From Cradle to Crave

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Growing up, we spent our summers by a lake. It was heaven. My grandparents, great uncle, my Mom and one sister, at the point of this writing, loved our cabin. My Dad stayed in our hometown to work during the week, and came up on weekends.

To save money, my Mom would cut our hair. Life was great, life was normal. Then came that one day, the day the seed of a fetish was planted.

Mom had cut my hair. I don’t really remember the style, if I even had one, but it was short and I had enough wispy ends showing, that she used a man’s electric razor to shave them away. I liked it, it tickled.

But my sister’s hair had somehow been screwed up. Whether she cut it wrong, or my sister wouldn’t sit still and was the cause of it, I don’t know. I wasn’t watching. But it was messed up enough that Mom dragged us to the local barbershop. My hair was fine. I remember standing there, looking up at my sister sitting on the kiddie seat.

The barber used clippers, and she started crying and screaming. I remember asking her if it hurt and she nodded yes. At least that’s the way I remember it happening. Most likely she was just scared of the clippers and noise.

I don’t recall any other incidents involving hair, cutting it, or barbers until I came to puberty.

I remember a time I really wanted my nape shaved. I must’ve been urla escort around 14 years old, maybe 15. I tried to be forced to have it shaved by writing an anonymous note to a local salon, wearing gloves on my hands so I wouldn’t leave fingerprints.

I asked to have me taken out of school and have my neck shaved. Well, of course, nothing happened. I’m sure they thought it was a prank and that was the end of that.

I had blondish hair on my arms and legs so I didn’t start shaving my legs until close to 20 years old when it turned darker. I used an electric razor. Shaving my legs was nothing to get excited about, but those vibrations?

I figured they’d feel good ‘down there.’ I lay on my stomach with the shaver between my legs, the blades away from my pussy. It felt really good. I had to re-position it and somehow I got the nub of the cord on the shaver on my clit and I had my first orgasm. I was hooked. It would be me and the shaver for many years.

I did experiment with my hands and learned to bring myself off that way.

Finally, after I got a job, I was able to get my own apartment but with neighbors, I had to be careful about making noises when I came.

I was able to purchase a vibrator when I found an ad in the back of some magazine. This was long before the internet, menderes escort when you had to mail order items from ads.

I purchased several different types over the years, for use depending on my needs at the time. I still shaved my legs with the shaver, though it finally gave out. ‘Bye old friend.

By the time I moved to my apartment, I had lost a lot of weight and was able to wear a short cut and look good in it. I don’t know what you’d call it, but it hugged my head and was about an inch lower the bottom of the ear length.

Sometimes it was cut just a little shorter, and the salon used the finishing clipper, but that didn’t excite me at all.

Then came the years I was too busy with life to think much about clippers. I was dating, going to clubs (disco era), and singing in community choruses. When I married, my husband lather shaved my pussy several times.

It was an erotic feeling, and I did enjoy the shaving as well as they sex afterwards, but it didn’t turn me on as much as thinking about clippers. We even tried the vibrating razor when it hit the market, but it wasn’t strong enough. I had grown my hair past my shoulders so hadn’t thought of clippers for many years.

I’ve now been divorced for 15+ years, retired for two. It wasn’t until this year, when narlıdere escort sitting at my laptop, that I even thought of my clipper fantasies. I searched the ‘net and found so much on women’s head shaving, bald or short cuts.

I’ve bookmarked a couple nape shave videos that I pleasure myself to. As numerous as the head shaving videos are, there is very, very little on clipper pussy shaving. I did find one video but it’s only okay.

I read stories, looked at pictures and learned what I like. The more I trolled the ‘net, the more things I found that turned me on. The more turned on I got, the more I fantasized. And here I am.

This is why I have a fixation with clippers, and the reason I equate the barbershop experience and clippers with sex.

I’ve discovered other turn-ons that I’ve incorporated into my stories. I don’t know whether or not they are considered fetishes just because they turn me on, but I like them enough to add them. Color me curious about being with another woman. I have no desire to DO to a woman, only be done to, be the receiver.

Since seeing my first porno film with a lover, I’ve been curious about dp’s. I’ve done anal but didn’t like it alone; with a dp, I have no idea if I’d like it or not.

I love the idea of forced orgasms, by vibrators and machines; very light B&D, receiving a little pain. I’m not into the heavy stuff or extremes that some are. I just want some spice, not a lifestyle.

So from one day as a kid in a barbershop, to shaving my pussy, to videos and stories on the internet, my fetish evolved into what I write about today.

So much more than a haircut.

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