely like this before.

“What do you say Sugar Bear?” Tom asked her raising an eyebrow.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but sure, why not,” she said, turning an appealing shade of red and giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Great!” Ann said. “You have to take off your boots first, we don’t want to scuff the chair, and you’ll want to take off your jeans too.”

“I understand the boots,” Eileen said, bending to remove them and her socks, “But why the jeans?”

“Because it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise,” Ann Bayan Escort Antep said with a Mona Lisa smile.

Eileen’s heart skipped a beat at that and she almost backed out. She caught Tom’s eye to see his reaction. Tom sent an unspoken, ‘it’s up to you’ back to her and she deliberately unsnapped her jeans in response.

“Excellent,” Ann said, closing the curtain as Eileen unzipped and then pushed her jeans down her long legs and off.

“You’ve got great legs,” Ann complimented her, checking her out. “I wish mine were that long,”

Tom smiled in agreement, she certainly did, long and shapely, and the small, blue thong she wore didn’t hide them at all. Eileen was surprised at herself, this was totally out of character for her but she was enjoying it.

“Sit down right here Princess,” Ann said as Eileen sat.

Eileen gave a start, “Tom, did you set this up?” she asked

“No baby, not at all,” he said. “Honestly.”

“Why?” Ann asked.

“Oh, it’s just that he calls me Princess,” she said settling back into the chair and putting her feet on the rests.

“Of course he does,” Ann purred as she ran a hand over Eileen’s shoulder. “What else would he call you. You are a Princess.”

Ann began fastening the straps starting with Eileen’s ankles. She let her fingers trail up Eileen’s leg to fasten the set at her thighs. She reached back and undid a catch and then pushed Eileen’s legs apart, the supports swinging open and then locking with a click. Standing between her legs, almost but not quite against her body Ann fastened the straps around her wrists and then her upper arms.

“You’re the Princess, Your lover here is Prince Charming but who does that make me?” and said throatily, “The Fairy Godmother or the Wicked Queen?”

Eileen began to breathe hard from the second Ann began fastening the straps around her ankles. She almost jumped out of her skin as the other woman ran her fingers up her naked thighs and experienced a delicious moment of almost terror when Ann forced her legs apart.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” repeated in Eileen’s head as she closed her eyes.

Tom leaned in from the side and kissed her, her lips hot and flushed met his in almost desperation, the kiss becoming a momentary anchor for her.

“I’m here Princess,” he whispered, but which is it, Wicked Queen or Fairly Godmother?”

A loud click caused them to both look up, while they were kissing, Ann had left the alcove and locked the front door. She turned the open sign to closed and sauntered back to them, pulling her sweater over her head and then fluffing her long, brown hair as she tossed her sweater aside.

“Actually, I think I’m a little of both,” Ann said as she flowed across the room, “but I’m feeling very Wicked Queen-ish at the moment.”

Tom couldn’t recall a Wicked Queen, or a Fairy Godmother in boots, mini-skirt and a see-through bra in any of the fairy tales he grew up with but he wasn’t complaining. Ann’s breasts were small with surprisingly large and dark nipples showing clearly through the sheer gray fabric of her bra.

Eileen noticed them as well. Hell, she was mesmerized like a bird by a snake. For a moment she felt self conscious, her own nipples were small and pink and she worried that Tom would like Ann’s larger ones better but pushed the thought aside almost as quickly as it came. He had never seemed to mind before.

“We’re always dead this time of day anyways and this is my store so I decided we’re closed for a little bit,” Ann smiled, taking a commanding place between Eileen’s legs again. “Why don’t you lay back a bit Princess,” she cooed and reached over her captive to move a lever on the side of the chair. “I know this isn’t comfortable to sit upright in.”

The chair, and Eileen, tilted back to about a forty-five degree angle. Eileen had to admit it was a lot more comfortable. The seat of the chair barely gave her anything to rest on it was so brief. Reclining shifted her weight to her back. She also realized it completely exposed her lady bits and blushed deeply, grateful for the scant coverage offered by her brief thong.

“That was a sweet kiss,” Ann said, rubbing a caressing hand across Tom’s back. “Why don’t you keep her from getting lonely while I get a few things we’re going to need. Be right back.”

Ann walked off, switching her hips as she went into the back room of the store.

“Are you OK babe?” Tom asked Eileen.

“Oh my God Tommy,” she gasped back. “I can’t believe we’re doing this!”

“Do you want to stop?”

“No,” she replied. “No, not yet. I’ve got to admit I’m a little scared but I’m soaked! Can you see it through my panties?”

“Um, actually yes, you can,” Tom grinned, looking.

