From Her Boyfriend to Her Pet

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My name is John, I’m a 25-year-old guy who got my life ruined by a 19-year-old girl.

Well, it first started when I became friends with this new girl at college. She was a super hot young girl, dressing like a barbie every day with pale smooth skin and a super pretty face. If I didn’t know her before, I would have thought she’s a supermodel or something.

Anyways I found my way to being her boyfriend in a month and I got to know her more and better. Those days were the most fun days of my life as her boyfriend. But since the first time I met her I had this feeling about her, I wanted to serve her in all ways. I always paid for her dinner and usually bought her drinks whenever she wanted. I had a feet fetish too and she had a pair of super cute feet, I always paid her to get new nail polish and also paid her to get pedicures.

The first days of our relationship were normal, I kissed her a few times and we had a few dates before I realized I’m driving her around the town whenever she wants.

One night after a really fun date with her I drive her back to her place and kissed her before saying bye. She just got new nail polish and manicures, I was hypnotized with her fingers touching my face and chest. I couldn’t resist so I held her hands and bowed my head down to kiss back of her both hands.

“Oh god I love you so much Jenna, I just want to kiss you all over!” I said right after kissing her hands, and then I blushed.

“Oh really?” She started laughing as I held her hands in front of my face and started worshiping them this time, kissing her fingers one by one and adoring them. I looked up at her beautiful eyes and she was looking at me smiling.

“You know what? get off the car and open the door for me.” She told me with a smile on her beautiful lips. I did as I was told to. “So why don’t you kneel and do it properly this time?” She said with a cute but naughty grin on her face.

I couldn’t resist obeying her. I dropped on my knees and as she was holding her hand in front of me to take and kiss. Well, I started worshiping her hands.

I enjoyed kissing her hands more than kissing her on her lips like a normal boyfriend. I felt lower than before in that relationship now, and since she lived in a pretty busy part of town I felt a slight of getting humiliated by her.

The next day I realized her behavior was changed. She was more demanding like she was my boss now. She made me drive her to a bar and then a shopping mall. Yeah, next thing I know I was buying her anything she wanted and carrying her bags with any complaints.

Later that day I drove back to her place and parked my car in front of her apartment, I looked at her but she was looking the other way.

“Umm… Jenna… Wanna kiss goodbye?” I asked her nervous about what was happening. She told me to do the same as last night and get down, open the door for her and kneel to kiss her hands. I was shocked but I obeyed without hesitation since it was in my nature.

I was on my knees in front of my car’s open door holding her hand. “May I kiss your hand now?” I asked still nervous about this whole situation. She just nodded silently and I started to worship her beautiful hands kissing her silky smooth skin.

This went on for a week, I wasn’t feeling like a boyfriend now, and I’m sure she knew that. I never kissed her lips ever again but I started to treat her like a royal lady. A princess for sure.

A few days later in the same situation as every day that week, I was kneeling in front of her after a whole day of driving her around and treating her like a princess, she’s wearing a mini skirt and a tight white skirt, a pair of high heeled sandals and her new red nail polish both on her fingers and toes, I couldn’t resist but to get my head lower after worshiping her hands and place kiss on her ankle. This was the exact thing she was waiting for.

“Oh my god, you like my feet too? you wanna kiss them too, don’t you?” She started laughing as she looked down at me. I was happy that she found out about it even though she wasn’t cool with it since she was laughing loudly getting everyone’s attention around that place to us, while I was on my knees in front of her.

She placed her feet on my car’s door frame and pointed down at them with a pretty evil smile on her face.

I felt super humiliated but I bowed down on my knees Antep Escort Bayan and started kissing her beautiful feet from her ankles to her toes all over as she giggled like a teen girl.

From that night everything changed for me. She was bossing me around all the time even when we were with other people and I treated her like she owns me like she’s the Queen.

Next night I was kneeling in front of her again like the past 2 weeks and I realized she is bending her feet and showing me the bottom of her high heeled sandals. I looked up at her face a little bit nervous about what she’s gonna say next.

“Do you wanna kiss their bottom too?” She asked me mockingly and chuckled as she realized a few people in the neighborhood are watching us. I was humiliated now, for real. I got a boner from getting humiliated by her and the next thing I know, I’m worshiping her sandals all over kissing them. She looked at me with a big grin on her face and snapped her fingers “Lick them!” She ordered me and I couldn’t disobey her anymore, I would do anything she told me at that moment.

I licked the bottom of her sandals clean for about 3 minutes before she stood up and left me there on my knees without saying anything.

A week later she had me buying her a ton of new dresses and shoes to party with her friends and of course, I willingly paid for anything she wanted.

