Freshman Year Roommate Pt. 14

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Freshman Year Roommate, Part 14

Everyone is over 18 years of age

From being my assigned as freshman year roommates to John becoming one of the most important people in my life, John and I had come a long way. I couldn’t imagine it ending, and happily, neither could he. The next steps in our time together, though, were practical ones rather than romantic. Well, okay, there would be romance, too, but we needed to figure out what sophomore year housing would look like. Hopefully, if we did it right, we wouldn’t spend the rest of our school years bouncing around and could settle comfortably into a new place.

We’d decided not to enter the school housing lottery, but that meant looking around off campus. There actually were some decent options, or so it seemed. John and I started by splitting up the places within a short walk from campus, and then we’d go exploring. I found one near the south end of campus, across the main road and maybe a block or so away.

It was an eight-story apartment building. It looked pretty old but well maintained. I spoke to the manager and had a look at a vacant apartment. Nice. So I told the manager that I had to talk to my boyfriend and see what he thought. She didn’t bat an eye when I mentioned a “boyfriend,” which was one thing I wanted to be sure about. I put this one high on my list: seemed like a well maintained place, was near campus, the rent wasn’t bad, and the manager didn’t seem to have any homophobic issues!

That evening, John and I compared notes, and this building was definitely top of the list. But he wanted to see it, too. So I called Phoebe, the manager, and set up a time when we both could stop by.

When we went over, Phoebe welcomed us with open arms, and we both immediately got a good feeling. We asked if we could see a typical apartment, and she said she could show us one that she could give us as our actual rental if we wanted to start in a couple of months, at the end of the semester.

We’d been thinking of August, but this might work. We’d talked about picking up a few summer classes and staying in town year-round. Yes, okay, so part of that was our being love-struck puppies who didn’t want to be apart, but it also would take some pressure off our regular semesters and let us do some electives, add hands-on opportunities/real life experiences, and so on. So it actually had a practical value, too.

She showed us apartment 710. That worked, since I liked high floors with nice views (even if we weren’t in the fanciest city), and it was on a corner of the building, which I liked, too.

Phoebe showed us around the apartment. It was a “pre-war” building, which meant the rooms were big. Technically, it was a one bedroom, but it easily could serve as a two, since it had a large living room, as well as a kitchen and small eating area that would accommodate a table that could seat four people.

The bedroom was at the corner of the building, which was perfect for me. John seemed to like the views, too.

Phoebe was a real character. It seemed she was a long-time smoker, and she had the voice to match. Very gravelly, and she seemed to have a sense of humor to match the voice, if that makes any sense. She seemed like we could have met her leaning on a bar in some dive. To be clear, that made her a lot of fun to chat with. And she seemed like she probably was a few decades older than us and a little out of sync with some things but easily amused and really fascinated by the young guys who liked each other instead of wanting girls.

She also pointed out things that I suspected she might not to every potential renter. “Since this is an older building, these walls are nice, solid plaster. Not a lot of sound carries through them, so you don’t have to worry as much about enjoying your evenings and the neighbors enjoying the sounds.” That was delivered with a sly grin that suggested she liked the idea of two guys going at it. Well… go, Phoebe! Score one for the older generation. (I’d later learn that she had a very naughty sense of humor.)

Phoebe said, “Hey, guys, you seem pretty responsible. Can I trust you to not wreck the place, if I leave you here alone? I have some other folks coming to the office in about 5 minutes.”

I said, “Sure! We’ll behave!”

She told us to pull the door shut when we left and stop by at the office in the lobby when we were done. We promised to do that, and she headed out, shutting the door behind her.

“So what do you think?” I asked.

“I like it. The rent is reasonable, and it seems like a nicely maintained building. Plus, this apartment is nice and roomy.”

“Yay! And I like the views!”

John said, “Speaking of that, it looks like we’ll need to get some kind of blinds?”

Good observation. That seemed weird to me, but the windows were bare. Maybe I just hadn’t experienced that before. Was it normal to not get any blinds or curtains or whatever over the windows? I guess I’d ask Phoebe.

We walked around the place Anadolu Yakası Escort a bit more, figuring out where we could picture our bed, where we could put a dresser or two, and so on. I knew a good thrift shop nearby that did a brisk business in used furniture, mostly from students like us, and I knew our parents were okay with this move (and would help us buy what we needed), so it felt like it all was coming together.