The chair spread Eileen’s legs wide and the brief thong she wore barely covered her sex. The different textured skin of her labia peeked from the edge along with a few stray wisps of blonde pubic hair and an elongated damp spot showed clearly in the center of the small triangle of cloth. He reached down and rubbed the spot lightly, causing her to groan.

“Don’t worry Princess,” he whispered, stroking her, “You say the word and this all stops.”

“Excellent! You’ve got the motor running,” Ann said throatily, coming back into the room with pink, rubbery somethings in her hands. “I brought an attachment we can try out. I think you might like it.”

She returned to between Eileen’s outstretched legs, put the attachments down and lightly rested the tips of her long, red nails on the insides of Eileen’s knees. Eileen’s eyes locked on the other woman’s hands.

“Funny,” she thought, I didn’t notice those when we walked in here. This woman looked like a plain mousy sales clerk. My how your opinion changes when you’re strapped to a chair with two people turning you on.”

“Looks like the Princess is already a little wet,” Ann purred. “Let’s see how much we can soak those panties.”

She let her nails trail halfway down Eileen’s thighs, causing the girl to twitch before reaching down and fastening one of the attachments to an armature of the industrial looking motor under the chair.

“How does she like to be touched?” Ann asked Tom, “Light or firm.”

“Lightly and then more firmly as she gets close,” Tom replied.

Eileen blushed again to hear her intimate preferences discussed so openly, so mater-of-factly. It made her feel all the more helpless and, God help her, made her all the more excited.

“Light it is then.” Ann said, pivoting the armature upwards and adjusting it so the length of it lay lightly along Eileen’s panty covered slit.

Ann fiddled and adjusted it, her hands feeling almost hot as they brushed against Eileen’s inner thighs; the machine pressing against her, lightly enough but there. Tom stroked Eileen’s shoulders and neck, watching Ann with a slight smile.

“I think we’ll keep her panties on for now,” Ann said, winking at Eileen. “OK, I think we’re ready.”

Ann picked up a small box about the size of a cell phone and pressed a button.

“Oh!” Eileen yipped, startled as the armature started to vibrate against her with a low hum.

“How’s that little Princess?” Ann cooed with a smile.

Tom stood behind Eileen’s shoulder, stroking her cheeks and neck, “My God this is hot,” he said.

“Oh, we’re just starting,” Ann grinned, running her nails along Eileen’s thighs.

Tom let his hands wander lower to the neck of Eileen’s blouse and began to undo the buttons one by one.

“Good idea,” Ann said. “Let me help.”

She began unbuttoning Eileen’s blouse from the other end. They quickly met in the middle and Tom pushed the blouse wide, reaching around behind her and unhooking her bra while Ann lightly scraped her nails over the soft skin of Eileen’s belly.

“Oh my God you guys,” Eileen gasped, torn between laughing and melting into a puddle of goo, ” this is too much!”

“Oh, poor baby,” Tom cooed, pulling her bra up to expose her breasts and then nuzzling her neck.

Her nipples, already hard, crinkled into two points as the cool air hit them.

“Ooo, pretty!” Ann cooed at Eileen’s breasts. “Nice, tight little nipples,” she said reaching up and rubbing them with a thumb.

Tom reached down and they both played with the bound woman’s breasts. Eileen started to squirm against the restraints.

“Feeling good?” Ann asked teasingly.

She moved very close to the other woman. “I’m feeling a little overdressed,” she whispered in Eileen’s ear.

She reached behind herself and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Her panties were as sheer as her bra, which she reached back and unclasped, dropping it to the floor with her skirt. The panties followed quickly after, sliding down over her hips and off leaving her clad only in calf-high, shiny, black, boots.

“Doesn’t that feel good Princess” she asked, running her hands over the other woman’s thighs and belly. She moved even closer, her own naked pubis pressing the armature that tormented Eileen; the two women sharing the vibration on either side of the rod.

Tom bent and captured one of Eileen’s nipples in his mouth, sucking in and biting down gently, looking down her belly to where the other woman’s pussy pressed against his woman’s — separated only by a thin layer of cotton and a rubber clad rod.

“That feels nice,” Ann said, “but I think we need to bring it up a notch.”

She picked up the controller again and turned a small dial. The hum increased in pitch.

“Oh shit,” Eileen groaned as the vibrations intensified. She knew she wasn’t going to last but was fighting it, embarrassed to lose control in front of this other woman.

She may not have wanted to, but Ann wasn’t going to let her avoid it.

“Ooooo, you like that, don’t you?” the other woman crooned to her. “Come on Princess and cum for the wicked queen.”

Ann grabbed Eileen’s hips and pulled her toward her, pulled her hard against the vibrating rod.

“Yeah Princess, ride it. Ride the feeling,” she cooed.

“O my God,” Eileen moaned, splaying her fingers, trying to grasp something, to move but held fast to the chair.