The next day she made me stop in front of an ATM and had me open the car’s door for her before she got off the car and told me to walk her to the ATM. I was obviously nervous not knowing what this is all about. She slapped me in the face and asked for my credit card. I blushed and felt super humiliated when this young girl slapped me and shouted at me in public but I couldn’t disobey her anyways. I silently passed her my wallet and looked down feeling ashamed and humiliated not wanting to see how people around that place were looking at me. Hoping no one is gonna know me. I was nervous about that because that wasn’t a really big town and lots of people knew each other.

Well, she took my wallet and giggled as she was taking all the cash I had in it. She put in my card in the machine and slapped my face again to double the amount of my humiliation and to ask my passcode. I was about to start crying like a little boy while I was telling her my code. I didn’t know what I was doing, I was too ashamed by the picture I had from myself getting bossed around by a girl like her to realize she was gonna take all the money I had in my card.

When we got back to my car I opened the door for her and she said “thank you!” for the first time in 3 weeks.

Later that night after I kissed her feet before she left me for the night I realized what she did to me. I wasn’t a boyfriend anymore and there was no way back for me. she had my card and my wallet and I was her boy pet and servant. Maybe even her paypig since I paid for anything she wanted now.

The next day when I was picking her up she told me she’s gonna sit on the backseat from now on, I asked her why but she answered me with a slap in my face and shouted that “Because I want to!”

I just opened the door for her and held her hand while she sits in my car like a princess. Well, I was officially her chauffeur now.

That night she ordered me to drive her to the movie theater for this new movie and I was really nervous about it since I knew all my friends are gonna be there that night and what would they think if they saw me getting bossed around by this 19-year-old girl.

I parked the car a block away from the theater and opened the door for her to get off. I held her hand and locked the car to walk her to the theater like I always did. But she shouted at me and told me to wait for her in the car.

I couldn’t argue with her anymore, I just obeyed her whatever she said. but later I found out she was dating one of my friends that night.

I waited for her in the car for 2 hours getting my mind fucked by overthinking about her the whole time. Finally, she called me and told me to pick her up at the entrance of the theater.

Well, thank god she was alone and none of my friends saw me in the car even though I saw a few of them busy talking with each other. Well, later that night when I was about to drop her off at her place, after I opened the door for her she got off the car and stood in front of me while I was on my knees. She was wearing her pink sneakers and jeans. She looked down at me and snapped her fingers “Do your fucking job, loser!” She said with the most serious face I’ve ever seen on her.

I asked her if I should kiss her hand but she slapped my face and pointed at her sneakers.

Well, I bowed down and started kissing her shoes. after a while, she showed me the bottom of her shoes and pointed down at them when I looked up at her. I knew what this meant, I started licking the bottom of them as she watched me from above. A few minutes later she came up with an idea to add more into my humiliation. she raised her left foot and told me to lick the ground beneath it.

I couldn’t believe how humiliated I was. Jenna, a 19-year-old girl made me lick the ground beneath her foot.

While I was kissing the concrete ground beneath her foot she placed the same foot on top of my head and pushed my face harder to the ground. Now I was licking the ground beneath her foot while she had her foot on my head.

I was too busy with the filthy ground beneath her foot when I heard another guy’s voice behind me.

“?Forgive the poor guy cutie!” the guy said flirting with Jenna. I was scared of this situation since I was with her. I thought my heart stopped for a moment. I never felt this level of humiliation in my life ever.

“Aw there’s nothing to forgive, he’s doing his job!” Jenna answered the guy as she pushed her foot harder on my head making me feel like a worm beneath her. I was too scared to look up knowing the guy might know me and even worth he could be one of my friends. I just kept licking the ground silently completely broken under her feet.

“wow your slave is really obedient.” the guy added after he saw me still licking the ground silently. “Like these people are our slaves for generations! His dad and mom are working in my place right now!” Jenna said mockingly as if she’s really from a royal family.

She was crossing a line there, I was kinda pissed off but I couldn’t stop licking the filthy ground, I was actually too afraid to stop.

“Ohh so you’re a Princess, huh? Can I have your number my lady?” the guy kept flirting with Jenna while I was dying from the weight of humiliation on my body.

“Omg, you can call me Jenna! and sure!” She giggled and gave him, her number with her foot still resting on top of my head.

I was feeling numb and my mind couldn’t think about anything anymore, I was completely broken. The guy finally left and I saw him get in a sports car and leave. Fortunately, I didn’t know him at all and Jenna just left after telling me she wants me here tomorrow at 5.

I had nightmares that night, I felt completely broken, I saw my mother in a maid dress cleaning the floor at Jenna’s place in a dream. I don’t even know why but the next day I found myself in front of her place again waiting her to show up at 5.

