Freddie Pt. 01

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At twenty two years of age it appeared as if I had it all. I was going steady with a very pretty girl. She was a student in another part of the country. I had a good job in the catering industry and I got on well with my new stepfather who was ten years younger than my mum. In the cafe where I worked I was popular with the clientele who were, in the main, mature people, retirees or older couples. My upbeat nature and friendly attitude, combined with my natural desire to please, made the customers happy. Everyone who came to Cafe Cool loved Don.

One man in particular came in everyday and I got to know him quite well. He was in his sixties, quite tall, over six feet, and he had a lovely friendly smile. His name was Freddie and he insisted I call him by his first name. No one knew the dark secret this nice man kept hidden behind his public persona, a secret he had kept for fifty years. Little did I know, that the secret he kept from the world, was one that I would soon learn from him and come to love and embrace as my very own, in spite of myself.

When it came to secrets, Freddie was not alone. I had some dark secrets of my own, that I did not want anyone else to know about. I enjoyed looking at naked older men on the internet. I especially loved men with black pubic hair and circumcised, cocks. I was mesmerized by their shiny purple, mushroom shaped cock heads, with pre-cum dripping from the slits of their pee holes. I just could not help myself. I wondered what it would be like to hold one in my hand and feel its power. My obsession with older men dominated my masturbation sessions and most of my free time was spent looking at daddy/son porn. The beautiful cocks I saw also made me feel inadequate as a man. I was slowly and unknowingly brainwashing myself and subconsciously associating sexual pleasure and release, with naked, older, dominant, men.

I had found out that my own pleasure was maximized when I rubbed myself to a climax, catching my load inside a pair of ladies’ soft panties, and then I would delight in the flavor and texture of my own cum, by sucking it off the panties afterwards. Of course, I had to be careful not to get caught by my mum or my sister. The humiliation would have been impossible to take and they would make my life a misery thereafter. Hence I was only able to do this every now and again, when I would have time to hand wash and then dry the sodden garment that had enhanced my dirty little fantasy about an older man, with a fat cock, coming on to me.

That’s why I was so happy in my job. I had lots of opportunity to meet older guys and I always made a point of shaking hands with them, just to feel their big strong hands and I loved it when they would say how small and soft my hand was. Some of them would hold my hand in both their hands and often put an arm around my shoulders to give me a little squeeze. I really enjoyed that and later, alone, would play with my cock imagining that it was their big strong, warm hands that were touching me. Freddie always did both these things and I did not mind at all. He often called me Donna instead of Don and we had a good laugh at that too and before you ask the answer is yes. I did fantasize about Freddie lots of times and wonder what his cock looked like.

One day, Freddie told me he had bought himself a computer but that he hadn’t got a clue how to set it up nor how to get into and use the “world-wide spider’s web thing.” He wanted to learn how to send e-mails and use “Skip” and get himself into the 20th century. Well, of course, I laughed at the things he said and asked him if his wife could not do it. She had no interest, he told me, and still preferred to write letters and use the old telephone.

I explained to Freddie that, first of all, it was the 21st century; that the internet was called, the “World-wide Web” and that it was “Skype” and not “Skip.” So when he asked me if I could come round on Saturday morning and sort things out for him, I thought it was the least I could do. I liked Freddie and felt sorry for him. His wife, Pamela, always seemed to be cross with him and was very bossy. I told him I would be glad to help him out. He told me he would make it worth my while and I said that there would be no charge. I was so naive. He wrote his address on a piece of paper which I stuck in my pocket.

“You are such a good boy, Donna,” he said. “Oh, so sorry, I mean Don.” We both laughed at his slip of the tongue. “See you Saturday morning around ten o-clock.”

So on that beautiful, warm, Saturday morning, wearing a white t-shirt, tight yellow shorts with a nylon gusset, that meant that you did not have to wear underpants, white, ankle socks and a pair of trainers, I found myself on the porch of Freddie’s bungalow. I waved goodbye to my stepfather who had dropped me off. I rang the bell several times before the door was opened by Freddie, who stood there in a short, white, silky dressing gown and slippers. It was obvious that he had just got out of bed.

