Fulfilling a Fantasy

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Big Tits

(This is a true story…)

I had a torrid affair early on in my marriage. with a beautiful girl who was honestly out of my league. She had amazing lips and perfect breasts (only Yulia Nova could top hers). She was unhappily married. I made her laugh – I think that caught her off guard. We fucked whenever we could for the better part of a year – usually in a semi-deserted mall parking lot.

Eventually she returned to her marriage. I was sad knowing I’d never do as well as her again, though lord knows I tried. I was left with memories of her perfect form…and the lingering fantasy she had of me being with another guy.

After several disappointing women, I met Jim online. He was married, about 10 years older. He was very cool, listened to me bitch about women, and gradually earned my trust. He wasn’t the typical desperate curious guy who cared only about my stats. We shared the frustrations of married life and our fantasies – I told of him my the fantasy of being with another man. He also told me of a fantasy he had – aggressively taking a younger man. I told him I never knew Zeytinburnu Escort if I could actually do it. He very graphically told me about wanting to control a younger man, strip off his clothes, and force himself anally on a tight, younger ass.

The idea appealed to me, but I was concerned about having a cock inside of me. Jim assured me he was only about 5″ fully erect, so that seemed like a perfect fit. He also didn’t want to do anything to please me, which was fine with me. With women, I was always the dominant one, the aggressor. For some reason, the idea of pleasing a man, of taking the more submissive “female” role turned me on.

Jim never overtly asked me, but after a year of hinting and flirting, I decided it would be a turn on for me to give him the fantasy he wanted. We exchanged photos. He was an normal looking guy, attractive, masculine. He arranged to meet me at a decent hotel during lunch hour in the middle of the week, where neither of our wives would be any wiser.

The day of our meet arrived. I shaved my ass smooth. I have an athletic Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan body – it turned me on knowing it was soon to be used by an older, horny married guy. I arrived, more nervous then I’d ever been before. I nearly bailed several times on the way there. We met in the back of the parking lot and he showed me up to the room. We chatted mindlessly for a few minutes and then he invited me to the bedroom.

Once inside, he pulled me to the floor. His gentle, unassuming personality suddenly transformed. I guess I should have been flattered – he obviously liked what he saw, but I now had my hands full. He told me to take out his cock. I was so nervous, I could hardly feel my mouth. I unzipped him – he wasn’t lying. His cock was small and thin, but hard as steel. He forced my head down. Tentatively, I licked his shaft and he spewed profanities. I heard him gasp as my lips wrapped around the head of his cock, my tongue swirling around.

He grabbed me and pulled me to my feet. He tried to kiss me, but I turned my head – I wasn’t willing Escort Zeytinburnu to go there. I think this just turned him on even more. He threw me onto the bed face down, and climbed onto my back. I felt his hot breath on my neck as he ground his hard cock into my ass crack. I began to get really turned on at this point, and swiveled my hips around. He slowly leaned back and peeled my underwear down. He bent me over and slowly applied lube to my ass. Then he thrust his cock right at my hole, and pulling back on my hips, forced his head inside me.

I very nearly passed out from the pain. I don’t know if he noticed or not, but he started humping me hard. I was trying to push him off, but by now there was no stopping him. Soon, the pain died down. I would call it pleasurable, but it was turning me on knowing how much he was getting off on fucking my virgin, ,straight ass. I could tell he was getting close to cumming – I could feel his body tense, and his strokes slowed down to a steady rhythm. We had agreed ahead of time he would pull out, but he was far too gone from lust. He came inside my ass, bareback.

I was simultaneously humiliated, shocked, numb and turned on. We dressed and he walked me down to my car. He was very concerned – I was walking with a fair amount of pain and he had been pretty rough on me. I assured him I would be OK and left. We met once more before he moved away…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32