Fuckboy Billy Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Note: This story contains BDSM themes. It was edited by TuckerMcCallahan; thank you for your work! Comments are always appreciated!


Standing in the stranger’s doorway, Billy’s courage failed him. What was he doing here?

The entrance space opened to a living space with an open kitchen. The interior of the apartment was familiar. Little had changed since Bill had broken in, many weeks ago. The furniture was tastefully selected. Books in several languages lined neat shelves. Large mysterious oil paintings hung on the wall, obviously chosen with great care. But even though all items in the apartment were clearly valuable, there actually wasn’t much to steal for a clueless, run-of-the-mill burglar. That had been a source of great frustration back then; remembering that night now, Bill blushed, ashamed of his actions.

Not knowing what to expect and suddenly overcome with shyness, Bill looked around nervously until his eyes randomly focused on a fruit bowl on the counter of the open kitchen. Amongst the oranges, bananas, and apples were at least two kinds of fruit Bill had never even seen before.

“Ten minutes stretching exercises, boy. Now.”

The man hadn’t raised his voice. He hadn’t barked, or threatened. He certainly hadn’t asked. He had just calmly said it. There was a quiet authority to his words, as if he were simply stating an undisputed fact.

Without hesitation, Billy went about his post work-out stretch routine. Only now he became aware of how necessary that was after the extended run across town. While his fingertips were down at his ankles, he heard the sound of a knife being whetted from the direction of the kitchen. The fridge opened and closed, something was getting chopped on a board, an egg was broken and beaten. Bill realized that he was starving.

“Ok, boy. Now, take off your clothes.”

Billy looked up at the man. He was standing at the edge of the open kitchen, the partly prepared dish left on the counter behind him. Mr. Xen’s face was relaxed and attentive.

Several contradicting thoughts scrambled around in Billy’s head, each one darting out of reach the moment he tried to properly think it. Ignoring the tumult in his mind, Bill took off his musky T-shirt. Instinctively, he put a bit of tension into his abs, as he felt the man’s gaze on his naked torso; he wanted to be handsome to his Master. He slid off his sneakers and his socks. His sweatpants. One last article of clothing left to go.

One final moment of hesitation. He glanced at the stranger, who stood there, watching him in silence. Finally, Billy dropped his sweat-stained boxers and stood there stark naked. His small penis was already half erect.

The seconds dripped thick and slow like molasses. Billy kept staring straight ahead; he could sense the man walking around him, inspecting his body from every angle. Billy had gone rock hard, and he couldn’t keep from blushing. Yet there was an unspeakable sweetness in being so exposed, so completely vulnerable, before this powerful man. Bill stood upright and tense, showing off every well-trained muscle of his body, feeling pride that at least he had this to offer, if little else. He was ready. Ready to drop to his knees at the slightest hint, ready to do anything, give everything, for his Master’s pleasure.

“Good boy. Go take a shower.”

That was not what Bill was expecting. He really wanted to — he really wanted to suck cock! His face must have shown the disappointment, Çankaya travesti as the man started laughing:

“Oh, for Christ’s sake, there’s going to be more than enough time for that, you little whore. Now, go take a shower, you reek like a dog!”

There was no harshness in the man’s voice, only warmth and a relaxed sense of authority that didn’t need to prove itself. Bill quickly moved towards the bathroom, feeling childish and embarrassed. He stood underneath the shower, washing away the sweat and grime. He could feel his Master watching, which gave him a feeling of contentment. By the time Billy was clean and dry again, Xen had gone back to the kitchen to finish preparing the meal.

Some kind of delicious omelette-sandwich creation, with a fresh herb Billy had never tasted before (“coriander” he would later learn), rested on a square plate. He dug in, sitting naked at the kitchen table.

“This is the first and last time I’m serving you food, boy. From now on, it will be the other way ’round.”

Billy nodded with trepidation. He didn’t have the skills to prepare proper food, let alone meals good enough for such a sophisticated man. Well, he would have to learn, he decided. Anything to please Master Xen.

“When you’re finished, clean up the kitchen. Throw your clothes into that basket over there. Then brush your teeth and go to bed,” Xen said, then unceremoniously disappeared into a separate room (some kind of artist’s workshop, Billy knew from his first time here). The lock on the door clicked behind him.