John was looking around again and seemed lost in thought. I asked, “what are you thinking?” He said, “I was thinking we need to test it out.”

“Test it out?”

“Yeah,” he said, “like this,” and suddenly, he was on his knees. “John! Remember, no blinds over the windows?”

He smiled up at me. “It’s a nice, sunny day. No one can see in!”

This was something we’d discuss many times. I never felt so secure about that, but John would always insist that, especially on windows with screens in them, if it was sunny out, no one could just look in. In any case, moments later, he had my pants around my ankles and had me convinced to let him do what he wanted. As he usually did!

I drew in my breath as he took my soft, but quickly hardening, dick in his mouth. I put my hands on his head and my dick was hard in seconds! “Oh, fuck, that feels so good, hon!”

He grabbed my ass, and I started moving my hips, stroking my dick over his tongue. He stopped at one point and pulled back, so just the head and a little bit of the shaft was in his mouth. Then, as he kept his lips right below the head, he started working his tongue around the head, and my knees nearly buckled. I grabbed his head harder and moaned, “fuck, that feels so good!”

I could see the smile in his eyes as I looked down at him, even if I didn’t get a real smile because his mouth was full. I loved the joy he got from making me feel like this as much, as the physical pleasure!

He kept doing this, and I had to admit, “This is amazing! I’m not going to last too long if you keep going like this.”

Now I got to see a real smile, and he said, “Good! We don’t have lots of time. It’s just a test!”

I smiled back. “So what are we testing, big guy? Other than your theory that no one can see in?”

“It’s not a theory, and we’re testing to make sure I’m not lousy at sex here! We can’t live here if I can’t keep my boyfriend happy!”

I laughed. “You’re ridiculous.” And then I moaned “Oh, John, that’s amazing” as he took me back in his mouth.

I hate to admit, but it was maybe two minutes more, and, barely forming intelligible words, I warned him that I was about to cum. I could feel how tight my balls were as he pulled me deep, knowing I was about to shoot and liked to be deep in his mouth when I did.

I moaned loudly and he held my ass tight and my dick starting pulsing on his tongue. He moaned with my dick deep in his mouth. I could barely stand, the pleasure was so intense. I’d heard about the sexual heat in couples cooling off after a while. Maybe we’d get there, but if we did, it wasn’t happening yet. Life with this man was like living in an intense sex dream.

As my orgasm subsided, he stayed down there long enough to pull up my underwear and pants as I was catching my breath. He actually zipped me back up and buckled my belt. Then he stood up. He kissed me deeply. Then he looked around the room and said, “Yeah, I guess this will do.” I shook my head and said, “You’re so silly. I love you!”

“I love you, too. Let’s go tell Phoebe we’ll take it.”

And so we did. It looked like she was just finishing up with her other appointment when we got down there. “Good timing, boys. I’m glad you… took your time.”

Ohmygod! Did she know? No, calm yourself, Jess. She’s teasing. And maybe looking for a reaction? I smiled. I liked this lady. She was nice with just that bit of saltiness that would make her fun to deal with. I think we’d definitely found a good place to live.

We got the lease paperwork from Phoebe, and we said we’d get it filled out and back to her as quickly as we could. We needed our parents to co-sign, but we both knew they would. Thing was, we only wanted to ask one set of parents. We figured if we asked both, they might decide to talk and compare notes. Then my parents, who knew we were together, might spill the beans to John’s parents who we hadn’t told yet. We wanted to do that in person and together, but that wouldn’t happen until the summer, and we couldn’t wait that long on the paperwork.

It wound up being a simple matter. I don’t know why I even worried. My parents were crazy for John, so there was no trust issue with “your roommate.” No, it was more like “our John.” Good thing I felt secure about my parents loving me, or I might have worried that they were going to make a trade and send me packing!

But back to that particular day. After our visit with Phoebe and decision that the apartment was the right one for us, we went back to the dorm. We were happy to have found a place, Kurtköy Escort and we were talking about celebrating. John said, “Actually, I can think of another reason to celebrate, even if we’re a couple of days early.”