“Come in, Don, come in. I Halkalı travesti must have slept in. Do forgive me. Pam, my wife has left to visit her sister. Help yourself to some coffee. Pam made it before she left. I must have fallen asleep again. Do forgive me. Make yourself at home while I shower. Here, let me get you some of this special coffee Pam makes, then I’ll show you to my basement lair, where everything is ready for your expertise.”

Freddie poured me a large cup of coffee and brought me down to the basement.

“Don’t start until I come back. I want to teach you everything. I mean I want you to teach me everything. Thanks a bunch for coming over. You look cute, Don.” He went off to have a shower.

The coffee was strong the way I liked it and seemed to be sweet too. I looked around his den. The computer was still in boxes, beside his desk. There was a large sofa bed along one wall and a large, HD plasma TV on the wall, with a DVD player below. On a shelf were at least fifty DVD’s. I sat down on the sofa and drank my coffee. Ten minutes passed, my coffee was finished and there was no sign of Freddie. I was feeling thirsty and decided to get more coffee. It sure tasted good.

I had just filled my cup and was walking to the basement stairs, when I heard Freddie’s footsteps on the floorboards up the corridor. I turned to look and there he was, reaching for the bathroom door handle, dressing gown draped over one arm, naked as the day he was born. I couldn’t help but look at him. He just smiled at me and said that he would not be long. I walked down the stairs with pictures of his naked body in my mind. He was in very good shape for his age. Slim build, strong arms and torso, well, muscled legs. His torso was covered in grey and black hair and his legs were ever so hairy too. What dominated my mind though, was what lay below his little paunch.

He had a mass of thick, black, pubic hair, that extended towards his tummy and a pronounced treasure trail, that ran from the end of his beautiful pubic hair right up to his tummy button. Protruding from the depths of his beautiful, thick, curly, black, pubic hair, was a very thick, purple-headed, circumcised cock, about four inches in length. The mushroom shaped crown of his cock seemed so fat to me and was at least half of the four inches of his cock. Below that spectacular purple crown hung a pair of very hairy, very heavy balls, one just slightly lower than the other but both of them were clearly full and round.

My mind was in a whirl. I did not want to think about his naked body, his hairy body, his jet black pubic hair, his gorgeous cock, but as I sat on the sofa drinking coffee, I could not get those pictures out of my mind. He had smiled at me. Had he seen me looking at his cock? I was so embarrassed yet so turned on at the same time. What the hell was wrong with me? To distract myself I switched on the TV. A DVD was playing.

Oh Christ it was porn! I was going to switch it off when all of a sudden my cock became rock hard and I mean so hard it hurt. I drank more coffee. The movie played. Cum shots all over a young girl. I could not take my eyes of it. My cock ached to be touched. I dare not. I had to. Oh my God, that is a girl with a dick, it is not a real girl. I touched myself. My face flushed. I felt so hot. I set the cup down on the coffee table. I leaned back. I had to get out of here, right now. I switched off the TV. My cock would just not go down. It begged me to touch it. I resisted. I stood up and walked to the stairs and there he was, on his way down, fully dressed in slacks, shirt and slippers, with a coffee in his hand, smiling at me, as if nothing had happened.

“Ready to get started then, Don? I am so looking forward to getting started, aren’t you?”

Having no choice, I mumbled, “Yes, of course.” I turned round and went back down into the basement, praying that he would not notice the tent pole in my shorts. My cock was now throbbing in my shorts as I lifted the desktop out of its box. I set the desktop on the table and took out the monitor, then the speakers, followed by the keyboard, the mouse and the cables. The table was large, so there was plenty of room for everything.

As I hooked each piece up, I explained to Freddie what I was doing, but I did not dare look at him as I did so. I was in no doubt, that he must be able to see, that I had an erection that just would not go away. He had two little shelves high up, where he wanted me to place the speakers and I had to stand on a chair, to reach up to them. As I reached up to place the second speaker on its shelf I felt Freddie’s hands on my hips and I could feel his warm breath on the back of legs. I could not concentrate and the lead came out of the back of the speaker as I jerked at his touch. My cock was on fire. Had I been brave enough to look down, I would have seen that Freddie too, was sporting an erection.

“Can’t have you falling,” he said. “Do you shave your legs Don?”

My answer in Levent travesti the negative was more like a high pitched, whine. I felt his face against the back of my knee. It was a hard, clean-shaven, but rough manly face and God I loved its sandpaper like feel. His hands slid down over my hips and caressed the inside of my upper thighs and the back of my legs. He did this several times and it was all I could do not to moan loudly. It was heavenly.