Suddenly alone, Billy chewed on the last bites of his sandwich. Then, in the quiet, his thoughts started racing again.

Master Xen hadn’t even asked him why he was here. What if he found out about the debt problems, about Rizzo, about just how useless a piece of shit Bill really was? Would he kick him out? Or worse, what if Xen didn’t care about all that at all? What if all this was just some cheap fling for him, over by tomorrow?

And what about the fact that, it turned out, Billy was one eager, obedient, cock-hungry faggot? That was one hell of a bomb to drop, the more he thought about it.

And it explains a whole lotta shit, too, sneered an irritating voice in the back of his head.

Billy got up and tried to distract himself by loading the dishes into the dishwasher, then cleaning the kitchen as best as he could. It wasn’t something he was used to doing; he’d have to learn this properly, too.

When he was finished, Billy first stood around for a few moments, not knowing what to do. The urge to knock on the door of the workshop, just to be near his Master, was very strong. Billy entertained a brief fantasy of creeping into the room and curling up at Xen’s feet like a pet that would be welcome while Master did whatever he was doing. But the instructions had been specific, so Billy went to the bathroom where he found an unused spare toothbrush in the mirrored cabinet. He brushed his teeth, more properly than usual, and then entered the bedroom.

As with the rest of the apartment, the bedroom’s interior was minimalistic and tasteful. A large bed dominated the space; the design made it look as if the mattress hovered in mid-air. To the side, expensive clothes hung on two long clothing racks, as if on display in a fancy store. The light was soft and warm.

Still naked, Bill lay down on one side of the bed and covered himself with the heavenly soft duvet. He closed Dikmen travesti his eyes.

Bill was exhausted from the excitement of the day, not to mention his extended run across town. Yet a restlessness inside kept him from falling asleep, stranding him in an unpleasant state between waking and dreaming. He kept tossing and turning, as if he had a fever. Familiar faces flashed before his mind’s eye, all disappointed or angry: Rizzo, Jenna, Ms. Ashe, his parents… A strong hand gripped his shoulder from behind, warm and robust, already familiar, already vital. Billy calmed down, the touch blowing away his clouded thoughts and anchoring him in the now.

Master Xen had slipped into the bed to spoon Billy from behind. Xen was in his underwear, and Billy let out a low, happy sigh as his Master’s athletic torso pressed against his back, skin on soft skin. Sweet lips nuzzled his shoulder in a gentle kiss and then found the side of his neck. Xen’s left arm wrapped around Billy’s upper body, holding him firm and secure, while his right hand crept down and cupped Billy’s privates. Xen didn’t stroke the boy’s erect penis or otherwise play with him, but his strong hand marked his powerful presence in Billy’s most private, vulnerable spot. I got you, declared Xen’s left arm; I own you, the other.

Letting out another low moan, Billy finally drifted off into a deep, peaceful sleep.


Morning sunlight broke through the white curtains and a faint, masculine musk surrounded them. Waking up in his Master’s arms was heaven. Billy snuggled against Xen’s warm body; a soft chuckle from behind told him that he was already awake. It was Saturday; whatever Xen’s profession was, they were likely to have the day to themselves. Xen’s right hand hadn’t moved an inch, and still held the boy’s morning wood.

“Good morning, boy.” Xen gave Billy’s privates a playful squeeze.

“Sir, good morning, Sir,” Billy said. “Uhm… I need to pee. Sir.”

Xen laughed again. He let go of Billy, but smacked his ass as he crawled from the bed.

“Sixty push-ups, sixty crunches, shower. Then breakfast for us both: black coffee, freshly pressed orange juice, fruit salad, an omelette, and some toast.”

Billy went dutifully about following his instructions. Xen, in the meantime, seemed to have drifted back to sleep.

About an hour later, they were having breakfast together in bed. There was a moment of terrible suspense when Xen took the first bite of omelette, which Billy had prepared with only butter, salt and black pepper, not knowing the first thing about herbs. To his great relief, Xen seemed to like it.

