Freshman Year Roommate

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College roommate

Note: All characters are adults, over the age of 18.

I suppose college is an age of discovery for lots of us. I was in the closet in high school. I found one guy to fool around with, although we’d always pretend it was just experimenting and we both were straight—despite doing pretty much everything two guys can do.

That ended when I went off to college, but I didn’t feel like I’d be “out and proud” when I got there. I was still worried about what my family and friends would think if I was out. I suppose I still was holding onto the idea that I could learn to be straight. Yeah, I know, but I was scared. The closet is a sad place.

The school assigned us our roommates, and I got John. We were given each other’s contact info in advance, so I got to chat with him a little. He had a heavy accent that was very Texas, as he was, but it seemed out of place on an 18-year-old guy. I’d been to Texas, and it seemed like the younger generations were losing the heavy accent. Not him. He had it in full bloom. Well, okay. It was intriguing.

He told me he was working as a lifeguard over the summer, and I have to admit that got my attention. We connected online, and I got to see some photos. He was nicely muscled. More of a lithe, strong swimmer’s build than some kind of gym rat. But then as we exchanged some messages, he talked about all the pussy he was going to get when we arrived on campus. Well, really, what did I expect?

I guess, since I was a good student who had gotten into a tough school, I expected that I’d be surrounded by people with a bit more sophistication. Yeah, that was ignorant on my part. Even smart students can be made up of strutting jocks, sex-blinded horndogs and every other type of person. Well, John was definitely focused on one thing above all else.

So we arrived on campus about the same time, and we unpacked our stuff. He sounded like a tough guy. Not threatening, but that cowboy voice and then his joining ROTC just gave off a certain vibe. But the truth was, he was harmless. He would toss his gum across the room, miss the trash pail and have it land on the floor. When he did that and then tried to ignore it, I found I wasn’t ready to take any gross shit in my home away from home. So I snapped, “pick that up.” He’d mumble “sorry” and clean up after himself. No tough-guy pushback.

Long story short, I could have gotten a worse roommate. Okay, he did go get really drunk with his ROTC buddies and come back some nights to get sick in our bathroom (we were in a 2-room suite with a shared bathroom). That wasn’t pleasant. And he could be tough to take in other ways. But I also felt a little sorry for him. We all were horny teenagers, but he tried really hard to get girls to come back to the room with him, with relatively little success. One night I found he’d left our agreed signal outside the door, so I went to a neighboring room to hang out and give him time to do his thing. Later, he appeared and admitted that he’d had so much to drink that, “I couldn’t get my soldier to salute.”

Yeah, that was my roomie. I can’t say that he walked around naked all the time, but he would wear his tighty whities. They looked nicely filled out, but I, the local closet case, was doing my best to avert my eyes. Then one day, midway through the first semester, he was walking around our room like that when he went to adjust himself, using one hand and pushing down his underwear for just a moment. But that moment was enough for me to see what was the longest dick I’d ever seen in person.

I must have looked stunned. He kind of half-smiled. “Like what you see?”

I almost panicked. “No, I, uh…” I didn’t know what to say.

“Hey, it’s okay, man. Are you into guys?”

I was really on the edge of panic. “No, of course not!”

“Hey, really, I don’t care. You do your thing, and I’ll do mine.”

“Really, John, I just was caught off guard.”

He smiled again. “I’ve been naked around lots of guys and none of them ever looked at me like that.”

“Really, it just surprised me,” I said.

“Okay, calm down, bud. I’m not saying a word to anyone.”

Then he got this look on his face like he had a thought. A mischievous thought, from the looks of it.

“You know,” he said, “it’s really hard to get laid here. I bet having a roommate who sucked cock would Bomonti Escort be pretty awesome.”

With that, I overreacted. I said, “okay, that’s it. I’m going to go study in the library!”

And I grabbed my stuff and headed for the door, with John calling after me, “hey, I didn’t mean to piss you off. Sorry!”

With that, I was on my way to the library. More like, I was running away. A straight guy was suggesting that I might be able to suck his dick. Doesn’t every horny young guy (at least the ones who lust for other guys) have some straight guy fantasies? I knew I did. Still, I was scared of what others might think of me.

I spent a couple of hours in the library, trying to read and get some classwork done, but it was no use. I finally gave up and headed back to the dorms. I felt stupid, scared, confused… but I had to go back to my room eventually. When I got there, John was fully dressed, but that only helped a little.

Suddenly, I was really noticing the long muscles of his body and how the tight jeans hugged his swimmer’s ass. This could be even more difficult than I thought. And I was staring. And he caught me. Shit!

I looked up to see him smiling his half-smile. He came off as rough around the edges, but I guess he was deeper than I’d realized to that point. “Jess,” (that’s me), “it’s okay. I really don’t care what you like, and I’m not saying anything to anyone.”

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or cry. I thought for just a minute and then sort of mumbled, “thanks, man.” And I laid back on my bed. It wasn’t really bedtime, but I guess all the emotion and excitement had exhausted me, because I soon was asleep.