I smiled. I knew where this was going. My birthday was coming up. I said, “I think I might be willing to let you help me celebrate.”

He smiled, moved in close and kissed me. Then he said, “I actually took the liberty of making us a dinner reservation.” Then he mentioned a really nice restaurant down by the harbor. I said, “Hon, that place is so expensive! And how did you know we’d have this to celebrate?”

“First, don’t worry about the cost. I’ve got it covered. Second, I was planning this celebration for tonight anyhow. The apartment find is just a lucky coincidence. But we probably should put on a bit nicer clothes, and then we can get going.”

I didn’t argue. If he said he had it covered, then he had it covered. We went outside, and… what? He’d called a car service to take us down there.

Being deliberately dramatic, I put my hands on my hips. “Now, hold on a second, mister. I know you don’t have lots of cash. What are” and he put a finger to my lips. “Shush! I have a patron. Don’t worry about it!”

The driver was holding the back door open, and John gestured me in. I cooperated, but when we were in the car, I asked what was going on. “What do you mean, you have a patron?”

“When we were with your family, your mom and dad said this would be your first birthday that they didn’t get to tell you happy birthday in person. They wanted to be sure it was special, so they asked me to set up something special, and they’re paying.”

I didn’t want to get messy, but I felt the tears in my eyes. “I’m not sure what I did to deserve this.”

“We all love you!”

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

We leaned against each other as the car headed down to the harbor. The driver clearly saw us in his mirror, but he didn’t seem to care. Or maybe he’d just seen so much in his years that he knew to keep his mouth shut and we’d just be a story to tell his buddies. In any case, we had a nice, smooth ride down to the restaurant. When we got there, the driver hopped out and held the door for us again. He told John to call his cell phone as we were finishing dinner, and he’d be there to get us.

As we walked in, we were greeted by a maître d’. It was that kind of place. We were taken to a nice table by big floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of the harbor. It was truly lovely! Dinner flew by. I would like to have done a toast to this amazing man and my thoughtful parents, but in legitimate businesses, we still counted as underage. So no alcohol. Still, it was a wonderful dinner, and then it was time for dessert. As the table was cleared, the waiter advised us that dessert would be out shortly.

I was confused. We hadn’t selected desserts. John said, “I already arranged it.”

I wasn’t going to argue. The evening had been wonderful, and I wasn’t enough of a bigmouth to start interrogating him about the remainder of his plans.

A few minutes later, a serving cart was rolled out, and a dome was lifted off the biggest surprise of the evening. I knew what it was, even though I’d never seen one in person. I sat in stunned silence as the waiter said, “Baked Alaska!” I didn’t even know what to say. I’d read about this now-rare dessert, and I thought it sounded amazing. But how?

I finally found my voice and said, “How?”

“You once mentioned this amazing dessert you’d read about that you really wanted to try someday.”

Then the waiter doused it in something (I forget what they use–brandy?) and lit it on fire. I guess that alcohol didn’t count for serving underaged people. It was quite a sight!

John continued, “So when I called to make the reservation, I told them it was your birthday and I wanted to do something special. Apparently, they don’t normally have this. No one normally has this anymore, it seems. But their pastry chef agreed to make it for you.”

“Oh, God, they’re not going to sing Happy Birthday, are they?”

“Jess, hon, I love you, but it’s not Chuck E Cheese. Get a grip.”

I laughed. “Yeah, well, that’s good!”

We each were given a slice, and I reminded John that I love him. Then we dug in. It was delicious! And I’d finally gotten to try this classic dessert!

As we finished dinner, John called the driver, and our car was at the curb when we headed out.

We sat close as we were driven back to campus. When we got there, I saw John slip the driver a tip, as we thanked him and headed back into the dorm. I suppose we must have been quite a sight, as we walked from “our car” back into the dorm.

When we got back up to our room, we quietly went inside. I faced John and said, “Thanks for a phenomenal evening, hon! I probably should call home and thank them, too.” He agreed, and so I did. Mostly, I spoke to mom, and I knew I’d need to call Pendik Escort again (or maybe they’d call me) on my actual birthday. She sounded so happy that the dinner had thrilled me. It really had! John, a delicious dinner with a gorgeous view, and the surprise of that dessert! I was a happy boy!