“I’ll have to teach you about proper cooking. But this really isn’t bad at all for a beginner. I’m pleasantly surprised.”

At that, Billy couldn’t keep his face from lighting up. If he were a dog, he’d have been wagging his tail like crazy.

After both men had finished their breakfast, Xen eyed Billy with avid speculation. “You’re in a shit-ton of trouble, aren’t you?” Before Billy could reply, Xen continued. “It doesn’t matter. I can fix whatever you’ve fucked up.” Xen’s gazed sharpened, pinning Billy in place. “I’m going to tear you down and rebuild you from scratch. I will treat you right. But in return, I expect loyalty, trust, and complete obedien– What are you doing?”

Billy just couldn’t wait any longer. He had been aroused and without release since the evening before. His cock was throbbing painfully Eryaman travesti from the sustained pressure. And he really, really wanted to suck cock; finally taste that strong, manly seed again. So he had taken the liberty of sliding down and taking his Master into his mouth, while stroking himself with one hand.

Whack! A stinging slap made Bill cry out in pain and shock. Xen’s hand came down and literally slapped his dick out of Billy’s mouth. And it hadn’t just been a playful cuff, either. His hand moved from his erection to his mouth, but he wasn’t bleeding.

“You do not get to whore around at will! Do you hear me? And you don’t touch yourself without permission!” Xen radiated fury.

Billy’s face burned, and he fought tears. This was so unfair! Wasn’t he pleasuring his Master?

“Are you giving me attitude, boy?” Xen raised his eyebrows.

Billy made a sullen face and looked at the floor.

“Are you giving me attitude, boy?” This time, Xen’s voice was lower, slower, and with an ice cold edge that was just fucking terrifying.

Billy’s petulant mood snapped like a twig. He threw himself on his knees, eyes wide.

“Sir, I’m sorry, Sir! Sir! Please forgive me, Sir! It won’t happen again, Sir! Sir! I’m still learning, Sir! Please! Sir!”

“Better,” Xen said. Billy almost cried when the warmth returned to his Master’s voice. That compassionate note meant that this powerful man was with Billy, not against him.

He glanced around, still on his knees. His gaze fell upon the clothing racks to the side of the bedroom, and suddenly, Bill knew what to do. Though he was about to act on his own initiative again, this time, he knew it would be right.

He rose and went to the racks. Xen looked up, somewhat surprised, but didn’t stop him or comment otherwise. Encouraged, Billy walked past crisp shirts and trousers to a small collection of leather belts. He chose a brown well-worn belt with a simple buckle. Bill carefully laid the belt in his Master’s lap, turned around, bent over, and presented his bare ass.

“This will do, boy. This will do.”

Billy’s chest swelled with pride as he heard the mischievous smirk in his Master’s voice. He had done well, he knew. The first slash struck his buttocks with a loud smack, producing a jolt of pain that made him gasp. He gnashed his teeth as a second slash landed, and then a third. After the sixth, Billy finally couldn’t help but cry out. To his surprise, it wasn’t a wordless yowl that escaped him. Instead, words formed on his lips that came from deep within his subconscious mind:

“Sir! Thank you, Sir! I deserve it, Sir! Thank you! Sir!”

Billy never doubted for a second that his Master knew when to stop. Xen wasn’t a cruel man. The chastised boy’s ass burned red hot, and tears welled in his eyes. This time, he welcomed them and let them fall. He hadn’t known that tears could be of pain and joy at once.

Finally, Master Xen walked to the kitchen, leaving Billy sore and still bent over in the bedroom. He returned after a few moments with a deftly made compress containing ice, and judging by the scent, fresh herbs.

“Lay on the bed, flat on your stomach,” Xen commanded. Billy did as he was told.

The compress stung like hell, even as Xen applied it with obvious care and skill. Billy let out a strangled whimper.

“Shhhh. You did good, boy. You did good,” Xen whispered gently.

Slowly, the compress did its job, draining away some of the sting. The tender kiss Master Xen placed between Billy’s shoulder blades worked far better than the compress. For a good long while, Billy just lay there quietly, recovering from the spanking. Xen sat beside him, one hand on Billy’s neck; his touch was sweet and reassuring.

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