The next morning, things went on like nothing had happened. John went to class. I went to class. We went along like nothing happened. As the week ended, the usual weekend activities started up. It wasn’t really a party school, but there was always something happening. Sure enough, John found parties to attend. The main one seemed to be the party at the football frat. He wasn’t on the football team, but he managed to get in there. I didn’t do anything that night. Played some games and read a book, as I recall. As I was about to call it quits, he came stumbling back in. He wasn’t as trashed as some nights, thankfully, but he wasn’t sober, either. Ah, my roomie.

He just collapsed on his bed. He kind of groaned, and I knew that sound after a couple of months of living with him. “No luck, huh?”

“Well, I made out with a couple of girls, but no one wanted to come back.”

“Sorry, bud.”

“I’m gonna take a shower.”

And with that, he stripped down to his underwear and headed for the bathroom.

About 10 minutes later, he came back with just a towel wrapped around his waist.

I’d relaxed a bit. I still wasn’t ready for “out and proud,” but I felt like John was helping keep my secret. And I found myself just smiling at him. “Those girls were idiots. Who wouldn’t want a shot at that?”

He laughed. “Hey, listen to you! This has to be progress.”

“Thanks, John. I know I haven’t been the easiest, but you’re really cool, man.”

“Yeah, don’t tell anyone. It could ruin my reputation.”

And we both laughed.

I was feeling a little daring, and he’d really made me comfortable, so I asked, “Umm, can I see it again? I never really got a good look.”

Then he laughed loudly. “Wow, you’re really feeling comfy, ain’t ya? Are you sure?”

I nodded vigorously.

He walked closer until he was maybe a foot or two away. I could feel my heart pounding.

He said, “what, like this?” And slowly loosened the towel. Then pulled one end of it aside, slowly revealing some thigh and getting to the point where I’d be able to see… and then he closed it and said…

“Well, I don’t know if it’s right to show you and just make you crazier over my big dick.”

I laughed. He actually got a genuine laugh out of me. “You tease! That’s not fair.”

“Well, see, that’s the thing. I’m a straight guy in search of pussy. Is it right for me to frustrate my roommate by showing him what I want to plow into the girls?”

I laughed again and said, “I’m willing to take my chances.”

Then he disappointed me by tying the towel around his waist nice and tight. WTF? And he moved closer. “You’re sure?”

I nodded. Bomonti Escort Bayan He said, “because I thought I saw you checking out something else before.” I know I looked puzzled, but then he reached down and grabbed my hands and guided them behind him, placing them on his ass. I groaned as I felt those muscles, and I think I heard him groan, too. John said quietly, “I love when I’m fucking a girl or getting sucked and she grabs my ass.”

I could barely believe what was happening, and I whispered, “it’s a beautiful ass.”

“Yeah, you like it?” And I squeezed it gently, loving the feel of it in my hands. “Yeah, I guess you do.”

I could see movement under the towel in front of me. I guess he didn’t drink too much to perform this time. He smiled down at me and loosened the towel. It didn’t completely fall away, since my hands had a firm grip on the back of it, but it opened to reveal a huge cock dangling in front of me.

I hadn’t really thought about the tan he kept, even when it wasn’t lifeguarding season, but seeing him like this, the paler skin of his crotch, dick and balls made it apparent.

I let go of his ass long enough for the towel to drop to the floor and then reestablished my hold on his hot ass. I said, “that’s amazing.”

John said, “you can touch it if you want.”

I definitely wanted. Mine didn’t even hang down like his, let alone being that huge. This wasn’t an internet 8 or 9 inches. This was the real deal. A monster of a cock, long and nicely thick, and while I wasn’t sure how much I could do with it, my lust was in overdrive! Even his balls were beautifully proportioned to go with his big dick. I felt like my dick was nice—my high school DL partner said I was a nice size and really thick—but I felt like I’d been shorted on seeing this one!

But I still was nervous. “Are you sure, John?”

“Sure I’m sure. You know how long it’s been since I’ve gotten any? This way I can have some fun, and I can help my roomie have some fun, too.”

I removed a hand from his ass and reached to his dick. “Do it,” he said. “It’s okay.” And I took him in my hand.

“Yeah, that’s it. Stroke me!” So I started to and I felt his dick swell and harden. I was glad he wasn’t a grower. What he had already was huge!

He moaned quietly and started thrusting into my hand. I’d done a lot with my friend in high school, but it never felt quite as erotic as this. “Yeah, Jess, that’s it. That feels so good.”

Without even thinking about it, I found myself leaning closer as his big dick swelled and pointed more at me than the floor.

I was inches away from it and must have looked as crazed with lust as I felt. John said, “it’s okay to suck it if you want.”


He smiled wide. When did he get such a beautiful smile? Did he normally not use it, or had I somehow not noticed?

“Yeah, it’s more than okay. I think we both need this!”