She was wearing so slutty this time, super skimpy dress and open-toe high heels, expensive red nail polish and a little bit of reddish highlight on her blond hair.

I opened the door for her as always and she sat on the backseat.

She told me to drive her to the sorority. I didn’t even know why she wanted to go there but I was too scared to ask anyways. Suddenly she started laughing and told me she has a new name for me. She wanted to call me “Jack” from now on and she did.

“You won’t say my name from now on, but if you want to call me, you’re gonna call me ‘Princess’ from now on!” She told me before she snapped her fingers pointing to the round in front of me, “Now move!”

I think I was hypnotized, I couldn’t say no to her. I was officially a 19-year-old girl’s slave.

I parked the car in front of the sorority and opened the door for her. “You wait right here, Jack!” she said mockingly as she walked inside the sorority. A few minutes later she was back with one of her friends named ‘Nina’.

God, I was so scared. Princess told me to say hello to her friend so I did. Nina seemed to be stunned by seeing how obedient I was. I opened the door for them and held their hands so they can get inside easier. “Thank you Jack!” Miss Nina said before I closed the door.

“Don’t thank him, Nina, it’s his job! He’s lucky to have it!” Princess told her and then they both started having their own girly and giggly chit-chats while I was driving them around in town to different shops and bars. I opened every door for them as they kept ignoring me like I was not even there. Thankfully she never made me lick or kiss anything while Nina was around.

But later that night my actual nightmare began, after I drove to her place and opened the car’s door for her she got off the car and walked to the trash can in front of her place. “Come here and kneel, Jack!” She told me. I didn’t hesitate in doing so. She pointed at the filthy ground beneath her foot and ordered me to lick!

“Princess, please don’t do this to me! I always treated you like a Princess!” I said with tears in my eyes looking at her perfect feet in those heels and the filthy ground. She kicked me in the face and pointed at the floor while I was literally crying beneath her feet. I just started licking the filthy ground like an obedient pig while she placed her left foot on top of my head stomping on it a few times.

I was about to throw up thinking what kinds of trash have been on this ground, it smelt like garbage and tasted like rotten watermelon.

“Please don’t do this to me, Princess!” I begged while crying under her foot but she ignored it by stomping on my head. I could feel her hard heel pressing on my skull.

“No way loser! You should lick and clean the whole thing for me, and you’re not gonna wash your mouth till tomorrow morning. I’m gonna check on you!” She said this and laughed, I was scared of her now, but I kept licking the whole thing just thinking about her, how perfect she is and how much I like to make her happy.

“Omg, you’re so pathetic, Jack! I can’t believe you actually did this!” She said while laughing as loud as possible. I guess she wasn’t expecting me to actually do this. “Gawd I think you’d even eat my poo if I wanted you to!” she added while laughing as I just kept licking the ground clean, too broken to stop now.

She then left with saying anything while I was still down there licking and crying myself out as a broken guy.

I couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking about her and the thing she made me become, feeling the smell and taste of that filthy floor on my tongue the whole night till she called me on skype later in the morning to check my tongue.

She laughed hung up after seeing my filthy black tongue on the camera and texted me to pick her up at 6.

I picked her up as always right on time since I had nothing more important than her in my life and she told me to drive a few blocks forward. A few minutes later I saw the same sports car as before, the same guy who flirted with her when I was licking the ground. She told me to go and open the door for the guy and call him ‘sir’.

This was another level of humiliation for me, she was gonna date this guy and I was gonna open the door for them and drive them around.

“Hello, sir!” I said as I opened to door for him to sit with my Princess. “Thank you, Jack!” He answered after I opened the door for him. I realized she told him all about me since he knew my new name.

They had a great date that night since I paid for everything and I was driving them around where ever she wanted me to. They kissed in my car and made out while I was driving with tears literally dripping from my eyes as I watched this guy having sex with Princess Jenna on his first date with her. They bought me a dog collar and Princess Jenna locked it on my neck before they kissed again.

“You know what we should go to my place and have some real fun there!” Princess Jenna invited him to her place for the night and made me drive to her place while they kept eating each other out in my backseat.

When I opened the door for them after parking in front of her place, she held my leash and told me to get on my fours in front of her. Then they talked about if they should bring me in or not. Finally, Princess Jenna told me she’s gonna want my help inside so I should crawl behind them as they go inside to have fun.

Next thing I know, Princess Jenna is standing on my chest kissing this guy, using me as a footstool to make her taller to kiss this guy.

I realized how powerful a girl like Jenna is, she just used her pretty hands and feet to turn me into this pathetic being, so obsessed with her that I let her stand on me to kiss another guy. I cried myself to sleep that night while they had a noisy fun on her bed with me beneath the bed to feel them bounce on top of me.

End of part one.

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