Tom sucked hard on one nipple, gently pinching the other.

“Oh God! Shit!” Eileen hissed as she started to cum. “Oh, Oh God!”

Eileen thrashed against the bonds, tensed, and then trashed again, all the time groaning inarticulately. Ann pulled the material of Eileen’s panties aside and rubbed the other woman’s clit with her thumb, grinding her own pelvis against her.

“Oh yeah, Princess, cum, that’s it, cum baby” she crooned as Eileen strained harder against the bonds.

“Oh God! Please! Enough! I need a break! Please!” Eileen begged.

Ann smiled and pressed the button, shutting the vibrator down. She leaned over and kissed Eileen on the mouth. After a moment’s hesitation, Eileen kissed her back. She tasted sweet, minty. Ann’s tongue darted out against Eileen’s lips and she opened them, letting it in. Surprising herself, Eileen enjoyed it, Ann’s lips soft against her own, her skin much smoother then a man’s. Tom moved in and kissed Eileen’s neck. With a mixture of reluctance and relief, Eileen broke the kiss with Ann and turned her head to kiss Tom as Ann stood up.

Ann flipped the armature away from Eileen’s now soaked pussy and pulled the thong well to the side, exposing it in its entirety.

“What a pretty pussy you have Princess!” she said, stroking the lips lightly with her fingers.

Eileen squirmed, the touch almost but not quite too much for her over-stimulated sex to take.

“I like that you haven’t completely shaved it. I think you’re the first woman with actual blonde pubes I’ve ever been with,” she continued. “We’re going to have some fun.”

“Going to?” Eileen asked breathlessly, breaking her kiss with Tom. “What have we been doing up to now?”

“Getting warmed up,” Ann replied with a glint. “Hey Prince Charming, you’re still dressed. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Tom smiled and fought down a momentary surge of embarrassment. He could hardly complain when both women were basically naked except for a pair of boots and a thong between them. He quickly took off his shoes and socks, shirt and paused for a second with the jeans.

“Let’s go big boy,” Ann said.

Tom unzipped his jeans and pushed them and his boxers down and off. His cock sprang from its confinement and jutted out in front of him.

“Nice,” Ann commented.

“I’m very happy with it,” Eileen said.

“Let’s see you suck it then,” Ann commanded.

“I’d love to,” Eileen said, “free my hands.”

“You don’t need your hands to suck cock,” Ann replied. “I’m not done with you. Feed it to her Prince Charming.”

“Happily,” Tom said.

The chair had Eileen’s head at crotch height already, obviously part of the design Tom thought. He guided himself to her mouth and she turned her head and took him in gratefully, lips enveloping his manhood with a delighted moan. Eileen loved sucking his cock, loved the taste, the feel. It was just the right size, filling her mouth just to the point of discomfort but not beyond. Doing it in front of this not-quite-stranger gave it an extra zing.

Ann busied herself changing the attachment on the armature and said, “Sales pitch time: You’ll note the bound sub’s head is just at the right height for this.”

She walked around Eileen’s splayed legs to stand next to Tom.

“Another nice feature is the height of the sub’s hands,” she purred, straddling Eileen’s left hand which was just at crotch height.

“Finger me Princess,” she commanded, lowering herself onto the bound woman’s hand and reaching down to play with one of Eileen’s nipples.

Eileen hesitated and then thought, “What the hell.” She turned her hand palm up and began to lightly stroke Ann’s slit as she bobbed her head on Tom’s cock. She was surprised at how hot it was, how similar and yet different it felt from her own.

“There you go,” Ann whispered. “Ooo that’s nice.”

Ann ran a caressing hand down Tom’s back and ass and then between his legs to cup his balls from behind.

“Jesus,” Tom jumped.

“Mmm, these feel full,” Ann said. “You look like you could use some help,” she told Eileen.

Eileen let Tom’s member slip from her lips. “Come on down,” she said, surprising herself.

Ann tweaked Eileen’s nipple hard and the woman jumped. “Keep sucking,” Ann commanded. “I didn’t tell you to stop.”

Being commanded to do something she wanted to do anyway both irritated and seriously turned Eileen on. Frustrated by not be able to use her hands, all she wanted was to rub her Tom’s hard sweet ass, she satisfied herself by taking him into her mouth again both puzzled and excited at her own behavior.

Ann knelt down; her face even with Eileen’s and took his balls into her mouth. They took, turns licking and sucking his thick cock each taking it into their mouths, one working the shaft, the other sucking and licking at his balls. Occasionally their lips would meet and their tongues would touch, these fleeting moments adding spice. Ann, no stranger to a woman was much more aggressive and would allow her tongue to linger and caress Eileen’s seductively more than once.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32