With that, I leaned forward and licked the head. John moaned, and the sound was so hot. Then I took the head in my mouth and started to move down his shaft. I licked and sucked for all I was worth. I’d like to say I have no gag reflex and quickly took his entire shaft down my throat, but that would be complete bullshit. Sadly, for a guy who likes to suck cock, I have a strong gag reflex. I can’t even get dental x-rays without trouble. But I did my best and took as much as I could!

John didn’t seem to mind. He was moaning and groaning, and he started thrusting into my mouth. This was the biggest cock I’d ever had, but it wasn’t my first. So I knew what to do! While I kept one hand on that ass I was in love with, so I could feel those muscles clench as he fucked my mouth, I wrapped the other around the base of his shaft, so I could stroke there while I sucked the first several inches while keeping him from choking me to death.

He didn’t seem to mind. In fact, his cock seemed to get even harder and was leaking precum on my tongue. “Oh my god, Jess, this feels amazing! No chick ever did it this good!”

And yes, that’s such a porn-y kind of line, but I loved hearing it. I was going at it the best I could, and he wasn’t correcting me at all. But I really was doing my best, licking and sucking him, trying to avoid my teeth connecting with his big dick, and he was loving it. John was breathing faster, Escort Bomonti thrusting into my mouth, throbbing and leaking on my tongue, and I was so hard myself that I thought my dick would tear out of my pants (which I hadn’t dared to pull down yet).

It didn’t take too long, and his breath was getting ragged. Then, “Jess, wait. Stop.” So I did and let his dick out of my mouth.

“What’s wrong?”

“I was going to cum.”

Really? I’d completely misjudged him. I really thought John was the kind who was just into his own pleasure and wouldn’t care if I drowned. But no, he actually was being considerate.

But I knew what I wanted. “Yeah, man. That’s the idea with a blowjob.”

He laughed, “I meant I was going to cum in your mouth!”

I didn’t respond. I plunged my mouth back onto his cock, pulled his ass toward me and clearly encouraged him to give me his load.

He started thrusting again, and it was maybe 30 seconds later when he gasped, “I’m… I’m gonna cum! Uhhhhhhh!” With that, I felt his big dick start pulsing on my tongue and flooding my mouth with his cum. The ultimate bonus, even his cum tasted good.

I kept sucking. He kept moaning. And then he said, “so sensitive!” But I knew what to do then. I took him as deep in my mouth as I could and stopped really licking and sucking. Just clamped tightly on his dick and let it keep pulsing his seed into my mouth. I love when a dick pulses hard so you can feel it when a guy cums, and this big dick doing it had me over the moon with pleasure.

After I-don’t-know-how-many shots of cum, all of which I managed to swallow, he slowly pulled back and I let him out of my mouth. He grabbed a chair from the desk behind him and sat down hard. “Holy shit, man! That was amazing!”

I was so proud! This hung, athletic stud thought that my blowjob was amazing!

But I had a problem. I was so hard myself, and I really needed to cum!

At that point, what was there to hide? I said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I need to do something,” as I laid down on my bed. He got it and just nodded as he was still catching his breath.

I quickly stripped off my clothes. I could be a shooter, and I didn’t want to mess up my shirt. So it all came off, and I started stroking myself. John slid his chair closer, and he was watching my hand on my dick like it was a fascinating exhibit.

I looked at him and must have looked puzzled. He said, “I never get to watch a guy do this.”

“I didn’t think you’d want to watch a guy do this.”

He just shrugged.

I knew it wouldn’t take long after what was one of the most erotic events of my life.

John leaned closer. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but he must have seen something on my face, because he said, “I’m not gonna suck it, man. I don’t do that stuff!”


“I just want to watch.”


Really, I didn’t care. The whole scene was exciting, and there actually was something erotic in just having this straight guy watching me stroke.

As I was building to orgasm, he leaned in and I felt his hand on my thigh. It felt like electricity where he touched me. WTF? I looked down in surprise, and he said, “Sorry.”

“No reason to be sorry!”

It really was hot. It just was completely unexpected. What other mysteries was he hiding?

“Can I touch it?”


“Uh, sure, but I’m pretty close to…”

And he moved his hand to be with mine. I took mine away, and he stroked me maybe 15 seconds before I lost control, groaned and shot so hard I could barely see. My cum went flying everywhere. My face, my chest, I heard some splat onto my pillow… I shot a bunch of times as he kept stroking.

“John, stop, stop!” I was way too sensitive as my spurts tapered off, but he was continuing to stroke.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, I was just getting too sensitive.”

“Oh, yeah, I get the same way.”

I knew that. We just did it, John. But I just nodded.

John said, “Damn, this was awesome. And it will be our secret. I promise.”

“So do I.”

“Okay, time to hit the shower.”

I don’t know what he saw on my face, but he chuckled and said, “It ain’t like that. I’ll go first. Then you can go.”

I just nodded, but he seemed more amused than threatened, if he’d seen a “let’s shower together” look on my face.

“But hey, man, that really was amazing. Thanks!”

“Hey, thank you, too! It was great!”

He just nodded, stood up and walked towards the bathroom, picking up his damp towel on the way. And with that, my school life suddenly was a lot more interesting.

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