John said he still needed to figure out a present for my birthday. I said, “No, you’ve done more than enough already.”

He shook his head. “Never enough for you! But okay, I have no idea what to get you. Maybe I’ll just shower you with silly little gifts throughout the year.”

I kissed him. “Speaking of showering, how about a shower, and then we can decide how to spend the rest of the evening?”

He smiled, we stripped down, grabbed our towels and I know how sappy it sounds, but we held hands as we walked into the bathroom.

We turned on the shower, let the water get warm and then got in together. We soaped each other and took our time, enjoying these gentle, loving moments. If you’re expecting a nice, long shower fuck, I have to disappoint you. Yes, we both wound up hard as we cleaned each other, but we definitely were feeling romantic just then, and it was more about our being tender, running our hands over each other, and my continuing to marvel, even after these months together, at how magnificent he looked. And let me tell you, the spray of warm shower water just made the scene that much more exciting.

We kissed under the spray, and we held each other, continuing to take our time. Finally, we shut the water, reached out to grab our towels off nearby hooks, and started toweling off.

As we exited the bathroom, we ran into our suitemate Tom, heading into our shared bathroom. “I heard the water turn off. I hope you lovebirds didn’t use every drop of hot water on this campus.”

We laughed and said, “Goodnight, Tom!” in unison.

“Goodnight, boys!”

I loved how he respected our relationship and seemed to be a cheering squad for us.

When we got back to our room, I kissed John again and said, “I’ve been thinking about the gift thing.”


“It also ties in with the rest of the evening.”

“Oh, does it?”

“Yes,” I said, standing very close to him. I ran a hand over the towel still tied around that athletic waist and found the outline of his dick. “How about this for my present?”

“I can’t give you that present only on your birthday! Oh, I know, it ties into my ‘little gifts all year’ plan!”

I said, “yeah, but there’s nothing little about this gift!”

I could feel the heat between us at this point. John said, “I won’t argue. And of course, you can have it if you’re sure that’s what you want.”

“Oh, that’s what I want! Please!”

He pulled me close and said, “I guess I can’t deny my man what he really wants! Especially since he said ‘please.'”

We moved to the bed, and he laid me down, getting on top of me, as we dropped our towels on the way. John kissed his way down to my neck and sucked hard, leaving a mark I’d proudly wear. Then he moved down, licking my nipples and then clamping his teeth onto the left one, in a move that was at least as likely to leave a mark as his work on my neck! Then he kissed his way down, stopping to lick my bellybutton. I giggled a little and said, “What are you doing?”

“I was just admiring what a sexy bellybutton you have!”

“You’re a goof! But I love you, you big goof!”

He quickly lifted up to crawl back up and kiss me. “I love you, too!”

Then he crawled back down and wasted no time. No preliminaries. He grabbed my throbbing dick and held it, licking its length, then back down. Then he gave my balls a tonguing that was amazing. And then ran right up my balls again and continued along the length of my shaft, and in one smooth motion, he plunged his mouth down onto me. I gasped with pleasure, and he started bobbing quickly up and down on me. I had my hands in his hair, holding his head as he made love to me with his mouth. He was driving me wild, like he had a natural talent to do. I could feel a massive orgasm building… when he stopped. Coming off my dick, he said, “That’s not the gift you wanted, though, is it?”

“It would do.”

“No, I don’t think that’s fair. I think you were implying that you didn’t just want my dick. You want me to use it to fuck you like you’re my virgin bride on our wedding night. I think I heard you thinking, ‘You be the big, stud top I love, and use all your strength to fuck my ass so hard I can’t even walk right tomorrow!’ Isn’t that right?”

“Mmm, someone is in a major top mood, isn’t he? Yes, take me, babe! Be my domineering stud tonight!”

“You know, if I get deployed far away by the Army, you’d better be ready to get your ass fucked off every time I get home to my man!”

He was turning me on so much with this forceful talk! “John, you could get deployed by me to go buy groceries, and I’d be ready for this when you get home!”

He broke into a huge grin and dove in to kiss me again. Then he said quietly into my ear, “But I still want your dick in my ass all the time, too.”

“You know that kind of kills the domineering top stud routine, right?”

He laughed and said, “Oh, right! Okay, so… I’m gonna fuck that tight little ass off!”

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