“Please. Stop, Freddie. Please.”

Instead of stopping he moved to my side and slid one hand up under my shorts. His probing finger tips heightened my desire and elicited a little moan from deep down inside me. As his fingertips excited my upper thigh his other hand gently massaged my raging hard-on. I wanted to run away. I wanted to cum. My cock had never felt this much pleasure.

“I think you like my hand on your cock, Don, don’t you? As he spoke to me he undid the tie of my shorts and slowly lowered them over my throbbing cock. I tried to resist him. I really did. I wanted him to release me from this spell but my cock was out of control. I begged him for the last time.

“Please stop, Freddie,” I whispered. “Please, don’t do this to me.”

“You are not circumcised, Don. That is so wonderful. You have a beautiful little cock. It is like a man’s cock, only smaller. I adore small uncut cocks.”

It was already too late. His greedy tongue was licking my scrotum and one of his hands, his big calloused, manly hands, was gently squeezing my pure white, hairless, buttocks. It was delicious. Had I not had my eyes closed and my head held high, reveling in the pleasurable, sexual, feelings, his touches afforded me, I would have noticed, that in his other hand, he now held his mobile, capturing on video and audio, my reactions to his handiwork. Oh God, he had me. I gave in to him, even before his warm, wet tongue, had stroked my shaft. I had to cum.

“Oh God, Freddie! I am going to cum,” I cried out.

He pulled my cock all the way down until it really hurt me and then let it go. It sprang back up and slapped against my belly. He did it again and again and again, before tightly pinching my foreskin, covered, cock head. Slipping his mobile back into his pocket, he took hold of my cock.

“Down boy,” he said.

Thinking he meant me, I got down from the chair. Taking me by the hand, he led me over to the sofa bed. He told me to lie down and I did so. He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a pair of pure, white, nylon panties. Having carefully placed them over my cock, he slowly massaged me, ever so gently. As he pleasured me with his right hand, he ran his left hand through my blonde hair and leaned over me. He kept teasing me.

“Tell me to stop and I will stop. Tell me you don’t like the feel of nylon panties on your lovely little, hard cock and I will stop. Tell me not to tickle your little boy balls and I will stop. Tell me you don’t love what I am doing to you and I will stop.”

My only response was to whimper with delight. Nothing had ever felt as wonderful as his touch. I was lost in the pleasure his skillful, hands and the soft, white, nylon, panties bestowed on my cock. It was so much better than any of my fantasies.

Of course, he didn’t stop. I didn’t want him to stop but wouldn’t say so. His face was just above me now and his lips were almost drooling. He bent closer and our lips seemed to meet. Oh God, did I just push up a little to kiss his moist lips? As we kissed I came forcefully into the panties he held in his hand. I was gasping for breath as he held his mouth over mine and my yells of pleasure were lost in his mouth. My chest was heaving and my heart was thumping. I felt my face flush and I filled up with angst. Worst of all was the fact that my cock, would not go down. It was still hard as a rock and full of desire.

To my amazement, Freddie brought the cum-filled panties to his mouth and hungrily sucked my cum off them. In between slurps of cum he smiled and said to me. “I love panty pudding, it is my favorite snack.” Again he took my cock in his panty covered hand and massaged me delicately. His actions should have disgusted me, instead I was turned on even more than ever.

This man had sucked my cock cream from the very panties into which he had wanked me off. He leaned over me again and pressed his lips against mine. I responded to the pressure by opening my mouth and letting his tongue enter me. Oh God, his tongue was long. I tasted my cock cream and felt ever so aroused. I wanted to taste more and forced my tongue into Freddie’s mouth. The flavor of cum was everywhere inside his warm wet, sticky mouth. Oh sweet Jesus, it was happening again.

I came again, all over his hand and the panties. He went straight for them again, and bringing the sodden panties to his lips, called me his naughty, little, boy. He lapped up the cum I had deposited in the panties and then, he rubbed the soppy, panties, all over my face. My cock was still Şirinevler travesti hard and I wanted more. He rubbed his sandpaper face against mine and I couldn’t help but put my arms around his neck.

“Oh, I so love the smell and the taste of fresh cum, don’t you, Don?”

His hands ran up and down my inner thighs and over my bum. I had to touch his hard sandpaper like face. It was in such a contrast to my soft hairless face. It was so sexy and so tingly. I loved it! He was all man. He had totally seduced me.

“Are you sure you don’t shave your legs Don?” he asked me again. You have absolutely no hair on your thighs at all. Even your face is soft, like a girls, and your cock. Well let’s face it. Your cock is quite small.”

I felt extremely embarrassed as I explained to him that hair just did not grow on me. That was why I did not do sport, or go to the beach and sunbathe. Freddie told me he liked me the way I was, soft, frail, white-skinned and gentle. That made me feel a little better. All the while he was pressing against me and I knew he wanted to release his cock from his trousers. We separated a little as Freddie wanted to lie on his back. I looked at his middle and saw he was still hard. He brought my hand to his cock and he kept one hand on mine. I couldn’t help but admire the thickness of his erection. I mean, this was one thick, hard, cock. Part of me wanted to tell him that I liked holding it but was afraid too.

“You can squeeze it a little if you want to, Don,” he said.

I ran my fingers up and down the shaft and then, gently squeezed him. Freddie sighed with pleasure.

“Good boy, Don. I am so glad you like that. I knew you would. I just knew you would be a cock lover. Now, I am going to share a secret with you Don, and you must promise me that you will never tell anyone about it. Do you promise? I mean, do you really promise never to tell anyone about what I am going to show you?”

I gave him my word. He told me to close my eyes and not to open them until he said so. I felt him get off the sofa and stand up. I knew he was undressing as I heard his zipper come down. A moment later he was climbing back on to the sofa and I still had my eyes shut. He pushed me on to my side and lay down behind me. I felt his arm go around me and pull me to him. I did not resist. He was not naked as he pressed against me. He was wearing some soft fabric round his middle and there was something covering his legs. He pushed against me and I could feel the thickness of his cock between my buttocks. That felt so nice to me.

As he stroked my cock again I reached behind to feel his leg. He was wearing nylon stockings. I ran my hand further up and felt the garter. I could not believe it but it turned me on. It was so sexy.

“Please don’t get upset, Don. Tell me you like what you can feel. Keep your eyes closed and just feel me. I want you to like this. This is my secret and I have chosen to share it with you, only you.”

He took my hand and brought it behind my back until I could feel his cock through the fabric of the panties he was wearing. They covered his cock from top to bottom. His cock felt so hard and fat. My cock gets hard but this cock was as hard as a diamond. I squeezed it gently and he moaned as he laid a trail of gentle kisses across my shoulder and up my neck. I was in heaven and my moaning told him I liked what he was doing to me. He whispered softly in my ear as his fingertips played with my cock head.

“Do you like cock, Don? Tell me you like cock. Tell me you like the feel of a panty covered cock.”

“Yes, Freddie, I do love cock, I have always loved cock,” I replied. I felt ashamed but relieved that I had said this to him.

“Take off your trainers and your socks for me, Don.”

I did so with some difficulty. He pushed my shorts down to my ankles with his knee. I looked at the black color of the stocking on his leg. If my hand had not been on his cock I would have felt his stocking. I wanted to feel it. It contrasted so with the naked white skin of my legs. He pulled my legs up and reached for my feet with something soft in his hands. I closed my eyes again and just went with the flow. His cock was rock hard and it felt good as he pressed it against my bum.

He took my right ankle in his hand and placed my foot through the whole in what I could only assume were panties. They felt damp. My God, he wants me to wear the panties I have cum in, twice. That is just so fucking dirty. I reached one hand down to help him. As he drew the soaking panties up my legs I raised myself up to help him with the task.

“You must keep your eyes closed and concentrate on the sensations now, Don. I am going to ask you turn around, with your eyes closed and let me do this with you. OK?”

I agreed to do what he asked and turned around to face him, with my eyes closed. He put one arm under me and pulled me against him. Our cocks touched against each other through the sheer nylon panties as his mouth sought out mine. He pulled my bum towards him and slid his fat cock from side to side, back and forth, against mine. We both cried out our pleasure. The feelings were incredible. Panty frottage. This was so wonderful and new to me. I loved the feel of his bigger, fatter, cock against mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32